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No. 163
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Have you heard about this ozone “hole”?
There are lots of people in the world who are very worried about the environment, they often love nature and ignore the Creator of everything, the Lord God. These people can even go as far as worshipping nature, or the creation, and calling creation “God.” The environment lovers are very upset because they say there is a “hole” in the atmosphere around our planet, called the ozone layer. If this true? Not according to many scientists who love the Lord God and worship Him. The ozone layer “holes” are really just a myth which has been accepted by millions of people as fact!
It is a bit complicated to explain all this here,
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but I will give you this quote from the book,
Saviors of the Earth?” by Michael Coffman:

“Ozone holes never actually form;
the ozone layer merely thins during the time of maxi-mum levels -
in late winter and early summer (for each hemisphere),
and mostly at the polar regions.” (p.49).

People can be very emotional about the myths of ozone holes. They think we have to ban using CFCs - chloro-fluor-carbons. They think these CFCs are making the holes in the ozone layer. But if we did ban all CFCs then life would almost cease in our modern world! Again it is too complicated here to tell you much, but there are one billion freezers, refrigerators and air conditioners in the USA alone which would have to be scrapped if CFCs were totally banned. There operate on CFCs. There are no real replacements for CFCs. All food stuffs would perish, people would die in hospitals. Some estimate that 20 to 40 million people would die each year if there were no CFCs, because there would be no refrigeration which was good enough to keep food properly, or to cool hospitals, offices and homes.

Well, that is only a little bit about the problems “the hole in the ozone layer” myth could cause! The Bible tells us some wonderful things about the earth’s atmosphere. And we can see clearly that GOD is in control of our atmosphere, and one day He is going to do something that is glorious about our whole environment. We do not need godless men and women to band together to save our planet, Jesus Christ will do that when He comes again to be King of kings and Lord of lords over all.

There is a wonderful verse, Genesis 1:6, which tells about the “waters” of atmosphere that once surrounded our earth. In many writings, both ancient and modern, there is discussion and details on the water canopy which many believe the Bible teaches surrounded our earth before the Great Flood. A number of writers have pictured this canopy as being like a system of rings - like those around the planet Saturn. Some have thought of it more like dense banks of clouds surrounding the earth, rather like the clouds that cover Venus. What we do know for sure is that GOD is going to restore  a global greenhouse effect to the earth. When will this happen? When Jesus Christ is King in His Millennial Reign on earth!
What is a “greenhouse?”
A greenhouse is a protected atmosphere which makes everything grow wonderfully. Little greenhouses are found in some people’s gardens, they grow special pot plants and raise seeds in them. God’s Greenhouse will not be a shed building of course, it will be a perfect environment with a perfect ozone layer. More tomorrow about God’s Perfect Greenhouse.

“I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.” (Isaiah 41:18).

Thank You Almighty God, for You have made our world, and You will make it Perfect again. Sin has spoiled our earth for now, but one day Jesus Christ will be King here!
 I will worship and adore You, for You alone are Great and to be praised. Amen.”

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