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Getting to know
God together.


“Love covereth [covers] all sins.” Proverbs 10:12.

What does the verse above really mean?
Does it mean that we can be blind to other people’s wrong doing if we want to?
No it surely mustn’t mean that. Does it mean that we can do bad things and loving people will say it doesn’t matter? No it doesn’t mean that either. It means that if we love someone we will not spread their wrong doing every-where to every body else! It means that we will keep the sins of our own family to ourselves, we will be loyal to one another.
It is the LOVE COVER-UP!
Tahnee is Nardia’s best friend, you know that. Nardia tells her everything, well almost. Dad and Mum were talking one day and Nardia was doing a puzzle in the same room and heard the discussion they were having. “Betsy, I don’t earn that much money, can’t you keep the bills down a bit? You are becoming a bit of a money waster!” Mum snorted and got angry at that. Then she said, “Nardia, go upstairs and do your home work.” And that was that.
Next day, you guessed it, Nardia let her family down and told Tahnee about the things Dad had said about Mum! You see she wouldn’t “cover all sins” in love. Maybe Mum was not able to do better, things cost a lot these days, but any way it was not loving to take it outside the family. Tahnee told her mother too, and Mum was made to look bad in Tahnee’s mum’s eyes!

Zach didn’t cover the sin of his sister one day. She met him in the playground with his friend Ricky. He smiled at her and Tahnee, and then said, “You shouldn’t have told Dad you fed the fish, you didn’t did you!” Nardia went red, and ran away. Zach should have talked to her in private. He should have covered her sin in love. There are lots of times when we have to watch our tongues and keep things that hurt others to ourselves.

Is there another part in the Bible that tells us to cover other people’s sins?
Yes, lets have a look:
“And above all things have fervent charity [ very strong love] among yourselves: for charity [love] shall cover the multitude of sins [ masses of sins].” ( 1 Peter 4:8).

Well, that means not being critical of all sorts of people we say we love. Not going around spreading gossip about them. Especially about other Christian believers. It means spreading a blanket over the wrong doing of other kids too, in the church you go to as well. One day at the church’s boy’s club Andy Wilson came in with a big bag of lollies, a monster bottle of drink and an ice cream! He gave out some lollies to his friends, laughing away. “Where did you get the money?” asked the youth leader, and led him off into the back room. Martin, who always blabs about everything, said, “OOO! Andy must have stolen money! and he’s a Christian too!” Do you know it was all over the neighbour-hood in a few days, that Andy had stolen money. It turned out that he had been given it for his birthday! Marty should have covered up his sin in love, even if Andy had stolen money.
Being a Christian means that we “do unto others as we would have them do unto” ourselves. How do you want to be treated?
Then treat other kids and grown-ups in that way.

“And as ye would that men should do to you,
do ye also to them like-wise [ in the same way]. “ Luke 6:31.


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