No. 70
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Gidday! Good to be back with you.
We have had a great holiday!
We went to Melbourne and across to Tasmania on a big boat called “The Spirit of Tasmania.” It carried lots of cars and trucks as well as passengers.When we were in Tasmania we went to the Cadbury chocolate factory. They gave out free chocolate samples. Some chocs were plain milk, others had yummy centres and some had nuts and fruit in them. I think I like the almonds covered with milk chocolate the best. We brought home lots as well for the relatives to eat. What kind of chocolate do you like best? I am chewing an almond choc right now!

Wouldn’t it be silly if we went to that factory and didn’t take any free gifts of chocolate? We would be donkeys if we just looked at everyone else taking hand-fulls, and we just said, “no thank you.” We could do that if we didn’t realise that the chocolate was really free. If we thought we had to pay. If we thought that we couldn’t afford to buy it. But no, we could have free samples all right. So we took what was freely offered. Wouldn’t you?

Once there was a minister in church who said, “I have something very valuable in my hand. The first boy or girl who comes forward can have it.” No one moved at first. The kids were not sure whether he meant it or not. They thought there was some trick to this. At last one small boy got up. He came forward and said, “I would like what you have in your hand.” When the pastor opened his hand he had a five dollar note in it! Did the boy get it? Yes, the pastor gave it to him. He said, “I told you that you could have it if you would come and get it.” The pastor then explained that Jesus Christ is offering boys and girls wonderful things FREE. But just like the kids who wouldn’t take the five dollars, many kids do not take the free gifts Jesus is offering them. Why? Because they don’t really believe in Him or His wonderful gifts. Do you?

What are those FREE gifts?
Jesus is saying,
“Come to Me. If you will come I will give to you a life that will never ever end. I will give to you a home in heaven. I will forgive everything you have ever done wrong. I will forgive your sin. I will make you My own child forever. I will make you happy, and will care for you always.”

Have you taken the FREE things Jesus is offering you?
It would be silly not to.

“For the wages of sin is death;
but the GIFT of God is eternal life
through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
(Romans 6:23).

“Dear Lord. I am so glad You are wanting me to take Your free gifts. I want everything You are offering me. I will take from You eternal life that lasts forever. I want to be in Heaven with You. I know that Jesus died so that You can forgive all my wrong doing. Thank You Lord for loving me, and caring for me. Amen.”


Why do some people refuse to take God’s wonderful free gifts in Jesus Christ?
Who really knows! It seems impossible to believe that people refuse such super gifts, yet some do. I hope and pray you are not one of those donkeys!
“God so loved the world (and that means you too),
that he gave his only begotten Son (Jesus Christ),
that whosoever (anyone, you as well) believeth in him
should not perish (go to hell),
but have  everlasting life (they will have life
for ever and ever as a free gift).” (John 3:16).
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