Extract ..Despatch Magazine Vol.9:3 Sept. 1997 p.23

Dear Editor,

Your Special Report an the Religion and Cultural Conference confirms the increasing
spiritual skullduggery to be found in our Church Leaders.

In Leonard Ravenhills’ preface to “Why Revival Tarries” he states

so do I! He continues, Which we likewise echo, with a thunderous no!

What treachery!
What treason!
That we Should see members of the Anglican persuasion, those so called ministers of God’s Word,
acquiesce to a prayer which denies any knowledge of God.

...Have these ministers forgotten Paul’s address to the Athenians in the Aeropagus? (Acts 17)
...Have they forgotten the Lord Jesus Christ’s reply to Philip when he asked Jesus to show him the Father?

These ministers are ministers of death’ They know not the Father. They are mealy mouthed - afraid to stand up far Jesus - no longer soldiers of the Cross - if they ever were? They deny their Ordination vows which proclaimed,

These blind leaders of the blind no longer honour their vows which declared, These so called priests of Christ have turned their back on their Commission to They have dishonoured Jesus - what treachery! What treason! No longer do they sing, On that great and awful day when Jesus collects His Bride, King of kings and the Lord of lords and the only Ruler of princes, will say to the blind leaders of the blind who claim to serve Him, Let us pray for more boldness in the pulpit.

In His Service
Ken Box

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