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Getting to know
God together.

Zach and Nardia’s grand-mother had died.
It was a sad thing for the twins to see their own mum crying in her room.
But she soon dried her tears and said,
“Nanna was a child of God, she had trusted Jesus as her Saviour.
So she has gone straight to God, and one day she will have a new body.
One that will never die again!”

The twins asked if this was the same as Jesus Christ coming to life again, and mum said it was. “It is called being res-urr-ec-ted," she said.
They had a look then, in the Bible, at what Jesus’ re-surr-ec-ted Body was like - and what a thrill they got! Let’s have a look too.

Jesus’ Body when it came to life again had flesh and bone.
So He wasn’t just like a ghost or something. No way!

You can see that in Luke 24:39-40.

He could walk right through closed doors. Have a look at Luke 24:36; John 20:19.

He could dis-appear and appear again suddenly! See Luke 24:31,36.

His Body could move back and forwards, but up into the air as well. Acts 1:9,10.

His re-surr-ec-ted Body could breathe, like an ordinary body. John 20:22.

It wasn’t like a mist, people could touch His Body and feel it like an ordinary body. Matthew 28:9; Luke 24: 39.

The Body which was re-surr-ec-ted could eat food in an ordinary way. Luke 24:42-43.

People recognised Jesus when He came back alive again!
15 times His followers knew Him as the One Who had died and rose again.

When Jesus came alive again, He still had the scar in His side where the soldier’s spear went in, when He was on the Cross. He still had the nails prints in His hands, where He was nailed to the Cross. John 20:25-29. That was God’s Plan to remind us all that Jesus died for our sin.

When saved believers rise from the dead they will have re-surr-ec-ted bodies like Jesus has got. Except of course for the nail prints and the scar.
We will have better bodies even than the angels in heaven have got.

Does the Bible promise that if born-again Christians die they will came alive again?
Yes, it certainly does. And God cannot break any of His promises, because God is Holy and perfect, and He cannot lie. Here is one of those promises, it is a promise  for you too:
“Jesus said unto her, I am the re-surr-ec-tion, and the life: he that believeth
[ believes ]  in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:  And who-so-ever [ who ever ] liveth [ lives] and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? [ do you believe this? ]“ ( John 11:25,26).

“Thank You Lord Jesus for dying for me, and coming alive again for me. Because You had victory over death, I will never really die, ever! That is wonderful Lord, thank You so much. Thank You that all true Christians will never really die either. Even the old people. Amen.”

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