Despatch Vol. 11:4 by Editor: W.B. Howard

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1 Editorial [cont’d on p.4] ~ WBH.
1 New Millennial Violence~FBI Megiddo Report [cont’d  p. 5] USA
1 Mental Health Laws Australia. [cont’d p. 7] WBH & P. Reeve
4 Editorial] WBH.
5 New Millennial Violence~Megiddo Report FBI~Our Comments
7 Mental Health “New Laws” Australia. [cont’d from p. 1]
9 World Sabbath - for all Religions ~B. Aho USA
10 What Laws do Christians Keep. Extract Perth Bible Ministries
11 Y2K Update - Only Weeks to go ~WBH
12 “Point of View” Gun Laws, Gun Deaths... Scribus, Aust.

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13 Snippets (i) Think Quickly (ii) UNICEF (iii) Rupert Murdock
14 Joint Declaration Brisbane~ Lutherans & Catholics ~ WBH
15 All I Really need to know learned from Noah’s Ark
15 World Charter ~H. Lamb. 1999 USA
17 Pre-Trib News~ UN & Elimination of National Sovereignty: LaHaye
18 What is the New Age [+ insert from the Cuddys USA]
19 Luciferian Education of the New Age: WBH
21 Rapture Watch: Celebration 2000, Expose Jay Gary
27 Snippet (i) Just for Fun Ha! Ha! (ii) Winston Churchill,“Fight for Right...”
28 Occultism & InterFaithism ~ Gary Kah Extract
29 Stand Against Abortion “Holding Hands” USA

Pages 31-48...pdf file Vol. 11:4

31 Letter...Letters...Letters from this year
44 The Scripture Cannot be Broken
46 Update Project Megiddo & UN [cont’d from p.6.]
47 Do You Love Jesus? He Loves You ~Gospel Message WBH
48 Seek Not.............Message

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