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No. 6
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

When I taught in schools I sometimes would say to the children,

"put up your hand if you have never done anything wrong,
EVER in your whole life?"

Every time I asked  that question lots of kids would put up their hands!

Would you have put up your hand?
Think about that.
Well, I got them!
I went on to talk about it some more. I would say:

"Is there anyone here who has never said a nasty thing to any other person?"
Some put up their hands STILL!

"Is there anyone here who has always done what their parents tell them to do?"
There was not so many left with their hands up now!

"Is there anyone here who has never taken something that doesn't belong to them?"
"Is there anyone here who has never talked about someone behind their backs?"
"Is there anyone who has always cleaned up their room when they were told to?"
"Is there anyone here who always gives the best cake or candy to their brother or sister?"
"Is there anyone who has always loved God with all their hearts?"
"Is there anyone who has never told a lie in their whole lives?"

Do you know some kids still had their hands up even after all those?

I would make them think again though.
I would say, "well, you just broke your good record because you just told a lie!
And lots of other lies too!"
All the kids who kept their hands up would hang their heads then, and go red!

Yes, it is pretty plain to see, we all do wrong and selfish things, we sin because we are sinners.

Sin is wrong doing !

That is why Jesus Christ came to save us, for God has said that all who sin must pay the price.
What price?
All who sin  must be away from God forever, in a terrible place called hell.
Hey! this is not a nice subject is it.
But that is not the GOOD NEWS.
The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus Christ came to pay the price for you and me.
He died on the Cross for you so that you would never have to go to hell.

Wow! what a Saviour!

Will you let Him pay the price for you?
You can do this by trusting Him (faith), and asking Him to come into your life.
Perhaps you have done this already.
I hope so. Or you can pray this prayer now if you haven't or are not sure:

"Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for paying the price for me.
I want to trust you as my Saviour.
I believe you died for me.
Come into my life and be with me forever. Amen."



Perhaps you have never accepted Christ Jesus as Saviour and Lord.
You can do so now. Put your prayer in your own words.
Tell God you are sorry for your sin, ask Him to forgive you.
Tell God about all the things you have done wrong that might be worrying you.
Remember that Jesus has paid for all your wrong doing on the Cross,
so you can be forgiven freely.
Thank Him for doing this, He has shown you mighty love.
Put your faith, your trust and belief, in what Jesus Christ did for you,
you can never be saved by your own trying.

Read all about the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel in the record GOD has given.

Romans 3:10-12;
Ephesians 2:8,9;
Romans 6:23.

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