" What about Ruckman? "
By David W. Cloud
Extract Despatch magazine ...Vol.9:2

"What do you think about Peter Ruckman?"

How many times I have been asked this question! For good or for bad,Peter Ruckman's name is intertwined with the defense of the King James Bible. Personally, I think it is bad. On January 24, 1985, I wrote to Dr. Ruckman from Nepal and told him that I believed he had done more damage to the cause of the King James Bible than many of its detractors. "...your writings--because of the spirit in which they are given--actually make me desire to flee from whatever beliefs you are propounding. I sincerely fear ... that you have done more damage to the cause of the truth of the preservation of the Textus Receptus and the faithful translations thereof than have the enemies of this position."

I know these words make some of my friends cringe, but I still believe this. Why? Because his strange ideas, his multiple divorces, his angry spirit, his arrogancy, his Alexandrian cult mentality, his extremism regarding the KJV being advanced revelation, tends to cause men to reject the entire issue.

His teaching has also caused many unnecessary divisions and problems in churches. It is one thing if a Christian tries to stand for the Word of God and leaves a church that does not so stand, a church that promotes the new versions, but it is quite another matter if a Christian becomes caught up in Ruckman's peculiar doctrines and spirit and comes to the conclusion that his church is apostate because it does not accept all of the jots and tittles of Ruckman's thinking even though it is a King James only church.

An example of this occurred last year in the church which publishes O Timothy in Canada. Pastor Wilbert Unger in London, Ontario, stands unhesitatingly for the King James Bible, but he does not swallow all of Ruckman's peculiarities. To many Ruckman followers, though, if a man does not believe about the KJV exactly what Ruckman believes, he is "not a Bible believer." To believe that the KJV is an accurate translation of the preserved Word of God is not necessarily enough. The printer for Bethel Baptist Church began reading some of Ruckman's books and came to this conclusion. He felt that his church was not a true Bible-believing church and he began talking to some of the members, stirring up trouble. He finally left the church because of this and left a serious, unfulfilled gap in the printing ministry which the Lord had led the church to start three years ago.

This has happened many times.
For the record, therefore, I want to list the Ruckmanisms that I reject.

Let me also say by way of introduction that all men who support Ruckman are not quarrelsome church splitters. I know a number of gracious Christian gentlemen who appreciate Dr. Ruckman. They appreciate the fact that the man stands boldly for a perfect Bible in a confused, wicked hour. They appreciate the fact that he has stirred up the pot and caused many to look at the Bible version issue. They are willing to overlook his problems. While I have no quarrel with any man who takes such a position, the bottom line for me is this: I don't believe an extreme position on an issue is a blessing to that issue, and I don't believe a mean-spirited defense of the truth furthers the truth.

I reject Mr.Ruckman's idea that the KJV was given by inspiration;
I believe it was given by preservation

In The Christian's Handbook of Biblical Scholarship, pp. 271-272, Ruckman claims: "The King James Bible was `given by inspiration of God.'"

I believe the King James Bible, as an accurate translation of the preserved Word of God, IS the inspired Word of God. I can hold it up and say "this is the inspired Word of God." But I don't believe the King James Bible was GIVEN BY inspiration of God. I don't believe the KJV is GIVEN BY inspiration in the same way that the original writings were. I believe it has DERIVED its inspiration from the text upon which it was based. The King James Bible is an accurate and beautiful translation of the preserved Scriptures and as such is the inspired Word of God--inspired derivatively, not directly.

I don't believe this is merely a semantics game; it is an important distinction. The King James Bible is an accurate translation of the preserved Word of God and as such is the preserved Word of God. It is no more than that, and it is no less than that. The King James Version is the inspired Word of God because it accurately translates the inspired text.

God chose Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. I'm not going to say that God made a mistake. It is important to study those Greek and Hebrew words as much as possible. The KJV is a wonderful translation, but IT IS a translation. Some would charge that to say such a thing detracts from the KJV. No, it doesn't. To say such a thing honors the text God inspired.

To make myself perfectly clear, let me also say that I believe the KJV is superior to all other English versions--superior in its textual basis, superior in its method of translation, superior in the scholarship of its translators, superior the time of its translation. BUT THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS SAYING THE KING JAMES BIBLE IS GIVEN BY INSPIRATION OR THAT IT IS ADVANCED REVELATION.

Let me also emphasize that the Bible doctrine of inspiration cannot be divorced from the Bible doctrine of preservation. The key New Testament passage on the inspiration of Scripture is 2 Timothy 3:15-17. Verse 16 says, "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God..." This refers to the original giving of the Word of God. Inspiration does not refer to the process of transcribing or translating the Bible, but to the process of God giving the words to the men who wrote the Bible.

The thrust of this passage, though, is that Timothy should have confidence in the Scriptures that he possessed. Verse 15 says the Scripture Timothy had known from a child was "holy Scripture." What Scriptures had Timothy known? Were they the original autographs of Moses and David? Certainly not. Timothy had been taught either from copies of the Hebrew text or from a translation thereof, most likely the latter since his father was a Greek and his mother and grandmother had instructed him (2 Tim. 1:5; Acts 16:1).

Further, verse 17 encourages Timothy that the inspired Scripture "is profitable." Any definition of inspiration which does not involve this doctrine of profitability is wrong. God did not intend that His Word be inspired, then lost. The inspired Word of God has been kept by God. There is inspiration, and there is preservation, and this guarantees profitability.

I don't intend to mix inspiration together with preservation, for these are two distinct things. But I also don't intend to remove preservation from the formula as so many do. One without the other is useless.

I reject Mr. Ruckman's idea that the KJV is advanced revelation

The KJV translators had good reason for every reading they included in their translation, and some of those readings are based more on ancient versions than on Greek texts. This, though, does not add up to advanced revelation. I believe the KJV translators were God-guided, but the KJV readings were not pulled out of thin air. The readings were not given by inspiration from God. The readings were all based upon textual witness from centuries past. Peter Ruckman, on the other hand, SAYS he believes the KJV is advanced revelation. Consider: "A short handbook, such as this, will not permit an exhaustive account of the marvelous undesigned `coincidences' which have slipped through the A.V. 1611 committees, unawares to them, and which give advanced light, and advanced revelation beyond the investigation of the greatest Bible students 300 year later (Peter Ruckman, The Christian's Handbook of Manuscript Evidence, Pensacola Bible Press, 1970, p. 127).

"If all you have is the `original Greek,' you lose light" (Ibid., p. 336). "We shall deal with the English Text of the Protestant Reformation, and our references to Greek or Hebrewwill only be made to enforce the authority of that text or to demonstrate the superiority of that text to Greek and Hebrew." (Peter Ruckman, Problem Texts, Preface, Pensacola Bible Institute Press, 1980, p.vii).

"We candidly and publicly confess that the King James text of the Old Testament (Authorized Version) is far superior to Kittel's Hebrew text, Derossi's Hebrew text, Kennicott's Hebrew text or any Hebrew text that any of you are reading. We do not hesitate to state bluntly and openly that the KingJames text for the New Testament (Authorized Version) is superior to Erasmus' Greek text, Aland's Greek text, Metzger's Greek text and any other that you are reading (or will read in the future)" (Ibid., page xii).

[Editor: Why does Ruckman put the Critical texts on the same playing field as the Received Text?]

"Observe how accurately and beautifully the infallible English text straightens out Erasmus, Griesbach, Beza, Nestle, Aland, Metzger, Trench, Vincent, Davis, Wuest, Zodhiates, Elzevir, and Stephanus with the poise and grace of a swan as it smoothly and effectively breaks your arm with one flap of its wings. Beautiful, isn't it? If the mood or tense isn't right in any Greek text, the King James Bible will straighten it out in a hurry" (Ibid., pp. 348, 349).

[Editor: Why does Ruckman put critical, Modernistic textual editors Nestle, Aland, and Metzger on the same level with Beza, Elzevir, and Stephanus who honored the Word of God and handed down to us the Text Received from the Apostles?]

"The original Hebrew had nothing to do with Genesis 1:1-3 at all [referring to Ruckman's unique idea that the flood of 2 Peter 3:5-6 speaks of a flood that took place in Genesis 1:2]. It only muddied the issue. Hebrew is of no help at all in understanding the passage" (Peter Ruckman, The Unknown Bible, Bible Baptist Bookstore, 1984, p. 67).

"The King James test is the last and final statement that God has given to the world, and He has given it in the universal language of the 20th century ... The truth is that God slammed the door of revelation shut in 389BC and slammed it shut again in 1611" (Peter Ruckman, The Monarch of Books, Pensacola, 1973, p. 9).

"If you had the original manuscripts, you couldn't find what a soul was, no matter how educated you were, because the key for `finding out' had nothing to do with the Hebrew or Greek" (Ruckman, Problem Texts, p.145).

While I believe the Authorized Version is an accurate translation of the preserved Word of God,

I reject Ruckman's contention that the Authorized Version is superior to the Hebrew and Greek from which it was translated, or that God slammed shut the door of revelation two different times, or that the English text straightens out the Greek text, or that the Authorized Version contains advanced revelation.

I know the man enjoys speaking for effect, saying things simply to shake people up, but words mean something. If a man puts something into print repeatedly, year after year, and sends those books out across the land, we are not wrong to take him seriously.

To put the critical Greek texts on the same level with the Received Text, as Ruckman does when arguing for the superiority of the Authorized Version, is wrong.

God chose to inspire His Book in the Hebrew and Greek languages, and I am satisfied that He knew what He was doing. I'm not going to say that the English language has become a better vehicle for God's Revelation. English is an excellent vehicle, a satisfactory vehicle, but not a better vehicle. Do you see the difference? I believe it is an important one.

Let me hasten to say that I DO believe God had his hand upon the translation of the KJV in a marvelous way. I DO NOT believe there are any real mistakes in the King James Bible. The King James Bible has played a crucial role in the preservation of the Word of God in the last four centuries because of the importance of the English language. God gave the English-speaking people an accurate translation. I do believe there are places which could be translated more clearly. I do believe there are antiquated words which could be brought up to date. To say, though, there are changes which could be made in the KJV is entirely different from saying there are changes which must be made, or that it contains mistakes. To say that there are passages which could be translated differently is not the same as saying there are passages which contain error.

The point here, though, pertains to whether or not the KJV is advanced revelation. Revelation means a revealing of something that was not previously known by man and can only be discovered by divine revelation. The KJV IS NOT ADVANCED REVELATION.

I reject Mr. Ruckman's idea that those who differ with him
about the KJV are members of a cult ....

Consider what Ruckman believes:

"...every `recognized' church historian and Christian `scholar' is a member of a CULT. This cult is the Alexandrian Cult of North Africa, and its tentacles stretch from Origen (184-254 A.D.) to John R. Rice and the faculty members of every `recognized' Christian school in the world" (Peter Ruckman, The Alexandrian Cult, Part One, 1978, p. 6).

I believe John R. Rice was wrong about Bible versions, but I do not believe he was a cultist. I believe my teachers atTennessee Temple were wrong not to instruct me properly in regard to Bible texts and versions, but I don't believe they were cultists. I'm not going to put them in the same lot with the pope, as Dr. Ruckman does.

Second Thessalonians 3:14-15 says that while we are not to overlook a brother's sin or error, and while we are to separate from him if he persists in it, we are not to count him as an enemy, but to admonish him as a brother. Mr. Ruckman counts everyone as an enemy who does not adhere to the jots and tittles of Ruckmanism.

