“There is no question that Billy Graham and Bill Bright have been the chief architects and promoters of ecumenical evangelism. Through decades of increasing compromise, they have laid the groundwork without which AD 2000 Ecumenical evangelism would not be possible. The cumulative effects of compromise have not only swept most evangelical churches and organisations from their Biblical moorings, but many fundamental churches and organisations have succumbed to the pressure and are no longer standing for truth and against error...."

Sadly, the vast majority of Christians today are in the same situation described by God in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge....” They are either uninformed or are being misinformed as to the true situation concerning the apostasy and compromise of churches and denominations. They simple do not know what is really going on behind the scenes. But how could they know? Evangelical leaders such as Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Leighton Ford, Luis Palua, and others are trying to appease those on both sides of the theological fence. To make matters worse, many fundamentalists have delayed so long in telling their people the truth, that they now remImages silent for fear of losing members and support, even though the situation grows worse by the moment....

In 1966, Billy Graham held his first big World Congress on Evangelism in Berlin, West Germany. Even at that early date, the theme had an ecumenical ring to it - “One Race, One Gospel, One Task.”...

Dr.Bill Bright is the other evangelical leader whose compromising influences have been so widely felt....Dr. Bright has Roman Catholics on his staff and on some Campus Crusade witnessing teams (Athletes in Action, etc.). Following a press conference in San Diego at a meeting of the Council on Biblical Inerrancy in 1982 of which he was chairman, I personally asked Dr. Bright how he could Scripturally justify his policy of having Roman Catholics on staff and working with them in evangelism. His answer, “I can work with anyone who calls Jesus, ‘Lord.’” I reminded him of the words of the Lord Jesus in Matthew 7:21-23 where Christ plainly revealed that many who call Him “Lord, Lord” are actually “workers of iniquity.” Dr. Bright made no answer but turned and walked from the room in silence....

Dr. Leighton Ford, chairman of the Lausanne Committee, was the closing speaker at the ecumenical “National Festival of Evangelism” called “congress ’88" in Chicago. Who was the opening speaker? None other than Roman Catholic Joseph Cardinal Bernardin. The publicity for this ecumenical meeting said, “Evangelicals, Imagesline churches and Catholic consciously combined the themes of unity and evangelism.”...

The time has come for all true believers to take a public stand on the AD 2000 Ecumenical Evangelism issue. Every born again Christian needs to decide which side they are on... to evangelise the world by AD 2000 (with the ecumenical movement) would be a curse not a blessing - a gift to Satan, not to Christ...”

(Selected - Pastor M.H. Reynolds, Fundamental Evangelical Assoc.USA)
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