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Extract: Vol. 6:3. (Sep. '1994)...p.39

Is There A Future in God for ISRAEL?

The Bible abounds with marvellous prophecies and promises to the Jews. These chosen people of God have a magnificent future which will be to the Glory of the Almighty. BUT NOT YET, the purposes of God are revealed in scripture, and we are not at liberty to twist scripture to suit our own scenarios.

The Jewish nation has to pass through a terrible time of discipline and purging, before the Lord can restore the land and reinstate the Throne of David. THE TIME OF JACOB'S TROUBLE is the period called þthe tribulationþ. In this period, multitudes of Jews will receive Christ as Messiah and Saviour. 144,000 of these, virgin evangelists, will preach the Gospel of Christ to suffering sinners. (Read... Zech. 12:10-13:1; Rev. ch. 7).

When Christ Returns, at His Second Coming, after He has dealt with the rebellious nations of the world, He will set in place the restored nation of Israel, and rule the earth from the Throne of David.


About the Lord's Second Advent, and the re-establishment of the Throne of David in AMOS 9:11-15. Compare the verses in the New Testament, Acts 15:13-18.


Note: verse 14,

"to visit the Gentiles to take out of them a people for his name."(refers to the Church Age, up to the Rapture). Verse 16, "After this I will return..." (refers to the Second Advent).

THEN will Christ Himself build again the tabernacle of David. It would seem to me as foolish to try to restore Israel and rebuild the Temple as it is to try to save the earth and restore the environment.

CHRIST JESUS HIMSELF will handle all that, Praise His Name! The Jews at this period NEED THE GOSPEL. DO YOU LOVE THEM ENOUGH TO PREACH IT?

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