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No. 159
From Wendy Howard [Editor of Despatch magazine], Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.
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Getting to know God together.

Nadeen and Zachary were having their tenth birthday party! They were excited because at last they were double figures! “Ten, 1 and an 0. This is the first time we have been double figures, Zach!”
Nadeen was very pleased with herself and her twin brother.
“We are going to have the best birthday of all
Mum and Dad are giving us both $150 to spend on bicycles for school! Wow!
I want that pink one!”
The twins felt like millionaires!

The day before their birthday was a really exciting time. They got up saying, “only one day to go!” Mum didn’t look well at breakfast. When the twins got home from school Dad was home from work, and it was only four in the afternoon! “Mum has been taken ill, kids. She is in hospital. It is a bad virus, the lady next door will look after you tonight, I have to go to the hospital to be with Mum.” His eyes were all red, he had been crying! It was awful. That night the twins went next door with the Harris family, sleeping on fold up camp beds. Next day was their birthday, but they were so worried about Mum that they hardly noticed, and didn’t even think about their $150 cheques. They just wanted to be home with Mum and Dad in their own house. They prayed to the Lord to help their Mum get well!

It was a week before Mum came home. She was pale as anything when she walked in, but Dad helped her to the sofa. The twins were so glad she was getting well at last. A couple of days later Dad gave them their cheques, but the money was nothing compared with being home with their Mum safe, and Dad looking happy again. “Thank you Lord, for giving us back our family and our parents” the twins prayed that night.

Money can’t buy happiness! There are lots of things far more important than money.
BUT, money is NOT the root of all evil!
Hey, surely I have written something wrong! Surely money IS the root of all evil, people say it is. Well, people say this sometimes and they think they are quoting from God’s Word, the Bible. But God’s Word says that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, not money itself.  Hey then, what does the Bible tell us about money?

The Bible shows us that money is a useful servant, but a terrible master! The love of money can make us put our trust in having lots of funds in the bank, instead of in God. Like a certain rich young ruler in Mark 10:23-25.

The love of money can make us greedy and want to cheat others. Acts 5:1-10.

The love of money can make us think that we can buy happiness with it. But the believer in Jesus Christ is made happy when he or she trusts and obeys the Lord.
(I Timothy 6:6-12).

The love of money can cause people to feel safe and secure because they have riches. But money can’t make anyone safe, only God makes us safe.
Matthew 6:24-33.

People can think that money can buy them anything! If they have money, they think, then all they can ever need is just there to be bought. There are lots of things money can never buy, however. You can’t buy health, salvation in the Lord Jesus, love, true happiness, or pay to have a guilty conscience taken away. Money can be used for good purposes, but it should never be loved or become like a god!

Money is useful as a way to exchange goods and work done. Money can be used for God’s work, and God loves a cheerful giver:
“Every man according as he purposeth [decides upon] in his heart, [so let him give]; not grudgingly [groaning and complaining], or of necessity [because he feels forced to]: for God loveth a cheerful giver. “ (II Corinthians 9:7).

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