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Getting to know
God together.


My daughter is having twins!
We have never had twins before in our family, so it will be exciting.
My best friend has a daughter with twins, they are a boy and a girl.
Do you have twins in your family?
Maybe you are a twin yourself, that would be cool!
To have someone else who has the same birthday as yourself, and who you have grown up with - always the same age as yourself.

There is a set of twins in the Bible who are quite famous.
They are the twins Jacob and his brother Esau.
Their story is thrilling and sad as well.
Jacob was the younger boy who became the prince Israel. You might say that “Israel” is the same name as a nation! Yes, you would be right. Jacob, who became Israel, had 12 sons and they became the twelve tribes of the nation Israel. Israel is a nation today, where the Jewish people live. So Jacob was a pretty important twin all right. Jacob was the twin that was born second. He was born grabbing at his brother Esau’s heel! Jacob’s name means “he clutches” which means “he grabs.”
And Jacob sure did grab at things that should have been his brothers’.

You can read about it in Genesis 25:26; 27:36.

 Jacob was a selfish man in some ways, and a cunning one. He grabbed his brother, Esau’s, “birth-right” as well as his heel! What is a birth-right? Well it was what the eldest son got, his in-her-i-tance. The lands and goods left him by his father when he died. But it was much more than that. A son with the “birth-right” was seen as a higher member of the family. He had double the money and lands that the younger son had. And the one with the birth-right became the priest of the family. In Jacob’s family it was even more exciting, for his father was Isaac and his mother was Rebekah. They had a promise from God that all nations on earth would be blessed through them. That their son would be in the family line which would have the SEED born to them! If Jacob got the birth right, he would be the one who would be in the line of the SEED.

Well, we had better find out what this SEED is. Genesis 22:17,18 tells you.
Firstly the “seed” are the children born to people, grand-children, great grand-children and so on. But God told Abraham, Jacob’s father, that a special son would be born in his family line who would be THE SEED, One who would bless all nations. Who do you think that SEED might be? if you guessed the Lord Jesus Christ you would be right! So Jacob wanted to have his brother’s birth-right. You can read about what he and his mother did to get it in Genesis 27.
It is a strange but true story.
Get an adult to read it to you, if you cannot manage it yourself.

Jacob did manage to get his brother Esau’s birth-right, but then he got really guilty about it! And he ran away from his brother’s anger - Esau was jumping up and down with fury.
So Jacob ran away to Haran, four hundred miles away.
A long way when there were no cars or planes.
Jacob went there also to find himself a bride.

Jacob had many adventures in his life. The most exciting, I think, happened at a place called Bethel. It had to do with JACOB’S LADDER, and I will tell you about that tomorrow. We can learn a lot from the story of Jacob. We can learn that when one child in a family gets more attention and rights than the others, then jealousy and competition can be the result! We can learn also that God can take people who are weak and greedy, who are cheaters and nasty, and God can make them  into new people! He can use them for His own plans because they are sorry.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” ( II Corinthians 5:17).

See you tomorrow, lambs of God, for the story of Jacob’s Ladder.

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