by W. B. Howard...Editor of Despatch

The 1997 Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference will be held in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, this July, 28-30. Despatch’s editor has been issued an invitation to attend.

[Despatch's Editor is intending to go only as an observer.]

The conference is limited to 350 delegates, it is a restricted gathering, invitation only, those who are particularly interested, or have recognised expertise, have been asked to attend. Our editor has been invited, we presume, because of the interest we have shown, having written requesting material several times from the WCRP. There will be senior religious leaders, government ministers, prominent community leaders, from all over the world present. Key speakers will include representaives from the major world religions, domestic and international political leaders - those with “specific expertise in the area of religion and cultural diversity.”

As The Archbishop of Canterbury will be in Australia at that time, there is a strong possibility that he may be attending that conference? High officials from the Vatican, Rome, Italy, will be in attendance, the Governor-General and Human Rights and Multi-cultural political ministers will be speaking. The Archbishop of the Anglican Church, Brisbane, Peter Hollingworth, will be a speaker, plus speakers from various world religions. What religions are participating? In this conference which is hosted and organised by the Australian Multicultural Foundation and the World Conference on Religion and Peace, there will be delegates from: Baha’i, Buddism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Indigenous Religions, Islam, Jainism, Judism, Shintoism, Sikhism, Taoism and Zoroastrianism.

Despatch sees the benefit of having a “open ear” at the conference, as these leaders will be dealing with many issues which will affect our own lives, and will be seeking to agree upon the policies of the NWO’s Pluralistic religious agenda for this country, in a “Global Village” setting. What is that agenda and how will it change Australian churches? What will it mean for Christian individuals who are “fundamentals”? Who are we dealing with, who are the Images religious and political people who will be at that conference? Some of the large programme will deal with these themes:

Public policy making and Religious Diversity;
Religion and Social Change;
Religious Fundamentalism;
Searching for a Common Ethic and Asserting Shared Values;
Cultural Diversity, Religion and the modern state.

The official documents from that conference will be given out to participants. It is a global discussion forum, which views the world as “our local community”. Pray that Despatch’s representative may be able to attend
(UPDATE: since putting out of Despatch, support is coming in from our Subscribers, so Despatch will be attending),
as this is our opportunity to be insiders at this strategic “policy making” conference. We need to know what is intended, to understand the agenda, and to be prepared. We need to understand fully in order to alert others responsibly. Overseas contacts should be kept informed of our position in global affairs as believers in our own nation (Australia), we have few that will speak up in Australia. Despatch’s delegate’s accommodation can be arranged with relatives, train fares and conference expenses must be found from our own limited funds.


See the article/booklet included this issue on “RELIGIOUS PLURALISM.”

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