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" Churches Are Being Subjected to Political Indoctrinations!" by Berit Kjos
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"Christian Denominations, Adolf Hitler & George W. Bush!" by David Bay
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despatch 15-1 


Vol 15:1 Mar. 2003

01...Editorial [cont’d p. 4]
08...Snippet - Prince Charles
08...March Toward the New Global Empire
      [+New World Order Confs. in 2003]
25...The Bush Family
34...Noahide Laws - AntiChrist Special
37...Snippet  Monteith
38...Monarch Sex Slaves & Global Education
48...Why were they Marching to a Terrible Tune?
50...Quotes from New Age New World Order
52... Abortion
54....Snippets (i) Taliban  (ii) Gladiator  book
56...Water -  The Coming Big Issue [What has been happeining
       to our Water  Australia -  L. Addison
62...Snippets (i) Lucis Trust (ii) Earth Charter

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