No. 75
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Have people really seen the Ark in this century?
Yes they have! I will let John Morris tell you a bit about it.
“Around 1905 a shepherd boy named Jacob saw the Ark
while trying to find his lost goats.
Pictures that he drew show a box-like Ark sticking out of the ice.
His drawings show the Ark resting on the edge of a steep drop-off.
In 1908, and again in 1910, another shepherd boy whose name was Georgie
climbed the mountain with his uncle to see the Ark.
He even walked on top of the Ark and looked inside the window.
They had to pile up rocks next to the Ark to get on top.
Georgie said the Ark was as hard as rock
and covered with boulders and snow in some places.

...In 1916 and 1917 soldiers and scientists from Russia
climbed the mountain to see the Ark.
...Many people have seen Noah’s Ark from airplanes.
Others have climbed to it [in our day].
...Mr. Albert Shappell saw the Ark from a Navy airplane in 1974.
He took pictures of the Ark, but was not allowed to keep them.
He drew what he remembered....” (Pages 28-30
“The Ark and the Lost World” By John D. Morris).

All right, why don’t the authorities just go to Mt Ararat,
find the Ark, and bring it down?
There are a number of reasons why this hasn’t been done.
Mt Ararat is a very dangerous place, lightning storms happen,
it is very high, and snow and cold make it a nasty climb.
People who live near the mountain reckon that mountain is their own,
and they don’t want scientists around it!
The Turkish Army and local police do not want any one to climb that mountain.
Those shepherd boys were locals,
and they would have known the mountain very well!

Here is how John Morris describes his visits to Mt Ararat
“ I have been there more than ten times...
There are few mountains as dangerous to climb as Mt Ararat.
Things happened during each of my climbs to make me believe
that Satan was trying to keep us from finding the Ark.
Satan knows that if Noah’s Ark is found,
many people’s eyes will be opened and they will believe the Bible.

Many times while climbing we were nearly hit by falling rocks.
Some of these rocks were boulders bigger than a car.
At times, hundreds of rocks would start rolling down the mountain
as fast as a runaway truck.
They would easily crush anyone they hit.
Even the smaller rocks could kill.
Some climbers have been seriously injured, and others even killed,
on Mt. Ararat, but we are thankful that God has protected us
and that none of the people climbing with me
have ever been hit by these rockslides.
The ice and snow are also very dangerous.
Sometimes deep caves are just beneath a thin snow cover,
and if a climber fell into one, he might never get out.”
(Page 34).

Why do wicked, godless people NOT want Noah’s Ark to be found?
They know that if it is found and brought down for people to see,
the Bible will be proved correct!
They know that it will prove that our God is a Holy God
Who has brought punishment on the wicked world once,
and He can do it again.
Most people on earth today are like those living in Noah’s day.
They don’t want to believe in God and serve Him.
They are filled with hate and violence,
and do not want the Lord God to be shown to be real.
GOD will reveal the truth about the Ark in His own time.
Maybe soon!
The wonderful record of the Ark and Noah is found in your own Bible!
The Bible is a thrilling book indeed.
Tomorrow I will give exciting details of that record,
and maybe you can read it for yourself,
with help from an adult if you need it.

“Lord God, I know that I am part of a sinful world. I must do many things that make You unhappy. I am selfish, I want to have my own way often, not Your way. But I believe Jesus died for me, and that He has brought me back to You. I am so glad that You love me, and that You will never allow me to be lost with the rest of the wicked world who don’t love You and serve You. I want to obey You forever. Help me to live in ways that will please You and honour You. Amen.”


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