by W. B. Howard ~ Editor...Despatch Magazine

 Believers who love the Lord and His Word have often, and correctly, rejected the modern Bible versions, (source being Westcott and Hort), as being false versions, flawed and deceptive. In a valiant attempt to defend the King James Version of the Bible, some have wandered too far to the right - and have fallen over the cliff of another error. They have departed into the deep water of RUCKMANISM in its various degrees. Have you?

 Despatch whole-heartedly endorses the "King James Only" stand in the debate about new versions. However, this does not mean that Ruckmanism and "King James Only" are synonymous. We have been surprised to see that this has often become the case, when ever we read the various discussions on Internet about the KJV and new versions. We believe equally whole-heartedly that Ruckmanism is as destructive to God's Word as the New Age Bible Versions are!

 Despatch has dealt with this issue before, but we sense that we need to do so again, as believers' understanding of what we have in the KJV is of immense importance. The KJV is true to the original manuscripts in a way that no modern version comes anywhere near matching. The KJV is trust-worthy, a utterly reliable English version of the Greek and Hebrew, let us be sure of that before we start delving further.

Often we Christians rush madly away from doctrinal heresy or wrong beliefs about moral issues, and we just keep on going! Instead of gaining reason, we sometimes want to be as far from that which is wrong as we can be, and become caught up with a counter fallacy. The KJV versus the modern versions debate has spawned this kind of trap.


You might say, "I haven't got that, it sounds like a disease!" There are various degrees of this however, and the reader may well have rushed from the left to the right with misguided zeal. Without ever having heard of Ruckmanism. The rot has spread through a number of magazines and ministries, which are otherwise sound. The trouble is that people have valued the KJV Bible so very much, and so they should, that they are in danger of going too far, and accepting the fake revival of Ruckmanism. This is not a step forward however, it is a retrograde step. The man behind the extreme is Peter Ruckman, who has led many a noble Bible scholar down the garden path.

 Texe Marrs has followed the Ruckman errors! Yet, he has done so much for the Christians in our day, and is a fine Christian. Marrs is an expert without match in the area of investigation into the New World Order, but he is not perhaps as expert in Scriptural matters. We owe him a great debt for his work and courage in his investigative ministry. The material presented here has been gleaned from the work of Dr. R.L Hymers, Jr., M.Div., D.Min., Th.D. I will divide the discussion into seven sections, as follows:

1. Basically what is Ruckmanism? ( back...1 )

Simply put this is Ruckmanism, remember, these concepts are WRONG:

Ruckman goes to great lengths in his books and essays to say that the KJV is "given by inspiration",
not just "inspired". R.L.Hymers makes these comments on this (read 11 Timothy 3:16): 2. What is "inspiration" according to Ruckman,
and how does he pervert the concept of inspiration? (back ...2.)

Now the average reader may wonder what this has to do with them. It has a lot to do with all of us, for many today are slipping into a wrong idea of what the KJV actually is. In fact, I myself had not had this understanding of the KJV and "inspiration" firmly settled in my own mind, until I almost overbalanced into the errors we are considering here! Be patience, reader, and ask the Lord to help you grasp these points clearly, the Ruckman deception has subtly infiltrated a lot of fundamental material.

 Ruckman does not teach that copies of the original manuscripts are simply copies only. He does NOT teach that these copies can be called the "Word of God" because they are faithful to the original manuscripts, on the contrary, he teaches that the KJV is "inspired" by God in a unique, spiritual sense. He does NOT believe that the translators of the KJV were "human beings doing human work". He believes that there was something uniquely supernatural about the very act of their translating. Even more so than the men who wrote the original manuscripts.

 Here is an example from Ruckman's "The Christian's Handbook of Biblical Scholarship":

"The word 'scripture' was defined in the context (11 Tim.3:16) as something that Timothy had known all of his life, and he didn't have ONE 'original autograph' of Moses, Isaiah, David, Jeremiah. Malachi. Zephaniah, Samuel, Asaph, Ezekiel, or Daniel to go by....Paul ascribes FOREKNOWLEDGE AND SPEECH to copies of the scripture (Rom.9:17; Gal.3:8), since he never had an original of Exodus 9:16 or Genesis 22:18 a day in his life...."

 The major thought we have here is that "all Scripture" in 11 Tim.3:16 refers to every copy of the Scriptures ever made rather than to the original autographs. There is no solid Biblical proof that we can do this, however. And it becomes a very damaging thing to do, when the end of the matter is reached, as we will find out.

 The perversion in this error comes because the copies into other languages, although faithful to the originals, may contain some differences, and if these differences are utterly correct (they are "inspired"?), then the original autographs are placed in a position of being fallible, they have made mistakes, which the copies have picked up and "corrected". Is this so? No, never!

3. Is the KJV a "version" only? (back ...3)

Yes, it is a translation, a "version". Does that make it unreliable? No. Does this make it less than the Word of God? No. Why? Because it is faithful to the originals, not because it was a special revelation from God in itself. If Bible students, and I hope and pray you are all serious students of the Word, are to proceed with trust in the Scriptures they must understand the extremism of the Ruckman position. Here is a quote from R.L. Hymers Jr.:

"Ruckmanism is the belief that the King James Version is given by inspiration of God and is the preserved, infallible, and inerrant Word of God, superior to any Greek and Hebrew text, including the originals, containing advanced revelation in its translation and in such incidentals as the italics, chapter and verse numbers, and order of the books; the basis of Ruckmanism is its insistence upon the AV 1611 over the nonexistent original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts; insistence upon portions of Ruckmanism, while rejecting other points, results in partial-Ruckmanism, an inconsistent position, which logically opens the door to full Ruckmanism." (P.16, "The Ruckman Conspiracy").

 Dr.D.A. Waite, president of the Dean Burgon Society, has found over 3300 places where the NIV is translated incorrectly, but the KJV is right. When we say that the KJV is the Word of God this is not to say that God directly "breathed out" the KJV as he did the originals. It is inspired because it is an accurate translation of the Greek and Hebrew into English. There are a minute number of human errors, of which none affect any of the Christian doctrines, and thousands and thousands of verses which are correct to the finest detail. The high degree of accuracy is beyond competition from the shoddy modern versions. It is a million times superior to the modern versions, as a version in English.

 What do we mean by "translation"? The English word "translate" comes from "translatus", which means "carrying over from one language to another." God gave the Bible in Hebrew and Greek, and the KJV "carries over" into our language of English the Word of God. Thus it can be accurately termed the Word of God. NOT because the KJV came down from heaven, as Ruckman teaches, in "advanced revelation". The KJV is the Word of God in English. We should never be afraid to call the KJV the Word of God, as long we have a clear understanding of what is meant by this, when we refer to this magnificent version.


Ruckmanites complain that if we do not have the original manuscripts, how can we say we have the Word of God if what we have is only a version. Now this is really bizarre 'logic', because they themselves do not have the original manuscripts of the KJV! Ruckman has no original manuscripts, and the KJV has gone through at least seven revisions, with spelling and punctuation and some word changes. Just a moment, do not panic here, let's get a balance. William Tyndale and John Rogers gave their very lives at the fiery stake as martyrs for their Spirit-led translation of the Authorized King James Bible. Tyndale translated almost half of the great work. It was given with such devotion to the inspired text, that the threat of death hung over every word, the KJV is bathed in the blood of the martyrs!

 Self-appointed experts today have denigrated the very glorious manuscripts that these saints used to compile the Word in English. The KJV translators did their work for the common man, who did not know Greek and Hebrew, that they might have the privilege of reading the Bible for themselves. These new 'experts' have cited "older and more reliable manuscripts", which it seems are mere trash in comparison to the manuscripts which Tyndale and Rogers so painstakingly, and faithful copied into English. These "more reliable manuscripts" were "discovered" in the Convent of St. Catherine, they were found in a waste-paper basket! Yet, they have been used to cause Christendom to discard the Truth of God's Word. Here is what John Burgon has to say about the Authorized Bible's manuscripts:

 Writes Hymer: 4. What is Biblical "preservation" and how does Ruckman pervert this? (back ....4.)

It is certainly correct to assert that God keeps His Word through the ages, that the originals were given by inspiration, and that God has preserved His word. The words of Psalm 12:6-7 are often quoted by those who have fallen into the Ruckman trap, but there is a serious perversion in what Ruckman means by "preservation". Here is Psalm 12:6-7:

 The perversion in Ruckmanism comes when the doctrine of "preservation" is twisted into teaching that:

(A) When God preserves His Word, He does it by making special, supernatural changes in His Word when it is carried into another language.

 As we have already seen the KJV is a VERSION. It is the most accurate version by far, but it does not match perfectly the originals in every place. Ruckman knew this to be a fact. Now to Imagestain an absolute, perfect inerrancy for the KJV translation, one must eventually come up with a reason for this. Either the KJV is a version, and the originals were infallible in every degree, or the KJV must be better than the originals, because the KJV is slightly different. And so we get the perversion of "preservation" as in (A). To be a Ruckmanite one claims "additional content" and "advanced revelation" in regard to the translation we now know as the KJV. A statement from a former follower of Peter Ruckman, the man who started all these extremes, is quoted here. From Gary Hudson, who wrote the book "Why I Left Ruckmanism":


Here we must pause and reflect on what we have discussed. As groups or individuals, who love and honour the Word of God as we have it today, the King James Bible, we must take great care. We can end up dishonouring and denying the Word of God, when we started out to defend the Word of God. We have a number of "it does not compute" areas when we dogmatically assert that:

The KJV IN ENGLISH is God's Preserved Word and ALSO insist on its absolute inerrancy as an ENGLISH TRANSLATION.

 Since the KJV does not agree perfectly (very small translations which could have been better) with the original manuscripts, then one must end up with Ruckmanism, if we adopt the above line. Why? Now here is where we must exert logic, it is impossible to say that every word of the English KJV is inerrant and then call that preserved, without believing in ADDITIONAL REVELATION in English! The Ruckman heresy is "additional revelation." The KJV is the most reliable English text because it is based on the right manuscripts and is true to them, NOT because it is inerrant ENGLISH, and its scholars were inerrant translators. The idea that the KJV is "advanced revelation" in English is cult-mentality! To believe that the KJV has knowledge from God which could not be found in the Hebrew and Greek is disastrous! It is the same lie that Satan tempted Eve with, "hath God said?" Eve had "advanced revelation" when she added "neither shall ye touch it" (Gen.3:3) to what God said in His original statement (Gen.2:17). This opens the door into more and more temptations of Satan - and we are not smart enough, we humans, to figure out before hand where we are being led in this heresy of Ruckmanism!

Satan always has more to come on his agenda through false doctrine.

5. Is Ruckmanism a Last Days' fake revival? (back....5.)

Yes, it would appear so! There are very many more apostasies of Peter Ruckman, which we will not deal with here. His "advanced revelation" is similar to the altered Bible of the Jehovah's Witnesses, in that the KJV is elevated above the originals, and made to ADD TO THE WORD OF GOD in the Hebrew and Greek! This is a serious business, believers. Consider this statement from Peter Ruckman:

 Can the reader see that this is forbidden by the Lord God in His Word? "Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you" (Deuteronomy 4:2) and "If any man shall add unto these words, God shall add unto him the plaques that are written in this book" (Rev.22:18).

 If Christians over-balance in defence of the KJV, they can actually come to deny the Word of God delivered to the world in Hebrew and Greek! Be warned! In an article in the March 1989 Bible Believer's Bulletin, an article by Ruckman appeared (Hymer cited this in his book). The ridiculous extremes are shown, which are a part of what seems to be a revival of belief in God's Word - at first glance. Ruckman wrote in the above article of the "advanced revelation" in the rearranging of the books of the Bible in the KJV. He claims that the KJV's placement of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job and Psalms after 11 Chronicles, instead of ending the O.T. canon with 11 Chronicles as the Hebrew Bible does, has startling significance in view of God's plan of eschatology. Ruckman shows this amazingly inept teaching in this way:

 Writes Hymer on this, 6. Are you being drawn, bit-by-bit, into yet another"doctrine of demons"? (back...6.)

The present period of the Church Age is being bombarded by spiritual evil, and doctrines from the enemy are like a blitz! Who would have believed that the exciting, stimulating "new" doctrines in the churches back in the eighties, would lead into the New Age selfisms, visualisations, and the existentialist heresies the churches are swimming in today. The fake Ruckman-style revival, which seems to elevate the Bible, could lead into something very nasty up ahead. A book on prophecy by a well-known Christian leader, not a Pentecostal but a man who opposes the apostasies of these days, has "advanced revelation" virtually as its theme. He has used the numbering of the Psalms as supposed prophecy, lining up the numbers and making them correspond with the number of our years in the twentieth century. He is attributing divine revelation to the 1611 numbering, and has made prophecy out of them! None of it is turning out to be true of the years he has aligning with the Psalm numbers, naturally enough. Yet, it must be damaging to his ministry. May we all learn caution and "moderation" in our handling of God's Holy word.

"The Bible stands like a mountain towering,
Far above the works of men;
Its truth by none ever was refuted,
And destroy it they never can."


(Study material, "The Ruckman Conspiracy",
by Dr.R.L.Hymers, Jr.M.Div.,D.Min.,Th.D. Pub. The Bible for Today. NJ.USA).


