No. 100
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Do you have a Bible of your own? I have a number of Bibles, but I have a favourite one that I use just for my own reading in the mornings! It has a lovely red leather cover, and gold on the edges of the pages. Its pages are very thin, so I have to be careful not to crease them. I could just look at the outside of my Bible and not use it, just in case I got it dirty or messed up. It would stay nice and neat then, like new. But it wouldn’t help me much.

Janice had a lovely Bible. Grandma had given it to her for her birthday. It was brand new. It had a lovely cream coloured cover, with gold writing on it. “It is so pretty, Mum. I want it to stay just like that forever! I will have it when I am grown up. I will have it in my hands when I come down the aisle as a bride! “ She could imagine it all, Janice had a romantic imagination. So, she got a silk scarf from Mum’s cupboard, and wrapped the Bible carefully in the blue scarf with cream flowers on it. (Mum didn’t wear it any more anyway). It looked wonderful - and she placed the Bible in the carved wooden box near her bedroom window.

Every day after that Mum tried to get Janice to get the Bible out and read it. But she wouldn’t touch it! “No, Mum, it’s a special book, the Word of God. I should keep it beautiful and safe.” She wouldn’t let anyone else read the Bible either, but she had a little quick peek at the cream leather cover sometimes. She told Mum that having it in the room made her feel safe. “But you don’t read it, love,” Mum said. “it is no good at all in a box.” But Janice didn’t take any notice.

One night Mum put her best cloth on the dinner table. She put out the silver knives and forks and the plates with yellow daisies on them. Then she put a bowl of yellow and white roses in the middle of the table. It looked wonderful! A roast of beef was on a big platter, with a vegetable dish piled high with baked veges. Janice sat down, her mouth was watering. After Dad said grace she said, “I want lots of meat, and a really crispy potato - maybe two or three, Yum!”  "Doesn't it look nice,” Mum said. “But we are not eating the meat, it looks too beautiful.”

“What about the veges, and the peas then?” Janice said, a bit upset. “No,” said Dad. “Your mother has made such a lovely looking meal that we don’t want to spoil it. We will just sit here and look at how nice it is .” “What!” said Janice. “But I’m starving! I don’t want to look at the food, I want to eat it.” “Just because food is meant to be eaten doesn’t mean we have to spoil the look of the dinner table, “said Mum. “Isn’t it lovely? Look at the lovely colour of the green peas.”

Janice got the message then. She saw that her parents were trying to say that the Bible was spiritual food, and it should be used by reading it, not just admiring it.
“That’s what I have been doing with my Bible, haven’t I. OK, I get the message. Now can we eat?”  And everyone laughed and got stuck into the roast!  We should all read our Bibles, its words will help us grow into strong Christians. God gave it to us to READ, not look nice on the shelf.

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
that I might not sin against thee. “ (Psalm 119:11).


Psalm 119:9-16 tells us wonderful things about God’s Word, the Bible. Remember though it is a book about a REAL God. He is the One who keeps us safe, not a book, even if it is the Bible. The Bible is not a magic protection, and it is never too sacred to read. Thank God He gave us the Bible, for how else would we know about  sin, forgiveness in Jesus Christ and God’s creation and glory. Have a look at those verses above in Psalm 119.

“ Thank You, Lord, for giving us Your special book, the Bible. I am so glad that the Holy Spirit will guide me into all Truth as I read, so that I can understand Your Word.    Amen.”

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