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01...Editorial [Cont’d. p. 4]
08...Aust. in the Spotlight
(i)Water (ii) H.A.A.R.P. (iii) Chemtrails
16...Snippets~ (1)Geoff Gallop WA
(ii)Microchip (iii)Islam Rising (iv)666 
(v)A Laugh (vi)Canberra Aust.
20...Wiring up Police State Aust.
24...Warnings - Health Issues
29...Bird Flu info.
32...Snippets~ (i)Soy Warnings (ii)Kids learn
Gay Hist. (iii)UN control Internet?
35...Internet Censorship - Murdoch!
38...Snippets~(i)HelenClark UN (ii)Aliens
(iii)Iran  Oil (iv)Muslim Cartoons
41...The Coming Islamic Republic-UK
44...Snippets~ (i) Jargon Hiding Meanings 
(ii)Freemasons Rebuild Temple 
46...Badgers- Bizarre Slaughter    
50...Snippet~Pyramids at Gympie
53...Dialoguing Da Vinci 58...Snippets~(i)Madonna-Kabbalah (ii)Aust. Ambassador Skull & Bones    (iii)Why was `Condi’ in Australia? (iv)Pentagon Strategy China. (v) Russia & China talking  64...Update about Invisible Solana
66...Snippets~Commonwealth Games 68...Editors Corner (letters)


Beauty for Ashes ... BFA 9:1

Published along with this magazine...
(i) Prophecy made clearer 2006
(ii) Prophecy Add on 
(next magazine and a third add-on re Roman EMPERORS and POPES
(iii) Sanctification by FAITH alone

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