Ruckman lumps together and lambasts with equal harshness the Fundamental Baptist who supports the modern versions with the Fundamental Baptist who rejects the modern versions--so long as both reject Ruckmanism. In the February 1989 issue of the Bible Believers' Bulletin, Ruckman says:

"The polemics in the publications by Donald Waite and Robert Sumner are dedicated to that proposition, and pretense that they are protecting you from heresy is just so much hot air in a wind bag" (p. 6).

"No apostate Fundamentalist (Duncan, Hudson, Afman, Martin, Price, Newman, MacRae, Waite, Sumner, Kutilek, etc.) ever believed what the scriptures said about the scriptures. ... Doug Kutilek, Robert Sumner, Ronald Walker, Donald Waite, Gary Hudson, Fred Afman, etc. ... They go right on with their nonsense" (p. 4).

Most of these men do not support the Received Text of the Word of God. Afman, Martin, and Price, for example, are teachers at Tennessee Temple who do not support the Received Text. Mr. Martin was one of my teachers, and he used the NASV in the classroom.

Note, though, that Ruckman lumps Donald Waite into this group as if there were no difference in his position on the Bible and that of the others. Waite is a staunch defender of the King James Bible. His book Defending the King James Bible presents "the four-fold superiority of the KJV": Superior texts, superior translators, superior technique, and superior theology.

Why, then, does Mr. Ruckman consider all of these men equally to be members of "the Alexandrian cult"? Waite is not considered by Ruckman a true Bible believer because of one simple fact: he rejects Ruckmanism.

I reject Mr. Ruckman's defense of divorce and remarriage

Dr. Ruckman has been married three times yet he is still a pastor and defends his unscriptural marital status in his book on divorce and remarriage. This has encouraged many other men that it's O.K. to be divorced and reImages in the pastorate.

I reject Mr. Ruckman's idea that men are saved
in different ways in different ages

Dr. Ruckman believes men were saved by blood plus works in the Old Testament, that they will be saved by faith plus works in the Tribulation, and by works alone in the Millennium. In his booklet Millions Disappear: Fact or Fiction? Ruckman says:

"If the Lord comes and you reImages behind, then start working like a madman to get to heaven, because you're going to have to. ... You must keep the Ten Commandments (all of them, Ecclesiastes 12:13), keep the Golden Rule (1 John 3:10), give your money to the poor, get baptized, take up your cross, hold out to the end of the Tribulation, wait for Jesus Christ to show up at the Battle of Armageddon, and be prepared to die for what you believe. In the Tribulation you cannot be saved by grace alone, like you could before the Rapture."

My friends, Romans 4 says both Abraham, before the law, and David, after the law, were saved by faith without works. This is the only plan of salvation God ever has had and ever will have--salvation by faith in God based on the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Those who are saved in the Tribulation will be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ and through His blood alone. "These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb" (Rev. 7:14).

I reject Mr. Ruckman's mean-spirited, fleshly name calling

Some of the names Ruckman calls men who disagree with him are "jackass," "poor, dumb, stupid `red legs,'" "silly asses," "apostolic succession of bloated egotists," "two-bit junkie," "two-faced, tin-horned punk," "some incredible idiot," "this bunch of egotistical jack legs," "conservative asses whose brains have gone to seed," "cheap, two-bit punks," "jacklegs," "stupid, little, Bible-rejecting apostates." Dr. Ruckman can get pretty vulgar. He calls the New American Standard Version "more of the same old godless, depraved crap" (Satan's Masterpiece--the New ASV, p. 67). In The Unknown Bible, p. 100, Ruckman says, "You see how people get all screwed up?"

Ruckman believes it is God who has called him to speak like this: "God called me to sit at this typewriter and pour forth VINEGAR, ACID, VITRIOL, AND CLEANING FLUID on the leading conservative and fundamental scholars of 1900 through 1990. ... God is in charge. He ... destines me to sit at this typewriter and LAMBAST, SCALD AND RIDICULE these Bible rejecting fundamentalists who `believe the Bible is the Word of God,' ... I hereby dedicate myself anew to the task of DESTRUCTIVE CRITICISM AND NEGATIVE BLASTING against every adversary of that Holy Book..." (The Bible Believers Bulletin, Dec. 1985).

Ruckman is fighting for a holy Book in an unholy manner. It is confusion.

I know what Jesus called the Pharisees in Matthew 23. I have read how Paul, filled with the Spirit, spoke severely of the false teacher in Acts 13:9- 10. I know the harsh plainess with which the Spirit of God speaks of false teachers in passages such as 2 Peter 2 and Jude.

But there is a world of difference between the language used in the Bible and the language used by Peter Ruckman. There is a world of difference between the spirit of Peter and Paul and Jude and the spirit of Peter Ruckman.

There is also a distinct difference between the way the Spirit of God deals with a saved but erring man and an unregenerate corrupter of the gospel. There is a vast difference between the way the Lord Jesus Christ dealt with His own disciples and the way He dealt with the Pharisees. There is a vast difference between the way Paul dealt with Peter's hypocrisy and the way he dealt with the unsaved teacher in Acts 13.

Yet Mr. Ruckman makes no difference between the Pope, a Modernist, or a Fundamental Baptist. He will lump Curtis Hutson with John Paul II and Karl Barth.

Ruckman's spirit and language is not that of the Bible. James 3:13-17 says: "Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works WITH MEEKNESS OF WISDOM. But if ye have BITTER ENVYING AND STRIFE in you hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth. This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. But the wisdom that is from above is first PURE, then PEACEABLE, GENTLE, AND EASY TO BE INTREATED, FULL OF MERCY AND GOOD FRUITS, without partiality, and without hypocrisy."

My friends, this passage from the King James Bible condemns Ruckmanism. This passage from the King James Bible tells me that Ruckman's spirit is earthly, sensual, and devilish. Enjoying Ruckman because he "gets after those Bible perverters" is the same spirit as enjoying a good dog fight when the dog you have betted on is the biggest, meanest one around. "Sic 'em, Pete, sic 'em!" It is entertaining, and it is immensely satisfying to the flesh, but God says bitter envying and strife is earthly, sensual, devilish. God says heavenly wisdom is peaceable, gentle and full of mercy.

Some will protest, "But Ruckman is only striving with and showing bitterness toward the enemies of the Bible." The Holy Spirit gave instructions in 2 Timothy 2:24-26 on how to deal with those who oppose the truth. He said nothing, absolutely nothing, about pouring vitriol and acid on them! "And the servant of the Lord MUST NOT STRIVE: BUT BE GENTLE UNTO ALL MEN, apt to teach, PATIENT, IN MEEKNESS instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; and that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will."

When I wrote to Ruckman in 1985 and told him these things, he wrote back and said that I didn't understand the battle. Dr. Ruckman claims that those who reject his attitude and language are pacifists who don't know the heat of the battle.

That is a smokescreen. For a full decade I lived and preached the Gospel and planted a church in a land which was strictly and officially opposed to the Gospel. Our work for those 10 years was illegal. We lived constantly with the possibility that we could be arrested any day. Not only was Nepal one of the strangest and most difficult lands to live in, but it was a Hindu state and Christianity was outlawed. Further, I stood practically alone in that entire part of the world for the preserved Bible and for Fundamental Baptist doctrine. My literature made me more visible than otherwise would have been the case. Our magazines and books went out across most of South Asia. I was slandered; labeled a cult leader; lied about; mocked. I was brought to trial by a group of Christian leaders in Nepal (including the head of Campus Crusade for Christ in Nepal, the pastor of the Assemblies of God in Kathmandu, the head of Youth for Christ in Nepal, and the head of the Bible Society of Nepal) and was told to leave because I was said to be "the greatest hindrance to the cause of Christ in Nepal." They said I was dividing "the body of Christ in Nepal." The Bible Society man claimed that I was resisting God because I had taken a stand against the Nepali equivalent of the Today's English Version (Good News for Modern Man). The Roman Catholic Jesuit priests had meetings about me and took steps to hinder my literature ministry.

The battle IS hot, but the Lord's battles must be fought with the Lord's weapons, not with fleshly ones.

I reject Mr. Ruckman's peculiar doctrines and cultic attitude

In The Unknown Bible, Ruckman claims to hold to 14 "biblical truths" which other Bible teachers have overlooked for 2,000 years. These include the following:

1. Angels as thirty-three year old males without wings; and all woman in the CHURCH AGE receiving thirty-three year old male bodies at the Rapture. ... 2. Faith and works as the plan of salvation for the Tribulation saints with WORKS ALONE in the Millennium. ... 3. The spiritual circumcision of the believer's soul literally cut loose from the inside of his fleshy body at the time of his new birth. ... 4. Demons as winged creatures ranging in size from those of flies and mosquitoes to eagles and vultures ... 5. The Biblical teaching on what constitutes the essence of a marriage in God's sight [Ruckman believes sexual relations constitute marriage].

On page 347 of The Unknown Bible, Ruckman modestly claims: "Do you realize that in these last two chapters, you have learned a dozen things that were unknown to the greatest Bible teachers in the world? In 2000 years of church history, they haven't even been able to find the passage which dealt with these things we have been talking about."

Dr. Ruckman also claims that his view of man's soul is brand new truth:

"The problem is the word `soul,' but since there isn't one pre-millennial, soul-winning, funda-mentalist who knows what a soul is (see the entire library of books published by Eerdmans, Baker, Zondervan, and the Sword of the Lord before 1970) ... The soul in the Bible is an invisible BODILY SHAPE. In the Old Testament, the soul is almost synonymous with the body, for it is STUCK TO IT till death" (Ruckman,Problem Texts, p. 145).

Ruckman believes that the flood mentioned in 2 Peter 3 is not Noah's flood but one which supposedly occurred at the judgment of the earth, when Satan was cast out of Heaven. The fact that no other Bible teacher has held this view is considered in the following way:

"Now who could get a message so simple all muddled up? Answer: Every major fundamental Bible scholar and teacher in the United States, without one exception. If you were to ask Henry Morris what the verses refer to he'd say Noah's flood: ditto Harry Rimmer, Clarence Larkin, J. Vernon McGee, Swindle (sic), MacArthur, Bob Jones III ... the Scofield Board of Editors" (Ruckman, The Unknown Bible, p. 67). In bragging up his new book, The Salient Verses, Mr. Ruckman makes these comments:

"If you are able to obtain a copy [of Ruckman's proposed new book] you will have, in your hands, a minimum of 200 advanced revelations that came from the inerrant English text, that were completely overlooked (or ignored) by every major Christian scholar since 90 A.D. This would include all of the modern Bible revisors (1800-1999), all of the faculty members and staffs of every major "Fundamental" (Conservative and Evangelical) seminary, university, and college in Europe and America since 1500, and every Greek and Hebrew scholar (or teacher) since 1611. ... Actually, if a BIble believer has this work he will have the accumulated knowledge of Cornelius Stam and Ethelbert Bullinger ... Clarence Larkin and C.I. Scofield ... Hickey, Gorman, Swaggart, Dake, Roberts, Terrill, Hagin, Allen, Ewing, Osborne, Tilton, and PTL ... Pember, Peters, Gaebelein, Pentecost, Lindsey, Kirban, Rockwood, Webber, and Van Impe ... plus the Puritans, Reformers, major evangelists (Moody, Sunday, Finney, Torrey, Wesley, etc.) and all that ANY Greek and Hebrew scholar ... ever found out--that was SO--in the last 200 years" (Bible Believers' Bulletin, Jan. 1994, pp. 2,4).

