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Vol. 13:2 June, 2001

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01...Editorial [cont’d on p.4] ~ [WBH.]
06...Governor General ~ Archbishop HOLLINGWORTH
11...Snippet ~ re Dobson being a Psychlogist Not a Theologian
12...Governor General ~ The Australian Constitution
13...Snippet ~ re Billy Graham states his beliefs same as Catholics
14-22...The Purpose Driven Church & Transcript of “Marketing Christianity”
 *  [Continued on pages 54-60]
23... “To Dialogue or Not to Dialogue, that is the Question ...WBH  [Dean Gotcher]
27...Justification can we Protestants Dialogue?? [Luther & Catholic]
32...U. N. & Vatican Unity...WBH  [Gary Kah]
35...Preserved forever by God Almighty!
37...Snippet ~ Lutherans, episcopalians, Catholics join forces in Northeast Ohio
38...Is George W. Bush a Christian?
39... Snippet ~ You are a Star!
40...Call No Man Father 
43...Ruckmanism Still Rampant! [Get Hymer’s expose]
44...Snippet ~ “The Light of the World” by Holman Hunt
45-6..Snippets ~ (i) Vatican City (ii) Foxes’s Book  of  Martyrs extract &comments
     (iii) Global Mind control ...within your own DNA
47...Reinhard Bonnke & New Age Maitreya
48...The Templeton Prize for Religious Excellence
49...Cliques of Gay Priests & JohnXXIII’s remains
51...Snippet ~ Message to Buddhists
52...What are other Investigators Saying?
54...Marketing Christianity & Purpose Driven Church [cont’d from p.22]
61...Book Review ~ “Brotherhood of Darkness” Dr. S. Monteith
62...Snail & Email Letters
69...Book Review ~ “Religion & Culture in Asia Pacific” [re WCRP}
70...Snippets ~ (i) Dangers of Children Meditations 
                 (ii) Bishop Swing Multi-Faith


Despatch quotes from many sources, and cites many people. It is impossible to delve into every group, person, doctrine or association which the writers of these quotes may embrace. Therefore, the staff of Despatch may not necessarily agree with everything these writers stand for. .....Editor

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