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ˆ›ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€Žˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ‡pˆˆˆ ˙đđ ˆ”€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ›ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ‡pˆˆ¤ˆˆ€ ˙Žđđ ˙‚đ ˆ”€ ˙‘đđ ˙‚đ ˆ…€ ˙ƒ€ř ˆˆ‘ ˆƒpˆˆ›ˆ€€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…pˆˆ(ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆHˆ€ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ‚€ More2 ~\ ˙š ˙™đ𠈃‡€˙‚đ˙• ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„đđ˙ ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚ ˆ‚€ n\ ˆ˙  ˆ”€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙  ˆ”€ ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆ‘ ˆƒpˆ˙Ą ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ˙ ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ‚€ More2 r\ ˆ ˆ›ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€˙° ˆ”€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ›ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆˆ€˙‹ ˆ”€ ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆ‘ ˆƒpˆˆ›ˆ€€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆˆˆ†‡€˙˙ ˙…đˆˆ‹Šˆ‚€ř ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆˆˆ†pˆˆ˙ ˙…ˆˆ‰Žˆ‚€ř ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ More2 ˆ…‡ˆˆˆ€˙„đ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€‰ˆˆˆˆˆ€˙  ˆ…ˆ€ˆˆŒ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€˙† ˙„đˆˆˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆŠpˆˆ˙˙ ˙„ˆˆ‰ˆ‚€řˆƒ ˆ†pˆˆ˙˙ ˙đˆ€"ˆ‡‡‰` ˆ€˙ ˆžˆˆ€€ ˆŸˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆˆpˆ€Şëˆˆ˙đ ˆŸ€ ˆˆpˆ‡Hüˆˆ€˙đ ˆŸ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ ˆ•€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€€ ˆ†pˆˆ…*[ˆ˙… ˆ‚ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ†pˆˆ„2Ąˆ€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙…đ ˆ€ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€Őöˆ€˙‚đ˙Šđ ˆ€ˆƒ€ řˆˆ ˆ™€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€˙“ ˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ˙ ˙†ˆˆ€B-ˆ/ˆ…‡ˆˆ€0˙đˆƒŒ3˙ˆ/ˆ…‡ˆˆ€0˙đˆƒ€#"ˆ€/˙€ˆ/˙ˆƒ‚€ˆ€0 ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆ…p‹÷ˆ€-˙đˆ€ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ ˆpˆ„ˆˆ ˆ†‡Ďˆ€ ˙šđ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆ ˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…pˆˆˆ€˙„ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ†‡ˆˆ„ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆpˆ‚€ř+ˆ˙‚đ ˙‚đ ˙ˆ€ ˆ ˆpˆ„ˆˆ ˆ‡‡ˆ€ř ˆ–€ ˆ˙žđ ˆ€˙Ÿ ˆ€˙Ÿ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚p˙Ÿ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙’ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ‡€˙„ ˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ†‡ˆˆ„ˆ‚€ř ˆƒ€ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ Ո+ˆ‚€ř+ˆ.˙+ˆ…p„ ˆ ˆ˙ƒ ˆ ˆ€˙ ˙ ˆ‡‡…Uˆ€ř ˆ–€ ˆ ˆ™€ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ‚ˆˆ˙ž ˆ‚€ř ˆšˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ˙ž ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ•ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€‡€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙„ ˆ ˆˆƒ€ ˙†đŠšˆ€ř+ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ ˆˆ˙…đ˙˙ ˙†„ˆ€ř ˆ–€ ˆ ˆ™€ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ‚ˆˆ ˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€˙Ľđ˙đđ ˆ‚€ř ˆšˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ ˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€˙Žđ˙đ˙˙ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ•ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€‡€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆ ˆ€ˆƒ‡€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙ ˆ€ˆˆpˆˆ˙˙đ˙‚đ˙ƒ ˆ‰pˆˆ˙đ  ˙” ˙” ˙ˆ ˙” ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆÝˆ€˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ‚€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ˙ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ƒˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ‚Š[ˆ€# ˆ˙˜ ˆ€˙˜ ˆ€˙˜ ˆ‚p˙ ˆ‚p˙ ˙ƒđˆˆ…ˆˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ„ˆˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ…pˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ˙ˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ ˙„ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ‚€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚Žîˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚€Ŕˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ‚ˆ€# ˙„wp(˙„wp(˙„˙đ(˙„˙đ(˙ƒ˙đ) ˆ ˆ”ˆˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆ˙ ˆ‚p ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ€ˆ€€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ‚‡ ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆ€˙˙ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ ˆ‡‡ˆ€˙˙ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‚"ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‚"ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ‚‚"ˆ€# ˆ ˆ”ˆˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆˆ€•ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€˙›đđđđ ˆ‚p ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ€ˆ€€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒ‡ ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙†đđđ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚ ˙ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đ ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đ ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ ˆ€# ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ€˙ ˆ‘ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ˙‹ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆpˆ"˙…ˆˆ€ř!ˆpˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ"˙…ˆˆ€ř!ˆpˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ€!˙đˆ ˙‚řˆ€!˙€ˆ€" ˙đˆƒ€ ˆpˆ!ˆ…‡ˆˆ€"˙đˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ!ˆ…‡ˆˆ€"˙đˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ€!˙€ˆ!˙ˆ€!˙€ˆ€" ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙˜ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙† ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ-˙*ˆp*ˆ…‡ˆˆ€ˆ-˙*ˆpˆ ˙” ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ ˙” ˆ…€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ€ ˙” ˙‚đˆŒˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆŒ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ€ ˙” ˙‚đˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆpˆ…€řˆˆˆ ˙” ˙ƒ€řˆ›ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ‘ ˆ€ˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ€ ˙ ˙ ˆ‚ ˆ€' ˆ ˆ*ˆ€-˙đ*ˆ…‡ˆˆ€ˆ*ˆ€-˙đˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆ€˙Ÿ ˆ…€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆ‚p˙Ą ˆpˆ…€řˆˆˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ ˆƒ‡€˙Ą ˆ€ˆ‘ ˆˆ‚€€ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆ€ˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚€ř ˆˆ‚€€ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˆ‚ ˆ€' ˆ ˆ*ˆ‚€ř*ˆ-˙„ˆˆ€ˆ*ˆ‚€ř*ˆ˙‚đ ˙đ ˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆ‚pˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ›ˆˆ ˆˆ‚€€ˆ„‡€řˆˆ†€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙ ˙đˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚€ř ˆƒ ˙đˆƒ€řˆ&ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř&ˆpˆ'˙ˆ‚€đ ˆ&ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř&ˆpˆ'˙ˆ‚€ ˆ€&˙€ˆ%˙‚řˆ€&˙đˆ€ ˆ€' ˆ ˆ€' ď;G ˆ‚€ř*ˆ.˙„đÍŕˆˆ*ˆ€-˙…đŽ˙눂€ˆ*ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆ„pˆˆ˙† ˆ€' ˆ…‡|ˆ€˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆ…pˆ<ˆ€˙ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆŒ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ”ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ‡‡ˆŹˆˆ˙ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ”ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ‡‡ˆfˆˆ€˙ ˆ€Žˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€Žˆˆˆ ˆ˙„ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆpˆŃˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆŻˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆˆ€# ˙‚ ™ ™‚ů ™ ™&˙‚ ރŠş ގűŞ|Ď!oe8ߪŠş ރŠş Ş„Šş˙•đސűŞ|ň!fő8ÝŞŠş ˙Ťđ˙˙đ ˙‹ ˙ƒđ˙˙Ľ˙đ˙đđ˙ ݈ ŞŞŠşňňđ˙đސűŞ|ňfő=ÝŞŠşđ ˙¸đ˙˙˙đ˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙đđ˙đ ˙… ŞŠş ˙ƒđ ˙Žđ˙˙đ Šş˙‘đސűŞ|ňfő=ÝŞŠş˙†đ˙đđސ˙đ ˙„đ˙˙˙˙ Šş Ş‚ű ރŠş ť‚ű ť‚š ť&˙‚ ˙đ ˙ ˙đ&˙‚ ˙đˆ‚ ˆ†‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆˆˆ˙ ˙ˆ ˆ†pˆaˆ€řˆ˜ ˙” ˙ ˆŒ ˙” ˆ”ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ‡‡ˆŔˆˆˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€„ˆ€€ˆ…ˆˆˆ€ ˙” ˆ”ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€řˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ˛ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ˆ€"˙€ˆYˆ€# ˆ˙ƒ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙— ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙— ˆ€Žˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€Žˆˆˆ ˙đˆ5ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙ˆŤˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙ˆ(ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙đˆąˆ€# ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ…‡wwˆ€˙šđ ˆpˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ†DOˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ…řˆˆ€řˆ• ˆpˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ˜ˆ‚€řˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚€ ž\ ˆˆ&˙đ ˆ‚€ˆpˆ ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ†€€ ˆ‚€ ź\ ˆˆ$ˆ ˙‚đ ˆ‘ ˆ˙ ˙ ž\ ˆ…pˆ˙˙ˆ„ˆˆˆ€˙œđ˙ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ†pˆˆ˙˙ˆƒˆˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ˙˙ˆƒ€řˆ€˙†đ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ€ ¸\ ˆ€˙‚đ˙#ˆ‚‡#ˆ„‡ˆřˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…pˆwˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˙ƒđˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ†pˆˆ˙˙ˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆˆ˙ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ…ˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˙‚đ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ€ Ŕ\ ˆ‚€ř#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ€(˙#ˆ„‡¸Ěˆˆ$ˆ$ˆ&˙đ$ˆƒpˆ¸ˆ‚€ˆˆ‚ ˆ‚€řˆˆ€&˙#ˆ…‡ńˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…pˆ„DDˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˙„ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ€ Â\ ˆ‚€řˆˆ‚€ř#ˆ€&˙„‡w÷ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ˙ ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆ€ ˆB˙?ˆ†p‚ˆ)˙ƒđ ˙† ˆ€˙” ˆŠ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚p˙š ˆƒ‡€˙‚ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡pˆˆ˙˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ…ˆ€ˆˆ‡pˆˆ˙˙ (\ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‹€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆsȈ˙‡ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ°%ڈˆ€˙‡ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰pˆˆI*ˆˆ€˙‡ ˆ„€ ˆ‹€ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆÓ Žˆ†˙˙ ˙ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ3Ιˆ†€˙˙ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒęQŚˆ†€˙˙ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆƒTŠiˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒŘlĽˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ°Ĺ ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒá/=ˆ€ 4\ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‹€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆˆ˜ˆˆ€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‚p˙•đ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠpˆˆ7:ˆˆ€řˆ† ˆ„€ ˆ‹€ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ3##ˆ‚€řˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆƒDˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ bˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒânDˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒ LDˆ€ 2\ ˆ‹€ˆˆˆ ˙đ˙ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ ˙‰đ˙ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆ ˆˆ€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‚pˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˙…đ˙ ˙‚đ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠpˆˆ$%uˆˆ€řˆ† ˙đ ˙‚đ ˆ‰€ ˆ‹€ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚‹ ˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆˆƒpˆ ˙‹đ˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒŔŒˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ :\ ˆ‹€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ ˙Šđ˙ ˙đ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ˆDƒˆˆˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‚€řˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ˙đ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ˆD„ˆˆ€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‚pˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p ˙„đ˙ ˙‚ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒpˆˆD„ˆˆ€řˆ† ˆ„€ ˙đ ˙‚ ˆ‹€ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˙†đ˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆˆDˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆˆƒpˆ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˙†đ˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ@Dˆ‚€řˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆ ˙Šđ˙ ˆpˆƒ@Dˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ„pˆˆ ˙Šđ˙ ˆpˆƒ@Dˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ@Dˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ@Dˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆƒ F\ ˆ€ ˙Œđ˙ ˆ‚€ř ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ ˙đ˙ ˆ‚€ř ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ ˙đ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˙đ˙ ˙ƒđˆˆD„ˆˆ€řˆ† ˆ„€ ˙Œđ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙†đ˙ ˙ƒˆˆDˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆˆƒpˆ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙†đ˙ ˙†ˆˆ@Dˆ‚€řˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙đ˙ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ ˙đˆƒ@Dˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙ˆƒ@Dˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙ˆƒ@Dˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆƒ ˙ ˙ˆ„€řˆ€ˆƒ‘ˆˆƒˆ€!ˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ ˙đˆƒ€ř€ˆ¸ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˙… ˆƒŤs3 \ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ ˆˆp!ˆ‡‡bو€#˙đ!ˆ‚‡ ˆˆpˆˆ‚‡!ˆ‡pˆ#2ˆ€˙šđ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ– ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‰ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆp ˆƒ€ˆˆ€Šˆ€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‰ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆŠ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒľ˙'ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚  ˆˆp!ˆˆ‡ ˙ˆ– ˙đˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆp ˆƒ€ˆˆ€Šˆ€ ˙‚ ˙‚ ˙ƒđˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ ˆˆƒpˆˆ‘€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆbćLˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙†đđđ˙ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆŠ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒ LDˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˙„ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆˆp!ˆˆ‡ťŤŽˆ€ř!ˆ!ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙đˆˆ‚‡!