No. 81
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

My son’s dog, Harry, is a old fellow.
He is not a big dog, and he is so elderly now that his fur is mostly grey.
One day he was in his yard and a large dog, a German Shepherd,
poked his nose through the front gate.
It was taking a walk with its owner.
Harry was infuriated when he saw another dog’s nose
sticking through his own front gate.
So he went down there and bit the nose - hard!
The dog yelped, and his nose began to bleed.
The man who was walking him got really mad about that!
My son was in the yard too, so the owner got stuck into him.
“Your dog, “ he said, “is a vicious nuisance.
You have no right to let it bite dogs
just walking by minding their own business.”
He was telling him off, when my seventeen year old grandson
came out to see what the noise was all about.
Do you know the dog and his owner got for their lives when my grandson came out? Why? My grandson, Tom, has grown into a very big man in the last year or two. Although he is only seventeen he is well over six foot tall,
maybe as tall as six foot five. He is a broad lad as well.
He frightened the German Shepherd’s man.
Even though his Dad didn’t.

Everyone grows up different don’t they.
When you are a kid you don’t know really what you might look like
when you are grown up.
Tom was just a little fellow when he was a boy.
Even how your parents look
doesn’t guarantee that you will look the same as they do.
Tom’s parents are much smaller than he is.
But he has an uncle who is six foot eight inches tall. Wow!
That is a whopper. Everyone is an individual.
They are made especially by God.
Your body, your hair and skin colour,
your brain and talents are especially your own, no one else’s.
Oh, it is true that if you have black skin or yellow skin or white skin,
you probably have had parents (or one parent) who had the same skin tone. Sometimes kids follow some other relatives’ skin colour,
like an uncle or aunt. So, not very often,
a child can have a different colour skin than their parents have.
Just like Tom is tall because his uncle is.

It is exciting, isn’t it, to be a kid,
and not know what you are going to turn out to be when you are fully grown.
You can do nothing about your own height, you know.
Not all the exercises in the world
could help you grow taller than you are intended to be.
You can do something about how you grow up in other ways, though.
You can make sure you grow up slim  by eating good,
healthy food and walking and playing sport now.
You can be sure to grow up reasonably well-informed by learning and studying now. But the most important of all,
you can grow up to be a woman or man who is a Godly person
by letting God fill you with His goodness now.
By reading God’s Word, obeying Him and talking to Him often in prayer.

There was a song a long time ago, it said this

“When I was just a boy at school
I asked my mother what shall I be?
Will I be handsome, will I be rich,
here’s what she said to me...
Ce Cera, Cera, what ever will be will be.”
That is not true, in a way.
God has given wonderful advice to children growing up.
And His advice shows you that you can shape your life ahead
by following Him with all your heart.
He promises you treasures of wisdom for adult life
“My son (or daughter), if thou wilt receive my words,
and hide my commandments with thee;
So that thou incline thine ear (listen) unto wisdom,
and apply thine heart to understanding;
Yea (yes), if thou criest after knowledge (of God’s Word),
and liftest up thy voice for understanding,
If thou seekest her (wisdom from God’s Word) as silver,
and searchest for her as for hid treasures;
Then shalt thou understand the fear (reverence) of the Lord,
and find the knowledge of God.” (Proverbs 2:1-5).

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