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No. 180
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

It was a boy’s day out!  Benny, Ian, John and Philip had cooked it up themselves. “This is the first time I have ever been out in the country by myself, without adults!” said Philip. “It’s about time, then!” whooped Ian, doing a wheely on his bike. They were riding out to the caves, and then they were going to have lunch at the old inn in the town near the caves. It was going to be quite an adventure. The boys hid their bikes in some bushes when they arrived at the lime-stone caves. Then they got out the kerosene lamp and made sure it would work properly. Yes, they had plenty of fuel still, no leakage had happened on the trip. Benny wanted to take his back-pack with him, so in the end they all did, safer that way. No one could steal what they had on their own backs. Feeling very pleased with themselves, they finally began the long climb down into the bat-infested caves.

Everyone was glad they had such a strong lamp with them, no one wanted to fall into a steep hole, or bash into a bat . Smelly little beasts!  All went so well, until the disaster happened!  John and Benny were kidding around, getting a bit rough, and Benny was carrying the lamp. Next thing they knew Benny had dropped it, and the glass broke, and the light went out! They screamed at each other for a minute or two, then John felt around trying to see if the fuel had leaked out. He could feel kero running down into a gully by the side of their narrow little path! The boys were shocked for awhile, it was so horribly DARK in the cave. So dark that they could not even see a tiny bit of light, or their own hands in front of their faces. Benny began to whimper. “Shut up, baby!” yelled Philip rudely. He was scared and irritated. Well, they finally sat down carefully on the rocks, moving as little as they could. “You left the matches on the grass, you moron!” moaned Philip to Ian. “Well if you saw them, why didn’t YOU bring them!” snapped Ian back.

Ian and John were Christians, and they started to pray to God, “Help us Lord, we can’t get out of here without any light. We might slip and be killed even. Please help us, Heavenly Father.” Neither Benny or Philip laughed at them, they actually said a prayer quietly themselves.  Just then Benny yelled, “Hey! I think I have a candle and matches somewhere in my back-pack. I had them there when I went camping with the scouts, ages ago.” He began to rat around with his hands in the pack, it was hard not being able to see stuff. Finally he got what he thought was a candle, and he found what he knew was a box of matches. Soon he had the candle lit, and the boys made their way without a hitch out into the sunlight again. What a difference a little light had made! Thank You Lord, said Ian and John gratefully.  So they went off and had an early lunch at the inn!

God wants YOU to be a light in the darkness, yes YOU! All around us there are people who have no light, they are lost without God and they cannot find their way. The darkness is SIN and being away from God because they don’t know about Him, or don’t want Him. You can shine like a candle in the dark when you let Jesus be your Lord. He will show you how to be a light for other people, who think that there is no God, and who are worried and afraid.  Let them know that Jesus Christ loves them, and He will be their Helper and Friend if they will only let Him be. Just one little candle can make such a difference! The boys sure knew that!
“ Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.  Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.  Let your light so shine before men, that they may  see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven.”   (Matthew 5: 14-16).

Do you know this song?
“ Jesus bids us shine with a pure clear light,
    Like a little candle burning in the night,
  In this world of darkness, so let us shine,
  You in your small corner, and I in mine.”

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