Introduction to the Series
NOTE: Since the following series of Articles were published in Despatch during 1994-1995, Don Stanton has apparently ceased to heavily confront these Issues in his "Prophetic Alert", he has not to our knowledge changed his position, but continues with it in the "Tishrei" Series in conjunction with Clifford Denton of the U.K.
We know from recent trip in Australia 1999, thst he is still taking a Jewish Roots Position.

Most people who receive "Prophetic Alert" do not seem to also get the "Tishrei" booklets. It is not now an issue with Despatch, though we are very concerned with the matter as a whole because of the tremendous increase in Messianic Judaism through out the world. So we have published them on Internet to try and alert others to the dangers addressed in Despatch during the above period.

*It is again an issue with Despatch as The Hebrew Roots / Messianic Jews & Ministries
are now coming very much to the for again in 1999.

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Despatch Magazine

Extract ..Vol.6:2 (June, 1994)

The following article began an on-going series of exposes and exhortations to the Body of Christ ...the last`Despatch' Extract being Dec., 1995. Vol. 7:4. * Despatch has since this time examined many of the Tishrei Booklets sent to us by our subscribers, we have been greatly disturbed by their content re alteration of fundamental doctrine.

The Messianic Jewish Apostasy is now taking in the Toronto Blessing and Latter Rain, as well as liaising with the Kingdom Now Movement...this will also be covered in an Integrity Ministries article from Pudsey, U.K.(not published in Despatch as it is only recently come to hand...not yet ready for inclusion here.)

Tishrei...Don Stanton...A Letter... to the Maranatha Revival Crusade...India

The Christian author of B. G., had sent `Despatch' a copy of his letter to Don Stanton of `Maranatha Revival Crusade. The letter challenges, strongly, the change in emphasis and doctrine which has been evident in recent months in the ministry of MRC.
This emphasis, it appears, originated from the Tishrei group, which seeks to "explore the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.."

I quote from the letter by B. G....

"There is much truth in Tishrei, but even more error which will lead straight into the occult teachings of the New Age/Cabalistic deception. The deception of Tishrei is diabolical, in that, purporting to uphold the integrity of Holy Writ within its pages, Tishrei is nothing more than an attempt to synthesis the word of God with satanically inspired writings, such as the Talmud, The Shepherd of Hermas and the Epistle of Barnabas." "Your attempts at uniting Christianity with Pharisaicism will cause spiritual suicide among believers in Jesus Christ...."

Don Stanton has always been a most courageous, sound defender of the faith, who has revealed the deceptions of the N.W.O. for many years, when others have been asleep!

His recent meetings in Australia sere scripturally correct and inspiring, by all reports. It is puzzling and sad to see this strange "Jewishness" overtaking his ministry. Something NEW has been added, obviously by Tishrei!.

[Also there is much concern, about his growing interest in O.B.E. [Out of Body Experiences] ,
this has been noticed at some of the above mentioned meetings.]

WE ASK FOR PRAYER FOR OUR BROTHER DON, AND FOR THE AUTHOR OF THIS LETTER, SENT IN CONCERN AND LOVE...WE HAVE HAD MANY SUBSCRIBERS WRITING AND RINGING CONCERNING THE DIRECTION OF DON'S MINISTRY THESE LAST TWO YEARS...with full agreement of our Accountability Structure we will in future editions of `Despatch' try and examine this whole Jewish question and examine some of the actual publications involved from MRC.
 Wendy Howard...editor of Despatch

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