No. 76
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

We saw Tasmanian Devils on our holiday!
What, you might say, “what are those?”
`Tassy' Devils are little animals.
Cute as can be, but nasty as well.
But why are they called Devils?
If you could see them you would know.
They are one of the meanest, fight’n, bite’n critters you could ever see.
They are about the size of a small dog.
Black   [sometimes a white spot],
with round ears that seem to be a bit red in colour,
because the ears are very thin - you can see the blood-colour in them.
Those little Tassy Devils fight each other all the time.
They never get on with anyone.
All their friends and family have bites on their backs.
The keepers at the Devil Park threw food to them,
and five or six of those little Devils
got around the one piece of meat and just pulled.
Round they went, growling and spitting and tugging.
Round and round. No one let go!
Those little Devils have large mouths and teeth.
When they yawn it is like a big cave opens up.
They have jaws as strong as sharks!
The keeper said they could crunch up a human hand,
bones all broken up, in a couple of minutes flat.
I didn’t try to pat them, I can tell you.
They make a strange noise when they are extra cross.
It is like a  bad tempered leopard with a cold, snarling very fast.

When people hate God and live sinful lives they get like little Devils!
When they are kids they might seem not too bad,
but as they grow older they get worse and worse.
Nice enough kids can turn into little Devil teenagers.
Who fight and growl and spit when they cannot get their own way.
Then when they are adults, it gets worse.
They want everything for themselves.
They bite up others by cheating in business deals,
greedy as Tassy Devils they are.
Some become violent and cruel.
That is why wars happen, because people hate God and others,
and they are little Devils in nature.
How important it is, then, to be saved by Jesus Christ when you are young.
Before you have time to develop into real little Devils.

I promised you I would give you a History of Noah’s Flood.
Have a look in the Bible at that history,
it is exciting and REAL. Not a myth or story.

DAY O: God seals Noah and his family and the animals in the Ark.
DAY 7: The Flood starts. All sorts of volcanic eruptions happen,
earthquakes, very hard rain.
The foundations of the deep break up! This happens for 40 days. (Genesis 7:12,17). Waters cover the whole earth (Genesis 718-20). All land creatures die (Gen.7:21-22).
DAY 47: The rain stops. For 110 more days water covers the earth (Genesis 7:24).
Many rocks and fossils are laid down at this time.
Finally the water begins to go down after 110 days.
DAY 157: The Ark lands on the Mountains of Ararat,
which are newly formed.(Genesis 8:4).
For 74 days Noah and the others wait while the water keeps on going down.
God send a great wind to help the waters go from off the land (Gen.8:1).
The mountains continue to rise and valleys come into being.
The flood waters continue to collect in the new oceans.
DAY 231: Other mountains appear. For 40 days more Noah and his family wait while plants begin to grow (Genesis 87).
DAY 271: Noah sends out a raven (Gen.87).
After each of four 7-day periods, Noah sends out a dove (Gen.8:8,10,12)
The water keeps going down. 28 days.
DAY 299: Last dove sent out does not come back.
Noah waits 22 more days while the earth continues to become dry. (Gen.8:13).
DAY 321: Most of the water is now gone.
For 57 more days the land dries until it is dry enough for animal life (Gen.8:14).
They then make homes on the “new” earth, which is completely changed now.

(Credit given to the chart in John D. Morris’ book, “Noah’s Ark and the Lost World.”
Pub. Master Books. A Division of Creation Life Publishers).

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