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From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine],
Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know
God together.



My dog Dolly is just a silly old mutt , but there are things that she can do for us that no one else could possibly do. I mean, even if we had the best person we know,  boy or girl, man or woman, being a slave to us, they couldn’t do what Dolly does for our house-hold.  Dolly’s best of all job for us is catching horse-flies. They are really horrid insects, nearly an inch long, with fat bodies. They sneak on to your legs or arms when you are not looking, and bite you - ooh it stings!  We have had so many picnics in our garden ruined because of those nasty big flies. But not any more. Now we have Dolly we don’t have to worry. She is a wizz at catching horse-flies. She sees them when we are not even aware that they are near us, and she snaps! She catches them nearly every time, almost never misses, and then she chews them up. I wouldn’t like that part myself, but she does.

Dolly has another job which no one, not even a college professor, could do. She is wonderful at it. There are feral cats around here, and they are huge things and really strong. The ferals had been beating up our poor pussies, Whoopie, Furry Dacks and Ginger Tom, and giving them nasty bites. Our poor Ginger Tom, being the boy cat, has had so many fights and he was getting covered in scars, with bits of fur missing. But not now! Our Dolly dog can smell a feral cat a mile off, and she keeps watch for them. If one comes, she chases it away. They run like mad, she can look pretty fierce. And she growls and barks horribly!

Even a dog like our Dolly has special jobs to do for us. She does other jobs well too. Things that no one else can do like she can. You are a human being, and God certainly has jobs for you to do that no one else can do as well. It doesn’t matter if you are only five years old, or younger, God has special jobs for you. No one but you can feed your own pet just like you do. Have you got a pet? A budgie, a cat or a dog? If it is yours, then they need you not someone else. YOU are special to them.  If you see another kid who is upset or sad, and no one else is there, then you have a job to do. To be kind and try to help.

Some kids think if they talk about being a Christian, it will be good enough. But your “walk” must match your “talk.” A Christian “walk” is your life every day, as you “walk” through the day with Jesus. No good saying one thing and doing another. No good saying “I want to grow like Jesus, and be pleasing to God,” then you go out and punch some kid, or give cheek to your parents.
“ My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue;
but in deed and in truth.” ( I John 3:18).

No one can make your father and mother happy like you can. If you are nice to them, and try to be good, they will be happier people. Ask God to help you. There are many jobs for God that can be done only by you, in your special way. No one else can thank God for the things He gives to YOU.  No one else can remember to ring YOUR grandmother and talk to her for you. Your way of  tidying your room is like no one else’s, because it is your room. If you won’t be a tidy person for God, no one can do it for you in your own way.
No one else can be a true Christian in YOUR place.

You can do a job for God by making other people happier, every day.
Be a helper, like our Dolly is. She is only a dog, but she serves us with all her heart. Boys and girls can do a lot better than she can. But don’t eat horse-flies!
“ Even a child is known by his doings,
whether his work be pure, and whether it be right. “  ( Proverbs 20:11).

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