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14... Snippet~ Keep Australia “Aussie”       
15...30 Population Control Quotes
23...Snippet~ Vaccination HOAX
24...Three Popes & UFOs Abounding
31...Chariots of The Fallen Star Gods
         Appear (Horn & Putnam Book)
47...  Pastors - PORN - Impacting Church
51... Psychiatrists under Fire-
          Mental Health Battle 55... Global Population Control- Lies 61... Snippet~ Patents on Human Genes
61... Corporate Genetics  63... Snippet~ Doctors & Drug side effects 64... China Incinerates U.S. GMO Corn
66... Modern Wheat - “Chronic Poison” 69 ... Snippet~ UFO Comments - & You-tube links  M. Claydon
70... Robot Alchemy - Texe Marrs 77...Advert : Despatch Online You-tubes 78...10 Scenes-World Economic Collapse
86 ... Decline of Planet Earth 90... Email Corner:  (i) Redcliffe Clouds  (ii) Dhimmitude/Sharia (iii)  Every Child a state Guardian JDC
(iv) Beware Phone Photos JDC (v) School Children Micro chip Trial JDC  (vi) Computer Hackers Demo on Car Jacking
94... Advert : Despatch Website  Info. 96... Gospel - The Lord  SHUT Him In” Gen. 7:16

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         Eugenics - Population Update
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Gospel Mission - Don Galloway update
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