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despatch 24-3Desapatch 24-3 Table of Contents01...EDITORIAL (Cont’d. p. 4)
09... HUB ...more news
12...George SOROS Enemy in Australia
19...Snippets ~ (i) Gillard Freemason Hand
shake (ii) Olympics Update
20...SANDY - the Real Story - HAARP
29...Corrupt RED CROSS organization
33... Chuck Missler DOUBLE AGENT
39... Will next Pope be an African
40... Snippets ~ Dolled up Jesus Dolls
41 ... UN’s “Virtuous Green Path”
leads to Mass-Death
47... Govt. database track Kids NZ
49... Snippet s~ (i) Sharia Law ?? Aust.
(ii) Religious Freedon Stifled (iii)
Report on Intolerance to UN (iv)
Vataican Calvi Murder update
54...Shocking Blasphemy - Mary Sympos.
56... Snippet ~ Biblical Literacy Teens
58... 1. US states Petition to Secede
2. Is Civil War coming to US -
3. Obama threatens 14 Governors
4. US Fiscal Cliff - ? Crash
63 ... Snippet ~ GMO Linked - Death
65... ADHD Drugs - Prescribed to ALL
Academically Struggling Children
68... World Heritage Takeover -Aust Oceans  72... Snippet~ (i) Explosion from Sun seen.
(ii) Is Antichrist Already Here 73...Jacob Prasch -Midrash heresies  75... Singularity Updates  77... ISRAEL COMMENTS 79...Snippets ~(i) Sharia Law UK  (ii) Brain eating Fungus  81...Will you Trust Global Gov - UN  82...Only Jesus Ruling World in Future  96... Gospel - You will “Stand Speechless
gospel message Stand SpeechlessBEAUTY FOR ASHES..."Human Governments & The World"
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