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Getting to know
God together.

Dear Lambs of God -
So sorry to be away from you for two days. I have not been able to write to you as my work has been too big this week!
But now I can come again to you with your devotions.

Have you ever felt like you have walls all around you?
I mean even kids can have such a lot of stuff piling up in their lives that they can be locked in. Well, it seems like it some-times. You can have clubs and school and sports and family things, and troubles and home-work and rooms to clean up - and it is too much! Then you can feel like you are in a box, all the things in your life trapping you. Oh dear, have you ever felt like that is happening? No way out, just walls of more stuff to do or handle.

My son Chris once said to me when he was young,
“I just haven’t got time to “mess about!”
He was doing too much, so I let him drop out of one or two of his clubs.
We all need time to “mess about.” I think Chris meant he wanted time to think, and wander around looking at his world. Even though his ‘world” was only his own neighbourhood and garden.
Do you know the word “hectic?”
It means too much going on. Our modern world is ‘hectic” often, and even kids can get caught up in the rush and fuss. It can be like being in a box. Walls all around.
Hey, how about flying with God right out of the trap.

When we have walls all around us and we can’t get out, where is there a way to escape? can you guess? Look up above you, there is NO wall above your head. We can always fly away to God, and He will make all the walls seem like nothing. How would you keep a bird in a cage if the cage had no roof on it? It would be impossible, wouldn’t it. You and I, when we belong to Jesus Christ, are like birds that have no roof over us. Any time of the day we can fly away to the Lord and be with Him. We can tell Him about the things that are hurting and upsetting us. We can let Him calm us down and be still. We can let God show us how small the things are that make us cross and worried. Just like a bird must feel when he looks down on our earth from way up in the sky. You and I can be looking at everything the way God does.
Then our little problems seem so small.

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31).

What does “wait upon the Lord” mean?
It means we can fly right out of the troubles and busy-busy of our lives, and let God know all about it. And then we can rest in Him and let Him handle our problems.

What does “renew their strength” mean?
It means that when we get real tired and worn out because of the “hectic” world, we will find that God makes us all new inside and gives us strength in our spirits.

How do we “mount up with wings as eagles?”
You and I must not carry all our troubles and let the world rush and upset us. We must go away to the Lord in prayer, and He will be our escape!

Then we will run with God, and walk with Him and not grow tired out. Our lives here on earth will not make us faint away and want to give up! Why, because we are free and flying with God like eagles.

“Dear Lord, I want to learn to be free in Jesus so that I am not all boxed up in rush and fuss. I want to be free in Him so that I am not caged up, but know the secret of letting You be my own lovely Friend and Helper. Help me know You better today and make me strong inside so I will never faint [ give up ]. Amen.”

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