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Despatch Magazine 25-3Despatch Gospel - Jesus is the answer01...EDITORIAL [Cont’d. on p. 4]
07... Our NEW Government-Australia
13... (i) Jesuits & Freemasonry
17... (ii) Jesuit Military-Style Government
-The Jesuit /Illuminati Oath
26 (iii) Abbott Jesuit Guided Missile
27... Future of Christian Faith in Aust.
33... The Woman Rides the Beast
37... The FRAUD of `Smart’ Cities Exposed
42... `Smart Growth’ FRAUD
49... CONF. NOTES “People & The Planet”,
Melb. 2013. W. B. Howard
55... UN Environment Assembly - UNEP-2013
57... Global Education “SMARTER” - Aust.
62... Aust. MP Exposes Agenda 21 et al
65... `SMART’ Melbourne’s Plan to End Sprawl
66... J D C-NZ: Food Fraud, Fema Camps
71... Comments re Qld “Bikie” Laws
72 ... Let us think about a Few Things
(i) Aussie Fire Mystery??
(ii) 10 Point Homosexual Marriage
77... (iii) Human & Animal Marriages
78... Noahide Laws - Unite all Mankind
81... Snippets ~EPA Reverses Fluoride levels
82... - Gummy Bears/Drugs/Human DNA
84... - 1918 Flu Vaccine: Caused Disease
88... - Vaccinations & Eugenics UN & WHO
89... - Trans Pacific Partnership: Wikileaks
90... - Israel Reports : M. Claydon (cont’d p. 92)
91... -QEII Assents to Same-Sex Marr. UK
93... EDITOR’S (Email) CORNER:
- Melb. Uni’s UN Sustainable Education
- Kim’s Concerns. -Apostasy Alerts
98... Gospel - JESUS IS THE ANSWER

    "Beauty for AshesCurrent Issue ...Vol.16-3
       Abide with Me Lord Jesus! 
Beauty for                        Ashes 16-3

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