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Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference, Melbourne.

Last year the editor of Despatch attended the Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference in Melbourne, July 28-30, 1997. Three reports were sent out on this conference, by Internet and through Australia. Internet Address for the 3 reports ... http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/Images/WRCP_contents.htm

Despatch carried reports in the September issue, Vol 9:3. The interest in these reports has been large, Christian papers and magazines in Australia and overseas carried the news of this stunning conference, through the medium of the reports from Despatch, praise God. Many Internet Websites took up the reports as well.

Now `THE OFFICIAL' report on the July conference, from The Australian Multicultural Foundation, backed by the World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP), has been sent to our organisation at long last. Naturally, it was a bit of a white-wash, but a sum-up here on this report will be of interest. The public can send directly to the Multicultural foundation for the conference papers and the papers from the workshop sessions. Cost is $36 including postage and handling. This would give proofs, to show those head-in-the-sand people out there who will not accept that these initiatives are happening in this country.

Address to send for the conference papers and workshop papers is: Ecumenical Migration Centre. P.O.Box 1389, Collingwood. 3056. Victoria.

from the Australian Multicultural Foundation, as the outcome of the July conference, were:

1. That the Australian Multicultural Council establish a multi-faith council: - to take an advisory role on inter-faith issues; - to promote inter-faith dialogue; - to work with government, industry, education and communities to foster inter-faith understanding, mutual respect and the use of religious differences as a resource.

DESPATCH comment: can the reader see here how, structured, organised, influential and official the INTER-FAITH move of the One World Church is? Remember the reports given by Despatch. We are seeing here not just a minor thrust by the Multicultural Foundation, but a major thrust by United Religions (UR) and the World Conference on Religion and Peace (refer back to the info. on these NWO organisations from Despatch, September 1997. And our Website).

2. That schools, universities, community service groups, industry organisations, and religious groups as well as federal, state and local governments adopt programs which seek to move beyond tolerance of difference to respecting, valuing and using difference.

DESPATCH comment: This is quite mind-boggling! The whole of society is to be urged to promote INTER-FAITH, that is in reality SYNCRETISM of all religions into the One Faith for the new millennium. We, who belong to the One Lord, Jesus Christ, and to the One God, must "respect", "value", and "use" (whatever that may mean) all the various and bizarre world's religions. This means the Rainbow Serpent and Dreamtime, the New Age Lord Maitreya, Buddha, Krishna, Catholicism and worship of Mary, taking note of the Koran and Allah, Celtic worship, Baha'i, Goddess Sophia, Shinto and Confucianism, et al. A sort of big rainbow of "faiths", with the colours churned together in a muddy mixture.

3. That INTER-FAITH understanding and cooperation be promoted by the media, by publications which describe various groups, and through sessions on inter-faith and inter-cultural awareness in all professional training programs.

DESPATCH comments: it gets worse and worse! "All professional training programs"?

4. That care be taken to establish and use legal and constitutional framework which promotes respect for religious differences and a concern to promote the common good for Australia among all groups, and which protects minorities from being overrun by those who (often wrongly) see themselves as majorities.

DESPATCH comment: keep in mind that it is INTER-FAITH, religion, that we are seeing here. Those who set themselves as "majorities" are the Christian groups of this country! No more can the Christians "overrun" (translated, seek to convert?) the pagan religions who come to Australia, or Imagestain their right to "Christian"-based government. No more will this land be regarded as predominantly Christian. There will be a "legal" and "constitutional" "framework" to "promote" (force?) "respect" for "religious difference". Now, there is never a reason to disrespect any person who is different than ourselves, but the Bible and Jesus Christ are the Only Truth. No Christian can act as if these other religions have the Truth, or pretend that they can in any way save mankind.

In the section on the Working Groups, page 13 of the Conference Report, "Religious Fundamentalism and Social Cohesion", leader Rev. Dr John Bodycomb OAM, the report on that session was disappointing. There was no mention at all of the recommendation given by Cardinal Francis Arinze that the word "fundamentalism" be laid to rest as a derogatory, meaningless term. Yet, that recommendation was made, I was there in that workshop. The word "pejorative" was used concerning the term "fundamentalism" in the report. Meaning, of course, belittling, but no mention was made of the recommendation made by Arinze
(see Despatch report, Sept.1997).

I will close this brief summary on the report of that blackest of black conference with the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who addressed a luncheon gathering at the beginning of proceedings. From the official report page 3:

"After lunch, Mr Lindsay G C Moyle invited the Archbishop of Canterbury to address the gathering. Noting the importance of the conference about to begin, the Archbishop referred to the ancient legend of the three rings of identical appearance given by a king to his three sons. One of the rings held the true essence of things and was eternal, but only the king knew which one. Each son held that his was the one true ring, and with no way of testing it, in a way each was correct. The Archbishop suggested that the three rings could stand for three different world religions. Each one claims to have the 'special ring' and in some ways each one is correct in its claim. Archbishop Carey used the parable to say something about equality in the face of diversity.

With these words Archbishop Carey welcomed the opening of the Religions & Cultural Diversity Conference, followed by closing remarks by His Excellency Sir James Gobbo AC, who commented on the Archbishop's analogy of the three rings and its appropriateness to the role of religion in culturally diverse societies...." (End of quote).

There is but One Son of the King, Archbishop, and that One is the giver of Eternal Life, the Lord Jesus Christ. There were no rings given, there was only a Son given Who died for the sin of the whole planet, every country included. God gave His "only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." "Equality" between religions is a myth!

Can I finish with a better parable, a God-honouring parable, which rings with the Truth of the Almighty? One which is true to God's Word, which Word can never be altered by mere Archbishops who deny the Saviour!

(P.55. "What About Other Religions?" by Werner Gitt. Pub.Christliche Literatur-Verbreitung e.V. CLV). Archbishop Carey and the rest of that blinded assembly do not know the truth of these glorious words: "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." (Acts 4:12). That Name is Jesus Christ, Saviour and Lord.

W. B. Howard ...Editor of Despatch

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