ˆˆpˆî¨Čˆ€řˆ–€ ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ˙›đđ˙ ˆ‰ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙™đ˙ ˆŒˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰ ˆ‚‡ ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙đđ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆŠ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆ˙ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ€˙˙𠈁ˆ˙ ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€˙–đ˙ ˆ‰ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ€˙”đ˙˙đđ ˆŒˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‰ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚  ˆˆˆˆ€#˙ˆđˆńˆ€řˆ–€ ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‰ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ˙„ ˆŒˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‰ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˙†đˆ‹ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€˙”đ ˙–đđđ˙˙ ˙‡ˆ†ˆˆ€řˆ… ˙–đđđđ ˙ƒˆŒˆˆ€ˆ‹€ ˙„đˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒ‡€˙‚ ˙‚đ˙„ˆˆ†ˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˙‚đ ˙ 2\ ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆđDĈˆ˙– ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ…ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆůHˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ݈˙š ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆƒhÔÚˆ€˙ƒđ ˙„đˆˆ ˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ &\ ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆŞ˘ˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙ ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ…ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆˇłˆˆ€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙ƒđˆˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ„‡€ř ˆ„ ˙„ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆƒż;ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ "\ ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆ!1ˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆ‰ ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ…ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆˆˆ€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ &\ ˙ ˙ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˙ ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ \ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ˙– ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ˙† ˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ę\ ˙Œ ˙ ˆ† ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ€ˆ‡ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆ‡‹SK눈 ˙ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆp ˆ€ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡_•ˆˆ€ ˙ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆýÎ݈˙Œ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆˆ‚ ˆpˆŠˆˆˆˆ„ŠfČˆ˙ ˙ƒđˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒpˆ ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‡wˆ€˙ ˙„ˆ€ř ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ‹€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆŠˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‹€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆ„„]ÝUˆ€˙ ˆˆ ô\ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ ˙ˆ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˙ˆđ𠈊ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ€ˆ‡ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆ‡€ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˙ˆđ˙ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆp ˆ€ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒ"14ˆˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ‚‡ ˙ˆđ˙ ˙Šđ ˙‚ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒXĈ ˆŠ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙‚đ˙ƒ ˙† î\ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ˙—đ ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ€ˆ‡ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆ‡‰˜‰ˆˆ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ˙‡đ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆp ˆ€ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆˆ€ŒŒˆˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚‡ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆšđˆ ˆŠ€ˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆ„‡ˆ€˙… ˆˆ ô\ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ ˙ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˙ ˙đ ˆ€ˆ‡ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆƒ‰™ˆ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ€ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆˆ€ „€ˆˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆŒŠŕˆ ˆŠ€ˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ‹€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙‹ ˆˆ ô\ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆ… ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙‡ ˙ˆ‚€ˆ‡€ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙Œđ˙˙đ˙ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆ ˙Œđ˙˙đ˙˙đđ ˙đˆƒˆ€ˆ‡„ ˆˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˙ˆŽˆˆˆˆ‚‚ ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˙ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆšđˆ ˆŠ€ˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒpˆ˙†đ˙ ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒpˆ˙Œđ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ‹€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆŠˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙Œđ˙ ˆˆ ä\ çŞZ ˆ€"˙ˆ‚‡ˆ‚‡ˆ‚‡ˆ…‡ ö‘iˆˆ ˙đˆpˆpˆpˆ…pƒ!¨ˆ‚€ˆ ˙đˆpˆpˆpˆ…p…Aa5ˆ‚ˆ€ ˙ˆ‚‡ˆ‚‡ˆ‚‡ˆ†‡‡q„śˆƒ€ˆˆ€ ˙ ˙ˆ‹ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ ˆp ˆ…€ˆˆ€ ˆp ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆp ˆ€‡ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ€‚ˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆ†pˆ…PŞOˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙ ˆƒ‡ ˙ƒđˆˆŒˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ ˆƒpˆˆ‹ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‡pˆˆŇ˜Yžra–a´ŽœDhžŸŹľŽ´ľľš˜˜°¸†°˛˛¨˘†ő‚ LPBA——ŸŽŽ˜Ž˜‹œaľľ´šşľśľ¸¸ş¸‡——ŤŤ°›Ćő‚  '3>F[PUB>imc[[2Y7L>BXh—–s™Žľľ™Ž™ľśŠ´şľ¸şş¸¸°°Ť‚Ţő‚ =›ąˇˇ’7HFb‚NciŸ^^i[LBBY‹D LFL2QX––žŸľŽľ´œœ´ś´śŠ´şşšš´Ž™¸¸°ƒżňő‚ ňŠÁ`ž–C D˘Š“˘Š˘łłŁł‚çňđĹSqqu^ tut‚q^t•qu^qqvrr™ŽľľŸwrqqžYŢ!ňő‚ Ľ Ú ó ÷‚ ÷‚ ÷ąČ 46+$&& €‚ 9ŠŠ`“–k–“yppl^lylqquufuqpp^kk`y–ly–†—YWV„ˆ„„++-+ˆ!!++!ƒ+-8V†YTVW—Š›Ç ÷‚ ÷‚ ÷‚ ÷‰Ö„9766764ƒ::4-‰ "•¨¨žŹžy…qyupuy‚uuy‹Źs^qžyž–yaqy‰žyž—‹‰‡„D‚„+ƒ!+!ƒ+!‹„7S9–—› ÷‚ ÷œ€9„7+7664:4-:2::2:4 =Š¨Šžžy’uyuyuyuquyuuyyh^vžy†svqq–hžˆŹ°°Ÿ’D‡„‡ˆ‰‡&++-- +‚ ŒŠ7YV–——›’ ÷‚ ÷‚+9ƒ6+64:…H::6 †"°ž yˆzyq–užž–q˜žquvžyqžž–Ž°ŽŸ’=‡‡D‰‡D„"+!†+-ˆŠ7CC–Š˘—— ÷‚ =•Š—ŹžyĽyŒžžyuž–quŚžžuž…yžŸŸaŸ„’=‰‰‡ƒ&+-+…!!+!!+‚-Š„VV–Š——››" ÷‚ „`––žŹƒlŹŹy„žyyŚžˆuqŸaqž––ŸŒ—W‰‡‡‰‰‡96--+!+„- š›Š‰9C–ž–—‹" ÷‚ ÷‚  “„Y’°Š–žŠ¨žŹž–žŹŸŹ‰¨žŹŸ˜—`Š‰‡‡V9$ 2A+•&„Ł››ŁŁ9–ŸŸžŠŤ› ÷‚ &W•—¨°—°Š——°‰Š¨°ŸŸ¸‹``‡ž96DY—ąŁŁ›Ťˇˇ›VžŹŸ—°Ť ÷‚ ÷‚  ¨ &‰››—’=7V6!"˘›łˇˇ¸ˇ¸‰šˇ’°ľŸ˜——ą„ ÷‚ ÷‚ &9 „ŁŁ›Œ„"‰‹‰ŁˇŁ‹˜˜–„—›Ä ÷‚ ÷$TŠJX]XJJXHJ$ VŠJ`“`XX]YX]H…JTTJBVH„2HH0F†?F>>0HBœVA4-+!4HXf7–k``Y–`DY``–Źˆľ°°¸—ą›€ ÷‚ ÷$YXYXd“dXVXX 9V``d`dX]dX…HBJV:V•A+::-:422H>>FLLFLFHH>HšBVA4+!HHUS––hŹŹžŹŹžž¨¨žŹ‡sŽ°—ą› ÷‚ ÷‘$dXXdglg“kY+:Vˆ 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ˆ…pˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆŠpˆ˙˙𠈇€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…pˆˆƒ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆ†‡ˆˆÖˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ–€ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆŽˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€˙ ˙‡đˆ€ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆˆž€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€˙ ˙ˆđˆˆˆ€ř ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙Š ˙ˆˆ†hˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆƒ ˙ ˙„ˆ€ˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙ ˙ˆ ˆ„ ˆ—€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆđ ƒˆ˙ ˆ‡‡ˆˆÜa䈁€˙„ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒŇ’ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆpˆƒĂ[/ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆƒčˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆƒóbˆ€,˙đˆ+˙‚řˆ€,˙€ˆƒ¤Ňˆ€- ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ—€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ— ˆ‡‡ˆˆföfˆ ˆˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙… ˆ‡‡ˆˆDôDˆ‚€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆ‹pˆˆ˙˙ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ ˆ†pˆˆ˙˙ ˆpˆƒ ˙ˆđˆĚě̈ˆ ˆ…ˆ€€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆŁˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˙ ˙ˆˆuSˆˆ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆ˘ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˙› ˙‚ˆ˙„ˆˆ€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˙đ ˆˆ— ˆˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒ€ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ„ˆ€€ ˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ ˙ ˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆ€€ ˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ƒ ˆ„pˆˆˆ„ ˆ‚‡ˆ˜€ ˆpˆ˜ˆ€ˆ ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆ–€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ‡ˆDUˆˆ€ ˙ ˙‚đ ˆ€€ˆ€ ˙‚đ ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆƒ‡ ˙ ˙„ ˙„ ˙„đˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆ€ˆpˆ‚™ˆ€ ˙„ ˙‘đ˙˙ ˙ˆ˜€ ˙‘đ˙đđ ˙‘ ˆˆ€ř ˆ€ˆˆ •ˆ ˆŒ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙“đđ˙ ˆƒ‡€˙„đđ˙‚đ ˙ƒđˆˆˆˆ€ˆ†‡ˆˆç˝ˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆ€ˆpˆ‚‚ˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆ˙đđđ ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ˙›đđđ ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆˆ ˆ„‡€ř ˆƒˆˆ€ˆ‡pˆ˙˙đ˙‚đ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙đđ˙‚đ˙„ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚ Gˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆ‚pˆ€ ˆ$˙!ˆp!ˆ‚‡!ˆpˆˆƒŒˆ$˙!ˆpˆƒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ‰ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ‰ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€„ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‡ˆˆˆ…ˆˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ„†ˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€ˆˆ€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„ ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆˆŠˆ€ ˙Žđ ˙ ˙ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€ˆˆ€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€˙ƒ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ‰ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ‰ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€„ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€˙‰ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€ˆˆ€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒ‡ˆfˆ„€ˆˆˆ˙’đ˙˙đđ ˆƒpˆˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆˆpˆƒ;#ˆƒ€řˆ€˙„đ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆpˆ3ˆ‚ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ‰€ˆ‚€ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒĚĚĈˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒŤŠŞ ˆ€ wˆˆ!ˆ€$˙đ!ˆ…‡>6Lj‚€ˆ!ˆ€$˙đ!ˆ…‡ěcđˆ‚ˆ‚€ř!ˆ#˙!ˆ…pˆh1łˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆˆŽ ˆ†‡ˆö‰őˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€˙Šđđđđđ ˆ†pˆˆ˛PYˆ„ˆˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆřĚˆ„€řˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙„đđ˙ƒđˆ ˆ„ ˆ„ˆˆˆpˆƒö ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆƒ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆpˆƒŕ÷iˆ‚ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒŇMIˆ‚€ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ9KĘˆˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆƒľ¨ţ ˆ€ ˙đ ˙‹đ ˙„ˆ ˙đ ˙đ ˙ƒđˆˆˆ„ˆˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ ˙†ˆˆpvpˆ„€řˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙…đ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ ˆ†pˆîˆˆ˙™đđ˙ ˆ‡‡ˆČˆˆ˙™đ˙ ˆ‡‡ˆŕˆˆ€˙’đ˙ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ˙™đ˙ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆëˆ€˙„đđ ˙… ˆpˆ(ˆ€˙†đ ˆpˆ$ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆĂˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆˆ€# ˆ’€ˆˆ€ ˆ†pˆRˆˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ…ˆˆˆ€˙žđ˙đđ˙˙ ˆ‡‡ˆjˆˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ…ˆˆˆˆ€˙žđ˙đđ˙˙ ˆˆ‡ˆŇˆˆ€řˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆmˆˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆŘˆ‚€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„ˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ˙„ ˆpˆ ˆ‚€řˆ…€ ˆpˆsˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ­ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆĺˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ˆ€"˙€ˆ ˆ€# ˙†đ˙˙ ˙‡ˆnˆˆ€řˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„ˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆˆ„ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚đ˙ƒ ˆˆpˆ‰."ˆˆ€˙đđđđ ˆ˙• ˆ†pˆˆ€™ ˆ€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙„đ˙ ˆ‡€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆWˆ€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙ƒ ˆ‡€ˆˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ˆđ˙đ˙˙ ˙— ˙ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆƒ ˙đ ˆpˆ‚w—ˆ,˙…ˆˆ€ř+ˆpˆ+ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ç爁,˙…ˆˆ€ř+ˆpˆ+ˆ‚‡ˆ‚=ˆ€+˙đˆ*˙‚řˆ€+˙€ˆ‚żlˆ€, ˆ"˙ ˆ€ ˆ˙Œđ˙ ˆ€ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ€˙Œđ𠈁€˙‰đ𠈌€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙…đ ˆ‚p˙Łđ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆpˆ‚Ý܈+ˆ…‡ˆˆ€,˙đˆ+ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ŕ ˆ+ˆ…‡ˆˆ€,˙đˆ+ˆ‚‡ˆ‚Ű„ˆ€+˙€ˆ+˙ˆ€+˙€ˆ‚÷:ˆ€, ˆ!ˆ ˆ€˙‚đ˙ ˆ€ ˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚€ř ˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ˆ ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ†€€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˙…ˆˆWXˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ ˙đˆ‚ ęˆ‚€ř ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙…đ ˙ ˙… ˆƒ€ ˆˆ€ˆ†‡dˆ€ ˙‹đ ˙ˆ ˙ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆp ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‡pˆŠâˆˆ€ ˙Š ˙‚đ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˙‚đ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˙ ˆˆˆ ˆ„‡€řˆŽˆ€ˆ ˙ ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ…pˆˆJˆ€ ˙ƒ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆŽcˆ€ ˙…đ ˆƒ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‚ ˆ†‡ˆˆŒ[ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚Œˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚‹lˆ€ ˆƒ€ ˆˆ€ˆ‡‡‚"ˆ€ř ˆ‰ ˙Žđ˙ ˙đ ˆƒˆˆ„ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‡pˆ‚"ˆˆˆ†€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ ˙Žđ˙˙đđ ˙đ ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆpˆ‚"ˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙‚ ˙‚ ˆƒ‡€ ˙‚đ˙Š ˆ„‡€řˆŽˆ€ˆ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ‚€ř ˆ„ ˆ‚ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ƒ3ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ŒĚˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚€ ˆƒ€ ˆˆ€ˆ‡‡‚"ˆ€ř ˆ‰ ˆ€ ˙đ˙˙ ˙đ˙˙ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆ ˙ˆđ˙˙ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˙‡đ˙˙ ˆ‚‡ ˙đ ˙‚đˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ‚"ˆ ˆ€ˆ† ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆˆ ˙ƒ€řˆŽˆ€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙ƒ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ…pˆˆ‚"ˆ‚€ř ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ‚€ř ˆ„ ˆƒ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙‡đ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ƒ3ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ŒĚˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ‚€ ˙‚đ˙ƒ ˆ‰ ˆ‚€ř ˆŠˆˆ€ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆ ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ€˙™ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒ‡ ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆˆ ˆƒ‡€˙™ ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆˆˆƒ‡€˙„ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆƒ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‚ ˙…ˆˆ‚"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆ‚‚"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆ‚ƒ3ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ‚ŒĚˆ€ @\ ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‡pˆŒĺˆˆ ˙ž ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‡pˆ‡żˆˆ€ ˙ ˙Ł ˙ƒđˆˆŞ€ˆˆ ˙„ ˙„ ˙ 0\ ˆ€˙¤ ˆ˙  ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‡pˆ€ˆˆˆ–€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ˙  ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ ˆˆpˆˆˆ€ř ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ–€ ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆ˙ˇ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ˙ ÷More  J\ ˆ‚€řˆž€ˆˆˆ ˙†ƒ ˆˆž€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆŠˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˙đ˙ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙ˆˆƒ5ˆˆ€ř ˆ–€ ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆˆŞ€ˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ ˆƒpˆ˙ˆđ˙ ˙„ ˙„ ˙ƒđ ÷More †\ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ†`&Rˆˆ˙š ˙‚đˆĽ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˙‚đˆ§€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˙š ˙ƒ€řˆŽ€ˆ ˙„ ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ„ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒĚ5fˆ€ ˙„ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆƒfcďˆ€ ˙ƒđ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆpˆƒ€řˆƒĚ–nˆ2˙…ˆˆ€ř1ˆpˆ1ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€đˆƒfĐUˆ2˙…ˆˆ€ř1ˆpˆ1ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒťKťˆ€1˙đˆ0˙‚řˆ€1˙€ˆ€ˆƒĚ%Uˆ€2 ˆƒv/ţ p\ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ† ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ˙ˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€!