This is a proud, cultish mindset.
Consider a few of the other peculiar teachings held by Dr. Ruckman:

"God has ordained on this earth 12 boundaries, with 12 nations, who are destined to leave this earth (transported by angels--Luke 16:22), and populate outer space infinitely and forever, beginning with the 12 constellations that are seen on the earth once every 12 months" (The Unknown Bible, p. 588).

"In eternity, the Christian is in New Jerusalem; he is in his apartment house that is made out of transparent gold, like clear glass. ... He is called out on trips, and these trips take him to Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, etc. transporting couples into gardens placing them down and saying, `be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth'" (Ibid., p. 592). "I know they [demons] have to be small. ... there's two little animals that have wings. One's a fly and the other's a mosquito. Know what these things are? They're pictures of demons. ... And they're not only small, but contrary to all textbooks, and all commentaries, and all theologians, they're winged. The things have wings" (Ruckman, Demons and Christians, Bible Baptist Bookstore, 1976, side 1).

In Conclusion

I really don't understand why men believe it is so necessary to read after Dr. Ruckman to understand the Bible version issue. There are a multiplicity of good materials available on Bible versions by men such as D.A. Waite, D.O. Fuller, Edward F. Hills, Bruce Lackey, and Jack Moorman. I came to a Bible-believing position through the writings of such men without any help from Dr. Ruckman, and I recommend their writings to our readers. Their writings are not filled with bitter wrangling, hateful sarcasm, and fanaticism. The fruit of reading after such men is peace and settled confidence and zeal for the Truth, not a fleshly bitterness against the members of a supposed cult.

In conclusion let me say that while I have some serious problems with Dr. Ruckman, I also have some serious problems with many of his detractors! Many of Peter Ruckman's most bitter enemies are trying to discredit the idea that there is a perfect Bible anywhere in the world. They have their own rotten agenda, undermining men's faith in a perfect Bible.

I am glad that Dr. Ruckman believes he has a perfect Bible. I have no quarrel with that. I believe the King James Bible is an accurate translation of the preserved Word Of God, and I do not believe there are any errors in it. It is living and dependable.

"Who, then, can we trust?" some might be thinking? The Word of God says, "Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm ... Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is" (Jer. 17:5,7).

Man is twisted and defiled even at his best. Our confidence must be in Jesus Christ and in His eternal Word.

O Timothy magazine, Volume 11, Issue 11, 1994.

