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Despatch Vol. 26-2  (as single pages not as a booklet)

04...Editorial- WBH 
08... Snippet ~ Chaplins Support Gay Students        
16...What is the NWO Agenda 21 all about?
23...Is There A New World Order (NWO) ?
28...The Rapture Report -C. Schang
32... Editor’s Corner: Canon Law versus Aust. Law;
         Space Aliens are fallen Angels & Demons.
34...Snippets ~ PNG & Texas Micro-chip in Schools;
Clive Palmer - CIA & Greens Plot; AI taking over Stock Market?;
Access banks with your Wristband;
Anti-Mosque Bendigo; ADHD does not exist!; Light Bulb Mafia! JD Christian NZ; Chemtrails, HAARP &  Full-Spectrum Dominance;
How Darwin got it Wrong! DVD.
42...IRAN & RUSSIA: ET Driving UFO World Policies
46... Top 19 Worldwide Mass UFO Sightings!
47... Remember Darwin’s Blackout-March 2014?
53... 72 Types Considered Potential Terrorists”
56...Snippets ~ Skeptic snaps UFO - Caloundra; Telstra  gives 
$2 Mill. to Islamic Museum & Sacks 900 Staff
57... What has gotten into Russia Lately - ? Future!  
62 ... Jesuit Pope - his ?Name & ?Coat of Arms!
64... Why would anyone use the NIV?    
65... Beware Australia - World Heritage Sites!
72... Snippets ~Aust. to Laser Earth Space Debris      
73 ... What Meaning End of Humanity for Me?      
77... “Killing Us Slowly With “Chem-Trails” 
86...Child Abuse Horror! Dutch Paedophile Society  88... UK Queen, Pope, MPs Denounced - Child Abusers- incl. Ex. G.G.   P. Hollingworth & J. Savile   96... Gospel 

         "Beauty for Ashes" ...Vol.17:2    ...(booklet format only    

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