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There is no justification for Israel or the Jews to be seen asGod's Nation at all. Israel is a chosen nation of God. Israel is a special mystical nation we reverence Israel and Rabbis
Palestinians have been misplaced 
by the usurpers the Israelis.
They should be driven into the sea.
We must pray for Israel and preach the Gospel to the Jews. Israelis are offended by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We should makebridges by visiting supporting and joining with them
Jews need no Salvation through Christ Jesus they come a different way as chosen people. Jewish converts become Christians when saved they are made new in Christ Jesus. Jews are special when saved they must receive Christ differently. They should keep the Rabbis the Law the Talmud  the Feasts etc. and add these to Christianity.
Israel has been cast aside by the Lord. The Church is Israel andinherited all her promises. Israel and the Church are two separate identities.The promises of God to Israel are national in the Millennium. The Church is Christ's Heavenly Bride. The Church and Israel are ONE LOAF . (Rick Joyner etc.).We must come together in merger in the Last Days.
The Old Testament is not very useful for the Christian it is not for our instruction at all. The New Testament is a higher revelation than the Old Testament but the whole Bible is our Word of God. In Christ Jesus we are redeemedfrom the curse of the O.T. Law. The O.T. and the N.T. are not enough as the Church's revelation. Christians should return to Jewish roots and the O.T. Law.
The Jews are an evil race they are behind all the conspiracy on the earth. They have even falsified the holocaust ...Anti-Semitism.
The Jews are near to the time of "Jacob's Trouble" - the Tribulation. God will gloriously enlighten the nation near the end of the Tribulation.Christ will be seen as their Messiah in His 2nd. Advent. Judaism is going to lead the way in this pre-Rapture time. A "new" understanding of the New Testament is coming through them.Christians need their oral traditions their Rabbis and the Talmud.
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