David W. Cloud, Editor....O'Timothy Magazine...http://wayoflife.org/~dcloud/

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" " " " " " " " " " " " E" E" †" †" †" # # # # # # # # # # # # ƒ ƒ € €    „   ƒ & …( ‚C ‚C ƒ ƒ ‰+ V‰ś2 Š„ ƒ 0Ş ؛ÉZˆ a+ő ÷‚ ˇýgD ,‚8 † > h< #ˇ‚ Ub €- -9* A†€A řX/0 řXÁ0 řX Ub €- iłă… ؛ÉZˆ ‚C ˆ5˙2ˆp2ˆ…‡ˆˆ€ˆ5˙2ˆp2ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ˆ€4˙đ2ˆ‚‡2ˆpˆ‚€đˆ€˙Žđ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ€˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆ€ˆ˙„ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ€˙„ ˆƒˆ€ˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ€˙„ ˆƒ€ ˆ€/ ˆ ˆ2ˆ€5˙đ2ˆ…‡ˆˆ€ˆ2ˆ€5˙đ2ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ˆ‚€ř2ˆ4˙2ˆpˆ‚€đˆ‚€řˆŒ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚p˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆ€ˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙… ˆƒˆ€ˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙…đ ˆƒ€ ˆ€/ ˆ ˆ2ˆ‚€ř2ˆ5˙„ˆˆ€ˆ2ˆ‚€ř2ˆ5˙…ˆˆ€ˆ‚€ř2ˆ2ˆ€4˙đˆ‚€đˆ‚€řˆŒ ˙‰đ ˙đˆƒ€řˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ˆˆ†ˆˆˆ ˙Ž ˆ€/ ˆ ö\ ˆ‚ ˆ€/ ˆƒ˙˙ý î\ ˙Ÿ ˙Ÿ ˙đˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆƒ@ ˙Ÿđ ˙đˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆŽˆˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒ}w}ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ‡€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚p ˙Ÿđđđđ ˙‚ ˙‚ ˙Ÿ ˙‚ ˆ‚ ˆ€/ ˆƒ3"" č\ ˆ‚üĚˆˆ2ˆ‚€ř2ˆ5˙„ˆˆ€ˆřˆ‚€ˆˆ€ˆ‚€ř2ˆ˙ƒ ˆ€/ ˆƒ3w ˙ ˆƒˆˆ”ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ ˆpˆŽˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆ€˙ ˆƒpˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˙Šđ˙˙ ˙ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ’ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆžˆˆ€€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆˆƒ‡€˙…đ˙˙ ˆ ˆ‡ˆˆ ˆ’ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆžˆˆ€€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙’ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆˆ„‡€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€€ˆ„ ˆ‚‡$ˆp ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ†‡ƒăˆ€˙‰đ ˆŠ ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ‰ ˆ‚‡ˆ“ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€‚ˆ€ˆ‡pˆ`ˆˆ€˙ ˙‚đ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙‚đ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙ ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ„‡€řˆ“ˆˆ€ ˙ ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ ˆ€ˆ„ˆˆ€ ˆ…pˆˆ‹Ěˆ€ ˙„ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†‡ˆˆ†…ˆ€ ˙ƒđ ˆƒ ˆ…€ ˙$ˆp ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡„ˆ€řˆˆ€ ˆ ˙đ ˙ ˆˆ‰ ˆ‚‡ˆ“ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€‚ˆ€ˆˆpˆ€ ˙ƒđˆ ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ“ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡€ ˙ ˆ„‡€řˆ ˆ€ˆ„ˆˆ€ ˆ…pˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ ˙„ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ‚‡ˆŒˆ‚€ř ˆƒ€ ˙ƒđ ˆƒ ˆ…€ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡‰ˆ€řˆˆ€ ˆˆŠ ˙đ˙˙đđ ˙Žđ˙˙đđ˙ ˙ˆ“ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€‚ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€řˆ‡ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ‚p ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˙‚đ˙ˆ ˙‚đˆ“ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€‚ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆ‰›ˆˆ€řˆ‡ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ‚p ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˙đ ˙‚đˆ“ ˙ƒ€řˆ“ˆˆ€ ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ˙„đˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ ˆƒ€ ˆ…€ ˙‚đ˙†đˆŒˆ€ř$ˆˆ„ˆˆ€ ˆ‚€ř$ˆ ˙ ˙‚đ˙†€ˆ€řˆˆ€ ˆˆŠ ˆ€˙žđ˙˙đ ˆƒ‡€˙…đ˙˙đ ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙‚đ ˙‚đ˙†đ˙˙đ˙…đˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆˆpˆˆ˙˙đ ˙‚đ˙†đ˙ ˆƒ€ ˆƒ z\ ˆ‚‡ˆ›ˆ€ˆ€ ˙‘đđ ˆp ˆ›ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€Žˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ‡pˆˆˆ ˙đđ ˆ”€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ›ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ‡pˆˆ¤ˆˆ€ ˙Žđđ ˙‚đ ˆ”€ ˙‘đđ ˙‚đ ˆ…€ ˙ƒ€ř ˆˆ‘ ˆƒpˆˆ›ˆ€€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…pˆˆ(ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆHˆ€ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ‚€ More2 ~\ ˙š ˙™đ𠈃‡€˙‚đ˙• ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„đđ˙ ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚ ˆ‚€ n\ ˆ˙  ˆ”€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙  ˆ”€ ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆ‘ ˆƒpˆ˙Ą ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ˙ ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ‚€ More2 r\ ˆ ˆ›ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€˙° ˆ”€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ›ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆˆ€˙‹ ˆ”€ ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆ‘ ˆƒpˆˆ›ˆ€€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆˆˆ†‡€˙˙ ˙…đˆˆ‹Šˆ‚€ř ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆˆˆ†pˆˆ˙ ˙…ˆˆ‰Žˆ‚€ř ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ More2 ˆ…‡ˆˆˆ€˙„đ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€‰ˆˆˆˆˆ€˙  ˆ…ˆ€ˆˆŒ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€˙† ˙„đˆˆˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆŠpˆˆ˙˙ ˙„ˆˆ‰ˆ‚€řˆƒ ˆ†pˆˆ˙˙ ˙đˆ€"ˆ‡‡‰` ˆ€˙ ˆžˆˆ€€ ˆŸˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆˆpˆ€Şëˆˆ˙đ ˆŸ€ ˆˆpˆ‡Hüˆˆ€˙đ ˆŸ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ ˆ•€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€€ ˆ†pˆˆ…*[ˆ˙… ˆ‚ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ†pˆˆ„2Ąˆ€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙…đ ˆ€ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€Őöˆ€˙‚đ˙Šđ ˆ€ˆƒ€ řˆˆ ˆ™€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€˙“ ˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ˙ ˙†ˆˆ€B-ˆ/ˆ…‡ˆˆ€0˙đˆƒŒ3˙ˆ/ˆ…‡ˆˆ€0˙đˆƒ€#"ˆ€/˙€ˆ/˙ˆƒ‚€ˆ€0 ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆ…p‹÷ˆ€-˙đˆ€ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ ˆpˆ„ˆˆ ˆ†‡Ďˆ€ ˙šđ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆ ˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…pˆˆˆ€˙„ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ†‡ˆˆ„ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆpˆ‚€ř+ˆ˙‚đ ˙‚đ ˙ˆ€ ˆ ˆpˆ„ˆˆ ˆ‡‡ˆ€ř ˆ–€ ˆ˙žđ ˆ€˙Ÿ ˆ€˙Ÿ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚p˙Ÿ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙’ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ‡€˙„ ˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ†‡ˆˆ„ˆ‚€ř ˆƒ€ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ Ո+ˆ‚€ř+ˆ.˙+ˆ…p„ ˆ ˆ˙ƒ ˆ ˆ€˙ ˙ ˆ‡‡…Uˆ€ř ˆ–€ ˆ ˆ™€ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ‚ˆˆ˙ž ˆ‚€ř ˆšˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ˙ž ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ•ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€‡€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙„ ˆ ˆˆƒ€ ˙†đŠšˆ€ř+ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ ˆˆ˙…đ˙˙ ˙†„ˆ€ř ˆ–€ ˆ ˆ™€ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ‚ˆˆ ˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€˙Ľđ˙đđ ˆ‚€ř ˆšˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ ˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€˙Žđ˙đ˙˙ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ•ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€‡€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆ ˆ€ˆƒ‡€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙ ˆ€ˆˆpˆˆ˙˙đ˙‚đ˙ƒ ˆ‰pˆˆ˙đ  ˙” ˙” ˙ˆ ˙” ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆÝˆ€˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ‚€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ˙ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ƒˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ‚Š[ˆ€# ˆ˙˜ ˆ€˙˜ ˆ€˙˜ ˆ‚p˙ ˆ‚p˙ ˙ƒđˆˆ…ˆˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ„ˆˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ…pˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆ€ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ˙ˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ ˙„ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ‚€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚Žîˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚€Ŕˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ‚ˆ€# ˙„wp(˙„wp(˙„˙đ(˙„˙đ(˙ƒ˙đ) ˆ ˆ”ˆˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆ˙ ˆ‚p ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ€ˆ€€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ‚‡ ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆ€˙˙ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ ˆ‡‡ˆ€˙˙ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‚"ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‚"ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ‚‚"ˆ€# ˆ ˆ”ˆˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆˆ€•ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€˙›đđđđ ˆ‚p ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ€ˆ€€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒ‡ ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙†đđđ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚ ˙ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đ ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đ ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ ˆ€# ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ€˙ ˆ‘ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ˙‹ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆpˆ"˙…ˆˆ€ř!ˆpˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ"˙…ˆˆ€ř!ˆpˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ€!˙đˆ ˙‚řˆ€!˙€ˆ€" ˙đˆƒ€ ˆpˆ!ˆ…‡ˆˆ€"˙đˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ!ˆ…‡ˆˆ€"˙đˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ€!˙€ˆ!˙ˆ€!˙€ˆ€" ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙˜ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙† ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ-˙*ˆp*ˆ…‡ˆˆ€ˆ-˙*ˆpˆ ˙” ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ ˙” ˆ…€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ€ ˙” ˙‚đˆŒˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆŒ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ€ ˙” ˙‚đˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆpˆ…€řˆˆˆ ˙” ˙ƒ€řˆ›ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ‘ ˆ€ˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ€ ˙ ˙ ˆ‚ ˆ€' ˆ ˆ*ˆ€-˙đ*ˆ…‡ˆˆ€ˆ*ˆ€-˙đˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆ€˙Ÿ ˆ…€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆ‚p˙Ą ˆpˆ…€řˆˆˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ ˆƒ‡€˙Ą ˆ€ˆ‘ ˆˆ‚€€ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆ€ˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚€ř ˆˆ‚€€ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˆ‚ ˆ€' ˆ ˆ*ˆ‚€ř*ˆ-˙„ˆˆ€ˆ*ˆ‚€ř*ˆ˙‚đ ˙đ ˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‡ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€†ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆ‚pˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ›ˆˆ ˆˆ‚€€ˆ„‡€řˆˆ†€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙ ˙đˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚€ř ˆƒ ˙đˆƒ€řˆ&ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř&ˆpˆ'˙ˆ‚€đ ˆ&ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř&ˆpˆ'˙ˆ‚€ ˆ€&˙€ˆ%˙‚řˆ€&˙đˆ€ ˆ€' ˆ ˆ€' ď;G ˆ‚€ř*ˆ.˙„đÍŕˆˆ*ˆ€-˙…đŽ˙눂€ˆ*ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆ„pˆˆ˙† ˆ€' ˆ…‡|ˆ€˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆ…pˆ<ˆ€˙ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆŒ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ”ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ‡‡ˆŹˆˆ˙ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ”ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ‡‡ˆfˆˆ€˙ ˆ€Žˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€Žˆˆˆ ˆ˙„ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆpˆŃˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆŻˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆˆ€# ˙‚ ™ ™‚ů ™ ™&˙‚ ރŠş ގűŞ|Ď!oe8ߪŠş ރŠş Ş„Šş˙•đސűŞ|ň!fő8ÝŞŠş ˙Ťđ˙˙đ ˙‹ ˙ƒđ˙˙Ľ˙đ˙đđ˙ ݈ ŞŞŠşňňđ˙đސűŞ|ňfő=ÝŞŠşđ ˙¸đ˙˙˙đ˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙đđ˙đ ˙… ŞŠş ˙ƒđ ˙Žđ˙˙đ Šş˙‘đސűŞ|ňfő=ÝŞŠş˙†đ˙đđސ˙đ ˙„đ˙˙˙˙ Šş Ş‚ű ރŠş ť‚ű ť‚š ť&˙‚ ˙đ ˙ ˙đ&˙‚ ˙đˆ‚ ˆ†‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆˆˆ˙ ˙ˆ ˆ†pˆaˆ€řˆ˜ ˙” ˙ ˆŒ ˙” ˆ”ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ‡‡ˆŔˆˆˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€„ˆ€€ˆ…ˆˆˆ€ ˙” ˆ”ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€řˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ˛ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ˆ€"˙€ˆYˆ€# ˆ˙ƒ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙— ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙— ˆ€Žˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€Žˆˆˆ ˙đˆ5ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙ˆŤˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙ˆ(ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙đˆąˆ€# ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ…‡wwˆ€˙šđ ˆpˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ†DOˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ…řˆˆ€řˆ• ˆpˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ˜ˆ‚€řˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚€ ž\ ˆˆ&˙đ ˆ‚€ˆpˆ ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ†€€ ˆ‚€ ź\ ˆˆ$ˆ ˙‚đ ˆ‘ ˆ˙ ˙ ž\ ˆ…pˆ˙˙ˆ„ˆˆˆ€˙œđ˙ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ†pˆˆ˙˙ˆƒˆˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ˙˙ˆƒ€řˆ€˙†đ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ€ ¸\ ˆ€˙‚đ˙#ˆ‚‡#ˆ„‡ˆřˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…pˆwˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˙ƒđˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ†pˆˆ˙˙ˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆˆ˙ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ…ˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˙‚đ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ€ Ŕ\ ˆ‚€ř#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ€(˙#ˆ„‡¸Ěˆˆ$ˆ$ˆ&˙đ$ˆƒpˆ¸ˆ‚€ˆˆ‚ ˆ‚€řˆˆ€&˙#ˆ…‡ńˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…pˆ„DDˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˙„ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ€ Â\ ˆ‚€řˆˆ‚€ř#ˆ€&˙„‡w÷ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆ—ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ˙ ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆ€ ˆB˙?