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despatch 25-3
Despatch 24-3 Table of Contents
01...EDITORIAL [Cont’d. on p. 4] 07... “ Have FAITH in GOD
08... Chemtrails - Elephant in the room
11... The FALSE Prophet Arises ??
14... Global Events 2013 - G. Kah
17... Emergent Church Movement Greatest HORROR of All??
24...  Ray Comfort EXPOSED!
33... The SIMPLE Gospel
35... The REAL Salvation Army brought to the LIGHT!!
51... Rise of Christian Palestinianism!
63... Aussie Kids - DRUGS- Government
64... New Psych. Manual - All Emotions Classified as Mental Disorder?
68... Whole Families labelled Mentally Ill
69... Violence in Schools - Prozac/Ritalin
72 ... Anti-Depressants Use with Vaccines??
73... Psych. Drugs, Soldiers & Suicides
75... Alien Abduction- Days of Noah!
84... Snippet ~ Vitamin B 12+ Essential
85 ... Alien Bases on EARTH & MOON
87... Cosmic Chess Match - L A Mazulli
89... Snippet~ HAARP Rings over Aust.
90... Cyprus Style Solution for NZ & Australia ??
    92... EMAIL CORNER: “Slight of Hand” - Cyprus - Turkey - Israel- EU - Pipeline & Obama. K. Day. USA
    95... “Love NOT the World”

       gospel message Stand Speechless
      Safe in the Shepherd's Arms

Beauty for Ashes 15-3
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"River of Life" Gospel message
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River of Life Gospel message Despatch magazine

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