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This article is very difficult to write, bringing together two complex subjects into one is too weighty.
May the Lord give His enabling! The two subjects are:

The UFO phenomenon;
And the false “spiritual warfare”:
which is putting “christians” into direct contact with “territorial spirits”.

The spiritual scene on the earth is horrendous. The media, television and newspapers etc, are continually bringing before the public a stream of UFO paraphernalia, hard core occultism in reality. People are being set-up for the acceptance of the devil’s fallen angels as being the “saviours” and the “creators”, and ultimately to accept The Lie - that the Antichrist is the real Christ. In the Sunday Mail, August 11, 1996, we had foisted upon us a two page, coloured chart on the UFO Files. These contained data from the UFO organizations of Australia, supposed “aliens” landing and contacting citizens right across Queensland. The “Life on Mars” excitement is adding to the general mass projection of earth people’s thoughts toward the “extra-terrestrials”, alias for the Nephilim, or fallen angels. The “principalities”, “powers”, “rulers of the darkness of this world”, the “spiritual wickedness in high places” of Ephesians 6:12. These beings are real, but they are not “aliens” they are evil spirits materializing - as they did before the flood in Noah’s day.

The Bible shows that the last days will see unimaginable spiritual conflict on the earth, Revelation 6-19. This is in the Tribulation of seven years, but we are, by all accounts, very close to the Trib. right now. The Church will be gone before the Tribulation, with the Great Tribulation being the last three and a half years, Satan will actually incarnate in a man - the Antichrist. However, all this does not suddenly take place, there is already pre-trib. activity going on in the spirit world. The book of Jude comes right before the book of Revelation. It is like a foreword to Revelation, or a reason why God brings His wrath in the Trib. It is a small book, but it is packed with warnings of dangers from the false prophets and teachers, and of the spiritual entities. Verse 24 throws believers back on the only way to be kept safe, trusting in God: “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy.”


Into the complication of the UFO let us now project the fake ‘spiritual warfare’ of the dominionists, in particular C. Peter WAGNER. In this “christian” leader’s books, “Territorial Spirits” and his latest, “Confronting the Powers”, a nasty delusion emerges. All over the world now, Christendom is being taught to actively confront the “territorial spirits”, the same ETs, the Nephilim, the “principalities”, “powers”, “spiritual rulers in high places”, of Ephesians 6. Wagner teaches the unwary to do these dangerous things: Seek to know the Nephilim’s names (even going himself to New Age devotees and pagan witches etc to ask them about the “powers” and their names); Actively confront them, and put them down from their positions of rule; March together, in the March for Jesus, and do prayer-walking, to put down the “territorial spirits” over cities and countries; And even seek to placate or do deals with the fallen angels over areas.

The dangers of these unbiblical practices can not be overemphasized. No Christian group or individual has any mandate from God to so do. It would be too lengthy to attempt a full critique of Wagner’s books, a brief outline must suffice. Christians who do such things are acting outside the protection of God, they are ignoring the time-slot of God, they are presumptuous, and seeking to do something which is not going to happen yet - put down the rulers of the darkness in high places from their places of authority. Foolish “warfare” Christians who follow Wagner and his ilk can expect to be eventually demolished emotionally by the Nephilim. Some no doubt already are! Emotionally and spiritually disturbed Christians, even physically attacked Christians (bruising etc), are resulting from these direct encounters of a forbidden nature - all in the name of “spiritual warfare”. This is all happening outside of the Almighty God’s mandate, away from under the umbrella of God’s protection.


The Bible gives us clear evidence of the fact that Satan is now the Prince of the Power of the Air, he is the Prince of this World. Satan, the usurper, has legal right in this realm of his. Lucifer, before he fell, was assigned the rule, Adam has aided this rule by his rebellion against the Creator, and the final displacement of Satan and his hordes will not happen until “the times of the restitution of all things” (Acts 3:21). Note in this quote from the old scholar, G.H. Pember, the awe and reverence, the proper place of men (even the redeemed) in the cosmic battle against the “territorial spirits” of the “Prince of this World”:


If we gaze at just a few particulars of Satan’s history, which God has chosen to reveal to us, we can see clearly that Satan has the legitimate title, “Prince of this World”, this was conferred upon him by God Himself, previous to his fall. (Exek.28:11-19) There is no other way to explain that the Lord Jesus Himself spoke of the evil Adversary by this title (John 14;30), and plainly acknowledged Satan’s delegated authority, and “did not dispute his claim to the present disposal of the kingdoms of the world and their glory” (Luke 4:6-8).

Pember brings out the mysterious extent of Satan’s realm:


In C. Peter Wagner’s book, “Confronting the Powers”, he refers to Beelzebub as a territorial spirit only, and claims that Christians can confront him, bind him and displace him. This is not so. Beelzebub is Satan himself, Jesus Christ is the One who will send an angel to bind him, and only Christ Jesus will put down the evil powers in high places of the atmosphere, which now rule over our planet in rebellion against the Creator. (See Rev.20:1-3.) At this time, at the close of the Tribulation, the principalities and rulers in high places will obvious not continue then, with their master bound. Let’s look a little deeper still. Wagner insists in his books that the many names which litter the pagan religious world, through many global cultures, are territorial spirits. However, this can be really foolish reckoning. Consider the quote now on the different names for the arch fiend himself, Satan:

What we are ending up with, in the extremes of “spiritual warfare”, on what Wagner calls the “strategic-level”, is church people coming against Satan himself, seeking to find out his assumed name (who cares what the occult people are deluded enough to call the devil), and doing spiritual battle to bring him down from his “Prince of the Power of the Air” authority - when Jesus Christ Himself recognized that temporary, legal position! This goes far beyond the Biblical injunction, “resist the devil and he will flee from you”. (James 4:7).


