Despatch Vol. 11:3
by Editor: W. B. Howard

Despatch Magazine Vol 11:3

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Table of Contents

Pages 1-11 pdf file Vol. 11:3

1 Editorial [cont’d on p.4] ~ W. B. H.
1 Y2K “What Christians are saying”  [cont’d  p. 5] USA
4 Editorial] W. B. H.
5 Y2K What Christians are saying” Cont’d from p.1 USA
6 Y2K Secret Pentagon Papers Jim Lord USA
8 Y2K Newspaper and News Snippets Brisbane Aust.
9 Y2K  President’s Council by Berit Kjos USA
Pages 12-28 pdf file Vol. 11:3
12 JUBILEE “Hearts on Fire” Catholic Conf. Brisb. July. 1999  by  WBH
[last column on p. 29 in next pdf file 29-39]
Pages 29-39 pdf file Vol. 11:3
29 Rapture Watch: An Eventful  Rosh Hashanah 1999.
30 Subscriber Comments on Despatch Vol. 11:2
31 “Pokemon” [Role Playing Games] Expose  by Berit Kjos USA
33 Snippet ~ MacArthur Praises Hayford
36 STOP PRESS Update to Body Parts Horror!
39 Snippet ~ Various   info
Pages 40-44 pdf file Vol. 11:3
40 Gay cult Fundraisers syphon NSW Treasury ~ 2002 Gay Games
42 New Eschatology ~ Review 1991 by Dean USA
44 Snippet ~ (i)  Sunshine Coast New “One Accord”
                         (ii) Fuller Seminary refutes Jericho  Archeological evidence
45 Counter  ~ Reformation Well Under Way. Belfast Berean
46 The Wonderful Promises of our God  [also p.47]
47 Communist China is our  Good Friend, & Military Buddy??
48 Gospel Message

* New Adverts Section in this issue pdf file Vol. 11:1
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