ˆ†p‚ˆ)˙ƒđ ˙† ˆ€˙” ˆŠ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚p˙š ˆƒ‡€˙‚ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡pˆˆ˙˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ…ˆ€ˆˆ‡pˆˆ˙˙ (\ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‹€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆsȈ˙‡ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ°%ڈˆ€˙‡ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰pˆˆI*ˆˆ€˙‡ ˆ„€ ˆ‹€ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆÓ Žˆ†˙˙ ˙ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ3Ιˆ†€˙˙ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒęQŚˆ†€˙˙ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆƒTŠiˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒŘlĽˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ°Ĺ ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒá/=ˆ€ 4\ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‹€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆˆ˜ˆˆ€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‚p˙•đ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠpˆˆ7:ˆˆ€řˆ† ˆ„€ ˆ‹€ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ3##ˆ‚€řˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆƒDˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ bˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒânDˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒ LDˆ€ 2\ ˆ‹€ˆˆˆ ˙đ˙ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ ˙‰đ˙ ˆp ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆ ˆˆ€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‚pˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˙…đ˙ ˙‚đ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠpˆˆ$%uˆˆ€řˆ† ˙đ ˙‚đ ˆ‰€ ˆ‹€ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚‹ ˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆˆƒpˆ ˙‹đ˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒŔŒˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ :\ ˆ‹€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ ˙Šđ˙ ˙đ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ˆDƒˆˆˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‚€řˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ˙đ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ˆD„ˆˆ€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‚pˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p ˙„đ˙ ˙‚ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒpˆˆD„ˆˆ€řˆ† ˆ„€ ˙đ ˙‚ ˆ‹€ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˙†đ˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆˆDˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆˆƒpˆ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˙†đ˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ@Dˆ‚€řˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆ ˙Šđ˙ ˆpˆƒ@Dˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ„pˆˆ ˙Šđ˙ ˆpˆƒ@Dˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ@Dˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ@Dˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆƒ F\ ˆ€ ˙Œđ˙ ˆ‚€ř ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ ˙đ˙ ˆ‚€ř ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ ˙đ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˙đ˙ ˙ƒđˆˆD„ˆˆ€řˆ† ˆ„€ ˙Œđ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙†đ˙ ˙ƒˆˆDˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆˆƒpˆ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙†đ˙ ˙†ˆˆ@Dˆ‚€řˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙đ˙ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ ˙đˆƒ@Dˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙ˆƒ@Dˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙ˆƒ@Dˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆƒ ˙ ˙ˆ„€řˆ€ˆƒ‘ˆˆƒˆ€!ˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ ˙đˆƒ€ř€ˆ¸ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˙… ˆƒŤs3 \ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ ˆˆp!ˆ‡‡bو€#˙đ!ˆ‚‡ ˆˆpˆˆ‚‡!ˆ‡pˆ#2ˆ€˙šđ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ– ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‰ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆp ˆƒ€ˆˆ€Šˆ€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‰ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆŠ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒľ˙'ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚  ˆˆp!ˆˆ‡ ˙ˆ– ˙đˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆp ˆƒ€ˆˆ€Šˆ€ ˙‚ ˙‚ ˙ƒđˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ ˆˆƒpˆˆ‘€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆbćLˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙†đđđ˙ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆŠ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒ LDˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˙„ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆˆp!ˆˆ‡ťŤŽˆ€ř!ˆ!ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙đˆˆ‚‡!ˆˆpˆî¨Čˆ€řˆ–€ ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ˙›đđ˙ ˆ‰ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙™đ˙ ˆŒˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‰ ˆ‚‡ ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙đđ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆŠ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆ˙ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ€˙˙𠈁ˆ˙ ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€˙–đ˙ ˆ‰ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ€˙”đ˙˙đđ ˆŒˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‰ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚  ˆˆˆˆ€#˙ˆđˆńˆ€řˆ–€ ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‰ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ˙„ ˆŒˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‰ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˙†đˆ‹ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€˙”đ ˙–đđđ˙˙ ˙‡ˆ†ˆˆ€řˆ… ˙–đđđđ ˙ƒˆŒˆˆ€ˆ‹€ ˙„đˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒ‡€˙‚ ˙‚đ˙„ˆˆ†ˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˙‚đ ˙ 2\ ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆđDĈˆ˙– ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ…ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆůHˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ݈˙š ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆƒhÔÚˆ€˙ƒđ ˙„đˆˆ ˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ &\ ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆŞ˘ˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙ ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ…ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆˇłˆˆ€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙ƒđˆˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ„‡€ř ˆ„ ˙„ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆƒż;ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ "\ ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆ!1ˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆ‰ ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ…ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆˆˆ€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ &\ ˙ ˙ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ ˙ ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ \ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ˙– ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ˙† ˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ę\ ˙Œ ˙ ˆ† ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ€ˆ‡ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆ‡‹SK눈 ˙ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆp ˆ€ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡_•ˆˆ€ ˙ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆýÎ݈˙Œ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆˆ‚ ˆpˆŠˆˆˆˆ„ŠfČˆ˙ ˙ƒđˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒpˆ ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‡wˆ€˙ ˙„ˆ€ř ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ‹€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆŠˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‹€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆ„„]ÝUˆ€˙ ˆˆ ô\ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ ˙ˆ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˙ˆđ𠈊ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ€ˆ‡ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆ‡€ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˙ˆđ˙ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆp ˆ€ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒ"14ˆˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ‚‡ ˙ˆđ˙ ˙Šđ ˙‚ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒXĈ ˆŠ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙‚đ˙ƒ ˙† î\ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ˙—đ ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ€ˆ‡ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆ‡‰˜‰ˆˆ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ˙‡đ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆp ˆ€ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆˆ€ŒŒˆˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚‡ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆšđˆ ˆŠ€ˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆ„‡ˆ€˙… ˆˆ ô\ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ ˙ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˙ ˙đ ˆ€ˆ‡ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒˆˆƒ‰™ˆ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ€ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆˆ€ „€ˆˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆŒŠŕˆ ˆŠ€ˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ‹€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙‹ ˆˆ ô\ ˆŠ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆ… ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙‡ ˙ˆ‚€ˆ‡€ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙Œđ˙˙đ˙ ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆˆ”€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆ ˙Œđ˙˙đ˙˙đđ ˙đˆƒˆ€ˆ‡„ ˆˆ€ř ˆ‹€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˙ˆŽˆˆˆˆ‚‚ ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˙ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆšđˆ ˆŠ€ˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒpˆ˙†đ˙ ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒpˆ˙Œđ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ‹€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆŠˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙Œđ˙ ˆˆ ä\ çŞZ ˆ€"˙ˆ‚‡ˆ‚‡ˆ‚‡ˆ…‡ ö‘iˆˆ ˙đˆpˆpˆpˆ…pƒ!¨ˆ‚€ˆ ˙đˆpˆpˆpˆ…p…Aa5ˆ‚ˆ€ ˙ˆ‚‡ˆ‚‡ˆ‚‡ˆ†‡‡q„śˆƒ€ˆˆ€ ˙ ˙ˆ‹ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆƒ€ ˆp ˆ…€ˆˆ€ ˆp ˆŠˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆp ˆ€‡ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ€‚ˆ€ˆƒˆ€ ˆ†pˆ…PŞOˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙ ˆƒ‡ ˙ƒđˆˆŒˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆ…€ˆˆ€ ˆƒpˆˆ‹ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‡pˆˆŇ˜Yžra–a´ŽœDhžŸŹľŽ´ľľš˜˜°¸†°˛˛¨˘†ő‚ LPBA——ŸŽŽ˜Ž˜‹œaľľ´šşľśľ¸¸ş¸‡——ŤŤ°›Ćő‚  '3>F[PUB>imc[[2Y7L>BXh—–s™Žľľ™Ž™ľśŠ´şľ¸şş¸¸°°Ť‚Ţő‚ =›ąˇˇ’7HFb‚NciŸ^^i[LBBY‹D LFL2QX––žŸľŽľ´œœ´ś´śŠ´şşšš´Ž™¸¸°ƒżňő‚ ňŠÁ`ž–C D˘Š“˘Š˘łłŁł‚çňđĹSqqu^ tut‚q^t•qu^qqvrr™ŽľľŸwrqqžYŢ!ňő‚ Ľ Ú ó ÷‚ ÷‚ ÷ąČ 46+$&& €‚ 9ŠŠ`“–k–“yppl^lylqquufuqpp^kk`y–ly–†—YWV„ˆ„„++-+ˆ!!++!ƒ+-8V†YTVW—Š›Ç ÷‚ ÷‚ ÷‚ ÷‰Ö„9766764ƒ::4-‰ "•¨¨žŹžy…qyupuy‚uuy‹Źs^qžyž–yaqy‰žyž—‹‰‡„D‚„+ƒ!+!ƒ+!‹„7S9–—› ÷‚ ÷œ€9„7+7664:4-:2::2:4 =Š¨Šžžy’uyuyuyuquyuuyyh^vžy†svqq–hžˆŹ°°Ÿ’D‡„‡ˆ‰‡&++-- +‚ ŒŠ7YV–——›’ ÷‚ ÷‚+9ƒ6+64:…H::6 †"°ž yˆzyq–užž–q˜žquvžyqžž–Ž°ŽŸ’=‡‡D‰‡D„"+!†+-ˆŠ7CC–Š˘—— ÷‚ =•Š—ŹžyĽyŒžžyuž–quŚžžuž…yžŸŸaŸ„’=‰‰‡ƒ&+-+…!!+!!+‚-Š„VV–Š——››" ÷‚ „`––žŹƒlŹŹy„žyyŚžˆuqŸaqž––ŸŒ—W‰‡‡‰‰‡96--+!+„- š›Š‰9C–ž–—‹" ÷‚ ÷‚  “„Y’°Š–žŠ¨žŹž–žŹŸŹ‰¨žŹŸ˜—`Š‰‡‡V9$ 2A+•&„Ł››ŁŁ9–ŸŸžŠŤ› ÷‚ &W•—¨°—°Š——°‰Š¨°ŸŸ¸‹``‡ž96DY—ąŁŁ›Ťˇˇ›VžŹŸ—°Ť ÷‚ ÷‚  ¨ &‰››—’=7V6!"˘›łˇˇ¸ˇ¸‰šˇ’°ľŸ˜——ą„ ÷‚ ÷‚ &9 „ŁŁ›Œ„"‰‹‰ŁˇŁ‹˜˜–„—›Ä ÷‚ ÷$TŠJX]XJJXHJ$ VŠJ`“`XX]YX]H…JTTJBVH„2HH0F†?F>>0HBœVA4-+!4HXf7–k``Y–`DY``–Źˆľ°°¸—ą›€ ÷‚ ÷$YXYXd“dXVXX 9V``d`dX]dX…HBJV:V•A+::-:422H>>FLLFLFHH>HšBVA4+!HHUS––hŹŹžŹŹžž¨¨žŹ‡sŽ°—ą› ÷‚ ÷‘$dXXdglg“kY+:Vˆ 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ˆ…pˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆŠpˆ˙˙𠈇€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…pˆˆƒ ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆ†‡ˆˆÖˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ–€ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆŽˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€˙ ˙‡đˆ€ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆˆž€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€˙ ˙ˆđˆˆˆ€ř ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙Š ˙ˆˆ†hˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆƒ ˙ ˙„ˆ€ˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙ ˙ˆ ˆ„ ˆ—€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆđ ƒˆ˙ ˆ‡‡ˆˆÜa䈁€˙„ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒŇ’ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆpˆƒĂ[/ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆƒčˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆƒóbˆ€,˙đˆ+˙‚řˆ€,˙€ˆƒ¤Ňˆ€- ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ—€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ— ˆ‡‡ˆˆföfˆ ˆˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙… ˆ‡‡ˆˆDôDˆ‚€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆ‹pˆˆ˙˙ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ ˆ†pˆˆ˙˙ ˆpˆƒ ˙ˆđˆĚě̈ˆ ˆ…ˆ€€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆŁˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˙ ˙ˆˆuSˆˆ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆ˘ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˙› ˙‚ˆ˙„ˆˆ€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€”ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˙đ ˆˆ— ˆˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒ€ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ„ˆ€€ ˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ ˙ ˆ„pˆˆˆ„ˆ€€ ˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ƒ ˆ„pˆˆˆ„ ˆ‚‡ˆ˜€ ˆpˆ˜ˆ€ˆ ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆ–€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ‡ˆDUˆˆ€ ˙ ˙‚đ ˆ€€ˆ€ ˙‚đ ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆƒ‡ ˙ ˙„ ˙„ ˙„đˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆ€ˆpˆ‚™ˆ€ ˙„ ˙‘đ˙˙ ˙ˆ˜€ ˙‘đ˙đđ ˙‘ ˆˆ€ř ˆ€ˆˆ •ˆ ˆŒ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙“đđ˙ ˆƒ‡€˙„đđ˙‚đ ˙ƒđˆˆˆˆ€ˆ†‡ˆˆç˝ˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒˆˆˆ€ˆpˆ‚‚ˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆ˙đđđ ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ˙›đđđ ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆˆ ˆ„‡€ř ˆƒˆˆ€ˆ‡pˆ˙˙đ˙‚đ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙đđ˙‚đ˙„ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚ Gˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆ‚pˆ€ ˆ$˙!ˆp!ˆ‚‡!ˆpˆˆƒŒˆ$˙!ˆpˆƒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ‰ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ‰ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€„ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‡ˆˆˆ…ˆˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ„†ˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€ˆˆ€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„ ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆˆŠˆ€ ˙Žđ ˙ ˙ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€ˆˆ€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€˙ƒ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ‰ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ‰ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€„ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€˙‰ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€ˆˆ€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒ‡ˆfˆ„€ˆˆˆ˙’đ˙˙đđ ˆƒpˆˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆˆpˆƒ;#ˆƒ€řˆ€˙„đ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆpˆ3ˆ‚ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ‰€ˆ‚€ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒĚĚĈˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒŤŠŞ ˆ€ wˆˆ!ˆ€$˙đ!ˆ…‡>6Lj‚€ˆ!ˆ€$˙đ!ˆ…‡ěcđˆ‚ˆ‚€ř!ˆ#˙!