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Extract: ...Vol. 7:1. (Mar.. '1995)...p.18-22

Don Stanton & Marantha Revival Crusade

With some pain, and with deeply felt gratitude for the wonderful work done for many years by Don Stanton of Maranatha Revival Crusade, Despatch and its accountability structure, must make comment on some of the changes which have happened to this fine ministry. In no way do we wish to wilfully cause damage to personalities, only to alert others in these terrible days of doctrinal deceptions. Of all the Christian ministries throughout my many years as a believer, Maranatha Revival Crusade has been one of the ministries I have most respected. Don has reached so many with the Gospel, and has alerted hundreds of thousands to the dangers of the NWO.

With the above comments always in mind, Despatch must deal with the recent changes which we feel are becoming unacceptable. Maranatha Revival Crusade's, World Report, No. 103, page 41-43 has brought out a number of answers to questions which some puzzled believers have been asking. Don has said, in essence, that he is not Judaizing the Christian message and Churches. Before hand, we and others had written to Don making comment. The answers are fine in World Report, but the strange thing is that Don Stanton SAYS certain things, but other books he endorses, mainlyImages by the group called Tishrei, give other, opposite views. What is going on? No reply had come from Don in regard to our letter, sent with other people's letters and material.

The Book of Hebrews, a new version called A Clear, Preferred Version, compiled by Don Stanton from every version imaginable, (including the Catholicised, New International), which even changes the Lord Jesus Christ's name to Y'shua, is astonishing!

What next! Don Stanton is rewriting the Bible! On page 49 of this new Epistle to the Hebrews, Don suggests that Pastors make Saturday their Rest Day, or Sabbath. There are no formal instructions to do so, but there is a decidedly Jewish, Old Testament flavour to the whole thing, a suggestion that keeping a Sabbath would be advantageous.

Don states on page 41 of "World Report" that,

"We are Not going back under the Law of Moses."


Compare with the book `Law and Grace' from Maranatha, page 47:

"We are free to grow in grace and truth, towards the only true life of grace, when we are completely submitted to God and our walk in the Holy Spirit. YET THE LAW has a part to play alongside this as we mature in the life of grace, when we are completely submitted to God and our walk in the Holy Spirit."

Page 46 of Law and Grace plainly states:

"The rest of us have a fallen nature which contests our spiritual life, even after we have made our commitment to the Lord and received the blessing of salvation... Everything of the flesh is open to deception and corruption and MUST COME UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE LAW."

Page 47: of "Law and Grace"...

"Indeed, at the end we will say, by the grace of God, þLord I love Your Torah!...The heart of the Torah (the O.T. Law) reflects the heart of God and should also reflect our own heart's condition...The deep roots of the Christian faith will reach down and discover the heart of the Torah of God."

The Torah is THE LAW of the Old Testament. If this is not going back under the law, then I cannot imagine what WOULD BE! No, not for salvation, but going back under the Law as a control for our Christian WALK after we are saved! This is Judaizing! THE LAW for sanctification.

To be under the Law is not freedom in Christ Jesus our Lord, it is to be in bondage to become a debtor to keep the whole of the Mosaic Law. It is a strong form of legalism which was written about in the book of Galatians.

It is, as Wilmington's Bible Commentary puts it:
"To put oneself back under the law means to deny the sweet and sure control of God's grace!"

I, for one, will not trade the blessed yoke of Christ Jesus, for the burden of the yoke of the Law. What a contrast.


"Come unto to me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Matt. 11 :28-39.



"Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?" Acts 15:10. Read Acts 15:5 for yourselves.

"Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." Galatians 5:1.

I shuddered to read on

page 44 of World Report, No. 103:

"But, Y'shua-There's just something about that name! Master, Saviour, Y'shua, Like the fragrance after the rain. Y'shua! Let all heaven and earth proclaim. Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, But there's always something about THAT original Name."

What is going on, Don? Is this another` Jesus', a spirit, dare I say it?

It seems that Don is writing a WHOLE new version of God's Word, a whole new Bible, the Clear Preferred Version, C.P.V.! He quotes form HIS version all the time in his Prophetic Alerts. He has diligently compared the Greek text AND has, he says, written with weight placed on the Greek Textus Receptus. Well, that is great, some of it is not from the occult or Catholic versions!


TISHREI, the Christian/Jewish organisation which Don Stanton has enthusiastically joined forces with, is causing concern to Christians in some quarters, ourselves as well! A difficult group to write about as the material sent out by these people is heavy with Judaism and Hebrew phrases and words. There is little doubt that the return to the Old Testament and the Hebrew which is marking the MRC booklets has its source in TISHREI. Perhaps it would be wise to summarise the þchangesþ which Tishrei is bringing in.

