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No. 2
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.


We live near the crocodile man, you might have seen him on your television sets,
his name is Steve Irwin.
He has a very big sign in front of his zoo, just down the road from our house.
It is a picture of Steve wrestling with a giant crocodile!
Wow! That picture is really exciting, and Steve looks so brave.
There is a funny thing about that sign though, as you drive by the eyes seem to follow you.
They are always looking at you. No matter where you are on the road as you drive past Steve is still looking right at you.

The Bible tells us that God's eyes are always everywhere,
He sees and knows everything all the time. How can that be?
Well, He is not just a human person, He is GOD.
Just as well that God loves us so much, otherwise it wouldn't be so good. We can be pretty cross and mean sometimes, that's for sure. Sometimes we just care about our own selves. We do things we don't want anyone to know about.
The Bible calls us all "sinners."

We had a really cross carpet snake on our front verandah!
He was fat and longer than four kids standing on each other's shoulders!
A man came from Steve's zoo to take it away.
The snake got so cross and mean, and sent a long squirt of "water?" out from the middle of his body when he was being put in a hession bag.
He was taken away to the bush and let go.

God sees everything all the time and knows what you and I are like inside.
That is why He sent Jesus Christ to our world, so that Jesus could give His life to save us from our "sin."
We will think about that more in our devotions for lambs, another day.

"God so loved the world (that means you too), that He gave his only...Son..." (John 3:16).


A snake pictured in the Bible is Satan, or the devil.
He wants to blind you to fact that God is wonderful, glorious, thrilling and that you need Him so much!The devil wants you to think that God is boring, a spoil sport who wants you to miss out on fun.Don't believe him!Your Heavenly Father is the Only One who can make your life a success and bring happiness to you now, and in the future.
"...we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 5:1.

Read Romans 12:1-3.

Being with others gives endless possiblities,
* I can fill my time when I am with them with anger, selfishness, fighting and gossiping.
* Or I can fill that time with love, sharing, kindness and being a shining witness to my Lord and God.

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