ˆ…pˆh1łˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆˆŽ ˆ†‡ˆö‰őˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€˙Šđđđđđ ˆ†pˆˆ˛PYˆ„ˆˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆřĚˆ„€řˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙„đđ˙ƒđˆ ˆ„ ˆ„ˆˆˆpˆƒö ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆƒ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆpˆƒŕ÷iˆ‚ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒŇMIˆ‚€ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ9KĘˆˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆƒľ¨ţ ˆ€ ˙đ ˙‹đ ˙„ˆ ˙đ ˙đ ˙ƒđˆˆˆ„ˆˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ ˙†ˆˆpvpˆ„€řˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙…đ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ ˆ†pˆîˆˆ˙™đđ˙ ˆ‡‡ˆČˆˆ˙™đ˙ ˆ‡‡ˆŕˆˆ€˙’đ˙ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ˙™đ˙ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆëˆ€˙„đđ ˙… ˆpˆ(ˆ€˙†đ ˆpˆ$ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆĂˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆˆ€# ˆ’€ˆˆ€ ˆ†pˆRˆˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ…ˆˆˆ€˙žđ˙đđ˙˙ ˆ‡‡ˆjˆˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ…ˆˆˆˆ€˙žđ˙đđ˙˙ ˆˆ‡ˆŇˆˆ€řˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆmˆˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‘€ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆŘˆ‚€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„ˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ˙„ ˆpˆ ˆ‚€řˆ…€ ˆpˆsˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆ­ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ‚‡ˆĺˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ˆ€"˙€ˆ ˆ€# ˙†đ˙˙ ˙‡ˆnˆˆ€řˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„ˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆˆ„ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚đ˙ƒ ˆˆpˆ‰."ˆˆ€˙đđđđ ˆ˙• ˆ†pˆˆ€™ ˆ€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙„đ˙ ˆ‡€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆWˆ€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙ƒ ˆ‡€ˆˆˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ˆđ˙đ˙˙ ˙— ˙ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆƒ ˙đ ˆpˆ‚w—ˆ,˙…ˆˆ€ř+ˆpˆ+ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ç爁,˙…ˆˆ€ř+ˆpˆ+ˆ‚‡ˆ‚=ˆ€+˙đˆ*˙‚řˆ€+˙€ˆ‚żlˆ€, ˆ"˙ ˆ€ ˆ˙Œđ˙ ˆ€ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ€˙Œđ𠈁€˙‰đ𠈌€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙…đ ˆ‚p˙Łđ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆpˆ‚Ý܈+ˆ…‡ˆˆ€,˙đˆ+ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ŕ ˆ+ˆ…‡ˆˆ€,˙đˆ+ˆ‚‡ˆ‚Ű„ˆ€+˙€ˆ+˙ˆ€+˙€ˆ‚÷:ˆ€, ˆ!ˆ ˆ€˙‚đ˙ ˆ€ ˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‰€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚€ř ˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ˆ ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆ†€€ˆ ˆ‚p ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˙…ˆˆWXˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ ˙đˆ‚ ęˆ‚€ř ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙…đ ˙ ˙… ˆƒ€ ˆˆ€ˆ†‡dˆ€ ˙‹đ ˙ˆ ˙ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆp ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‡pˆŠâˆˆ€ ˙Š ˙‚đ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˙‚đ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˙ ˆˆˆ ˆ„‡€řˆŽˆ€ˆ ˙ ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ…pˆˆJˆ€ ˙ƒ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆŽcˆ€ ˙…đ ˆƒ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‚ ˆ†‡ˆˆŒ[ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚Œˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚‹lˆ€ ˆƒ€ ˆˆ€ˆ‡‡‚"ˆ€ř ˆ‰ ˙Žđ˙ ˙đ ˆƒˆˆ„ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‡pˆ‚"ˆˆˆ†€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ ˙Žđ˙˙đđ ˙đ ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆpˆ‚"ˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙‚ ˙‚ ˆƒ‡€ ˙‚đ˙Š ˆ„‡€řˆŽˆ€ˆ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ‚€ř ˆ„ ˆ‚ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ƒ3ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ŒĚˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚€ ˆƒ€ ˆˆ€ˆ‡‡‚"ˆ€ř ˆ‰ ˆ€ ˙đ˙˙ ˙đ˙˙ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆ ˙ˆđ˙˙ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˙‡đ˙˙ ˆ‚‡ ˙đ ˙‚đˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ‚"ˆ ˆ€ˆ† ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆˆ ˙ƒ€řˆŽˆ€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙ƒ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ…pˆˆ‚"ˆ‚€ř ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ‚€ř ˆ„ ˆƒ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙‡đ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ƒ3ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚ŒĚˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ‚€ ˙‚đ˙ƒ ˆ‰ ˆ‚€ř ˆŠˆˆ€ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ƒˆ€€ ˆ ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ€˙™ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒ‡ ˆ„‡€ř ˆˆˆ ˆƒ‡€˙™ ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆˆˆƒ‡€˙„ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆƒ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ‚ ˙…ˆˆ‚"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆ‚‚"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆ‚ƒ3ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ‚ŒĚˆ€ @\ ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‡pˆŒĺˆˆ ˙ž ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‡pˆ‡żˆˆ€ ˙ ˙Ł ˙ƒđˆˆŞ€ˆˆ ˙„ ˙„ ˙ 0\ ˆ€˙¤ ˆ˙  ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‡pˆ€ˆˆˆ–€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ˙  ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ ˆˆpˆˆˆ€ř ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ–€ ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆ˙ˇ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ˙ ÷More  J\ ˆ‚€řˆž€ˆˆˆ ˙†ƒ ˆˆž€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆŠˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˙đ˙ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙ˆˆƒ5ˆˆ€ř ˆ–€ ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆˆŞ€ˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ ˆƒpˆ˙ˆđ˙ ˙„ ˙„ ˙ƒđ ÷More †\ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ†`&Rˆˆ˙š ˙‚đˆĽ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˙‚đˆ§€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˙š ˙ƒ€řˆŽ€ˆ ˙„ ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ„ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒĚ5fˆ€ ˙„ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆƒfcďˆ€ ˙ƒđ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆpˆƒ€řˆƒĚ–nˆ2˙…ˆˆ€ř1ˆpˆ1ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€đˆƒfĐUˆ2˙…ˆˆ€ř1ˆpˆ1ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒťKťˆ€1˙đˆ0˙‚řˆ€1˙€ˆ€ˆƒĚ%Uˆ€2 ˆƒv/ţ p\ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ† ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ˙ˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€!ˆ‡pˆˆ˙˙ ˙ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆƒđ ˆpˆƒ€řˆƒ ˆƒußŐ r\ ˆƒpˆ˙ ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆƒÝÝ_ ˙‚đ,˙5ˆp5ˆ…‡ŕíúˆ‚ˆ€ ˙‚đ+˙đ5ˆ‚‡5ˆ…pˆˆuĽˆƒ€ˆˆ€˙Ş ˆ†‡ˆÚˆ„€ˆˆˆ˙Šđđđ ˆ†‡ˆă _ˆ„ˆˆˆ€˙†đđđ ˆpˆˆü Ljˆ€řˆˆˆ€˙Ş ˆ†pˆˆřXˆ„ˆˆˆ˙Ťđ˙˙𠈂€€ˆˆ‚ ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆŕ3¨ˆƒˆˆ€˙„đđ˙‹ ˆ‚€€ˆˆ‚ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆpˆƒwŒˆƒ€řˆ€˙‚ ˆˆ‚ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒ€ ˆ€2  ˆ'ˆ7˙5ˆ…pˆ@€ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€ř ˆ˘ ˆ†‡ˆǞˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ’€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ€˙– ˆ†‡ˆ ˆ’€ˆˆ ˆƒpˆˆ ˆ†pˆˆhVoˆ„ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙„ ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆfvfˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆƒˆ€ˆ‚€ˆ ˆ‰pˆˆ˙˙ ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆpˆƒ™ů™ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆˆ‰ˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ ˆƒ€ ˆ€2 ˆ'ˆ5ˆ€7˙…đˆ@€ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€ř ˆ˘ ˙¤ ˆ’€ˆˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚€€ˆˆ‚ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚€€ˆˆ‚ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆˆ‰ˆ€ ˆˆ‚ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ€2  ˙ƒ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚€ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒ.!ˆ€˙… ˆƒŮs„ #More â.ˆ€řˆ’ ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒ%Žˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ˆƒ7ŁÖˆ€ ˆƒÄ ˆ ˆƒ€ĚŒ #More ˙ ˙ ˆ‡‡ˆˆř{3ˆƒˆˆ€˙†đ˙ ˙ ˆpˆˆƒ€řˆ€˙ˆ ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒR3Wˆ‚ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒ”ž‹ˆ‚€ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒů÷ˈˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒ÷V/ ˆ€ ˆˆ!ˆ€$˙đ!ˆ…‡äŠˆ‚€ˆ!ˆ€$˙đ!ˆ…‡)`Žˆ‚ˆ‚€ř!ˆ#˙!ˆ…pˆ@Šeˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€ř ˆ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ…€€ˆ€€ ˆ€˙›đđđ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ€˙™đđđđ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚Wˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ…€ˆˆˆ€ˆŠpˆˆ˙˙đđ˙ƒ ˆpˆƒƒ›Eˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ‡ ˆpˆƒAĘŃˆ‚ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒĆˆ‚€ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆƒm{Ăˆˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆƒQÉ ˆ€ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ…€€ˆ€€ ˆ‚€řˆŽˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚€řˆ”ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ˙‰ ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ€ ˆ˙ ˆ€˙ ˆ€˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ‰€ˆ€€€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙Ź ˆ€ ˆˆ„ ~\ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‹€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆp ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆp ˆ‹ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ˙ƒˆˆ˙—đ˙ ˆ‹ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ˙ƒˆˆ€˙“đ˙ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ˙ƒˆˆ€˙Ÿđ˙ ˆ‚€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ‡€řˆˆˆˆ˙ˆŁ˙˙đ˙ ˆˆˆ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒ¨˙˙ˆ‡€˙˙đ˙ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆƒŻň#  z\ ˙Žđ ˙ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‹€ ˙Ž ˆ‚ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆp ˆ‹ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ† ˆ‹ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ‡@ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆŠ€řˆˆˆˆ ˆˆˆ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒ¸’#ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒđ ˆ j\ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‹€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ˙’ ˆ‚ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆp ˆ‹ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ†D@ ˆ‹ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‡D€Čˆˆ€řˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ‡030ˆˆ€řˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‚p ˆ‚€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆƒ‡ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ‡€řˆˆˆˆ ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒ"ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˙ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆƒîîţ v\ ˙Ž ˙ ˆ‹€ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙đ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ† ˙đ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ„€řˆ€ˆ‡@DȈˆ€řˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‚p ˆ‚€ ˆŒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆŠ€řˆˆˆˆ ˆˆˆ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆƒˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙†đ˙ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ v\ ˆŒˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ ˙Žđ˙ ˙ˆƒ€ř€ˆ† ˆ‹ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ ˙Žđ˙˙đđ ˙ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‚‡ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ‚€ ˆ ˆˆ#˙ ˆp ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚pŒˆ‚€ˆ#˙ ˆp ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚pŽˆ‚ˆ€"˙đ ˆ‚‡ ˆp ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ˆˆ€˙• ˆƒpˆ‚ˆ„ˆˆˆ€˙đ˙˙đđ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒ‡ ˆ„ˆ€€ƒ ˆƒpˆˆ•ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ ˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆŒˆƒˆˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆˆ†ˆƒ€řˆ€˙ƒ ˆ† ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ…€ˆˆ€€ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ ˆˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆŠ ˆ€  ˙đ˙˙đđ ˙đ˙˙đđ ˙đˆ•ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€‡ˆ€€ˆˆˆpˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆŽˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙đ˙˙đđ ˙đˆ‡€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€‹ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆ†ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆŽˆˆ€€ˆ ˙‚ ˙‚ ˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆŒˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆˆ„ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ€˙Œđ˙đ𠈃pˆ†ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆŽˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚‡ ˆ„ˆ€€ƒ ˆŸpˆ˙˙đđđ𠈃ˆ€ˆ ˆ‰pˆ˙˙đđ ˙ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ† ˆŒ‡ˆ€˙˙ ˙ ˆ€  ˆ‚€řˆ”ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒ‡ ˆ„ˆ€€ƒ ˆƒpˆˆ•ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ ˆˆ€ˆƒ‡€˙„ ˙„đˆˆ‚ˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˙„ˆˆ‚ˆƒ€řˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ† ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ…€ˆˆ€€ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ€ ˆˆƒ€ ˙‚đˆ§ˆ€ˆˆ ˙‚đˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˙š ˙ƒ€řˆ¨ˆ€ˆ ˙„ ˙„ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒ€ř€ ˆ€ ˙ƒđ ˆƒrgr T\ ˙„ ˙ƒ ˆƒÝßÝ ˙ˆˆ†p€ˆ€ř#ˆ#ˆ€˙‚đ˙đ ˆˆ‡‡ƒˆ€řˆ–€ ˆ€˙•đ˙đ˙ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ˙•đ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ€ ˆ˙–đ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆƒpˆ˙‰đ ˆ†‡ˆˆ„@ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‚ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ„@ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚„@ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚„@ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ‚„@ˆ€  ˙‡ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ†€ˆˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆpˆƒ@&fˆƒ€řˆ€˙„ ˆpˆ ˆ€2 ˆˆ˙ ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚ ˆpˆƒ€ˆ ˆ€2 T\ ˆ"˙ƒ ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ€$˙ ˆŁ€ ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ†€ˆˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˙đ ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚ ˙†đ ˙™ ˆœ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ…DDˆˆ ˙šđ˙ ˆƒ€ˆˆ—ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆŽ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ…""ˆˆ€ ˙“đ˙ ˙‚đ ˆˆ• ˆƒ‡ ˙‚đ ˆ… ˆƒ‡ ˙›đ˙ ˙ƒ€ř ˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˙„đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚ˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚Şćˆ€ ˙ƒ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆ ˆƒ ˆƒ€ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ‰ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€đˆ‚˜‰ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆ‚Dˆ€,˙đˆ+˙‚řˆ€,˙€ˆ€ˆ‚DDˆ€- ˆ‚Uf ˆ ˙ ˙ ˆœ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ…1ˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ ˙ ˆƒ€ˆˆ—ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ ˙ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆŽ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ†ˆˆ€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˙‚đ ˙ƒđˆ ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚ˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙‚đ ˙„ˆ€řˆ…€ˆˆ ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚ˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ ˙‚đ ˙„ˆ€ř ˆ„ ˆƒ€ ˆpˆƒ€řˆ‚ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€đˆ‚ ˆ‚  ˆ ˆˆ• ˆ€ ˙Ą ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€‘ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚€ř ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€‘ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ˙Žđ˙˙đ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚‡ ˙ ˆ‚Wu  \ ˆ€- ˆ= iłImages ¤\ ˆ€- ˆu iłImages Ž\ ˆ€- ˆ™ ˙˜đ˙đ ˙đˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˆpˆƒ€řˆŮˆƒˆˆ ˙˜đ˙đ ˙ˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆpˆ‰€ˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆěˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˙ˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆpˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ1ˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙— ˆ‰€ˆˆ ˙— ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆ@ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˙–đ ˙ƒ€řˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˙‚đ˙ƒ€řˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ™ˆƒˆˆ€ ˙ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ ˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙ˆ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒ€ ˆ€- ˆď iłqZO;Images ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˆpˆƒ€řˆŮˆƒˆˆˆƒˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ€˙ˆ ˙đˆ‰€ˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆěˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ“€ ˙đˆ‰€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ1ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€řˆ“€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚p ˙ˆ ˙‚ ˆ‰€ˆˆ ˙ˆ ˙‚ ˆ‰€ˆˆˆ€€ˆŠ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆbˆ„ˆˆˆˆ’ˆ ˆƒ‡€ ˙ˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ ˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆŮˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˙ ˆ€- ˆ3 iłď ˙‹ ˙đˆ„€řˆ€ˆˆ!ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€řˆ“€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€€€ˆ‚pˆƒ€ ˙đˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆ ˆ„‡€řˆƒ€ˆˆ€ˆ‰ˆˆ ˙ˆ„€řˆ€ˆˆ„€řˆˆˆ‚ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙ ˙ˆ„€řˆˆ1ˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ ˆ€- ˆ  iłď ˆ†‡ńëżˆƒˆˆ ˙Œđ˙˙ ˆœ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ†pˆ‰ĺ-ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙Šđ˙˙ ˆ†pˆˆť¨¸ˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙‰đ˙˙ ˙‚đ ˆš€ˆˆ€ ˙‚đ ˆ› ˙Œđ˙˙ ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ˆ‹ ˙‚đ ˙‚đ˙‚đ ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆˆ€ ˙‚đ ˙‚đ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ…€ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆŠŞŞ˘ˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙…đ˙˙ ˆ„ ˆ€- ˆ–ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ–ˆˆ ˆ‰ˆˆ ˆ ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆ€- ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ^ˆ$˙!ˆ†p‚ßśˆ ˙ ˆ‡‡€ˆ ˆ€˙” ˆ€ ˆˆ‡„‰ćˆˆ˙–đ˙ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ¤çˆˆ˙•đ˙ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ†jˆˆ€˙•đ˙ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ€doˆˆ€˙–đ˙ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆŒ1Ňˆ˙•đ˙  ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒ ˙‡đ‚0 ˙‡ŠŞ*ˆ€ř ˆ‘ ˙ ˙‡‚""ˆˆˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙đ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆpˆ ˆ†‡‡Ťˆ€ ˙•đ ˆp ˆ”€ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‡pˆŠˆˆ ˙• ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‡pˆ+ˆˆ€ ˙” ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ„ ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‹ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‹ˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ‚Š¸ˆ€# ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ ˆpˆ ˆ‡‡ƒ3ˆ€ř ˆ‘€ ˆ˙  ˆp ˆ”€ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‡pˆ‘ˆˆ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€˙• ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…ˆˆ ˆˆpˆŒĚˆˆ€ř ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p˙” ˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ ˆ‚p˙ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆƒ‡€˙„ ˙‹ ˙Œđ˙đ ˙Œđ˙đ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‡7ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚€ ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚‹ąˆ€"˙€ˆ"˙ˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ‚„„ˆ€# ˙ˆ‚ ˆˆ˜ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ›ˆ€ˆ ˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ› ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ…ˆˆƒpˆ˙„ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€Dˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚€Dˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚€Dˆ€"˙€ˆ!˙‚řˆ€"˙đˆ!˙‚řˆ‚€ˆ€# ˆˆ˜ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ€˙—đđ˙ ˆ‚€řˆ‰ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ†€ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆŠˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ€˙‹đ˙ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ›ˆ€ˆ ˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ› ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆ€ˆ ˆ…ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆˆƒ‡€˙„đ˙ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ ˆpˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ ˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˙ ˙ ˆŽ€ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆp ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆpˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ€ĚŁˆˆ˙•đ˙ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆp ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ ˆpˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ‡iˆˆ€˙•đ˙ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‰‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€˙–đ˙ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ†‡ˆ‰&őˆ˙•đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆˆ€‰ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ„‰Oˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ†pˆˆ…„Ĉ€˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆď䈁€˙ƒ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚\눁 ˙đˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆƒŠ]´ˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆƒ†lˆ€ ˙ˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ‚VŁˆ€  ŠMore IŔˆ$ˆ&˙đ$ˆp$ˆp$ˆpˆˆ€ˆ&˙đ$ˆp$ˆpˆƒ€ ˆ€ˆ€&˙#ˆ‚‡#ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆˆ‡€ ˆ‘ ˆŽ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˆŠ‡ˆ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ†‡ˆ‚ ˆƒ€ˆˆ€‰ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆpˆ‚DĈ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‚€ř#ˆ€&˙#ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆˆ‡Œ@Œˆ€ř ˆ‘ ˆˆ ˙‘đ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ ˙‘đ˙˙ ˙đˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ€ô@ˆˆ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˙‘đ˙˙ ˙đˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰pˆ€b(ˆˆ€řˆ‘€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙‚ ˆŠ‡ˆƒ0ˆˆ€řˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˙‚ ˆ†‡ˆ†&"ˆˆ’€ˆˆ€ ˆ†pˆˆ‚""ˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆˆƒpˆ˙‚đ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ†pˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ŠMore ˆ€ˆ‚€ř#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ€&˙ˆ€ ˆˆ‡€ ˆ‘ ˆˆ ˆ€˙ž ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆ˙ž ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ ˆ˙ž ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆ‚‡ ˆŠ‡ˆ÷Dˆˆ€řˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ†‡ˆŠ˘"ˆˆ’€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ€ˆˆ€‰ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ‚Ušˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆ‰pˆ˙˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ôDˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ô@ˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆƒ€b(ˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˆpˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆƒƒ0ˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ€˙‚řˆ€ ˙ˆ€˙‚řˆƒ†&"ˆ€ ŠMore ˆ€ˆ‚€ř#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ€˙ ˆ‘ ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆŽ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˙đ˙ ˙ˆđˆ€ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ ˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ ˆˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˙đ˙ ˙‰đˆˆˆ€řˆ‘€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˙đ˙ ˙‰ˆ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ ˆƒ‡ ˙đ˙ ˙…ˆ€ ˆƒ€ˆˆ€‰ˆ ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˙„đ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ŠMore ˙‚đ˙ ˙Šđ ˆ‚€ ˆ*ˆ€-˙„đˆˆ€ˆ€˙‚đ˙…đ†ˆ€řˆ€ˆ˙‚đ˙……ˆ€řˆŒ ˙ ˆ‚€ ˙‡ ˆ€ ˆƒ ˙ƒđ ˙„đˆˆˆˆˆƒ€ˆ ˆ…ˆˆˆ„€€ˆˆƒ‡€˙„ ˙„ ˙„ ˆ‡‡€ ˆ€ ˆˆ‡€ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆˆpˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆ€ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ€˙ƒ ˙‡đ̈€ř ˆ€ˆ˙ ˙‡„.ˇˆ€ř ˆ‘ ˙ ˙‡ˆvţˆˆˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙đ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ…p€ˆ€%˙đ#ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆp ˆˆ†‡Œ%ˆ€˙šđ ˆpˆ™€ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ’€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ™ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ‡pˆŒ:ˆˆ˙– ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ€ ˆp ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ™ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆˆ‡pˆ‡çˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒpˆˆ’ ˆ†‡ˆˆŒšˆ€˙ƒđ ˆ‚ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆŽ­ˆ ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚‹”ˆ ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚‡ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚ŽËˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ†pƒˆ€ř#ˆ%˙ˆ€ ˆp ˆˆ‡‡‚Tˆ€řˆ–€ ˙‘đ ˙ˆ‘ˆˆˆ ˆpˆ™€ ˙‘ ˙ ˙‚ ˆ†‡ˆˆŽjˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆƒIˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€ ˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚‰Ęˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€ ˙đˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ‚Œ)ˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚€ˆ€ ˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆƒpˆ˙ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ ˙đ ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙ ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆ˙ ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đ ˆ€ â 0    h €ř#ˆ#ˆ‚€ř#ˆ'˙„ ˆ‚€ř ˆ‘ˆˆˆ ˆ†€ˆˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€˙¨đ˙ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆ’€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€˙žđ˙ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ…ˆˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆƒ‡ ˆƒpˆˆ’ ˙‚đ ˙…đˆˆ†oˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„ˆˆˆ‰pˆˆ˙đ˙ ˙‚đ ˙…ˆˆvˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‚ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ…„ädˆ€ ˙™ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆ‘ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆˆ†ŠŸÜˆˆ˙—đ˙ ˆp ˆ‡€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ†Šš™ˆˆ€˙“đ˙ ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆŒˆˆˆˆźBˆˆ€˙›đ˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆŒŒęˆ˙›đ˙ ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆŠ‡´ˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ€ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆƒ‚ ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆƒ‚ëŤˆ€˙ƒ ˙‚đ˙„ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ‚ ˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆ‚şˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ‚ˆƒ„Gďˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ†€ ˆ–€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ˙Ł ˆp ˆ‘ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆˆ†… ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆ˙ ˆp ˆ‡€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‡€ ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆ†€€ˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆ‚##ˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ€ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙ ˆ‚ ˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒ„ Ŕ\ ˙đˆƒ€ ˙ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ… ˆ–€ ˙—đ ˙ ˆ‘ˆ€ˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ˆ ˙— ˆ‘ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆˆ†Őˆˆ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ˆ ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆ„ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˛\ ˆ˙ƒđ ˙ˆ‚ˆ… ˆ–€ ˙ˆ‚€ˆ†„˛ˆˆ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙• ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙‰đ ˆ€ˆ€ ˙‰đ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˙– ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙ƒ ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙…đ˙đ˙ˆƒˆˆƒ„œˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‚ ˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙†đ˙đ Ě\ ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆ‚‡(ˆ…‡„´<ˆƒ€ˆˆ€ ˙ ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆp ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆŒˆˆˆˆˆˆ…pˆ…+}ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆp ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆŒˆˆˆˆˆˆ…pˆŒRĎˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆ”€€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆ ˙ ˙ƒđˆ ˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆŒ€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ†pˆˆŠ5ţˆƒˆˆ€ ˙ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆÝˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆˆ‚ˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆƒˆ‚€ˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆƒˆˆ€%˙ˆ€$˙‚řˆ€$˙‚řˆ€$˙‚řˆƒ ˆ€% ˆ‚‡(ˆ…‡€ ˆˆ ˆŒ€ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙™đđđ˙ ˆpˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆŒˆˆˆˆˆˆ…pˆ€3 ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙™đđđ𠈁pˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆŒˆˆˆˆˆˆ…pˆŠ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆ ˆŒ€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ†pˆˆ€ˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚đ ˙ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ„DCˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆŠ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ„D8ˆ‚ˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆƒ„D°ˆ‚€ˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆƒ„C€ˆˆ€$˙‚řˆ€%˙ˆ€$˙‚řˆ€$˙‚řˆƒ„K ˆ€% ˙đ)ˆ„p€ ˙(ˆ…‡ˆ ˆˆ ˙— ˙ˆ€ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˙— ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˙— ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ”€€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ˙„ ˆˆ†pˆˆ‚""ˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ ˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚""ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆŠ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚""ˆ‚ˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆƒ‚""ˆ‚€ˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆƒ‚""ˆˆ€$˙‚řˆ€$˙‚řˆ€%˙ˆ€$˙‚řˆƒ‚"" ˆ€% ž\ ˆ+˙„đ€ ˆˆ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙’ ˆ…ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙Š ˆ”€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆ”€€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ€‹ˆ€€ˆ ˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆŒ€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ†pˆ˙˙ ^ˆ$˙!