No. 96
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

We have strawberries growing in our yard. They are getting some really nice fruit on them at the moment. I know that if I plant strawberry runners, then I will have strawberries on my plants one day. It would be awful if I didn’t know what kind of fruit would grow on the plant, wouldn’t it. It strawberry runners grew garlic one year, and tomatoes the next, and strawberries some of the time. NO, what you plant you reap. It is even like that with tiny little seeds. If I put tomato seeds in the ground, I will get tomatoes on the plants that grow - not pumpkins! “Reap” means to take fruit or grain or veges off the plants.

The Bible says this,

“Be not deceived (tricked);
God is not mocked (He will not be laughed at):
for what-so-ever a man (boy or girl) soweth,
that shall he reap.”
(Galatians 6:7).
We are something like the seeds too, God says. If we “sow” or put into the ground of our lives, bad deeds, we will “reap” the badness that we sowed!
There was a young teenager back in Old Testament days who did just that, his name was Jacob. His name shows what he was like, for it means “schemer” or one who cunningly plans.

When Jacob was a teenager he wanted to have something so very much, he would have done almost anything to get it. It was called “a birth-right.” Jacob’s brother had the “birth-right” because it generally went to the eldest son. Esau was older than Jacob, but not by much, for they were twins. The Bible says that Jacob was a “supplanter,” a boy who followed on the heels of another. Have a look at Hosea 12:3 in your Bible (in the Old Testament). He had his brother by the heel even before he was born! That “birth-right” Jacob wanted so badly meant that Esau would get double of his father’s property, and other benefits as well. Esau would be the priest o f the family too. Jacob didn’t like any of it!

Ol’ schemer Jacob planned and thought and waited for his chance.
One day, he had his opportunity. Esau had been working very hard all day, out in the open. He was so tired. He hadn’t had a bite to eat for ages, and he was starving!
He staggered up and asked Jacob to fix him some food. Ah, thought Jacob! So he said he would if Esau would give him his birth-right in exchange. “Swear the birth-right over to me, and I will fix you a meal.”

Surely Esau wouldn’t be such a fool as to give his family in-heri-tance for some food? Well, he did! He was too tired to care, and just promised away all the property and goods his father would have given him. What a mean trick by Jacob. Tomorrow we will see how Jacob “sowed” bad deeds, and he “reaped” bad things back!


Jacob had sown greed and selfishness, he got his crop from what he had sown! When it was time to reap, he got hatred back from his own twin brother. Esau hated Jacob so much that he determined in his heart to kill him. More was to come, sadly, for Jacob even stole a blessing off Esau. It is a strange tale, which we will look at tomorrow. Some adults say a foolish thing. They say that young men always “sow their wild oats” and it doesn’t do them any harm in the long run. They are not right, we all reap what we sow in the end, often pretty soon after we do wrong. God is NOT “mocked.” Anyway, Jacob got himself into an awful mess. More next time!

“...and behold there were twins in her (Rebekah’s) womb.
And the first came out red,
all over like a hairy garment;
and they called his name Esau.
And after that came his brother out,
and his hand took hold on Esau’s heel:
and his name was called Jacob...” (Genesis 25:24-26).

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