No. 102
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.


Here are the answers for the last exam you had -
on your walk matching your talk:
1. e - 2. b - 3. d - 4. c - 5.d - 6.d.

Here are some more questions for you to answer:

1. Who was the man who spent the night in the lion’s den?
a.  Moses.
b.  Jacob.
c.  Daniel.
d.  Esau.

2. This young man was a schemer, or a cheater.
Who was he?
a.  Noah.
b.  Adam.
c.  Isaac.
d.  Jacob.

3.  How many people went into Noah’s Ark?
a. Noah and his wife and their three sons and their wives - 8 people.
b. Noah and his wife, and their four sons and their wives -  10 people.
c.  Noah and his wife and their four sons - 6 people.
d.  Noah and his three sons and their wives - 7 people.

4.  This man was a very strong man who had long hair.
Who was he?
a.  Daniel.
b.  Moses.
c.   Samson.
d.   Elijah.

5. The city of Jericho had something  happen to it. What was it?
a. it was burnt to the ground.
b. angels flew over it and dropped manna on it.
c. the city walls fell flat when the Israelites shouted and a trumpet sounded.
d.  It was flooded by a great flood of water.

6.  Jesus is called in the Bible three of these names.
Which ones are they?
a.  Son of God.
b.  Saviour.
c.  Genesis.
d.  Christ.
e.  James.

7.  Jesus said the greatest man in the world
is a man who is a:
a.  rich man.
b.  popular person.
c.  famous man.
d. servant to others.
e.  ruler of a country.

How did you go?
Answers tomorrow.

Devotions for Lambs will sometimes be delayed over the weekends (our time in Australia) as time does not permit me to write them always.
I will try to be send them as often as I can.
God bless you all! Lambs of God.

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