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Published along with Vol. 18:2 magazine...

01...Editorial [Cont’d. p. 4]
11...Snippet~Muslim’s Agenda
12...Weird & Wonderful BABYLON
23...Mid-Trib Rapture Theory
27...Snippet~ USA Global Decline
28...Israel, Women’s Aglow, Messianic
35...Snippet~Messianic Jew Message
36...Celtic Dancing
38...Snippet~Anglican-Da Vinci Code
39...My God! A Bible
41...Snippet~Aussie Super Prison
42...Snippets~(i) Illegal Immigrants
(ii) Centres for Emergency Immigrants
44...World Vision New Age Evil
47...Snippets~(i)C. S. Lewis Apostate
(ii)RFID Chips easy hacking
(iii)The Emerging Church
52...Global Weather Manipulation Note Australia
& Malaysia
60...Snippet~Southern Baptist Repents
61...Warning Letter - Spiritual Euthansia
66...”Communist” Councils N.Z.    69...Snippet~(i)Wicca in our Schools    69...Poem “Threat” N. Lynch    70...Redcliffe Street Gospel Stall    72...Snippets~(i)UN & Homeschoolers  (ii)B. Osmak-Sexual Integrity (iii) PG rating for Christian Movies (iv) Watchtower & UN (v)Foundations S. Leslie (vi)ACT &UN Aust. (vi)Calvary Chapel rejects PDL (vii)Warren & Shabbat (viii)Prince Charles 1. & 2. (ix)JohnChristian Reports NZ (x) Hillsong & Tax  Department    80...Gospel

Beuster for Ashes ... BFA 9:2

(i) Prophecy made clearer 2006
(ii) Prophecy Add on 
(iii) with this Vol 18:2 magazine a second add-on re Roman EMPERORS and POPES


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