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Getting to know
God together.

The twins, Nardia and Zachary, had a problem that they couldn’t work out.
They were having holidays soon, and they had two invitations.
Mum and Dad has said, “you decide, both invitations are nice.”
So the twins’ problem  was - which one to take?
The school holidays were only for two weeks, so there was no time to take up both invitations! One was to go to the hills with Tahnee and her family and camp.
(Dad couldn’t get off work, so he and Mum had decided to stay home).
The other was an invitation to visit grandpa and grandma on the farm.
There were lots of things to do there, like getting the cows in and feeding the calves.
So the twins decided to put the problem in the hands of God, and let Him guide them.
I will tell how they went about it.
It was well thought out, because they had a children’s book on being guided by God.

1. First they prayed together about the problem of choosing, and asked God to show them what HE wanted them to do. They told Him they only wanted His will.

2. Then they asked God to fill their hearts with a  real “wanting”  to do what HE wanted about the holidays. And they asked God to make the wrong invitation lose its appeal.

3. Then they went to the Bible and asked God for verses that would show them what He wanted.
Was there anything wrong about either of the invitations?
Was there something BEST about one more than the other?

4. Then they asked for God to make the plans about the holiday fit into His plan for them,
so that He would “open the door” for His will to be done.

Well, what happened?
1. They felt good and peaceful after praying and asking God .
They stopped fussing and left things all up to Him to handle.
And they trusted Him.

2. Then they felt different after number 2 above.
Somehow going to the hills with Tahnee and her family seemed not so interesting.
They remembered that Bob, Tahnee’s big brother, was going as well.
And he bossed them around and laughed at them.
And they didn’t really like camping when it was wet.
The weather news said it could rain.

3. Then they went to the Bible and the Lord gave them this verse:
“A new commandment I give unto you,
That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” ( John 13).
Zach and Nardia remembered how excited grandma and grandpa had been about them coming for a visit. The twins thought it would be selfish of them to call it off now.

4. They prayed about it all again, and waited. Do you know Tahnee’s parents rang to say that they wouldn’t be going after all! They said the weather looked bad! So God “shut the door” to one invitation. And grandpa rang to say they had borrowed the neighbour’s pony for a week - just for the twins. It all fitted together, and the twins knew what God wanted them to do. He “opened the door” to the farm.

God wants you to know His plan about everything you do!
If you want Him to be your Guide and Friend He will handle things for you, and let you know what you should do. Remember, God would never guide you to do something wrong or sinful! He always wants the best for His children, so we must let HIM choose the way we should go. His will is the most beautiful, lovely, delightful plan for life that anybody could possibly have! You can ask Him to guide you in big things and in little things.
Everything that happens to you is important to your Heavenly Father!

Sometimes we have to make a decision really quickly.
That is why remembering Scriptures is so important.
When a ‘”snap” decision has to be made, then God can bring verses you have memorised back into your mind.
And they will help you make a quick decision!
“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”
( Psalm 119:11).

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