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No. 182
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Lucy had two brothers and she lived in a big city. It was an exciting place to live because there was so many different people from other countries living there. She loved the Lord Jesus, and was mostly a happy girl. One night she went to sleep over at a school friend’s house. Marina wasn’t a Christian, but her family was respectable and good living so Lucy’s parents had let her go. That night the girls watched a video Lucy’s parents would never have allowed her to watch. It was an awful film called, “The Alien.” Lucy couldn’t sleep that night, and it still worried her terribly when she went home again.

Next day at school police men and women came to speak to Lucy’s class. They showed pictures of road accidents and warned the kids not to be careless when crossing streets with high traffic. “Always go with the lights. Don’t jay-walk!” Then a police lady officer told them rather nasty stories of children who had forgotten the rule “don’t talk to strangers, and never take lifts in their cars.” It was all upsetting, and Lucy left school depressed and sad. She couldn’t stop thinking about bad stuff and her mind was filled with ugly pictures she had seen on the horror film, and also the pictures the police had showed the class on the coloured slides.

When she got home, feeling all upset, another upsetting thing happened. Mum’s friend, Viola, was there. Her husband, Max, had lost his job! Viola was crying and worried. Mum was comforting her and saying, “trust the Lord, He will care for you all. Another job will come for Max.” Viola’s two little kids were all over the place, and Lucy had wanted to talk to her Mum. Lucy went and cried in her room. All the rest of that day and night  she couldn’t get horrible things out of her mind. and the next day, and the next it was the same. Lucy was depressed and worried for a whole week.

Mrs Miller, the teacher of religious studies, came to school. She told the kids about a wonderful verse in Philippians, it was this:
“...what-so-ever things are true, what-so-ever things are honest, what-so-ever things are pure [ not sinful or ugly], what-so-ever things are lovely, what-so-ever things are of good report [good news]; if there be any virtue [good deeds], and if any praise [things to thank God about], THINK on [about] these things.”
And obey the Lord -  then , “the God of peace shall be with you.”  (Philippians 4:8,9).

Lucy understood then that her mind was filled with awful things, and these were making her unhappy.  She said “sorry “ to God for watching that horror video, and asked Him to wash away all the effects. She needed to fill her mind with lovely, happy, trusting-God thoughts again. So Lucy went to the park after school, and looked at all the beautiful flowers there, and fed the ducks, and patted all sorts of dogs taking their walks. When she got home she put on a lovely praise-song music tape in her room, and got out a favourite book she loved, “Wind in the Willows” and read some of it. Then before tea she talked to God and thanked Him for all the wonderful things she could think of. The beauty of little sparrows on her window ledge, the lovely smell of dinner being cooked, her mother’s kindness, for Mugsy their fat old cat, for all the love and goodness she had in her  life - everything she could think of that was “of good report.” And do you know all that blackness in her mind went away.

“And the peace of God...shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
(Philippians 4:7).

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