ˆ‡pˆˆ˙˙ ˙ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆƒđ ˆpˆƒ€řˆƒ ˆƒußŐ r\ ˆƒpˆ˙ ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆƒÝÝ_ ˙‚đ,˙5ˆp5ˆ…‡ŕíúˆ‚ˆ€ ˙‚đ+˙đ5ˆ‚‡5ˆ…pˆˆuĽˆƒ€ˆˆ€˙Ş ˆ†‡ˆÚˆ„€ˆˆˆ˙Šđđđ ˆ†‡ˆă _ˆ„ˆˆˆ€˙†đđđ ˆpˆˆü Ljˆ€řˆˆˆ€˙Ş ˆ†pˆˆřXˆ„ˆˆˆ˙Ťđ˙˙𠈂€€ˆˆ‚ ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆŕ3¨ˆƒˆˆ€˙„đđ˙‹ ˆ‚€€ˆˆ‚ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆpˆƒwŒˆƒ€řˆ€˙‚ ˆˆ‚ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒ€ ˆ€2  ˆ'ˆ7˙5ˆ…pˆ@€ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€ř ˆ˘ ˆ†‡ˆǞˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ’€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ€˙– ˆ†‡ˆ ˆ’€ˆˆ ˆƒpˆˆ ˆ†pˆˆhVoˆ„ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙„ ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆfvfˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆƒˆ€ˆ‚€ˆ ˆ‰pˆˆ˙˙ ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆpˆƒ™ů™ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆˆ‰ˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒ€ ˆ€2 ˆ'ˆ5ˆ€7˙…đˆ@€ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€ř ˆ˘ ˙¤ ˆ’€ˆˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚€€ˆˆ‚ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚€€ˆˆ‚ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆˆ‰ˆ€ ˆˆ‚ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ€2  ˙ƒ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚€ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒ.!ˆ€˙… ˆƒŮs„ #More â.ˆ€řˆ’ ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒ%Žˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ˆƒ7ŁÖˆ€ ˆƒÄ ˆ ˆƒ€ĚŒ #More ˙ ˙ ˆ‡‡ˆˆř{3ˆƒˆˆ€˙†đ˙ ˙ ˆpˆˆƒ€řˆ€˙ˆ ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒR3Wˆ‚ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ”ž‹ˆ‚€ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒů÷ˈˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒ÷V/ ˆ€ ˆˆ!ˆ€$˙đ!ˆ…‡äŠˆ‚€ˆ!ˆ€$˙đ!ˆ…‡)`Žˆ‚ˆ‚€ř!ˆ#˙!ˆ…pˆ@Šeˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€ř ˆ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ…€€ˆ€€ ˆ€˙›đđđ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ€˙™đđđđ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚Wˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ…€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠpˆˆ˙˙đđ˙ƒ ˆpˆƒƒ›Eˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ ˆpˆƒAĘŃˆ‚ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒĆˆ‚€ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒm{Ăˆˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆƒQÉ ˆ€ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ…€€ˆ€€ ˆ‚€řˆŽˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚€řˆ”ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ˙‰ ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ€ ˆ˙ ˆ€˙ ˆ€˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ‰€ˆ€€€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙Ź ˆ€ ˆˆ„ ~\ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‹€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆp ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆp ˆ‹ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ˙ƒˆˆ˙—đ˙ ˆ‹ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ˙ƒˆˆ€˙“đ˙ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ˙ƒˆˆ€˙Ÿđ˙ ˆ‚€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ‡€řˆˆˆˆ˙ˆŁ˙˙đ˙ ˆˆˆ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒ¨˙˙ˆ‡€˙˙đ˙ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆƒŻň#  z\ ˙Žđ ˙ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‹€ ˙Ž ˆ‚ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆp ˆ‹ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ† ˆ‹ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ‡@ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆŠ€řˆˆˆˆ ˆˆˆ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒ¸’#ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒđ ˆ j\ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‹€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ˙’ ˆ‚ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆp ˆ‹ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ†D@ ˆ‹ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‡D€Čˆˆ€řˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ‡030ˆˆ€řˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‚p ˆ‚€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ‡€řˆˆˆˆ ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒ"ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˙ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆƒîîţ v\ ˙Ž ˙ ˆ‹€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙đ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ† ˙đ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ‡@DȈˆ€řˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‚p ˆ‚€ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆŠ€řˆˆˆˆ ˆˆˆ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙†đ˙ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ v\ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ ˙Žđ˙ ˙ˆƒ€ř€ˆ† ˆ‹ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ ˙Žđ˙˙đđ ˙ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‚‡ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ ˆˆ#˙ ˆp ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚pŒˆ‚€ˆ#˙ ˆp ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚pŽˆ‚ˆ€"˙đ ˆ‚‡ ˆp ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ˆˆ€˙• ˆƒpˆ‚ˆ„ˆˆˆ€˙đ˙˙đđ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒ‡ ˆ„ˆ€€ƒ ˆƒpˆˆ•ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ ˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆŒˆƒˆˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆˆ†ˆƒ€řˆ€˙ƒ ˆ† ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ…€ˆˆ€€ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ ˆˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆŠ ˆ€  ˙đ˙˙đđ ˙đ˙˙đđ ˙đˆ•ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€‡ˆ€€ˆˆˆpˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆŽˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙đ˙˙đđ ˙đˆ‡€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€‹ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ†ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆŽˆˆ€€ˆ ˙‚ ˙‚ ˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆŒˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆˆ„ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ€˙Œđ˙đ𠈃pˆ†ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆŽˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚‡ ˆ„ˆ€€ƒ ˆŸpˆ˙˙đđđ𠈃ˆ€ˆ ˆ‰pˆ˙˙đđ ˙ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ† ˆŒ‡ˆ€˙˙ ˙ ˆ€  ˆ‚€řˆ”ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒ‡ ˆ„ˆ€€ƒ ˆƒpˆˆ•ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ ˆˆ€ˆƒ‡€˙„ ˙„đˆˆ‚ˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˙„ˆˆ‚ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ† ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ…€ˆˆ€€ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ€ ˆˆƒ€ ˙‚đˆ§ˆ€ˆˆ ˙‚đˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˙š ˙ƒ€řˆ¨ˆ€ˆ ˙„ ˙„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒ€ř€ ˆ€ ˙ƒđ ˆƒrgr T\ ˙„ ˙ƒ ˆƒÝßÝ ˙ˆˆ†p€ˆ€ř#ˆ#ˆ€˙‚đ˙đ ˆˆ‡‡ƒˆ€řˆ–€ ˆ€˙•đ˙đ˙ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ˙•đ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ€ ˆ˙–đ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆƒpˆ˙‰đ ˆ†‡ˆˆ„@ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‚ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ„@ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚„@ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚„@ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ‚„@ˆ€  ˙‡ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ†€ˆˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆpˆƒ@&fˆƒ€řˆ€˙„ ˆpˆ ˆ€2 ˆˆ˙ ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚ ˆpˆƒ€ˆ ˆ€2 T\ ˆ"˙ƒ ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ€$˙ ˆŁ€ ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ†€ˆˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˙đ ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚ ˙†đ ˙™ ˆœ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ…DDˆˆ ˙šđ˙ ˆƒ€ˆˆ—ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆŽ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ…""ˆˆ€ ˙“đ˙ ˙‚đ ˆˆ• ˆƒ‡ ˙‚đ ˆ… ˆƒ‡ ˙›đ˙ ˙ƒ€ř ˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˙„đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚ˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚Şćˆ€ ˙ƒ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆ ˆƒ ˆƒ€ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ‰ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€đˆ‚˜‰ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆ‚Dˆ€,˙đˆ+˙‚řˆ€,˙€ˆ€ˆ‚DDˆ€- ˆ‚Uf ˆ ˙ ˙ ˆœ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ…1ˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ ˙ ˆƒ€ˆˆ—ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ ˙ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆŽ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ†ˆˆ€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˙‚đ ˙ƒđˆ ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚ˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙‚đ ˙„ˆ€řˆ…€ˆˆ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚ˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ ˙‚đ ˙„ˆ€ř ˆ„ ˆƒ€ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ‚ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€đˆ‚ ˆ‚  ˆ ˆˆ• ˆ€ ˙Ą ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€‘ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€‘ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ˙Žđ˙˙đ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚‡ ˙ ˆ‚Wu  \ ˆ€- ˆ= iłImages ¤\ ˆ€- ˆu iłImages Ž\ ˆ€- ˆ™ ˙˜đ˙đ ˙đˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˆpˆƒ€řˆŮˆƒˆˆ ˙˜đ˙đ ˙ˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆpˆ‰€ˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆěˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˙ˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆpˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ1ˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙— ˆ‰€ˆˆ ˙— ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆ@ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˙–đ ˙ƒ€řˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˙‚đ˙ƒ€řˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ™ˆƒˆˆ€ ˙ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ ˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙ˆ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒ€ ˆ€- ˆď iłqZO;Images ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˆpˆƒ€řˆŮˆƒˆˆˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ€˙ˆ ˙đˆ‰€ˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆěˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ“€ ˙đˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ1ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ“€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚p ˙ˆ ˙‚ ˆ‰€ˆˆ ˙ˆ ˙‚ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆbˆ„ˆˆˆˆ’ˆ ˆƒ‡€ ˙ˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆŮˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˙ ˆ€- ˆ3 iłď ˙‹ ˙đˆ„€řˆ€ˆˆ!ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€řˆ“€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€€€ˆ‚pˆƒ€ ˙đˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆ ˆ„‡€řˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ ˙ˆ„€řˆ€ˆˆ„€řˆˆˆ‚ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙ ˙ˆ„€řˆˆ1ˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ ˆ€- ˆ  iłď ˆ†‡ńëżˆƒˆˆ ˙Œđ˙˙ ˆœ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ†pˆ‰ĺ-ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙Šđ˙˙ ˆ†pˆˆť¨¸ˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙‰đ˙˙ ˙‚đ ˆš€ˆˆ€ ˙‚đ ˆ› ˙Œđ˙˙ ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ˆ‹ ˙‚đ ˙‚đ˙‚đ ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆˆ€ ˙‚đ ˙‚đ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ…€ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆŠŞŞ˘ˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙…đ˙˙ ˆ„ ˆ€- ˆ–ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ–ˆˆ ˆ‰ˆˆ ˆ ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆ€- ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ^ˆ$˙!ˆ†p‚ßśˆ ˙ ˆ‡‡€ˆ ˆ€˙” ˆ€ ˆˆ‡„‰ćˆˆ˙–đ˙ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ¤çˆˆ˙•đ˙ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ†jˆˆ€˙•đ˙ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ€doˆˆ€˙–đ˙ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆŒ1Ňˆ˙•đ˙  ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒ ˙‡đ‚0 ˙‡ŠŞ*ˆ€ř ˆ‘ ˙ ˙‡‚""ˆˆˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙đ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆpˆ ˆ†‡‡Ťˆ€ ˙•đ ˆp ˆ”€ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‡pˆŠˆˆ ˙• ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‡pˆ+ˆˆ€ ˙” ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ„ ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‹ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‹ˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ‚Š¸ˆ€# ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ ˆpˆ ˆ‡‡ƒ3ˆ€ř ˆ‘€ ˆ˙  ˆp ˆ”€ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‡pˆ‘ˆˆ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€˙• ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…ˆˆ ˆˆpˆŒĚˆˆ€ř ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p˙” ˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ ˆ‚p˙ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒ‡€˙„ ˙‹ ˙Œđ˙đ ˙Œđ˙đ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‡7ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚€ ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‹ąˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ‚„„ˆ€# ˙ˆ‚ ˆˆ˜ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ›ˆ€ˆ ˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ› ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ…ˆˆƒpˆ˙„ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€Dˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚€Dˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚€Dˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ‚€ˆ€# ˆˆ˜ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ€˙—đđ˙ ˆ‚€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ€˙‹đ˙ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ›ˆ€ˆ ˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ› ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ…ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆˆƒ‡€˙„đ˙ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˙ ˙ ˆŽ€ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆp ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆpˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ€ĚŁˆˆ˙•đ˙ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆp ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ ˆpˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ‡iˆˆ€˙•đ˙ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‰‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€˙–đ˙ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ†‡ˆ‰&őˆ˙•đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆˆ€‰ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ„‰Oˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ†pˆˆ…„Ĉ€˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆď䈁€˙ƒ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚\눁 ˙đˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆƒŠ]´ˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆƒ†lˆ€ ˙ˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ‚VŁˆ€  ŠMore IŔˆ$ˆ&˙đ$ˆp$ˆp$ˆpˆˆ€ˆ&˙đ$ˆp$ˆpˆƒ€ ˆ€ˆ€&˙#ˆ‚‡#ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆˆ‡€ ˆ‘ ˆŽ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˆŠ‡ˆ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ†‡ˆ‚ ˆƒ€ˆˆ€‰ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆpˆ‚DĈ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€ř#ˆ€&˙#ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆˆ‡Œ@Œˆ€ř ˆ‘ ˆˆ ˙‘đ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ ˙‘đ˙˙ ˙đˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ€ô@ˆˆ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˙‘đ˙˙ ˙đˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰pˆ€b(ˆˆ€řˆ‘€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙‚ ˆŠ‡ˆƒ0ˆˆ€řˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˙‚ ˆ†‡ˆ†&"ˆˆ’€ˆˆ€ ˆ†pˆˆ‚""ˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆˆƒpˆ˙‚đ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ†pˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ŠMore ˆ€ˆ‚€ř#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ€&˙ˆ€ ˆˆ‡€ ˆ‘ ˆˆ ˆ€˙ž ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆ˙ž ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ ˆ˙ž ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆ‚‡ ˆŠ‡ˆ÷Dˆˆ€řˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ†‡ˆŠ˘"ˆˆ’€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ€ˆˆ€‰ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ‚Ušˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆ‰pˆ˙˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ôDˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ô@ˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆƒ€b(ˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆƒƒ0ˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ€ ˙ˆ€˙‚řˆƒ†&"ˆ€ ŠMore ˆ€ˆ‚€ř#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ€˙ ˆ‘ ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆŽ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˙đ˙ ˙ˆđˆ€ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ ˆˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˙đ˙ ˙‰đˆˆˆ€řˆ‘€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˙đ˙ ˙‰ˆ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˙đ˙ ˙…ˆ€ ˆƒ€ˆˆ€‰ˆ ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˙„đ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ŠMore ˙‚đ˙ ˙Šđ ˆ‚€ ˆ*ˆ€-˙„đˆˆ€ˆ€˙‚đ˙…đ†ˆ€řˆ€ˆ˙‚đ˙……ˆ€řˆŒ ˙ ˆ‚€ ˙‡ ˆ€ ˆƒ ˙ƒđ ˙„đˆˆˆˆˆƒ€ˆ ˆ…ˆˆˆ„€€ˆˆƒ‡€˙„ ˙„ ˙„ ˆ‡‡€ ˆ€ ˆˆ‡€ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ€ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒ ˙‡đ̈€ř ˆ€ˆ˙ ˙‡„.