No. 72
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

More about Noah’s Ark today.
I hope you find it an exciting investigation!
We know that the ship the Titanic was huge.
Noah’s Ark was not as big as the Titanic.
But it was like a modern ocean liner in size.
That is why the Ark could hold lots of animals and their food.
The ship we just went in, “The Spirit of Tasmania,” was big.
Hey! How about looking at them all,
and seeing how big the Ark was when we compare ...

It could carry 3547 passengers and crew;
and could carry in tonnage 46,328 tons of cargo and people. (Gross tonnage).
Length was 882 feet, 8 inches (268 meters).

Has 459 cabins, for two people and more.
It carries 40 semi trailer trucks; 290 cars.
It has 1192 berths with showers and loos, and 98 without showers and loos.
It has a tonnage of 31, 356.
Length is 161.52 meters.

It was 450 feet long (135 meters).
23 meters wide.
Tonnage 15,000.
So the Ark was an awfully big ship!
It was like an huge enclosed box.
God designed it so that it couldn’t roll over.

How could all the animals fit in that boat, the Ark?
God said that pairs of animals from each “kind” must be on the Ark.
See what God said in Genesis 7:22.
No one knows how many animal “kinds” were on the earth in Noah’s day,
it was a long time ago.
In our day there are less than 20,000 different types of animals.
We are not counting here the animals that live in water.
Christian scientists tell us that even insects were most likely on the Ark.
They don’t breathe air,
“and their eggs and larvae would survive on floating logs outside the Ark.”
( “Noah’s Ark and the Lost World” by John D.Morris . page 16).

Remember, you can park many fleas on the back of an elephant!

All our present day animals come from about 5,000 kinds or less.
But it doesn’t matter how many kinds there were,
because the Ark was big enough to carry more than 50,000 animals.
And there would have been plenty more room as well.
Some of the animals may not have been fully grown.
Just cubs and kittens.
Would the animals cause big trouble, and play up on the Ark?
No, for most animals hi-ber-nate when the weather is very bad
and they feel trapped in some danger.
Hi-ber-nate means that they snuggle up and keep quiet and still.
It would be pretty scary for them with huge winds and waves all around them.
The Ark would have tossed and rolled like crazy!
But God would have kept the animals peaceful.
The whole world was being flooded remember.

When the Ark finally landed on Mount Ararat,
the water had covered that mountain.
It is 17,000 foot high!
So the great flood certainly must have covered the whole earth!
See what the Bible says in II Peter 3:6
“The world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.”
How could Noah and his sons possibly get all the animals to go into the Ark?
Well, God brought them to the Ark.
And in plenty of time for them to board.
Have a look at Genesis 619-20.
Animals lived closer together in those long ago days.
There were no huge mountains or big oceans then,
so it was easier for animals and people to travel from different places than it is today. God just made the animals move into the Ark at His bidding.
The beasts wouldn’t have eaten each other in the Ark.
The Lord made that to cease for a time.
God told Noah to take food for them (Genesis 6:21).
Lots of animals would have been asleep, so they wouldn’t eat a lot.
There would be hay, corn and oats on board for them - things like that.
When God plans things, they are well worked out indeed, I can tell you.

God has planned a time called “The Tribulation” to come to our earth in the future. Make sure you know Jesus as your Saviour, for the world is an evil place today.
God will judge the world for its wickedness again.
But this time not with a great flood.

Tomorrow - what about the dinosaurs? Were they on the Ark?

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