  • Tishrei and MRC are stating that Christians should return to their Jewish roots.
  • They are stating that the Mosaic Law is the control under which the Christian should live. (NOT be saved by, but should be disciplined by).
  • They are intimating that the name Lord Jesus Christ is not the real name of the Lord, but that Y'shua is.
  • Tishrei and [ MRC ? ] state that it could be time to drop these titles also - Church could become something like Fellowship of Believers, Christian could become People of the Way or Believers in Yeshua the Messiah. Says Clifford Denton, Editor-in-chief of Tishrei, Adolf Hitler was a 'Christian'; I can understand why believing Jews do not refer to themselves as Christian. (The Name Above All Names, p 37)

  • A plethora of Judaizing is advocated by Tishrei and Don Stanton's MRC, yet Don continues to deny this obvious fact. Don decries complaints that he is Judaizing Christians, yet he has departed from the plain, unadorned faith in Christ Jesus and the New Testament, which is better than the Old, by the following Jewish innovation:

    Tishrei itself is a ministry to converted Jews, which seeks to make newly converted Jews þcomfortableþ in Christianity. But why SHOULD they change Christianity back to Judaism! Next thing we'll know is that evangelists will want to make Hindu converts comfortable, so they will change Jesus Christ's glorious name to Kali, and the church to ashram, and pastor to guru. Not the same as Y'shua? True, Kali is pagan and evil, but our Christian titles are very important to us all. Can you imagine standing in Church and singing, "What a Friend we have in Y'shua". Or singing, "The People of the Way's one foundation is Y'shua."

    TISHREI and Don Stanton insist that Christians return to their Jewish roots. The front of books sent by Tishrei have a modern version verse from the book of Romans, which gives quite a different meaning from the KJV. In essence it suggests that Christians DRAW THEIR SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT FROM THE ROOT OF JUDAISM, whilst the KJV clearly shows that both Christianity and the Jews draw their spiritual nourishment from CHRIST JESUS who is the GOOD OLIVE TREE. COMPARE TISHREI'S COVER VERSE WITH KJV VERSE - ROMANS 11:17

    Tishrei: "...you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root..."

    KJV: "And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert grafted in among them, and WITH THEM partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree."

    The reader can see that the first quote from Tishrei gives the impression that Christians get nourishment from þthe olive rootþ which Tishrei sees as Judaism. Whilst the KJV shows clearly that Christianity and Judaism BOTH draw from the root of the olive tree, which root is Christ Jesus our Lord. He is the good olive tree of Romans 11:24. The Jews could hardly be the broken off branches, AND be the þgood olive treeþ as well! Especially when they were broken off because they rejected their Messiah, Christ Jesus.

    The olive tree represents the blessings promised to Abraham's seed. He was a Hebrew. The promise came down history, until Christ Jesus was born of that line, and IN CHRIST were all families of the earth blessed. Compare Gen.12:3; Gal.3:6-9 & 13-14.

    TISHREI and DON STANTON are bringing bondage to the people of God! Deliberately? Of course they are not! We need to be much in prayer for those in leadership, that God would grant to them that they be kept from deception. Don is right in the front lines of the battle, he is no doubt very sincere.

    In the Tishrei material TALMUDIC quotes appear constantly. Hebrew phrases, words, feasts, laws, dietary habits, the Sabbath and so on are stressed overwhelmingly. Why? Because they are seeking to bring the Christians back to the Jewish roots which do not exist for us! WE ARE NEW TESTAMENT CHRISTIANS, people. Do not go into bondage again to the law. In Christ Jesus ALL THINGS ARE MADE NEW.

    If Tishrei is NOT doing something þdifferentþ to our Christian faith, then why do they teach at all? The very fact that Tishrei is teaching other material from that which is clearly of the Christian faith surely shows they are teaching something decidedly different, and it is clear to see it is Judaism!!!!

    Don Stanton cannot blithely deny the above, then

    Again we ask for prayer for Don Stanton. The change in the ministry is disturbing in the extreme. If everyone cancels their subscriptions because of our stand, then that is their choice, I am sure God will soon give us other work to do, as this is his work not ours. He will only reward those who stand for the Truth, either now or in eternity.