ˇˆ€ř ˆ‘ ˙ ˙‡ˆvţˆˆˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙đ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ…p€ˆ€%˙đ#ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆp ˆˆ†‡Œ%ˆ€˙šđ ˆpˆ™€ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ’€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ™ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ‡pˆŒ:ˆˆ˙– ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ€ ˆp ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ™ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆˆ‡pˆ‡çˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒpˆˆ’ ˆ†‡ˆˆŒšˆ€˙ƒđ ˆ‚ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆŽ­ˆ ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚‹”ˆ ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚ŽËˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ†pƒˆ€ř#ˆ%˙ˆ€ ˆp ˆˆ‡‡‚Tˆ€řˆ–€ ˙‘đ ˙ˆ‘ˆˆˆ ˆpˆ™€ ˙‘ ˙ ˙‚ ˆ†‡ˆˆŽjˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆƒIˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€ ˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚‰Ęˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€ ˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚Œ)ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚€ˆ€ ˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆƒpˆ˙ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ ˙đ ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙ ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙ ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đ ˆ€ â 0    h €ř#ˆ#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ'˙„ ˆ‚€ř ˆ‘ˆˆˆ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€˙¨đ˙ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€˙žđ˙ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒpˆˆ’ ˙‚đ ˙…đˆˆ†oˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„ˆˆˆ‰pˆˆ˙đ˙ ˙‚đ ˙…ˆˆvˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‚ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ…„ädˆ€ ˙™ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‘ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆˆ†ŠŸÜˆˆ˙—đ˙ ˆp ˆ‡€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ†Šš™ˆˆ€˙“đ˙ ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆŒˆˆˆˆźBˆˆ€˙›đ˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆŒŒęˆ˙›đ˙ ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆŠ‡´ˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ€ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆƒ‚ ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆƒ‚ëŤˆ€˙ƒ ˙‚đ˙„ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ‚ ˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆ‚şˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ‚ˆƒ„Gďˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ†€ ˆ–€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ˙Ł ˆp ˆ‘ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆˆ†… ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆ˙ ˆp ˆ‡€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‡€ ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆ†€€ˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆ‚##ˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ€ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙ ˆ‚ ˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒ„ Ŕ\ ˙đˆƒ€ ˙ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ… ˆ–€ ˙—đ ˙ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ˆ ˙— ˆ‘ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆˆ†Őˆˆ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ˆ ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆ„ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˛\ ˆ˙ƒđ ˙ˆ‚ˆ… ˆ–€ ˙ˆ‚€ˆ†„˛ˆˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙• ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙‰đ ˆ€ˆ€ ˙‰đ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˙– ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙ƒ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙…đ˙đ˙ˆƒˆˆƒ„œˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‚ ˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙†đ˙đ Ě\ ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆ‚‡(ˆ…‡„´<ˆƒ€ˆˆ€ ˙ ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆp ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆŒˆˆˆˆˆˆ…pˆ…+}ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆp ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆŒˆˆˆˆˆˆ…pˆŒRĎˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆ”€€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆ ˙ ˙ƒđˆ ˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆŒ€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ†pˆˆŠ5ţˆƒˆˆ€ ˙ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆÝˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆˆ‚ˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆƒˆ‚€ˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆƒˆˆ€%˙ˆ€$˙‚řˆ€$˙‚řˆ€$˙‚řˆƒ ˆ€% ˆ‚‡(ˆ…‡€ ˆˆ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙™đđđ˙ ˆpˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆŒˆˆˆˆˆˆ…pˆ€3 ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙™đđđ𠈁pˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆŒˆˆˆˆˆˆ…pˆŠ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆ ˆŒ€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ†pˆˆ€ˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚đ ˙ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ„DCˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆŠ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ„D8ˆ‚ˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆƒ„D°ˆ‚€ˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆƒ„C€ˆˆ€$˙‚řˆ€%˙ˆ€$˙‚řˆ€$˙‚řˆƒ„K ˆ€% ˙đ)ˆ„p€ ˙(ˆ…‡ˆ ˆˆ ˙— ˙ˆ€ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˙— ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˙— ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ”€€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ˙„ ˆˆ†pˆˆ‚""ˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ ˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚""ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆŠ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚""ˆ‚ˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆƒ‚""ˆ‚€ˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆƒ‚""ˆˆ€$˙‚řˆ€$˙‚řˆ€%˙ˆ€$˙‚řˆƒ‚"" ˆ€% ž\ ˆ+˙„đ€ ˆˆ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙’ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙Š ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆ”€€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆ ˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆŒ€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ†pˆ˙˙ ^ˆ$˙!ˆ†p‚ßśˆ˙ƒđ ˆ€ ˙“ ˆ€ ˆ†pˆˆ˙ˆ€˙„đđ˙„đˆˆˆ€ ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€Iˆ€˙‚ ˆ‚€€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚÷Zˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆƒŒ¨Kˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆƒ€Ękˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ‚'툁€ ˆŽˆ ˙†đˆˆ‚""ˆ‚€řˆƒˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ ˙ ˙†ˆˆ‚""ˆ‚€řˆ‚€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ ˙ƒ ˆ‚‡0ˆ‡pˆö_´ˆ€˙đ ˆ›€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆœ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆ“€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆhˆˆ˙Ąđ˙˙đ ˆš€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆqŚöˆˆ€˙”đ˙˙đ ˆœ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆœ€ ˆƒpˆˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ ˙‚đ˙…đ ˙‚đ˙…đ˙đ˙ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˙đ0ˆˆ‡fvfˆ€řˆˆˆ$˙‚đ ˙0ˆˆpˆDÔUˆ€ř ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ™€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ˜€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ ˆ€ ˙ž ˙đˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆŠ‡ˆTÔDˆˆ€ř ˆ€ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚p˙ ˆ‚p˙  ˆˆ„€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆƒ˜™”ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆƒű˝ßˆ€,˙€ˆ,˙ˆ€,˙€ˆˆ€- ˆ3˙‡™Ů™ˆ€řˆˆˆ#ˆ ˆ€2˙ˆđˆ‰É‰ˆ€ř ˆ€ ˆ€˙Şđ˙˙ ˆ€ˆ™€ˆˆˆ ˆœ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙Şđ˙˙ ˆ€ˆ˜€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ ˆ‚€ř ˆš€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙Žđ˙˙ ˆ‚p ˆœ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆœ€ ˆpˆ˙˙đ˙˙ ˆˆ„€ˆ ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‡pˆ˙˙đ˙ ˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆ‡ˆ€˙˙đ˙ƒ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒ€ ˆ€ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙đ ˙™ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ…‰íˆˆ ˙—đ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ…„*ˆˆ€ ˙“đ˙ ˙‚đˆ™ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˙‚đˆ™ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆ‰€řˆˆˆˆŤ˘ˆ ˙›đ˙ ˙ƒ€řˆ˘ˆˆ€€ˆ ˙„đ˙ ˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚ŰŸˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚şŁˆ€ ˙ƒ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆ„€ ˆ‚Uf ˆ˙” ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€˙Šđ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ…‰˜ˆˆ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ€˙”đ˙˙đđ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆpˆ…€řˆˆˆ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ ˆ‚Ý ˆˆ˘€ ˙Ÿđ˙đđ𠈖€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚€řˆ™ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆ ˙Ÿđ˙đđ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ…ˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ ˙Ÿđ˙đđ ˆƒpˆ˙…đ˙đ ˙ ˙ ˙đˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚ ˙ ˙đˆƒ€řˆ‚ ˆ‚Mő †\ ˙đ ˆŠ ˆ› ˙ ˆ‘€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„ˆ€ ˆp ˆ†ˆˆˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆÁˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙™đ˙ ˙ ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ ˆp ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆoˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙˜đ˙ ˙‚đ ˆ€ˆ“ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆšˆ€ˆ ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆ<ˆ„ˆˆˆ˙žđ˙ ˆ›ˆ€ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ"ˆƒˆˆ€˙„đ˙ ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆˆˆˆˆˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆvˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙ƒ ˙‡đ ˆ€- ˆł †\ ˆ˜ ˆ› ˙đ˙ ˙đ ˆ†ˆˆˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ"ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ ˆ€ ˙˜đ˙˙đđ ˙đ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ"ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ˜€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ ˆšˆ€ˆ ˙‚ ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆ"ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ™€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡€ ˙‚đ˙˜ ˆ›ˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ€- ˆ „\ ˆ˜ ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ˆ”€ ˆˆˆƒpˆ˙„ ˙ˆ„€řˆˆĂˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒ ˆ€- ˆ1 ˙đ˙đ˙ ˙đˆ˘€ˆˆˆ ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆŒˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ",ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙Žđ ˙ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‡ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆp ˆ‡€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€…ˆˆˆˆˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ$߈„ˆˆˆ€ ˙đ ˙ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆŞýˆƒˆˆ€˙…đ˙đ ˙ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆƒ€řˆ€˙…đ˙đ ˙ ˆpˆˆ‚ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ‚€ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆ€,˙đˆ+˙‚řˆ€,˙€ˆ‚Î˙ ˆ€- ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆŒˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ€˙• ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆ ˆ‚ ˆp ˆ‚ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚€ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€,˙€ˆ,˙ˆ€,˙€ˆ€- .\ ˆ„‡€řˆ˘€ˆˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ„ˆˆ ˆ‚ ˙ ˆ€- ˆˆpˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆˆˆˆpˆń˙Ąˆˆ˙š ˆ‰‡ˆŮŸˆˆ˙– ˆ‰‡ˆĐ|iˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‰pˆˆË"߈ˆ€˙š ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ†pˆˆó„wˆ˙š ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ…ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆüWżˆ€˙„ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ˝/˘ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙„đˆˆˆ‚ ˆƒ€€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒÝhmˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒh^Ďˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒÎ¸ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒ:爁€ ˙ ˆƒˆˆˆˆpˆDĈˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€˙— ˆ‰‡ˆ ˆƒ‡ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ…pˆˆÜ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ†pˆˆŚĎ›ˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ…ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ@@Hˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˙ ˙„ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ33ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ™ ˙‚đ˙đ!ˆ‚‡!