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No. 176
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Do you remember a devotion we had awhile ago? We talked about God creating things out of nothing. dfl_Mar28_1999.htm No. 25
We can never do that. If we humans make a cake, draw a drawing, build a shed, make a garden, or make anything - we have to have something that is already there to make it out of! But when everything began, God did not need anything at all to make the universe and the earth out of. This is shown in the word “BARA”  as we saw in the last devotion.

Let’s look at some interesting things about God’s creation. God ‘s Bible talks about His creation with three exciting Hebrew words. They are:

You already know what “BARA” means, aren’t you smart!  What does “ASAH” mean then? It means to create out of something that was there already. The Bible uses the word “ASAH” when it tells us about creating the atmosphere around the earth, the firmament. And the two great lights in the sky were made out of stuff that already was there. And man was made out of the dust of the ground, so that word “ASAH” is used when the Bible tells about the first man being made. God made the universe and the earth itself out of nothing, “BARA.” And then He created other things from what was already there, made by Himself. True enough, though, everything was made by God in the beginning from nothing.  I hope you aren’t confused. Talk to an adult if you are.
 We read about this in Genesis 1.

What about the Hebrew word “YATSAR?” It is a wonderful word that the Bible uses when it talks about God making the first man. “YATSAR” means to mould, like people who make pottery do. Have you ever used clay to make a pot or a dish? Maybe you have made animals out of plasticine. You mould them. In Genesis 2:7 it shows us that God shaped the body of the first man, Adam, like a person moulds clay. “YATSAR” shows the great love and care God took in making the first human being. He moulded Adam’s head, shoulders, legs and arms. Humans were made in God’s own spiritual image.

When we say that the earth was made in six days, we mean what is ON the earth, and its atmosphere. The round orb of the world was there already, God had created it with the word of His mouth in an instant. Then He took six days to create all the things on the earth and its surrounds. We can read about it in Genesis chapter one.

The FIRST day God made the COSMIC LIGHT.
He called the light Day, and the darkness Night.
The SECOND day God made the “firmament” or our atmosphere around the earth. It had to fit the needs of our earth.
The THIRD day God gathered water into the seas, and formed the dry land.
And on the same day God made the grass, the herbs and fruit trees. Now there was all sorts of vegetation on the earth.
The FOURTH day God gave lights to the earth, so that day and night could be working in a controlled way. Two great lights God made - the sun and the moon. To “rule” the day and “rule” the night.
The FIFTH day God made the fish in the sea, and the fowls and birds of the air.
On the SIXTH day God did two special works. God made the land animals and humans.
Genesis 2:2-3 tells us that on the seventh day “God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the Seventh Day from all His work which He had made...”

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