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No. 166
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Jason was ten, the youngest of the boys in his family. Two of his brothers were married with families, and Philip was four years older than Jason. Jason often felt left out and longed to please his brothers and be accepted as a real person by them. Philip was acting funny lately, he had no time for his little brother. One Saturday Jason went into Philip’s room to borrow a music tape, and had to rummage around in Philip’s stuff to find it in the muddle. Philip wasn’t very organised. It was then that he found the strange parcel. It smelled odd as well. Jason pulled a piece of brown material out of the parcel - it looked like dried grass.

Jason was upset by the parcel. He would have asked Philip about it, but was afraid Philip would be angry with him. What was in the parcel anyway? Jason had a horrible feeling it was marijuana. Should he tell Dad, wasn’t that ratting on his own brother? So he decided to talk to Philip instead, days later. Philip was not very happy, in fact he shouted at Jason. “Mind your own business! Keep out of my room! And you keep quiet about my business - you know nothing, got it?” “But, what is that grass stuff, Philip? Is it a drug?” Philip wouldn’t say a word though, and grabbed him by the neck and shook him a bit.

Here was a problem all right. Jason did not want to rat on his brother, but he was afraid for him. Drugs are terrible things, he knew that from the warnings he had heard from teachers and the pastor at church. That night Jason took the whole matter to God in prayer. He asked God to guide him into doing the right thing, and to show him how to help his brother. Then he opened up God’s Word and these words seemed to fit the situation just right:
“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth [it] not,
to him it is sin. “
( James 4:17).
Then Jason read:
“For ye were sometimes darkness,
but now [are ye] light in the Lord: walk as children of light:” (Ephesians 5:8).

Jason could not see that it was right to just let Philip stay in danger because of the marijuana drug.  If he did not warn Dad, then it would be sinful. Because he would just be sitting and doing nothing. God had told him to walk in the light in the Lord, not cover up dark, sinful happenings in the home. So, after praying some more to the Lord, he went down and told Dad about the strange parcel Philip had in his room. It was a pretty heavy scene too, and Philip was in a lot of trouble. He didn’t dare roar at Dad, but he was so insolent that he was grounded for weeks. It was marijuana in that parcel.

Philip got over the drug episode. He had counselling from a man from their church who worked helping kids who got caught in doing drugs. One day Philip came up to Jason (he hadn’t talked to him for a long time). “Look, small fry, I-I- want to thank you. It took real courage to go to Dad. I would have been caught in that pot scene even now if you hadn’t told on me. I was angry with you, but I’m not now. You really saved me from a lotta grief! Boy!”  Philip seemed to respect Jason more after that, and they became real friends, not just brothers.

“Dear Father in Heaven, show me every day what is right to do. Some things are hard for me to work out, and I need You to lead me into doing Your Will in Your way. I know that love is sometimes “hard-love.” Amen”

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