ˆˆpˆ"ˆ€řˆ–€ ˆƒˆˆˆˆpˆDĈˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‚€řˆŒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„€€ˆ€ˆ˙—đ˙˙đđđ ˆ‰‡ˆ ˆƒ‡ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆŠpˆˆÜȈˆ€řˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚pˆ‹ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ†pˆˆśĎ›ˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ#3ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒ€€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ™ Č\ ˆƒˆˆˆ„pˆˆřˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‚€řˆŒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆčˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€˙— ˆŠ‡ˆâ˘ˆˆ€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆŠpˆˆ""ˆˆ€řˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚pˆ‹ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ"",ˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆƒ‡€˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆ"ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒ€€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆ"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ"ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ"ˆ€ č\ ˙‡ ˙‡đ ˙‡đđđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„ˆˆ€řˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚pˆ‹ ˙‡đđđ ˙ƒđˆˆˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙† ˙ƒˆˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙† ˙ƒˆˆˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙†đ˙đ ˆƒ€€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˙†đ˙đ ˙„đˆˆˆ…€ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ…†[ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆˆ„ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€˙•đ˙˙đ ˆƒ‡€˙†đ˙˙đ˙†đˆˆŠŞŞˆ‚€řˆ…€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙†đ˙ î\ ˆ‡ ˆpˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆpˆ—ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‰‡ˆĘ ݈ˆ˙ ˙ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆp ˆ€ˆŠˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆpˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ‰‡ˆúÓˆˆ€˙’ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ü\ ˆ‡ ˆpˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆpˆ—ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‰‡ˆDÄDˆˆ ˆ ˆ€˙ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆpˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆŠ‡ˆˆ„Ŕˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ä\ ˙đ ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˙‚đ˙ƒ€řˆ€ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ‚€ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆpˆƒŕˆ‚€ř ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ Ř\ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ€˙™đđđ ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆˆ ˆ€˙—đđđ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ Ř\ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ˙›đđ˙ ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ˙™đ˙ ďˆ ˆ‚€€ˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ‚€ ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ ˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ‰pˆ˙˙đ˙ ∂€ř ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ‚€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙đđ˙đˆƒ"$ ˆ‚€ř ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆƒDˆ€ ˙đˆŒ ˆ‘€ ˙ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ‚ˆˆpˆ‘ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ €ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‡pˆ‡ćˆˆ€ ˙“đ˙ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆ€€ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ…€ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ…€€ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ…pˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ€ ˙ƒ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆ‚ ߈,ˆ€/˙đ,ˆ‚‡,ˆ…p† ˆ‘€ ˆ‚‡ˆ €ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ€˙Žđđđđ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚p˙Žđđ˙ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆ€€ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p˙ƒđ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ…€ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒ‡€˙„đđ˙ƒđˆ ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ…€€ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ…pˆˆ1ˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˙„đđ˙„ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ‡€€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆˆŒˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ ˙ƒđ ˆ‚€řˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˙•đ˙˙đđ˙ ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ‹ˆˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ‚ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆˆƒpˆ ˙‚đ ˙ ˆ†‡ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ ˆ˙ ˆ€˙Ś ˆ‚€řˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ€˙Š ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ‹ˆˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙Š ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ‚ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙Ś ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆˆƒpˆ ˆˆˆƒ‡€˙ ˙‚đ ˙đˆˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ‡pˆˆ˙˙ ˆ‚ ˆ‡pˆď숈˙‘ ˆ’ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆˆ‡ˆ*—ˆˆ˙ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ‡ˆşžˆˆ€˙‚ ˆ†‡ˆˆ'śˆ˙ UbHow To ˆ‡pˆˆˆˆ…ˆ€ˆ€Žˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒˆˆ€˙Śđ˙đ ˆ’ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆˆ‡ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ‚ˆƒˆˆ€˙ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆˆˆ€ř ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ ˆƒ‡€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ(ˆ‚€řˆƒˆˆ€ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˙„ˆ€ř ˆƒˆˆpˆ‚Q1ˆ‚€řˆ‚€ ˆ‚ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˙„ˆ€ř ˆ‚ UbHow To ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ‚ˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ€ ˙‰đˆˆˆˆ€řˆ…€ ˙…đˆˆ3ˆˆˆ ˙– ˙…ˆˆ¨×ˆˆˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ‚ˆ ˆˆ€ ˆƒpˆ ˙„ ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ƒ ˆ‚ ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ ˙ƒ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆŘˆ€˙‚đ˙…đ˙đ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ ˆ ˆpˆ‚gˆ€˙đ ˆ‚ ˆpˆ‚|5ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚Œěˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚˝˛ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ‚–ˆ€ ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆćNˆ‚€řˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ ˆpˆ‚'6ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‚ ˆpˆ‚ˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚0ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚ÍĚˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ‚UUˆ€ ˙šđ ˆˆ… ˆ‚‡ˆŒ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ‡pˆ…ˆˆ ˙– ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚pˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆ‰Mˆˆ€ ˙š ˆ„ ˆ‚pˆĄ€ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ† ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ’€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ…pˆˆŠ˛ˆ€˙„ ˆ‚‡ˆŽˆ€˙ƒđ    h  h ¨\ ˆpˆ ˆŠ ˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆpˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ„‚ˆˆ€˙“đ˙ ˆ”€ˆ ˆ‰ ˆ‚€€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‚ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆˆ€˙ƒ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆˆ‚ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆŒˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ˆ‚ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ V‰N1őImages Ś\ ˆpˆ ˆŠ ˆ‰ ˆ‚€€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒđ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆ‹ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ˆ€ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ V‰ď ˘\ ˆpˆ ˆ ˆŠ ˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ˙ ˆ”€ˆ ˆ‰ ˆ‚€€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ„pˆˆˆ‚ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ ˆ€# V‰ď Ś\ ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ ˙– ˆ”€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˙ƒ ˆ„pˆˆˆ‚ ˙„ ˙ˆ‚€ˆƒˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ‚ˆ€ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ ˆ€# V‰ď ˆ‚‡&ˆ‚p„ˆ‚ˆ€˙‚đ ˙đˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆp&ˆƒ‡ˆƒ€ˆˆ€ ˙” ˆ‚‡ˆ…€řˆˆˆ€ ˙•đ˙˙đ ˆ„‡ˆ„ˆ„ˆˆˆ˙•đ˙˙đ𠈓ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ†€€ ˆ„pˆˆ†ˆ„€řˆˆ˙†đ˙˙đ˙ƒ€řˆ‚€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆŠˆƒˆˆ€˙†đ˙ ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆŒˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙… ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ‚ ˆ€# ˆ‚‡&ˆpˆ‚ˆ‚€řˆ€ ˆ˙‚đ˙ ˆ˙› ˆ€˙› ˆ€˙›đ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙›đđđđ˙ ˆ‹‡ˆ†ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆ…ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙›đđđđ˙˙đ ˆ„‡ˆˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ†€ ˆ“ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ†€€ ˆ„pˆˆŒˆ„€řˆˆ ˆ€ˆˆƒ‡€˙‚ ˆ€ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ˙„ˆ€ř ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ„ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ‚ ˆ€# V‰Images ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€˙ ˆˆ—€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ˙ ˆ‚€řˆŽ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆŽˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‹‡ˆ†ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆ…ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆŽˆ€ˆˆˆ€€€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˆ„‡ˆˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ†€ ˆ€ˆ†€€ ˆpˆ„€řˆˆ ˆ€ˆˆ„‡€řˆ‚€€ˆƒpˆ˙‚đ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ„ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ ˙„đˆˆˆ‚ ˆ€# V‰Images ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆˆ(˙‚‚ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€ř ˆ ˆˆ—€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆˆ€˙Œđđ ˙ƒđˆƒˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚€řˆŽ ˙ƒđˆŠˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆŽˆ€ˆˆ ˙Œđ˙ ˙Šˆ„ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆ…ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆŽˆ€ˆˆˆ€€€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ˆƒ‡ ˙Œđ ˙ƒˆ‚ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ†€ ˆ“ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙‡ ˆ€ˆˆ„‡€řˆ‚€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆƒ‡€ ˙‚đ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆƒˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˙„đ˙ ˆ„ ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ ˆ ˆ„pˆˆ ˙ƒ ˆ€# V‰Images ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ€˙ ˆ‘ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ˙‹ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆpˆ"˙…ˆˆ€ř!ˆpˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ"˙…ˆˆ€ř!ˆpˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ€!˙đˆ ˙‚řˆ€!˙€ˆ€" ˙đˆƒ€ ˆpˆ!ˆ…‡ˆˆ€"˙đˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ!ˆ…‡ˆˆ€"˙đˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ€!˙€ˆ!˙ˆ€!˙€ˆ€" ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙˜ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙† ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‡‡˛Ý’ˆ€*˙đ(ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ‡pˆŕT:ˆ€˙‘đ˙đ˙ ˆˆƒpˆˆˆ‚€€ˆ‡‡ˆˆŔ#Έ€˙…đ˙đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆ ˆpˆƒr” ˆ€˙…đ˙đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒşŐšˆ%˙…ˆˆ€ř$ˆpˆ$ˆ‚‡ˆƒň'_ˆ%˙…ˆˆ€ř$ˆpˆ$ˆ‚‡ˆƒtŞ%ˆ€$˙đˆ#˙‚řˆ€$˙€ˆƒxšˆ€% ˆ(ˆ€+˙đ(ˆ‡‡ćߏˆ(ˆ€+˙đˆ‚€ ˆˆ‡Ţ*ˆ€ř(ˆ*˙ˆ€ ˆˆpˆPwڈ€řˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙„ ˆƒ€ˆ ˆpˆƒDÄDˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ ˙„ ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒ"˛"ˆ$ˆ…‡ˆˆ€%˙đˆ$ˆ‚‡ˆƒD  ˆ–€ ˆˆƒpˆ˙ ˆƒ ˆ‚‡(ˆ‚‡(ˆƒ‡€ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆ™€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ‰pˆ€ˆ ˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆ—€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ‰pˆ€ ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ‡pˆˆ†w&fˆ€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙„ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆ ˆ†ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆ€ ˙„đ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ L\ ˙đ)ˆp)ˆ‚p€ ˙(ˆ‚‡(ˆƒ‡€ ˆ—€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆƒpˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ˙„ ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ @\ ˆ•€ˆˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ˙”đ𠈕€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ˙Ÿđ𠈗€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆŠpˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆ‰pˆ˙˙đ ˙„ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ€ B\ ˆ•€ˆˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ˙đđđ ˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ˙›đđđ ˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒpˆ˙‚đ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚  ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆpˆƒˆˆ…ĘɈˆ˙– ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ†ƒQ݈ˆ€˙ˆ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆŒˆˆˆˆŒ›ˆˆ€˙š ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ”€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆŠ/˘ˆ˙š ˆˆˆ€€ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆ€Rˆ˙„ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆˆ ˆ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€$ˆ€˙„ ˆ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆƒ€bdˆ€˙ƒđ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒ€?ťˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ‚ˆƒy÷ˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ ˙’đ ˙ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˙’ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙ ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‡˙˙ˆˆ€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆˆ‹ťťˆˆ€ř ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‚‡ ˆ”€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ "ˆ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆ†~ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆˆ ˆ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‚ĘɈ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„ ˆ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆƒƒQ݈‚€ř ˆ‚ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒŒ›ˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ‚ˆƒŠ/˘ˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ ˆƒ¨€ř)ˆ‚€ř)ˆ€.˙)ˆ‚‡ˆ… ˆˆ*ˆ*ˆ,˙đ*ˆpˆˆ…˙˙ˆ*ˆ*ˆ,˙đ*ˆpˆ ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˙— ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˙• ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˙— ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆˆŒÜ<ˆˆ€ř ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆƒ‡ ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆˆˆ€€ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆƒ#2ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˙„ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆƒ‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„ ˆ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆƒŽî€ř ˆ‚ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒŒĚĚˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ‚ˆƒ€›ˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ ˆ€˙ ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˙ ˙đˆƒˆˆ† ˆˆ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˙ ˙đˆƒˆ€ˆ‡ˆˆ€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˙‰ ˙ˆˆˆˆˆ€Uˆˆ€ř ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆƒ‡ ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ”€ ˆ‚‡ ˙ ˙ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˙ ˙‚đ ˙đˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ ˙‚đ ˙ˆƒˆˆƒ…UUˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ ’\ ˙‘ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ…pˆŹXˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙’ ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ…pˆ„Iˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‡ˆ…"Zˆˆ€řˆˆˆ€ ˙ ˆ†‡ˆÂˆ„ˆˆˆ ˙’ ˆ†pˆˆ„şZˆ„€řˆˆ ˙„ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆŽŻˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙„ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆŠeĘˆ‚ˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆƒˆ‚€ˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆƒˆˆ€&˙ˆ€%˙‚řˆ€%˙‚řˆ€%˙‚řˆƒ ˆ€& Š\ ˆ,˙đ*ˆp*ˆ„p†hˆ‚ˆ‚€řˆ€ ˆ€,˙)ˆ‚‡)ˆ…‡Œ*∃€ˆˆ‚€řˆŽˆˆˆ ˆ€˙ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙’đđđđ˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆ$ˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆ˙‹đđđ𠈌€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‡ˆ€ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ€*˝ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆ„ ˆ„ˆˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€ ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€€ˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚ ˆ„ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ˆ€& ˆ*ˆ,˙đ*ˆpˆ‚ˆ‚€řˆ€ ˆ‚€ř)ˆ€,˙)ˆ…‡€†ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆŽˆˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆŽ ˙’ ˙ˆˆˆˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˙’ ˆˆ‰€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˙ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙‚ ˆ‡ˆ€ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ€*˝ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆ„ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙„ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„ ˆ„ˆˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€ ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„ ˆ„ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ˆ€& ˜\ ˆ*ˆ*ˆ,˙„đ€ ˆ‚€ř)ˆ‚€ř)ˆ€,˙ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆŽˆˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆŽ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ ˙đ ˙…đˆ€ ˆˆ‰€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˙Žđ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ ˙đ ˙Œˆˆ™˜ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙đ ˙…ˆ€Ÿˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙†đˆˆ„ ˆ„ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙…đ˙đ˙ ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙…đ˙đ˙†ˆˆŒˆĚˆ‚ˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆƒ€*˝ˆ‚€ˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ‚˜¸ˆˆ€%˙‚řˆ€%˙‚řˆ€%˙‚řˆ€&˙ˆ‚€ ˆ€& ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆpˆ€ˆ†‡˙ˆ€˙™ ˆ‘ ˆ„‡€řˆš€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…pˆˆ+ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‹…ˆ€˙ƒ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ…€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ˛ˆ!