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No. 173
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.THE LIFE-BOAT STORY!

Schools often teach some pretty weird things these days! If you are not in a Christian school, or if you are not Home Schooling, you might have had the Life-boat Story at school. This story has been given to millions of kids. It makes their minds move in strange directions - about lots of stuff! God has plenty to say about our lives and minds, so we had better listen to Him, and not Life-boat stories. Have you heard that story from somewhere? Here is what it is about:
The story is given to kids about a ship wreck, and the survivors are on a life-boat.
A number of people are in that life-boat, but there are not enough supplies of water and food to go around. Then the kids are given details of the kind of people who are on the life-boat. A pastor, a doctor, a black man, a baby, men and women, educated and not and so on. Because there are not enough supplies, the life-boat story says that some people must be thrown over-board so that the others can survive. Then the kids must choose which people have to be killed so the others can live. Horrid story!

I have read in a book only this morning that some kids in the USA decided to try to save ALL the people! They thought about it and worked out a plan to save everyone. But this is not allowed in the school teaching about the Life-Boat! Kids have to choose death for some people, or it is considered not correct. Why is this? People who do not trust in Jesus as Saviour, or maybe don’t even believe in God at all, are afraid about supplies on our earth. Often they think that all the people on the earth can’t survive because there is not enough supplies to go around. These kind of educators want you to be prepared to make hard choices in the future. But, Christian believers know that Jesus Christ is going to take over the government of our world one day, and He will make all things right again. AND, while we wait for that time we can trust God to look after His own world. WE don’t have to choose some people to live or die!

Lambs of God, these are big matters to think about. You are only young people. But I want you to know this, NO person is better than any other, and NO person can be chosen to live over any other. Why? Because LOVE in GOD makes us know that each person is special, important and precious to our Heavenly Father! He does not value people who are educated more than those who are not. He does not choose people to live because they can be good for society. God does not say about the muddled up, confused and lost poor person “you are a no-hoper!” God doesn’t say that old people should be out of the way so babies can live. Do you know when the people on earth were all still bad and lost, God sent His own Son to die for them. That is love:
“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.“ (Romans 5:8).

What can you do about the Life Boat story? If you haven’t been given it yet, and you hear it from teachers, you can stand up for LIFE. Now you should talk about this with your parents, for they may not want you to do this, it is their decision not mine. But if I was a kid again I would say to the Life-Boat story teachers:
“I want to work out how to save everyone. Because everyone should have a chance to live. I believe the survivors can try to ration the supplies. Anyway, killing is murder. God says so!”

“Thou knowest the commandments... Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness (lie), Honour thy father and thy mother. “ (Luke 18:20).


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