Celebration of Tabernacles Is Rising To The Forefront

From: Ed Tarkowski
In material released from the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, it is becoming obvious that celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles is taking a prominent place in the global “move of God”, falsely named! 5 Tentative Schedule of Events’ for 1995. Christians must be wary of celebrating events tied to Tabernacles especially because the idea of such celebrations were laid in the works of Latter Rain’s George Warnock in the 1950s, and this teaching has penetrated the apostate "move of God", the spurious revival through the Laughing Phenomena. (THE MERGER OF NEW AGE AND “CHRISTIANITY”).

CBN Conference with ICEJ holding the conference. This was advertised in Charisma as a conference on the Feast of Tabernacles. Pat Robertson supports the laughing phenomena and the impregnation of the Church through Latter Rain teaching (Joel’s Army). July 5: End-Time Handmaidens Convention: this is the group that prophesied that “prophetically, the child Isaac is being released into the nations as the new wine is being passed.” (For those who did not read last Despatch, Vol.7:2, the child Isaac with the mother Sarah, has been shown to be a false representation, of the ancient paganistic, Isis and Osirus.)

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem [ICEJ] 1995 Tentative Schedule of Events - North America Feast of Tabernacles type of events, Banquets and Bless Israel Evenings - all these events will have a strong content of beautiful music, Davidic praise and worship, prophetic teaching on Israel and general subjects. You are warmly invited to attend one or more of them. For more information, a contact number is listed for each event. Speakers include Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Michael Utterack and Johann Luckhoff. USA National Conference Virginia, Beach: July 13-16; Founder’s Inn and Conference Center.

ICEJ National Conference with CBN Conferences.

This conference will feature a banquet, unique seminars on Israel and current events in the Middle East, special seminar series on Davidic praise and worship; and a chance to view the 700 Club as it airs.
(Many “Taste of Tabernacles” meeting listed for USA) Canadian Event Toronto, Ontario July 27: Taste of Tabernacles, Queensway Cathedral At each of these events all or some of the following Feast of Tabernacles Worship Team will participate: Michael Utterback, Claren McQueen, Chuck King, Roy Kendall, Jonathan Settel, Shirley Wolford, Valerie Henry, David Haddy and many others. They will be joined from Europe by Sergel and Helena Popov - Helena is the Prima Ballerina of Moldova and Sergel is a concert violinist - as well as Ben and Vera Karlsson - Opera Singers from Vienna.

From promotional material published by ICEJ, Washington State Branch:

“The Christian Embassy Fellowship is a body of people from different religious persuasions united together through their love and interest for Israel and the Jewish people. “Together with Rev. [Harold L.] Wood as their spiritual leader, they represent the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in the State of Washington ... “To assist projects in Israel *in preparation for* the coming of Messiah and *his expected reign* from Jerusalem” (*in capitals - for Tarkowski’s emphasis added).

[Ed’s note:
Is one of these “projects” the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles?
How does one prepare for the coming of Messiah and His expected reign?
It is God who is preparing for it, and when He draws the nations to Meggiddo,
we shall know His preparation for the Messiah’s reign is near].

Charisma - April 1995.
In celebration of the 3,000th anniversary of Jerusalem, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is sponsoring a series of events designed to draw attention to the Old City’s rich biblical history.

Although Jerusalem was founded more than 3,000 years ago, the year 1004 B.C. was chosen to date the anniversary because researchers and archaeologists believe that was the year King David made Jerusalem the capital of his Old Testament kingdom.

The anniversary will officially begin with the Jewish New Year in September and will continue through the end of 1996 to encompass both the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars.

The first event, a Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, is scheduled Oct. 8-16. More than 4,000 Christians from nearly 100 countries are expected to join in the weeklong biblical feast....

The Christian Zionist Congress, an annual event featuring Bible teaching and discussions about Israel, will focus this year on the restoration of Israel and the threats posed by militant elements of the Islamic faith....

The final event is the 1996 Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, following a similar format as the 1995 feast. The theme for the 1996 feast, to be held Sept. 27 - Oct. ??Oct. 1996 is “The Holy City: The New Jerusalem,” a reference to Revelation 21:2.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is not an official government embassy representing a country, but a legally incorporated association in Israel. Its purpose is to represent Christians who recognize the scriptural significance of Israel’s restoration and who “share the Lord’s concern for the Jewish people” its organizers say....

Text from picture [not included here] reads as:
Christians from 90 countries join in the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles each year in Jerusalem.

Feast of Tabernacles Celebrations, Dance - Pageantry Worship Ministry A 3-day Teaching & Worship Extravaganza featuring the exciting Ministries of -Stephen Fry, Worship artist Clarice Fluitt, Eagle’s Nest Forum (LA) [who endorsed AD2000’s Jay Gary’s book, The Star of 2000, saying it was a book about Tabernacles) Stephen Everett, Present Truth Ministries at Son Life Church, October 12-14, Collinsville, IL (Charisma, July ‘95, p.63).

Make a Week of The Boston Revival! Feast of Tabernacles Celebration October 8-11 The Christian Teaching and Worship Center Woburn, MA Mona Johnian will be speaking from the millennial prophet Isaiah on “The Coming Roles of Jews, Gentiles, and the City of Jerusalem.” Special Guest: Paul Wilber from Israel’s Hope. (Charisma, July 1995, p. 88).

July 13-16, 1995 Sponsor: CBN CBN conferences and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) join together to give you a foretaste of the age to come! Days will be filled with seminars on subjects related to Israel, the Church and prophecy. Evenings will be filled with Davidic praise and worship, banners, processionals and inspiring dancing. (Charisma, July 1995, p.89).

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