˙…ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚‹&ˆ!˙…ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚…˘ˆ€ ˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€ ˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚Œˆ€! Sˆ$ˆ€'˙đ$ˆ‚‡$ˆ…p‡Ÿˆ$ˆ€˙ ˙ ˆ„‡€řˆš€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…pˆˆ‚fˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ…€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ€!˙đˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚„Dˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ€!˙đˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚€@ˆ€ ˙€ˆ ˙ˆ€ ˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚„Dˆ€! ˙đ˙ ˙đ˙ ˙đ˙ ˙‚đˆ™€ˆˆ€ˆ ˙đ˙ ˙‚đˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˙ƒ€řˆš€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…pˆˆ†Tˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ!˙…ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚ƒˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ!˙…ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚†fˆ€ ˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€ ˙đˆ˙‚řˆ‚‘ˆ€! ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆƒ‡€˙Ľ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‰pˆˆ˙˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆŒpˆˆ˙˙ ˆ„pˆˆ€˙šđ ˆ ˆpˆ˙š ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ˙– ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ€˙ˆ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ…pˆˆ€řˆ–€ ˆ ˆpˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€˙• ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€˙• ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ˙ƒđ ˆˆ€˙‚đ ˙…đˆˆ€řˆ–€ ˙đ ˆ„pˆˆ€˙šđ ˆ ˆpˆ˙š ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ˙– ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ€˙ˆ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ…pˆˆ€řˆ–€ ˆ ˆpˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€˙• ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€˙• ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ˙ƒđ ˆˆ€˙‚đ ˙…đˆˆ€řˆ–€ ˙đ ˆ€ ˆ†pˆˆ„łíˆ€˙„đđ˙„đˆˆˆ€ ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ‰ÜKˆ€˙‚ ˆ‚€€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ!ôˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆƒŠšˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆƒƒö–ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆƒ‚*ˆ€ ç€ř!ˆ%˙…Aˆ!ˆ€$˙†đ„ŸRˆˆƒ€ ˆŽˆ ˙†đˆˆ€ůĂˆ‚€řˆƒˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ ˙ ˙†ˆˆ€Žiˆ‚€řˆ‚€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ ˙ƒ ˆ ˙đˆ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ"ˆ†pˆ˙ ˙đˆ‘€ Ŕˆˆ ˙ž ˙ˆŒˆ€ˆˆˆˆ‚ˆ ˙ž ˙ˆ’ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆpˆž€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ‚ˆƒˆˆˆ‡ˆ’Kˆˆ€ ˙ ˙ž ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˙ ˆƒ‡€˙• ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ ˆˆ†‡ˆ€˙˙ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆŒ-ˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆ˜ˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆ‚ŠÖˆ€ ˙ˆ€˙‚řˆ‚ƒ“ˆ€ ˆ$ˆ&˙…đ†_ˆˆ‚ ˙ ˆƒ€ ˆƒ‡€˙‚đ˙„đ˙ ˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ˙„đ˙ ˙ ˙ 3˜ 3› ˙đ˙ ˙đ 3†333‹30303333„30 3ˆ230ó03 ˙˜đ˙˙đđ ˙đ 3303333303ƒ333 3‰210ó33 3š303 ˙‚ 3†3033‹303033 3 3ˆ0ó3333 3ƒ20 ˙‚đ˙˜ 3›3030 3ƒ3033333‚23„0ó33 3„033 333„ 33˙„đ˙ 30- 3    h  h ˆ˙¤đ˙đ˙ ˆˆ… ˆ€˙¤đ ˆ‚‡ˆŒ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ‡pˆ0ˆˆ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆ€˙˘đ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚p˙đ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚pˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ‰‡ˆ‚6ˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙đ ˆ„ ˆ‚pˆĄ€ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ† ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ‡€˙…đ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ’€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆpˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ ˆˆŽˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ‚€řˆŽ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚€řˆŽ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ‹ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˙ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚pˆŠ€ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ„€ˆ€€ˆ“ˆ€ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ„ ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚lˆ‚€ř ˆƒ€ ˙„đˆˆˆˆ€ ˆˆŽˆˆˆ 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ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3Ş2˙˙đ˙đ˙˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3Ş2˙đđ˙đđ˙˙đ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3…2˙˙$˙đ˙đ˙đ˙˙đ˙J˙?‚3ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3…2˙˙$˙đ˙…đ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3‚2˙,˙?‚3ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3‚2˙+˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3‚2˙‚ ˙ ˙˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/32˙˙đ˙đ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/32˙˙đ˙˙˙˙˙Š˙˙˙đ˙˙˙—đ˙˙đ˙˙đ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3ś2˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3†2˙˙đ ˙˙‰đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙•đ˙˙˙˙˙đđ˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙ƒ˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3†2˙ ˙ƒ˙˙ń‚ń ƒ˙ń‚ń˙ƒń˙˙Œń˙ń˙˙˙S3†2 ?1@3†2 ?1@˙… ?1I„ ?1Iƒ ?3K3‚ ?˙K˙ 3L30'4 3‡0 3… 33? 3 3‡3033 3… 33? 3‘03333333‚23ƒ 3†30303… 33? 3033333333‚23ƒ 3†3033… 33? 3030 3…303 3…303 3†3033… 33? 3033‚23ƒ 3†30303… 33? 3„033 33‚23ƒ 3‡0 3… 33? 3‚ 33‚23ƒ 32"X3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3‚2ó3ƒ 3˙ó3‚2ó3‚2ó3/˙Š0˙˙ 3#3ó3‚2ó3‚2ó3/˙0˙„033/˙0˙„033/˙0˙03‚23?3ƒ2"#3‚22 3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2ó3/˙0˙„033/˙0˙„033/˙0˙032 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3" 3" 3" "3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3  3"ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 30 3„2˙đ ˙?˙ƒňó3‚2ó3ƒ 3L3‚2ó3ƒ 3L3‚2ó3ƒ 3„ 3„3330333‚2ó3ƒ 3ˆ3330303ƒ333‚2ó3ƒ 3303003 33030033033033}3‚2ó3ƒ 33Œ0330330 330333030030330300330330330333330v3‚2ó3ƒ 3303 3 303“3 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ 303”03003003003003003 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ 303030030033030030 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ 303“0300300 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ 3˜0 ńńń˙ńń9„óó0 3—033 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ ńńńń9ƒóó3ƒ2ó3? 3„033 33‚23‚2ó3ƒ ńŒń˙˙ń9ƒóó3ƒ2ó3? 3„033 33‚23‚2ó3ƒ 3ƒ0 ™‚ އ ŞŠ Š „Š Š ’Š ŞŠ ŞŠ ˙˙đ˙đđ˙ ˙˙đ˙đđ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙C˙đ ˙˙Œđ˙˙đ˙˙đ ń’ńń˙˙ńń…ńń2@ ń’ńń˙ńńń‡ńńń0 ń‘ńńńń˙˙ń†˙˙˙1„@ ˙đ˙˙’ ˙đ˙˙’ ˙đ˙’đ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đ 3‰ 3Š3003003 3„˙đ 3‰3003030 3…˙˙˙ó3‚0?D3„1đ 3‰303 3Š 3‰303 3ƒ33…˙˙˙‚óó3‚?D3„1đ 3ƒ33…˙˙˙‰óó30 3„ 3˙‰óó3333?D3„1đ 3 33333003003„˙˙˙ó˙‚?D3„1đ 3303003303003„˙˙˙ó3‚0?D3„1đ 33030030303003„˙˙˙ó3?D3„1đ 3‡3033…003003„˙˙˙đ 3303303 3ƒ303„˙˙˙‚óó3‚?D3„1đ 3ƒ33„˙˙˙‰óó30 3…    h  h  0 D4FDO/D‚0OD4BDô D0>˙ D0>˙C3‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ô3‚ô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0ODƒ0˙đ˙—đđ˙đ˙đ D0˙ D„0˙˙ó30˙0˙OD‚0O/D‚0ODƒ0˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙‚ôôDƒCô D…0˙˙óO˙†ô3˙˙0˙„ODD@D‚0O/D‚0ODƒ0˙đ˙–đđ˙đđ˙ D…0˙˙óC3†43˙˙0˙‰ODD D„0˙˙óD…3˙˙0˙‰OD@ D„0˙˙óD‡$3˙˙ D„0˙˙ó˙…3˙˙0˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD†0˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙"˙‚ôôDƒCô D0˙4DC˙0˙OD‚0O/D‚0ODˆ0˙đ D0˙ó3?˙đ0˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ô˙ƒóô D0>˙O˙‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ôD‚ô D0>˙D‚@O/D‚0OD0A D0F DG3?/D‚0ODKD‚0ODKD‚0ODKD‚0O"D… D„@DD D@0D„@DDsD‚0ODƒ@D@ D„@DD D@0Dƒ@D@tD‚0OD‚ DH˙/D‚0OD09˙ŠôôDC3˙DCô D4FDO/D‚0OD09˙ŠôôD33?ôCô D0>˙ D0 ˙đ D0 ˙3 D0 ˙?T‚S D0 ˙‚óőE‚@0˙ D0 ˙‚óôT•00˙˙đ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đ˙OD…ôDD0O/D‚0OD09˙ô˙ƒóô D0 ˙?E‚0˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đ˙‰ODDC˙DD0O/D‚0OD09˙ôD‚ô D0 ˙?˙ƒó0˙đ˙˙đ ô D0 ˙3‚50˙ D0 ˙‚óóS„0˙˙đ˙ ô D0 ˙‹óő55?˙˙0˙˙đ˙ ˙đ˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙óóSSó33?˙˙đ˙đ˙ ˙đ˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙„?˙˙?˙„ D0 ˙ƒó33.˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙O˙‚0O/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙D‚@O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙đ ô D0 ˙3 D0 ˙?T‚S ô D0 ˙‚óőE@0˙˙đ D0 ˙‚óôT‘00˙˙đ˙đ˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙?EŒ0˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đ˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙?˙ó0˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙3‘50˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙‚óôT0˙˙đ˙˙˙ ô D0 ˙ŽóőEEO˙˙0˙˙đ˙˙&˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙óôTTó33?˙˙đ˙đ'˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙„?˙˙?˙ƒđ D0 ˙ƒó330˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙đ ô D0 ˙3 ˙đ#˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙?T‚S ˙đ#˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙‚óőE@0˙˙đ˙˙˙ D0˙‚óôTŠ00˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đ‚˙đ!˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙?E0˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đđ˙đ!˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙?˙ó0˙˙đ˙˙đ ô D0˙3Š50˙˙đ D0˙‚óôTŽ0˙˙đ˙˙˙ ô D0˙ŽóőEEO˙˙0˙˙đ˙˙˙đ$˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙ŽóôTTó33?˙˙đ˙˙˙đ$˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙„?˙˙?˙„đ˙˙˙đ$˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙ƒó332˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙đ ô D0˙3 D0˙?T‚S ô D0˙‚óőE…@0˙˙đ˙‚đ D0˙‚óôT…00˙˙đ˙‚˙›˙˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙˙˙˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙?E…0˙˙đ˙‚˙ƒ˙˙˜đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ D0˙?˙†ó0˙˙đ˙‚đ ô D0˙3‡50˙˙đ D0˙‚óôTŚ0˙˙đ˙˙đ ô D0˙ŽóőEEO˙˙0˙˙đ˙˙˙‡˙˙˙˙đ ˙ƒ˙đ˙‚đ˙ôODO$30D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙ŽóôTTó33?˙˙đ˙˙˙‡˙˙˙đ ˙ƒ˙đ˙‚đ˙ ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙„?˙˙?˙ƒđ ˙ƒ D0˙ƒó334˙ ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙ ODO D ô D0>˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙đ ô D0˙3„ D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙?T…S ô D0˙‚óőE@0˙˙đ˙ D0˙‚óôTŽ00˙˙đđ˙đđ˙˙&˙ ODOD“@@D@D@@D@DD@@ D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙?EŒ0˙˙đđ˙đ˙đ˙(˙ôODOD”@@DD D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙?˙ó0˙˙đ˙ ô D0˙3Ž50˙˙đ˙˙đđ˙˙&˙ôODOD„@DD@ D@ D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙‚óôTŒ0˙˙đ˙ D@ D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙ˆóőEEO˙˙02˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙ˆóôTTó33?2˙ ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙„?˙˙?˙đ/˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙ƒó336˙ ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙ ODO$˙đD‚0OD09˙đ D0>˙ D0˙đ D0˙3 D0˙?T‚S D…0˙˙óőEŠ@0˙˙đ˙˙˙,˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ƒôôD˙„ôCô D…0˙˙óôT…00˙˙đ˙,˙ƒODO˙ƒD0O/D‚0OD09˙ƒôôC3„DCô D„0˙˙?E…0˙˙đ˙đ-˙‚OD3„4D0O/D‚0OD09˙ŠôôD334DCô D„0˙˙?˙†ó0˙˙đ˙đ-˙‰ODC33DD0O/D‚0OD09˙ŠôôDC3DDCô Dƒ0˙˙3…50˙˙đ˙-˙‰ODD34DD0OD@% D…0˙˙óôTˆ0˙˙đ˙-˙„ODDCD‚0ODO$30D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D‘0˙˙óőEEO˙˙0˙˙đ˙˙đ.˙OD‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D‘0˙˙óôTTó33?˙˙đ˙˙đ.˙OD‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0˙„?˙˙?˙ƒ˙đ.˙OD‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0˙ƒó338˙OD‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ô˙ƒóô D0>˙O˙‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ôD‚ô D0>˙D‚@ODO$D0D‚0OD0A D0F DG3?DO D‘@DDDDDD D0D‚0OD DO D@DDDDDDD D0D‚0OD DO D@D@ D@D‹ D@D@ D@D D0D‚0OD DO D„@DD D D0D‚0ODC˙ôVDO D‚ D D0D‚0OD4BDôVDO$D0D‚0OD0A˙‚ôôVDO$D0D‚0OD0A˙‚ôôVDO$D0D‚0OD‚0ń5˙‚ôôVDO$D0D‚0OD‚0ń5˙‚ôôVDO$D0D‚0OD0ńń˙ńńđ5˙‚ôô D˜@DD@DD@@@DD@D D@D–@@@DD@@D@DD@DDDD@D@D@@DD@D@DDDD’D@D@@D@@DDD1D‚0OD‚0ńˆńđ5˙‚ôô D@DŒ@D D@DŒD@DDDD@DDƒ@DD‡ D’@ DŽ@DD@D@DD@D@@D@DDˆDD@D D@D‰DD@D@@D@D‰DD@DDD@D„@DD@D D‡@DDDD@ D1D‚0OD0ń5˙‚ôô D@D•DD@DDD@D@DD@@DDD@Dˆ@DD@D@D D‡@DDD@ DD@% 5˙‚ôô Dš@ 5˙‚ôôVD‚@ó#3 5˙‚ôôVD‚@ô"D‚C D‚C D‚C D‚C ƒ   ‰ ż ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› RSi‡`RfR ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ˆ…ˆ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› P(bŽR``RR ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›   ›Œů˙żż› @ ›Œů˙żż› E ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› VZIggtvttgtg*Cg-vt*VV ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› R‰cci`SRSRR ›Œů˙żż› …% ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ˆ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› SEÔŮR b( `CqzX *qz^z$midSgiiggMSR`(`SXvSi*KCU* VVz\} ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ŔÔ˙‚ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ‚ŒˆˆŒ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› Iˆ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› Ź¨¤Œ˙†„§Œ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ˆ…€ˆˆ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› %ĽŞŞĽŠŒŞˆŞ SSRRib ƒ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ŠŽĽ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› @iifi“`dRRcR ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ČŃÔŃ°°NKNIK€Şł°ŃŞqĽŒ€€Ž ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› G‚""G‡(`mmccm@„ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› G‡"" ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› G"G”G)%V ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› G)ƒh)n G@ Gƒc))c‚Gc˙‚ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ż ż ż˜›ż˙żż›ż˙˙›ż›ż˙˙›ż›˙˙›ż˙›ż‚›˙żŒ›˙ż›˙żż›˙›˙˙ż‚› ż ż‚› ż ż 9†˙˙99˙˙9Ÿ˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙u9„˙ůżż 9˜˙˙99˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9‚˙˙9Š˙˙99˙˙99˙˙ 9‚˙˙9˙˙99˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9‰˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9‚˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙u9‚˙ů ż†› 9˜˙˙99˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9‚˙˙9Š˙˙99˙˙99˙˙9˙9‚˙˙9‚˙˙9˙‡9˙˙99˙˙9ƒ˙˙9˙„99˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙u9‚˙ů ż†› 9‚˙˙9‚˙˙9›˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙u9‚˙ů ż†› ůƒ› ů…› ůž› ˙ƒ˙ ˙„đ˙˙ ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙ƒđ ˆ‚…ˆ‚…&˙ ˆ¨…ó33?đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đ…˙đđ˙đ<˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆúˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚…ˆ‚…&˙ ˆ‚…ˆ‚…&˙ ˙đC˙‚Żˆ ˆ‡…˙˙đ ˙˙„đ˙˙ ˙đC˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆúˆƒˆ€ˆˆ‚…ˆ‚…&˙ ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˙˜ ˙•˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙˙˙˙‚úřˆ'ˆ$˙đˆ‚…&˙ ˙…˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙…˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙•˙đđ˙đđđ˙˙˙đ ˙˜˙đ˙ ˙ƒ˙ ˙„đ˙˙ ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙‚ ˙ƒđ ˆ ˆ„ƒ?˙35˙đ2˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆ‚¨ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˆPˆ‚…&˙„ ˆ†…?3?đ˙ƒđ ˆ‚ ˆ ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˙đ˙đ'˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆ‚¨#ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˙‚đđ.˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆ‚¨#ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˆ„€ ˆ‚… ˆœ…đ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙đđ˙đđ˙đX˙Ż ˆ‚€ú ˆ‰€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚… ˆ‹€ˆ€ ˆ‚… ˆ‚…3—0˙𠈂… ˆœ…ó330˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙đđ˙đđ˙đX˙Ż ˆ‚€ú ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙a˙Ż ˆ‚€ú ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ‚… ˙„˙˙đ^˙Ż ˆ‚€ú"ˆ‚… ˙˜đ˙˙đđ˙ ˙ƒđ˙˙đ’˙đ˙˙đ˙đđđ˙đđ˙đ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙ƒđ˙˙đ˙‚đ˙‡˙đ˙đđ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙ƒđ˙˙đ’ ˙ƒđ ˙˜đ˙˙đđ˙ ˙đ˙đ˙„đ˙˙‚úřˆ‚PĽU‚PĽnUJĽU‚PŻˆ‚…&˙ ˙…đ ˙đ˙Œ_ô„„@řÝ˙đ ˙‚đŻˆ‚…&˙ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙ƒđ!˙’_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đđ˙‚đ˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙˙˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙˙“_ô„„@řÝ˙˙ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…˙“ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ƒđ ˙#˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙+˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙˙Żˆ‚…˙” ˙„đ˙˙đ˙˙Œ_ô„„@řÝ˙˙ ˙˙Ž_ô„„@řÝ˙đ˙˙đ ˙đ˙Œ_ô„„@řÝ˙đ ˙Żˆ‚…˙•˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙˙˙˙˙ ˙ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…˙”˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙ ˙ ˙đ˙‚đđ˙đ˙_˙‚ř˙‚đđ˙đ˙_˙‚ř˙ ˙‚˙˙_˙‚ř˙‚đđ˙đ˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙Żˆ‚…&˙ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙ ˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙đ˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙ ˙_ř ˙đ˙_ô„„@řÝ˙đ˙˙đ˙đ˙˙Œ_ô„„@řÝ˙đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙ ˙đ˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙˙đ$˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙ ˙ ˙Żˆ‚…˙–˙˙đ ˙ ˙Żˆ‚…˙˙„˙˙˙„đ˙˙˙‚đ˙ ˙‚˙˙Żˆ‚…˙ƒ Ń/˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙‡đ Ń˙˙ó!3?!˙ ˙˜ ˙•˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙˙˙˙‚úřˆ‚P_˙…ř_˙˙/˙_˙‚ř_2˙_˙‚ř_2˙_˙†ř_˙˙ó?˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙…˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙‚úřˆPU˙đ˙U3˙U3˙U˙?˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙…˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙‚úřˆP ˙•˙đđ˙đđđ˙˙˙đ ˙˜˙đ˙ ˙ƒ˙ ˙„đ˙˙ ˙‚úřˆ1ˆ‚ƒ8 ˆ‚…˙—˙˙đ˙đ ˙‚ ˙ƒđ UˆU…5UUS8ˆ ށ˙ UP ˆ‚…&˙ ˆ……ó33̌•_˙˙ ˆ……ó33̍ÉV_˙đ˙đ˙đđ˙đI˙Żˆ‚PŻˆ„ú€ţţ ˙đ˙ƒ˙˙‚úřˆˆ ˆ‚…3<̍ÉV_˙đ˙đ˙đđ˙đI˙„Żˆˆ€ˆ‚PŻˆ…ú€ďďď„ŕˆ…ˆƒ¨ţ…ˆˆPˆ// ˆ……33ź̃•f_˙‡đ˙đđ˙đI˙‰Żˆˆ ށPˆ U‚Z˙ ށP ˆ‚…˙ ˙đˆ ˙݁Ń˙‚đ˙đ%˙—ň˙˙˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙đđ˙đ˙˙ ˙݁Ń˙‚đ˙$˙ň˙ƒ ˙3˙ő‚ ˙݁Ń˙ˆđ˙˙˙˙đ?˙ĎUƒ@ ˙đ˙đ(˙‚OD ˙‚đđ/˙OD‚0k˙OD‚0k˙OD‚04˙đ6˙OD‚04˙đ6˙O˙ˆ0˙ ˙đ˙đ+˙O‰˙˙đ˙ ˙‚đđ2˙ôk˙Ok˙ôk˙Ok˙ô‹˙đ˙˙đ˙đ ˙ƒđ˙đJ˙ôŠ˙đ ˙ň"ƒ ˙ň˙ƒ ˙ň˙ƒ D D@ D†CDD@ôD†D@D@ D‡CDD@ô@ D‡D D†CDD@ôD‡D D‚C D‡@@DD Dƒ@C D†CDD@ôD‡@DD D‚C D‡CDD@ô@ D†@D@ Dƒ@C Dƒ@D@D†CDD@ôDƒ D„DDD‡CDD@ô@ Dƒ D„DDD†CDD@ôDƒD@D‚C 34Dƒ0 U‚3Dƒ0 D•@DDD@DD@@D D…@DDD„@DD@†D@DDD’@D@@D@@D@D DŒ@DDDDDD@D‚DŽ@DD@D@@D@@DD@D‰ Dˆ@DDD@D@† D@GDƒ0 D@GDƒ0 DJDƒ0 D@Dƒ0 Dˆ%U@ D%UƒT4 D„@DDD—@DD@DD@ DBU‚P3 D„@DDD—@DD@DD@D@DDD@DD@DD¤@DD@D@D@ DBU‚@3 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ŕ0˙Aŕ ŕ”.ŕ˙Aŕ ŕ‚” ŕ‚” ”ƒ ŕƒ” ŕƒ” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ”ƒ ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕƒ” ŕƒ” ŕ‚” ŕ”- ŕ/”˙Yŕ˙Hŕ‚” ŕ‡ ŕ ŕ‡ ŕ ŕ†” ŕ†” ŕ†” ŕ†” 9 ?úđ ށú+ށ ™?ŻŞ™ ށú+Ş‚Š™@úŠ™ށŻ*ރ úŞ‚Š AúŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚ŻށAŻށށŻ*ރ úŞ‚Š?Ż‚ŞúŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚Żށ@úŻށށŻ*ރ úŞ„úŞŠ Aú‡ŞŞúŞŞŠ ށú+Ş‚ŻŞ„ŻŞŞAŻƒŞŞŻށށŻ*ރ úŞŞŠúŞŠ?Ż‰ŞúŞŠ˙ŞŞŠ ށú+Ş‚ŻŞ„ŸŞŞ@úˆŻŞŞŸúŞŞށŻ*ރ úŞŞ™úŞŠ Aú‡ŞŠŸúŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŞŠŸŞŞAŻ‡ŞŞ™˙ŞŞށŻ*ރ úŞŠ™úŞŠ?Ż‰ŞúŞŠ™˙ŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŞ™ŸŞŞ@úˆŻŞŞ™ŸúސށŻ*ރ úŞ™™úŞŠ Aú‡ŞŠ™šŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŠ™ŸŞŞAŻ‡ŞŞ™™ŞŞށŻ*ރ úŞŠ™úŞŠ?Ż‰ŞúŞŠ™ŞŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŞ™ŸŞŞ@úˆŻŞŞ™šŞŞށŻ*ރ úŞŞ™úŞŠ Aú‡ŞŠšŞŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŞŠŸŞŞAŻƒŞŞ™ށށŻ*ރ úŞŞŠŞŞŠ?Ż„ŞúŞŠŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚ŻŞ„šŞŞ@ú„ŻŞŞšށށŻ*ރ úŞ‚Š AúŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚ŻށAŻށށŻ*ރ úŞ‚Š?Ż‚ŞúŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚Żށ@úŻށށŻ*ރ ˙‚ů @ú˙‚ů ށú+Ş‚Ż˙AŻ˙ށŻ*ރ ށ?Żށ ށú+ށށ @úށ ށŻ*ރ ú+ށP˙ ú+ށP˙Š™‚Ż*ރ Šđ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙˙˙‚úúރŠ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚Żށ  ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻށŻ ™ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ŞŞ ŞŞŠđ˙ ŞŞŠ ú+ށP˙„ŻŞŞ Ş‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ŞŞ ŞŞŠđ˙˙đ˙ŠúúŞ  ú+ށP˙‰ŻŞŞ ŞŞŻށŻŞ˙ Ş‚Š ރ Šđ˙˙˙ƒ˙đ ˙đ˙ŠúúŞ ŞŠ ú+ށP˙‰ŻŞ  Ş‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙‚ŻŞ ސŻŞ˘ŻŞŞŻŞŞŻŞŻ˙ŞŞúŞŻ˙ŞŞŻ˙úŞŞ˙úŞúŞúŻŞŻŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻŞ˘ŻŞŞŸŞúŸŞ™šúŠúŞ™šúŞ™™ŻŞŠ™ŻŠúŠúŸŞŸŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻŞ˘ŻŞŞŸŠúŸŠúŠúŠŻŠúŠŞŞŸŞšúŸŞŸŠŻŠŻŸŞŸŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻޘŻŞŞŸŠŻŸŠúŠúŸŸŠ˙˙úŞŸŞŠúŸŞŸ„ŞŸŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻރŻŞŞŸ›ŠúŠúššů™™úŞŸŞŠúŸŞŸŸššŸŸúŸŠ ރ ú+ށP˙Ż˙‚ŻŞ˘ŻŞŞŸššŸŠŻůŠúŠůŻůŞŞŸŞŠúš˙šŸŠúŸ™ŻšŠ ރ ú+ށP˙Ş‚ ŻŞ˘ŻŞŞ™úŠŸŞ™šŠŞŠŞ™šŞŞŸŞŠúŠ™ŞšŠŞšš™ŞŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ ރ ރ ú+ށPŻŞ‚ŻއŻŞŞšŞŞš Ş‚™™ Ş‚Š ރ ރ ú+Ş‚ ރ ™D˙Ż‚Şú+Ş‚ß ™DŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށC‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ށDŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށ;‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻ ˙ ރ ށ<ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚ ޘ™™‘™‘™™™‘™‘,‚ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ Š˙˙˙’đđđ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đ)˙Ż‚Şú+Ş‚ß ޘ‘‘‘‘‘-ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚ ށ”‘‘‘‘,‚ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ށ”‘™™™™™‘‘-ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚ ޏ™†‘‘,‚ŻŞ‚Żށ  ރ ރ‘“™‘™‘™‘‘™™™‘‘,ŻŞ‚ŻށŻ ™ ރ ú+Ş‚ ރ‘‘0‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ Š˙đ˙˙Žđ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đ)˙Ż‚Şú+Ş‚ß Ş…‘‘‘1ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ Ş„™@‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ß ށDŻŞ‚ŻށŻށŻ˙‚úúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށC‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ™‚ŠúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ß ށDŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ•úŞŞúŞ˙úŞŻŞŞ˙úŞŞŻ˙úŠ˙˙Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށC‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ—ŠúŻŠúŠ™ŻŞŸŞŠ™ŻŞŞ™™ŻŠ™šúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ß ށDŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ—ŠúŸŠúŸŞŸŞšúŸŞšŞŠúŞŸŠúŠúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށC‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ—ŠúšůúŸŞŸŠůúŸ˙˙ŞŠúŞŸŠúŠúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ß ˙đDŻŞ‚ŻށŻށŠů“úŸŞŸŠŠŻ™™ŸŞŠúŞŸŠúŠúŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށPŻ˙‚ŻށŻŞ–ŠůŠŠúš˙šŸŞŸš˙šŞŠúŞŸŠ˙ůŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙Ş‚ ŻށŻŞ–ŠŸŞ™úŠ™ŞšŞšŠ™ŞŞŠúŞŸŠ™šŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙ ŻށŻŞ…ŠšŞ™ú Ş„ŠúŞŸŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚đ Ş„ŠúŞŸŞ‚Š ރ ™C˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ™D˙ ŻށŻŞ„ŠŞŞŠ Ş„ŠŞŞšŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úŞ! ށ ˙:˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށů™Ş‚˙ށ ރ úށúށŞ‚˙ށ ރ Šđ˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙˙đđ˙˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙˙đđ˙‚úúރŠ úށúށŞ‚˙ޏ  ŞŞŞ˙˙đ˙˙‚˙8˙ ŻށŻ ˙ ރ úށúށŞ™˙Ş Ş  ŞŞŞ˙˙đ˙˙˙˙8˙úŻ*ރ úށú Ş˙ށކ˙Ş  úށúށŠ™šށގ˙Ş  úށúށúŞ—ŻŞŞúŞ˙úŻŞúŻŞ˙úŞŻŞŞ˙úŞŞŞ„˙Ş  šŞŞ˙˙đ˙đ ˙‚đđ ˙˙đ˙‚úúރŠ úށúށŠŞ—ŸŞŠúŠ™ŻŸŠúŸŠ™ŻŞŸŞŠ™ŻŞŞŞ„˙Ş  Šđ˙đ˙„đ˙˙đ ˙…đđ˙˙˙˙đ˙‚úúރŠ úށúށšŞ—ŸŞŠúŸŞšŸŠúŸŸŞŸŞšúŸŞšŞŞŞ‘˙Ş  ŞŞšŞ˙˙đ˙;˙ Ż*ރ úށúޝŠŞŞŻúŞŸŞŠúŸ˙˙ŸŠúŸŸŞŸŠůúŸ˙˙ŞŞŞ‘˙Ş  úށúޝšúŞ™ŞŞŸ˙ůŞ™™ŸŸŠúŸŸŞŸŠŠŻ™™ŸŞŞލ˙Ş  ĄŞĄސD˙ Ż*ރ úށúŞ‚ŠŻŞ—™™šúš˙šŸůŻšš˙šŸŞŸš˙šŞŞލ˙Ş  úށúŞ‚šúŞ“ŸŞŠúŠ™Ş™š™ŞŠ™ŞšŞšŠ™ށލ˙Ş  ŞŞŞ‘ސD˙ Ż*ރ úށúށŠŞ„ŸŞŠúށŞ„˙Ş ކĄšŞD˙úŻ*ރ úށú ރŸ˙ůށŞ‚˙ ށD˙ Ż*ރ úށú ރ™™šށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻ*ރ úށúށށ ˙đD˙ Ż*ރ úށúށށP˙úŻ*ރ úށúށށP˙ Ż*ރ úށúށށP˙úŻ*ރ úށúށŞ‚đ ™C˙‚úúރŠ úŞ ˙đŞ‚˙ ™D˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙đ<˙ Ż*ރ Ş‚ŠC˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙đ<˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ޘ˙đ ú+Ş‚˙ ޘ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙đ˙đđ-˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙”đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙đ˙đđ-˙ Ż*ރ ސŠđ˙đ˙˙˙˙5˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙”đ ސŠđ˙đ˙˙˙˙5˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ޏ˙đ ސŠ˙˙ ú+Ş‚˙ ރ˙˙“ úŞ! ރ˙˙1˙ Ż*ރ Ŕ ŞŞŠ˙đ˙˙˙5˙‚úúރŠ úށů™Ş‚˙ Ş…˙˙˙1˙úŻ*ރ úށúށŞ‚˙ Ş„˙đ úށúށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻށ  ރ úށúށŞ‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻ ™ ރ ŞŞŠC˙‚úúރŠ úށúށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށúށ  ށD˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށúށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށúŞŠ ŞŞ Ş ށŞ‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށúŞŠ ŞŞ  Ş  Ş ށ ށށ ˙đD˙úŻށŻ ށ  ށ Ş‚Š ރ úށúމ  Ş  Ş ށ  ށށP˙ ŻށŻށ Ş‚Š ރ úށúޏ Ş  Ş  Ş ŞŞ ށށP˙úŻށŻ ŞŠ Ş Ş  Ş‚Š ރ úށúމ Ş  Ş  Ş ށ  ށށP˙ ŻށŻ ކ Ş Ş Ş ‚Ş Ş‚Š ރ úށúމ  ŞŞ ށŞ‚đ Ş Ş ŞŞ Ş Ş‚Š ރ ™C˙‚úúރŠ úށúŞ‚  Ş„ ŞŞ ށ  ށŞ‚˙ ™D˙ ŻށŻ ކ Ş Ş ‚Ş Ş‚Š ރ úށú ށ Ş„ ŞŞ ށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻ Ş Ş ‚Ş Ş‚Š ރ úށú ށ Ş„ ŞŞ ށŞ‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻ ŞŠ Ş Ş  Ş‚Š ރ úށúށރ˙Ş Ş ށ Ş‚Š ރ Ş‚Š ˙˙đ$˙‚úúރŠ úށúށރ˙Ş Ş ށ Ş‚Š ރ úށúށރ˙Ş Ş ށ Ş‚Š ރ ގŠ˙˙˙˙đ“đ˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ!˙‚úúރŠ úށúށކ˙Ş ރ ގŠđ úށúށއ˙Ş ރ ގŠđ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙“đ úŞ ˙đŞ™˙Ş ރ ú+Ş™˙Şđ ރ ú+Şž˙Şđ ރ ú+ސ˙Şđ˙ ˙đ˙ƒ˙đ˙đ˙…˙˙˙đ ˙úŻށŻ ˙ ރ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙‰đ˙đđސ˙˙ ˙đ˙ƒ˙đ˙đ˙đ˙đ˙đ ˙ Ż*ރ ŞŠ˙đ ˙˙.˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙Šđ˙đđސ˙ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙„đđސD˙ Ż*ރ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙ƒđސD˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙ƒđސD˙ Ż*ރ ŞŠC˙‚úúރŠ ú+ރ˙Ş ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻ ™ ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށ ˙đD˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙úŻށŻ Ş ރ ú+Ş‚đ ރ ™C˙‚úރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ™D˙úŻށŻ ގ ŞŞ Ş Ş ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻ ގ ŞŞ  Ş  Ş Ş Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻ Ş… ŞŞ  ކ Ş ŞŞ Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙†đ   Ş Ş‚Š ރ ú+ލ˙ާťňöSŒúސ ˙„đ˙˙đ7˙úŻށŻ ގ  Ş Ş‚Š ރ ú+ŞŽ˙ާż!foSĚĘŞ˙˙˙˙ Ş Ş ރ ú+Ş™˙ާťňőCŒúސ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ‰˙đ˙˙˙đđ˙đ†˙đđ˙˙đ˙‚˙ˆ˙đ˙˙˙ ށ Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş™˙ާż"oSŒĘސ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙…˙˙đ˙đ†˙đđ˙˙đ˙‚˙†˙˙đ˙˙Š™‚ŻށŻ Ş„ ŞŞ ށ Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş™˙ާťňőCŒúސ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ‰ ރ ú+Ş™˙ާż!foSĚĘŞ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ‰˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙đˆ˙đđ˙˙đ ރ ú+ŞĄ˙ާťňőCŒúސ˙˙˙˙ ރ ú+ސ˙ާż"oSŒĘސ˙˙ ˙đ˙˙đ˙„đ˙˙˙˙‚đ˙ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ސ˙ާťňőCŒúސ˙˙ ˙đ˙ƒ˙đ˙đ˙„đ˙˙˙˙‚đ˙‚ŻŞ ސŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ŞŠ ú+Ş‘˙ާż!foSĚĘŞ˙ ރ ú+ލ˙ާťňőCŒúސD˙‰ŻŞŞ ŞŞŻށŻ ˙ ރ ŞŞŠ ú+ލ˙ާż"oSŒĘސD˙„ŻŞŞ Ş‚Ż*ރ ú+ލ˙ާťňőCĚúސD˙ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ŻŞ‚Żށ  ރ ú+ށ ˙đD˙Ż˙‚Żށ  ރ ú+ށP˙Ş‚ ŻŞ‚ ů™‚ ރ ú+ށX ރ ރ ރ ރ ރ  Ş Ş ރ Ş ˆŞ  Ş Ş Ş‚ ރ ŞŞ  Ş Ş Ş Ş‚ ރ ŞŞ  Ş Ş Ş Ş‚ ރ ZŞ‚ ú ލ ŞŞ  Ş  Ş Ş Ş‚ ރ ŞŞ Ş Ş ރ  Ş ŞŞ  Ş   Ş    ]ŞĽ ŞŞ  ŞŞ  Ş   Ş    8Ş‚ ú Ş„ ŞŞ Ş‚ ރ Ş    Ş Ş Ş  ^ވ ŞŞ Ş Ş ™Ş Ş ŞŞ Ş    Ş Ş Ş  9Ş‚ ú Ş„ Ş  Ş‚ ރ Ş  Ş „Ş  Ş Ş‘ Ş Ş  Ş Ş Ş Ş ^ވ ŞŞ Ş Ş ™Ş Ş ŞŞ Ş Ş  Ş Ş Ş Ş 9Ş‚ ú Ş„   Ş‚ ރ Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş  Ş Ş Ş  _ވ ŞŞ Ş Ş ˜Ş   ŞŞ Ş Ş  Ş Ş Ş  :Ş‚ úŞ‚ ރ Ş  Ş ŞŞ …ŞŞ  Ş •Ş ŞŞ Ş Ş  Ş Ş  ^ވ ŞŞ Ş Ş ™Ş ŞŞ ŞŞ Ş Ş  Ş Ş  9Ş‚ úŞ‚ ރ   Ş    Ş ŞŞ Ş    ]ŞĽ ŞŞ  Ş    8Ş‚ úŞ‚ ރ Ş‚  gށ Ş‚ ށ Ş‚  BŞ‚ úŞ‚ ރ ށ Ş„ ŞŞ ށ Ş‚  gށ Ş‚ ށ Ş‚  Bށ ˙‚đ ރ Ş‚  Ş„ ŞŞ ށ mރ  ށ Iށ  ރ … … Ş  Š ŞŠ ŞŠŞŞ  ŞŠ Ş  Š ŞŠއŠ … „ 3… 33? 3 3‘0333333 3 3ó 3†033030‚30 3‚23„ 303333333 3 3ó 3‹0330330030 3‚23„ 3030 303‹ 3030 303 3 3ó 3„033303‚23„ 3„033 3 3 3ó 3„033303‚23„ 3 3 3ó 3„033303‚23„ 3„˙33˙333 33033„033I3‚23„ 33033„033I3‚23„ 3 30ƒ333&3‚0033I3‚23„ 3„" 3„˙33˙3˜33 30 3‚3030t3‚23„ 3„" 3„˙33˙3” 3‚23„ 3 30 333„ 303‚3„333‚23„ 3„" 3‰ ó333333‚23ƒ 3‚23‚ "‚ [" "ƒ/˙ňw" " [" " "‚" " '"…"" " J" "ƒ!"`" "ƒ/˙ň" " e"„ "" Y" " " ƒ"""t" "ƒ!"`" "ƒ/˙ň"`" " " " " "… "ƒ!"`" "ˆ!đ˙ ˙đ˙ ˙„˙˙˙‚˙˙/"" "Q"" "Q"" "…""ƒ "" " ""ˆ "" ""C"" "… """ƒ "" " ""ˆ "" ""C"" """ƒ" ""D"" """" "‡ """"" " "„ "" "‚ "" ˙/"/$""" ˙/"/$""" ˙/"/" ˙/"/$""" """ ˙/"/$""" ˙/"/$""" ˙/"/$""" "…""ƒ "" " ","„" "."" "… """ƒ "" " ","„" 8"" """ƒ" !" " "."" "†" "" ""ƒ" " "‚ "" ""‚!373 "‚!373 "‚!373 "…"" "" " "ƒ "Y"" "…"" "" " "ƒ "Y"" " "" "‚ " " " "" " " 8"" "" " " "" "‚" ""ƒ """ " " "" ""T" ""T" ""=" "ƒ " "‚ "† "" "" " " """ I"" " "‚ "† "" "" " " """ I"" " " ""‚""" ""‚" " 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3†3033‚3 3 3‚ ?33‡033033… 33ó 3330300300330330 3„23? 3‹303333 3 3‚ ?33†033003… 33ó 33Œ 3†303 33‹0000300300 3„23? 3 33Œ 3Š3030 3 3‚ ?33†033003… 33ó 330 3„23? 3ƒ3033 3‚ ?33‡033033… 33ó 3ƒ30 30 3„23? 3ƒ3033 3‚ ?33† 3ƒ0 3ƒ3033 3‚ ?3#3… 33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3#3… 33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3#3… 33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3#3… 33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3#˙…đ33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3% 3‰ 3Š3003003 3„ ˙đ 3‰3003030 3… ˙˙˙ó3‚0?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3‰303 3Š 3‰303 3ƒ33… ˙˙˙‚óó3‚ ?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3ƒ33… ˙˙˙‰óó30 3„ 3 ˙‰óó3333 ?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/"3 ˙‰óó30 3 33333003003„ ˙˙˙ó˙‚ ?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3303003303003„ ˙˙˙ó3‚0?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 33030030303003„ ˙˙˙ó3?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3‡3033…003003„ ˙˙˙đ 3303303 3ƒ303„ ˙˙˙‚óó3‚ ?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3ƒ33„ ˙˙˙‰óó30 3… 3„˙33˙3Š 3„" 3„˙33˙3Ž0 3„" 3„˙33˙3Š3030 3„" 3•0303 3•0300300300303303303”03003003003033030?3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3Œ03003003003 3•0303 3•0303300300303303303–030330030030330333=3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3•0 33 33…030 33…033033†033 3„˙33˙3”0 3…?ó3?ó3˜0 3‚2˙óó330330030 3‚2˙óó33033003030033 3‚2˙Œóó330333033 ˙?33„3333‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3†2˙˙óó3ƒ33„033030 3 ˙?3ˆ03033033†2˙˙óó33„3333‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3†2 3„" 3„˙33˙3Š03303 3†2˙˙óó3Œ303300303ƒ033‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3 ˙?3‰30300303‚2˙„óó330ƒ33ƒ0030‚3 3† ˙đ˙?3’3030 3† ˙ 3† ˙ 3„" 30y3‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?730Z3‚ ?730Z3‚ ?/3ľ0 ˙y3ľ2 ?1˙˙ń˙˙˙ń˙˙˙˙ńń˙˙˙ńń˙ń˙˙˙ń˙˙˙X3ś2 ?1˙˙ń˙ńń˙˙ńńńń˙˙ńńń˙ń˙ńń˙˙ńńW30302 ?1˙˙ń˙ńń˙˙ń˙—˙˙ńńń˙ń˙ń˙˙ńYť33 ˙]33 ˙]30302 ?1˙˙…˙ń ˙[3†2 ?13†2 ?1˙… ?1„ ?1ƒ ?33‚ ?˙˙ 330ú 3„˙33˙3”0 3…?ó3?ó3˜0 3‚1˙óó330330030 3‚1˙óó33033003030033 3‚1˙Œóó330333033˙?33„3333„1đ 3„ 3„˙33˙3Š03303 3†1˙˙óó3Œ303300303ƒ033„1đ 3˙?3’3030 3˙?3ƒ303Œ003030033„1đ 3˙?3’3030 3„ 30s3‚ 3„˙33˙3Š 3„ 3„˙33˙3Ž0 3„ 3„˙33˙3Š3030 3„ 3•0303 3•0300300300303303303”03003003003033030?3„1đ 3Œ03003003003 3•0303 3•0303300300303303303–030330030030330333=3„1đ 3•0 33 33…030 33…033033†033 D D@ D†CDD@ôD†D@D@ D‡CDD@ô@ D‡D D†CDD@ôD‡D D‚C D‡@@DD Dƒ@C D†CDD@ôD‡@DD D‚C D‡CDD@ô@ D†@D@ Dƒ@C Dƒ@D@D†CDD@ôDƒ D„DDD‡CDD@ô@ Dƒ D„DDD†CDD@ôDƒD@D‚C 34PDC U‚3PDC D•@DDD@DD@@D D…@DDD„@DD@†D@DDD’@D@@D@@D@D DŒ@DDDDDD@D‚DŽ@DD@D@@D@@DD@D‰ Dˆ@DDD@D@† D@DC D@DC DDC Dˆ%U@ D%UƒT4 D„@DDD‚@D‚@DŽ@D@DDD@@DD@DD@DD@DD@DD@DD@DD@D@D@DDC DBU‚P3 D„@DDD‚@D‚@D@¨D@ DBU‚@3 D•@DDDD@D@ D¨@DD@D@D@DDDD@DD@D@D D™@DDDDD@DDDD@DDD@D …ńń˙†ń˙ń˙#ŠôD3DD3D0C …ńń˙…˙˙ńń˙#ôDƒ0C   h  h  0 0 ’ 3„33303 3033„333„2 3…333„2 303003?$3 3„2 303003?$3 3„2 303003?$3 3„2 3Š3030 3 3„2 3†3033‚3 3 3„2 3‹303333 3 3„2 3†303 3 3Š3030 3 3„2 3ƒ3033 3„2 3ƒ3033 3„2 3ƒ3033 3„2 ˙„˙)˙‚óó3ƒ2ó03„2 3‘0333333 3 3„2 303333333 3 3„2 3030 303‹ 3030 303 3 3„2 3„033 3 3 3„2 3 3 3„2 3‚2 3‚2 3‚2 3… 33? 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˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙ˆňň!đ˙˙D3˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙„ňň!˙˙‹ó3DDňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/˙‚ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙„ňň!˙đ˙Š3DDňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙„ňň!˙đ˙Šó˙Dňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/ ˙ƒ˙đ•˙đđ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!đ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙đ˙đđ ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙đ˙đ˙đ˙˙đ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙đ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙đ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!đ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡ňň!˙ ˙‡ňň"˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡ňň!˙ ˙‡ňň"˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡ňň!˙ ˙‡ňň"˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡ňň!˙ ˙‡ňň"˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ " c"/'˙ " c"/'˙ 3… 33? 3 3‘0333333 3 3ó 3†033030‚30 3‚232 303333333 3 3ó 3‹0330330030 3‚232 3030 303‹ 3030 303 3 3ó 3„033303‚232 3„033 3 3 3ó 3„033303‚232 3 3 3ó 3„033303‚232 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ 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