    "...far from labelling Paul as a chauvinist, we might see that his teaching was a master-piece of interpretation of the law into the age of grace."
    p.90. Tishrei,Ways of Thinking

    "Rabbi Meir said, `While the man is in agony, what does the Tongue (a name for God) say? "...(Sanhedrin 6:5).

    * note: This passage really refers to Deuteronomy 21:22-23, which speaks of a criminal who is being put to death.

    "Rabbi Meir expounds the Hebrew words (ki-le-lat' elo-him) as a painful thing of God, ... The use of simple - to - complex reasoning is proportionate as frequent in the teaching of Jesus as it is in the teaching of other Rabbis. The Mishnah is approximately six times the size of the Gospels..."

    The point Despatch wants to make here is that the Tishrei books draw together the Jewish holy books, the Talmud, the Old Testament and the New Testament as though they were of equal value. Christ Jesus is even seen above as one of the Rabbis [He was called `Rabbi' meaning teacher in the N.T, but He is NOW the High Priest of the Church.]


    From Rabbinic Judaism as a Background to Scripture p.12.


    "The sages were the creators of the Old Torah. This literature, still unwritten in Jesus' day is of great value in understanding Jesus' sayings. It is also a rich treasure of spiritual wisdom....The first attempt to commit the Oral Torah to writing is called the Mishnah. This work was compiled by Rabbi Yehudah ha-Nasi around 200 A.D."


    Read the quote from page 34 of ... Rabbinical Judaism as a Background to Scripture:
    " Menahem writes,' Is there any likelihood that in this age of prophetic changes in the Church, in the Jewish people, and in the nations, an AUTHORITATIVE Jewish component can rise again within the Church? If only to deal with the peculiarly Jewish issues facing believers from among JEWS and GENTILES, touching such areas as Jewish evangelism, the relation TO THE TORAH, RABBINIC TRADITION, CHRISTIAN tradition within a Jewish context, fellowship, eschatology, the need for an AUTHORITATIVE grappling with these issues is evident."
    Same page, "Church authority was first established in Jerusalem, so in these days of restoration should we not expect that authority will return to this city?"

    The above quote was announcing a leading article by Menahem Benhayim, former Israel Secretary of the International Hebrew Christian (Messianic Jewish) Alliance.

    Many more quotes could be given. Now compare these aims with the prophecies of Rick Joyner, who is a Dominionist who wants to form a kingdom of God across the planet: "This will be the most glorious advance that the church is to make before the return of the Lord. THE JEWS AND THE GENTILES WERE MEANT TO BE ONE LOAF (see Ephesians 2:14-18). The plan will not be complete until they are joined in Christ. When the times of the Gentiles end it is the beginning of the times of the Jews and the Gentiles. This period will not be complete until the barriers of race and prejudice have been overcome and there is unity between the spiritual and natural seeds of Israel." p.139.

    Page 140 of the same book: "When the apostolic ministry has been fully restored so will the apostolic message concerning Israel be restored: the grafting back in of the Jew and Israel's role in God's plan for this day. With this revelation an ILLUMINATION will also come on His plan for the church which TRANSCENDS that which is PRESENTLY UNDERSTOOD." (emphasis in both quotes mine.)

    Page 141: "Because it is the central purpose of God to reveal His resistance to the proud, there will also be an increasingly swift judgement against those who become arrogant toward the natural branches (the Jews). Romans 11 :18-22. This must be so because of the significance of what will result when the two olive tress become one. The joining of the natural and heavenly seeds (the Church and Israel) will ultimately result in the free interchange between the heavens and the earth, one day making it possible for God who is spirit to dwell on earth among men in His fullness."



