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Getting to know
God together.

Do you know what a fortress is?
It is a place where people go to be safe from their enemies, maybe in times of war. We usually think of a fortress as a hard place, made of thick bricks, maybe rocks, or even of it being a granite building. A fortress isn’t supposed to be a comfortable place, just some where to be safe from weapons of war. But God’s fortress where He keeps us safe is not like that at all. He keeps us safe, but He makes us so comfortable in Himself as well. Here is what God says about His secret, safe place:

“He that dwelleth [lives in ] in the secret place of the most High shall abide [ live ] under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge [ place of safety ] and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.” ( Psalm 91:1,2).

There is lovely picture of God’s secret place, His fortress, in a little book I have at home.
I hope the lambs of God will enjoy it as much as I have:
“Just as the mother hen covers her helpless chickens in the fortress of her warm and brooding wings, so our God protects us in His tender love.
The fortress of a mother’s heart, whether it is of a human mother or a hen mother or a tiger mother, is the most im-preg-nable fortress the world knows
[ you can’t break into God’s fortress ] and yet the most tender.
It is this sort of fortress that the Lord is.
“Under his wings shalt thou trust ‘ (Psalm 91:4);
“He shall carry them in his bosom” (Isaiah 40:11); “
Underneath are the everlasting arms” (Deut. 33:27).

Wings, bosom, arms!
What blessed fortresses are these!
How safe is everything that is en-folded by them.

“When her children are born, some power reaches the tiger to be gentle. A spirit she cannot resist, the spirit of her Creator, enters her savage heart. It is a tiger’s impulse to resent an injury. Pluck her by the hair [ pull her hair ] smite [ hit ] her on the flank, she will leap and rend you [ tear you up!]  But to resent an injury is not her strongest impulse.

Watch those im-po-tent [ power-less ] kitten creatures playing with her. They are so weak, a careless movement in her giant paw will destroy them, but the she makes no careless movement. They have caused her a hundred-fold the pain your blow produced, yet she does not render evil for evil [ she doesn’t try to pay back ]. These puny mites of help-less im-po-tence [ weakness ], she strokes with love’s light in her eyes.

She licks the shape-less forms of her tor-men-tors [ torturers ]. As they plunge at her, love trans forms each groan of her anguish [ bad pain ] into a whinny of delight. She moves her massive head in a way which shows that God, who bade you turn the other cheek, created her. When strong enough to rise, the terrible creature goes forth [ goes out ] to sac-ri-fice herself for her own. She will starve that they might thrive [ live well ]. She is terrible for her little ones, as God is terrible for His.”

God’s secret place is as strong as a tiger’s bosom, His arms are as loving as a human mother’s arms, and the Lord’s wings are as comforting as any mother hen’s wings. Much more so! I know Him to be my fortress of comfort and safety - God is your secret place of safety too:
“I will say of the Lord, he is my refuge and my fortress: my God, in him will I trust “
(Psalm 91:2).

How do you make Him your fortress too?
You don’t have to, He is there for you always. Just come to the Lord every time you need Him or are afraid, and let HIM handle all your problems. He is your mighty Protector and Carer.

( Quotes above from Hannah Whitall Smith’s
“The God of All Comfort” pp. 121-122).

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