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Getting to know
God together.

Telling Little White Lies? 

Aunty Tess was coming to stay at the Smith’s house. Kyle and Tessa were excited about it because Aunty Tess always brought presents! She had no family of her own and so she really spoiled the children when she visited. They liked her because she was so generous. Tessa was named after her Aunt and often thought she would like to grow up like her, with lovely clothes and plenty of money. Aunty Tess laughed at their Mum. Mum was a Christian and Aunty Tess sometimes called her “a religious prude.”  “ What does she mean? Like a prune, Mum?”  Tessa had asked her mother. “No, love. She means I WON’T do things that she will!  Like drinking beer and smoking. I have the Lord Jesus inside me, but Aunty Tess doesn’t, so she does things I would never do!” Mum answered.

Kyle and Tessa looked up to Aunty Tess. The family had visitors one night for dinner, old friends of Mum and Dad’s. Aunty Tess didn’t come in to dinner until it was quite late. She had been sleeping in her room, the children could see her through her partly opened bedroom door. They could hear her snoring too. When she came to the dinner table at last she was fresh and awake again. She said to the visitors, “I’m sorry I am late, I had important work to catch up on. I am a company director, and I had to answer a lot of letters.” Kyle said, “Oo-oo! But you were....” Mum stopped him going any further with a furious frown and she shook her head.  Later, Tessa said to Mum, “Aunty Tess told a lie, Mum. You never lie.”  Aunty Tess heard her and said, “That is nothing, darling. It was only a little white lie, It doesn’t count.” The children didn’t feel quite the same about their aunt from then on. They reckoned their Mum was best after all.

Do you tell the truth? Always?
A real test of a person is this, “Will that person tell a lie?”
It is always wrong to tell a lie, there are no “little white lies.”  When we belong to God we should remember two things, and these things are just as important for children as they are for grown-ups:
1. God cannot lie. It is not just that God doesn’t lie.
God CANNOT lie because He is Holy, and He is Truth.
2. Because God CANNOT lie there is never a time when He wants us to lie, ever.
He cannot say that it is OK for you and I to tell a “little” or a big lie for any reason at all. If we tell a lie, it is NEVER for God that we do it.

Here is what the Bible tells us about lying:
“ Lie not [DON’T TELL LIES] one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;  And have put on the new [man], which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him [Jesus Christ]  that created him: “  (Colossians 3:9-10).

Christians should be able to be depended upon. Other people should know that we belong to God, and because we do we will always tell the truth - even if we get into trouble for it sometimes. Some kids tell really silly lies. Just to make themselves look good, like Aunty Tess did. Or they might lie to get out of trouble, like saying “I wasn’t there” when they were all along. Some kids exaggerate, and think that is not really lying. But it is.  It is exaggerating if you say, “I got so much money for my birthday! All sorts of people gave it to me. I must have a hundred dollars on my dressing table.” But you know you only have forty dollars. Things that are not true are always lies. Are you truthful? If you haven’t been, tell God about it and He will make you clean and new again in Jesus. We always feel better when we make things right with the Lord.

“If we confess our sins [tell God about them, and be honest about our sins], he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.“  ( 1John 1:9).

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