    For those who have studied the Biblical plan for the Jews and the Church, it is very clear that something is seriously amiss in all this! The subject is vast, there will be books suggested that you may desire to purchase for deeper understanding. Let us look at Scripture for truth on these matters.
    Firstly the Jewish people:
    1. Nowhere in Scripture does God ever suggest that the converted Jews of this era will join with the converted Gentiles of this era and made something completely þnewþ a different þloafþ. When a Jew or Gentile accepts Christ Jesus as Saviour he/she becomes a member of the Christian Body of Christ - the Christian Church. Why, the early disciples were once Jews, when they accepted Christ as Saviour they became members of His mystical Body. There is no Jew, Gentile or Greek or Hindu in Christ Jesus, we become one, the wall of partition has been broken down.
    2. The Jews will not lead the Christians into higher truth about the Bible through their Oral traditions or holy books. Why? Because the Canon of Scripture is completed already, and those Jewish writings are NOT part of that Canon. No one can just add to the Bible - there is a curse from the Lord about such presumption. Also the Talmud and other Jewish books contain shockingly ungodly writings. (If you doubt that, we have copies of some portions which you can read for yourselves.)
    3. The JEWISH NATION is actually the natural branch which will be grafted back in, not those Jews who accept Christ Jesus as Saviour NOW. When a Jew receives Christ Jesus, he then becomes a part of the Bride of Christ who will be Raptured BEFORE God takes up the Jewish nation again. Israel will be grafted in again after the Church has been taken away to meet Christ Jesus in the air! So there will be no þnewþ move of God which will happen because the Gentile believers and the Jewish believers become one. They are one in Christ from the moment each receives salvation.
    4. The Jewish converts, with the Rabbis, will not be given by God a new authority over the Church of Christ Jesus in these Latter Days. The Jews as a nation have been laid aside until the fullness of the Gentiles, that is when all the Church has been saved. The Rapture ends the þfullness of the Gentilesþ. Not to be confused with the times of the Gentiles which will not be over until the Gentile nations no longer dominate the earth's system, and the Lord has taken away their rule.
    5. The bringing of the Mosaic Law over all the nations of the earth as presented by Tishrei and Don Stanton is a reconstructionist aim - Dominion Theology. That those who are seeking Dominion are Replacement Theologians is true, so why does Don Stanton declare that he, himself, does not believe in Replacement Theology? True, Don does not accept that the Church is Israel, but he does accept that the nations have been given the O.T. Law of Moses, which is also Replacement Theology.
    The books

    From the book by Thomas Ice, page 130:

    "CONFUSION OF THE LAW OF GOD. Sometimes theonomists seem to speak of the law of God as the moral law in the heart of man, whether Israelite or Gentile, and sometimes as the written law at Sinai. They jump back and forth between these two with no clarification. It is true that nations are commanded to be just, but never are specific regulations given to them as they were to Israel. Paul in Romans 2:14-15 argues that the nations have a law written in their hearts even though they do not have the stipulations of the Mosaic law.

    Since a law is given within the context of a covenant, the nations could not be given the Mosaic law since they are not under the covenant of Sinai; instead they are under the Noahic Covenant.... CHRISTIAN RECONSTRUCT- IONISTS. (Despatch comment, these are replacement theologians) believe not only that the Mosaic law should be practiced by individual Christians for sanctification but that Christians are responsible to have the civil magistrates enforce it in its detail in each society in which they live."

    Don Stanton and M.R.C. is moving away from his original stance as a pre-millennial believer into the camp of the Dominionists! The arena which is dominated by anti - democracy, anti - freedom in Christ militants such as Rousas Rushdoony, Gary North and Greg Bahnsen.

    A quote from Tishrei to prove the above:

    "...we know that the Kingdom of God will be built, ultimately, through individuals who turn to the Lord for salvation. These things should send a shudder through the government of any land. It is not possible to see a specific promise for any nation other than Israel in scripture ...but it is possible to know what God requires of a nation, through what was taught to Israel, simply, that God's laws had to be obeyed....I would argue that none of God's laws have been abrogated." (Law and Grace, page 40-41).

    Throughout the Judaism of today there lurks the mysticism of the Kabbalists. This, too, is of the Antichrist system. Not only is Maranatha Revival Crusade actively condoning the bondage of new Christian converts to the Rabbis, the oral Jewish traditions and the Talmud, when these converts come from a Jewish background, MRC is going further. They are seeking to bring bondage to those things into the very Church of the Lord Jesus Christ! This is similar to sending the Catholic convert back into the Popish system, no, it is more, it is like encouraging these converts to bring the whole Church under the Pope's system. Judaism is an evil, Satanic system of error as it is today.



    Yucov Prashk, a former Jew, now a born again Christian preacher(not calling himself a messianic or completed jew) has said: "If you knew what Judaism is really about you would be shocked. Most Jews would be shocked if they knew what these people believe."

    On Rabbi Sneerson's sect Prashk says: "It is again Gnosticism. It is totally crazy!"

    Prashk warns against those Christian groups who build bridges with the Jews, see the Jews as finding safety in the land of Israel and refuse to give them the Gospel in case they offend. He declares with boldness and truth that the only safety for the Jew is the Lord Jesus Christ, and tells those who love the Lord and the Jews to keep away from groups who refuse to share Christ and the Gospel with the Jews. Such groups do not love the Jewish people, they are condemning individuals to a Christless Eternity!

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