Scripture indicates that Satan will be bound for a thousand years during the Millennial Reign, thus his hierarchy will be also out of a job! The ETs will be seen for what they are, and the evil reign will stop. After Satan is loosed briefly for a little season (Rev.20:3), he will suffer the second death, and be cast into the Lake of fire and brimstone. (See Isaiah 24:21-22; Rev.20:10&14). This leaves the atmospheric rule devoid of the evil spirits which have plaqued earth for eons. Then, the redeemed of God will reign in their stead - with Christ Jesus as Supreme Potentate ruling on earth from the throne of David. (1 Timothy 6:15).

The exposition of Psalm 82 is too long for Despatch, but it shows a great deal of what is going to happen to those atmospheric places of authority. On this Psalm ,Pember comments:

Note here that the unsaved church people of Christendom lead up the religious Antichrist system. To continue: THE “PROPHECIES” & “REVELATIONS.”

The refusal to submit entirely to the inspired Word of God, the Scriptural Canon, and the determination to seek “extra” prophecy and revelation has opened millions of church people to the deceiving teaching-spirits of these last days. There is a curse upon those who do this! (Revelation 22:18). The word in the verse is the Greek “plege” which means to “smite”, “a calamity”. God will smite them, bring a calamity upon them:

The greatest calamity that is “written in this book” is believing the lies of Satan and his teaching spirits. These are the ones who will ultimately present The Lie that the Antichrist is the true Christ. (11 Thess. 2:8-12; Revelation 13:13-14). Already the “plagues” are hitting those who will not entirely submit to the Word of God. It is not enough to go by the Bible AND visions, prophecies from men (or women), and “inspired” feelings which predict the future or form doctrines etc. NO extra-biblical revelation is the only “way to go”.

Look at this item in a list of imperatives for ministry in a well-respected church organization’s commitment summary: “(4) Prophetic, the commitment to faithfully LISTEN for and obey the PRESENT TENSE VOICE of God through the REVELATORY gifTS of the Holy Spirit.” (Emphasis mine)

This is opening the gates to the supernatural deceptions of the teaching spirits of evil.
Said, Jessie Penn Lewis in “War on the Saints”:


This army of evil spirits is not some sort of airy fairy, non-real thing. Real they are, and manifesting in strange ways in our own day. The “aliens” from UFOs are appearing in the Images to people who are already prepared, because of their occult involvement. At the UFO meetings I have attended a number of times, the contactees and their zealous comforters are predominately New Age occultists! People who chat together about ley lines, numerology, astrology, the Earth Grid, Crop Circles and the coming of the New Age Christ - Lord Maitreya. Oh, and they talk a lot about “Mary” and her appearances at Fatima, Lourdes and across the world as well. Not to be wondered at they are preparing to form a “Kingdom” just like the false prophets of the church scene are - with the ETs as masters and mentors.

Films such as “Independence Day”, featuring the ETs as the stars, are indoctrinating the whole world into the spirit world. There are getting to be more people now that believe in the ghastly creatures than they do in a Personal, Creator God. UFO watching is a religion! It is not science or observation on a natural level, nor are the films and magazines about this stuff mere fun or imagination. A typical UFO meeting features the following:

1. Virtual worship of the “aliens” as being the creators and saviours of earth.
2. Documental evidence from around the world, and from history, of the visits of alien ETs. Books, videos and documents abound on marketing tables. One who features largely in recent years has been STAN DEYO, who is a Christianized New Age mixture. His videos and writings are all for sale at the UFO research conferences. Peter Sawyer material has also featured at these meetings.
3. The “witnessing” sessions are perhaps the most alarming aspect of UFO research meetings. The UFO organisations exist for more than research, they exist in order to (misguided, but sincere enough) give support to those who have had an encounter of a person-to-person type with ETs. Meetings often have encountees recalling their traumatic experiences over the microphone, with tears, anguish showing on their faces, defiance towards any who may doubt their accounts, and much reassurance from UFO research counsellors. Very like witnessing by new converts at Christian groups. Some of these contactees speak of alien rape and hybrid births - yes, here in Australia. Like it or not, Genesis six is happening again, I personally believe.


Another voice might be helpful. From the book, “Strange Fire”,
by Travers and Jewel Van Der Merwe, pp.36-37:

Wagner in his books on “spiritual warfare” insists that the “high thing” mentioned in 11 Cor. 10:4-5 and other scriptures, are the “territorial spirits” whose strongholds must be confronted and deposed. No believers, those “high things” are proud and erroneous imaginations, thoughts and mystical theories, as the text clearly shows. Do not be deceived by the current “spiritual warfare” techniques, they are dangerous intrusions into forbidden territories - God is a Holy God.
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