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No. 19
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Some people wonder if little kids can know Jesus.
Can they really know Him as Saviour?
Do you know that little kids can trust Jesus with the best faith of all?
How do I know, the Bible tells me about it.
The very first message the Christian Church ever had included children being saved.
Peter got up and spoke to the crowds, he was a man chosen by God, and he said:

"The promise is unto you, and to your children..." (Acts 2:39).
Peter had been telling them about Jesus Christ Who had died for their sin.

But I said, "the best faith of all" didn't I?
Where does the Bible say that?
Well, Jesus' followers, His disciples, tried to make parents stop bothering Jesus.
They were bringing their little kids to Him.
This happened when Jesus was teaching and healing the sick.
Jesus was really cross about that! And He said to them,

"Let those children come to Me.
Don't stop them.
For the kingdom of God belongs to people like them.
Very important,
whoever can't receive the kingdom of God like a little child
won't enter it at all."

(Mark 10:13-16).

Jesus meant that grown ups must have faith as simple as a child's.

It is easier for a kid to have faith in Jesus Christ than for anyone else.
Jesus even told grown ups to copy the trust and faith of children.
He said,

"Unless you turn around and become like children,
you won't enter the kingdom of heaven.
Whoever humbles himself (stops being proud) as a child,
he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3-4).

Samuel was very young when he was called to serve the Lord God.
 Samuel's priest, an old man called Eli, was a godly person in many ways.
He didn't think at first that it was possible for God to call Samuel.
Why, because he thought he was a kid, too young for God to call for service.
The Bible tells the story in 1 Samuel 3.
The Lord called Samuel three times before he could believe it was true!
Then God called again, and told Samuel very important things indeed!
God told him about the ruin that would happen to Eli,
because his sons did very wrong things.
Eli wouldn't make his sons obey the Lord. He was a weak father.
Verses 3 and 4 say:

"Samuel was laid down to sleep,
...the Lord called Samuel: and he answered,
Here am I."

The Bible speaks to us today.
We must listen to its words, for they are the very words of the Mighty God.
You too can serve God by obeying Him, as His Word teaches.
Who knows what future God has planned for you.
A PRAYER: "Dear Heavenly Father. I am glad you care about children so much. I am glad that you want me to know You as my friend and Lord. Help me to obey Your Word."

"And we know that all things work together for good
to them that love God." (Rom 8:28).


Many today follow visions and so-called "prophecies."
They don't get their guidance from God's Word but prefer to listen to other people,
who say that God is speaking through them!
This is a dangerous and ungodly thing to do.
We have the Bible, in it God speaks to those who are open and trust the Lord.
The Bible will fill you with spiritual food so that you can tell right from wrong,
and it will show the Lord's plan for your life.
Samuel's mother, Hannah, prayed a wonderful prayer.
It is recorded in 1 Samuel 2.

Read 1 Samuel chapter 3, and chapter 2 when there is time.

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