ˆ†p‚ßśˆ˙ƒđ ˆ€ ˙“ ˆ€ ˆ†pˆˆ˙ˆ€˙„đđ˙„đˆˆˆ€ ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ€Iˆ€˙‚ ˆ‚€€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ‚÷Zˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆƒŒ¨Kˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆƒ€Ękˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ‚'툁€ ˆŽˆ ˙†đˆˆ‚""ˆ‚€řˆƒˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ ˙ ˙†ˆˆ‚""ˆ‚€řˆ‚€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ ˙ƒ ˆ‚‡0ˆ‡pˆö_´ˆ€˙đ ˆ›€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆœ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆ“€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆhˆˆ˙Ąđ˙˙đ ˆš€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆpˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‰‡ˆqŚöˆˆ€˙”đ˙˙đ ˆœ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆœ€ ˆƒpˆˆŽ€ˆˆ€€ ˙‚đ˙…đ ˙‚đ˙…đ˙đ˙ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˙đ0ˆˆ‡fvfˆ€řˆˆˆ$˙‚đ ˙0ˆˆpˆDÔUˆ€ř ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ™€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ˜€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ ˆ€ ˙ž ˙đˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆŠ‡ˆTÔDˆˆ€ř ˆ€ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚p˙ ˆ‚p˙  ˆˆ„€ˆ ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆƒ˜™”ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆƒű˝ßˆ€,˙€ˆ,˙ˆ€,˙€ˆˆ€- ˆ3˙‡™Ů™ˆ€řˆˆˆ#ˆ ˆ€2˙ˆđˆ‰É‰ˆ€ř ˆ€ ˆ€˙Şđ˙˙ ˆ€ˆ™€ˆˆˆ ˆœ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙Şđ˙˙ ˆ€ˆ˜€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ ˆ‚€ř ˆš€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ˙Žđ˙˙ ˆ‚p ˆœ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚p ˆœ€ ˆpˆ˙˙đ˙˙ ˆˆ„€ˆ ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ‡pˆ˙˙đ˙ ˆˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆ‡ˆ€˙˙đ˙ƒ ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ ˆƒ€ ˆ€ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙đ ˙™ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ…‰íˆˆ ˙—đ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ…„*ˆˆ€ ˙“đ˙ ˙‚đˆ™ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˙‚đˆ™ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€€€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆ‰€řˆˆˆˆŤ˘ˆ ˙›đ˙ ˙ƒ€řˆ˘ˆˆ€€ˆ ˙„đ˙ ˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚ŰŸˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚şŁˆ€ ˙ƒ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆ„€ ˆ‚Uf ˆ˙” ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ€˙Šđ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ…‰˜ˆˆ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ€˙”đ˙˙đđ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ‚€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆpˆ…€řˆˆˆ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆ ˆ ˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆ ˆ‚Ý ˆˆ˘€ ˙Ÿđ˙đđ𠈖€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚€řˆ™ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆ ˙Ÿđ˙đđ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ…ˆˆˆ†ˆˆˆˆ ˙Ÿđ˙đđ ˆƒpˆ˙…đ˙đ ˙ ˙ ˙đˆƒ€ř€ˆ‚ ˙ ˙đˆƒ€řˆ‚ ˆ‚Mő †\ ˙đ ˆŠ ˆ› ˙ ˆ‘€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„ˆ€ ˆp ˆ†ˆˆˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆÁˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙™đ˙ ˙ ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ ˆp ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆoˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙˜đ˙ ˙‚đ ˆ€ˆ“ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆšˆ€ˆ ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆ<ˆ„ˆˆˆ˙žđ˙ ˆ›ˆ€ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ"ˆƒˆˆ€˙„đ˙ ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆˆˆˆˆˆpˆƒ€ř€ˆvˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙ƒ ˙‡đ ˆ€- ˆł †\ ˆ˜ ˆ› ˙đ˙ ˙đ ˆ†ˆˆˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆƒ€ř€ˆ"ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ ˆ€ ˙˜đ˙˙đđ ˙đ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆ"ˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ˜€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ ˆšˆ€ˆ ˙‚ ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆpˆˆ€řˆˆˆˆ"ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ™€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡€ ˙‚đ˙˜ ˆ›ˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ‚‡ˆ„€řˆˆˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ€- ˆ „\ ˆ˜ ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ˆ”€ ˆˆˆƒpˆ˙„ ˙ˆ„€řˆˆĂˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€˙ƒ ˆ€- ˆ1 ˙đ˙đ˙ ˙đˆ˘€ˆˆˆ ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆŒˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ",ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙Žđ ˙ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ‡ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆp ˆ‡€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€…ˆˆˆˆˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ$߈„ˆˆˆ€ ˙đ ˙ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆŞýˆƒˆˆ€˙…đ˙đ ˙ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆƒ€řˆ€˙…đ˙đ ˙ ˆpˆˆ‚ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ‚ˆ‚€ˆ-˙…ˆˆ€ř,ˆpˆ,ˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆ€,˙đˆ+˙‚řˆ€,˙€ˆ‚Î˙ ˆ€- ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆŒˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒˆˆˆ ˆ€˙• ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆp ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆ ˆ‚ ˆp ˆ‚ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚€ˆ,ˆ…‡ˆˆ€-˙đˆ,ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€,˙€ˆ,˙ˆ€,˙€ˆ€- .\ ˆ„‡€řˆ˘€ˆˆˆ ˆ„ˆˆ ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ„ˆˆ ˆ‚ ˙ ˆ€- ˆˆpˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆˆˆˆpˆń˙Ąˆˆ˙š ˆ‰‡ˆŮŸˆˆ˙– ˆ‰‡ˆĐ|iˆˆ€˙ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‰pˆˆË"߈ˆ€˙š ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ†pˆˆó„wˆ˙š ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ…ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆüWżˆ€˙„ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ˝/˘ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙„đˆˆˆ‚ ˆƒ€€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒÝhmˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒh^Ďˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆƒÎ¸ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆƒ:爁€ ˙ ˆƒˆˆˆˆpˆDĈˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€˙— ˆ‰‡ˆ ˆƒ‡ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ…pˆˆÜ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ†pˆˆŚĎ›ˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙ƒđˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆˆ…ˆ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ@@Hˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˙ ˙„ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ33ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ™ ˙‚đ˙đ!ˆ‚‡!ˆˆpˆ"ˆ€řˆ–€ ˆƒˆˆˆˆpˆDĈˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‚€řˆŒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„€€ˆ€ˆ˙—đ˙˙đđđ ˆ‰‡ˆ ˆƒ‡ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆŠpˆˆÜȈˆ€řˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚pˆ‹ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ†pˆˆśĎ›ˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆ˙„đ˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ#3ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒ€€ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„đ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆƒ™ Č\ ˆƒˆˆˆ„pˆˆřˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‚€řˆŒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ„€€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆčˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€˙— ˆŠ‡ˆâ˘ˆˆ€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆŠpˆˆ""ˆˆ€řˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚pˆ‹ ˆ†€ˆ€ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ"",ˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆƒ‡€˙ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆ"ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆƒ€€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˆ…€ˆˆ ˆpˆ"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ"ˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ"ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ"ˆ€ č\ ˙‡ ˙‡đ ˙‡đđđ ˙ƒđˆˆ„ˆˆ€řˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚pˆ‹ ˙‡đđđ ˙ƒđˆˆˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙† ˙ƒˆˆˆˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ€ ˆ ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙† ˙ƒˆˆˆ‚€řˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙†đ˙đ ˆƒ€€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˙†đ˙đ ˙„đˆˆˆ…€ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ…†[ˆ€˙ƒđ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆˆ„ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€˙•đ˙˙đ ˆƒ‡€˙†đ˙˙đ˙†đˆˆŠŞŞˆ‚€řˆ…€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙†đ˙ î\ ˆ‡ ˆpˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆpˆ—ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‰‡ˆĘ ݈ˆ˙ ˙ˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆp ˆ€ˆŠˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆpˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ‰‡ˆúÓˆˆ€˙’ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ü\ ˆ‡ ˆpˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆpˆ—ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ‰‡ˆDÄDˆˆ ˆ ˆ€˙ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆpˆ•ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆŠ‡ˆˆ„Ŕˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ä\ ˙đ ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˙ ˙‚đ˙ƒ€řˆ€ˆƒpˆˆƒˆ€ˆ‡‡ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ‚€ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆˆpˆƒŕˆ‚€ř ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ Ř\ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ€˙™đđđ ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆˆ ˆ€˙—đđđ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ Ř\ ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ•€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ˙›đđ˙ ˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆ‚ˆ†ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆŠˆˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆ“€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ˙™đ˙ ďˆ ˆ‚€€ˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ‚€ ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ ˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ‰pˆ˙˙đ˙ ∂€ř ˆˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ‚€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆ ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆŠ‡ˆ€˙˙đđ˙đˆƒ"$ ˆ‚€ř ˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€˙đˆƒDˆ€ ˙đˆŒ ˆ‘€ ˙ˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ‚ˆˆpˆ‘ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ €ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‡pˆ‡ćˆˆ€ ˙“đ˙ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆ€€ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ…€ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ…€€ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ…pˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ€ ˙ƒ ˙‚đ˙„đˆˆˆ‚ ߈,ˆ€/˙đ,ˆ‚‡,ˆ…p† ˆ‘€ ˆ‚‡ˆ €ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ€˙Žđđđđ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆpˆ‚€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚p˙Žđđ˙ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ”€ˆ€€ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚p˙ƒđ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ…€ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒ‡€˙„đđ˙ƒđˆ ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆ€ˆ…€€ˆˆ ˆ€ˆ…pˆˆ1ˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ ˙„đđ˙„ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ‡€€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆˆŒˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ ˙ƒđ ˆ‚€řˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˙•đ˙˙đđ˙ ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ‹ˆˆ ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ‚ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆˆƒpˆ ˙‚đ ˙ ˆ†‡ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ ˆ˙ ˆ€˙Ś ˆ‚€řˆ‹ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ€˙Š ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ‹ˆˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙Š ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆ ˆ‚pˆ‚ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙Ś ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„‡€řˆƒˆˆƒpˆ ˆˆˆƒ‡€˙ ˙‚đ ˙đˆˆ‚€ř ˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ‡pˆˆ˙˙ ˆ‚ ˆ‡pˆď숈˙‘ ˆ’ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆˆ‡ˆ*—ˆˆ˙ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆˆ‡ˆşžˆˆ€˙‚ ˆ†‡ˆˆ'śˆ˙ UbHow To ˆ‡pˆˆˆˆ…ˆ€ˆ€Žˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆƒˆˆ€˙Śđ˙đ ˆ’ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ ˆˆ‡ˆ ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ‚ˆƒˆˆ€˙ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆ‰‡ˆˆˆ€ř ˆ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ ˆƒ‡€˙ƒđ ˙ƒđˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ(ˆ‚€řˆƒˆˆ€ˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˙„ˆ€ř ˆƒˆˆpˆ‚Q1ˆ‚€řˆ‚€ ˆ‚ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ ˙„ˆ€ř ˆ‚ UbHow To ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ‚ˆƒˆˆ‚€řˆ€ ˙‰đˆˆˆˆ€řˆ…€ ˙…đˆˆ3ˆˆˆ ˙– ˙…ˆˆ¨×ˆˆˆ€ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ‚ˆ ˆˆ€ ˆƒpˆ ˙„ ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ƒ ˆ‚ ˆ„pˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆƒ€ ˙ƒ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆŘˆ€˙‚đ˙…đ˙đ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ ˆ ˆpˆ‚gˆ€˙đ ˆ‚ ˆpˆ‚|5ˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚Œěˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚˝˛ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€˙€ˆ‚–ˆ€ ˆƒ‡€˙ ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆćNˆ‚€řˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ ˆpˆ‚'6ˆ‚€řˆƒ€ ˆ‚ ˆpˆ‚ˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚0ˆˆ…‡ˆˆ€˙đˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚ÍĚˆ€˙€ˆ˙ˆ€˙€ˆ‚UUˆ€ ˙šđ ˆˆ… ˆ‚‡ˆŒ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ‡pˆ…ˆˆ ˙– ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚pˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆ‰Mˆˆ€ ˙š ˆ„ ˆ‚pˆĄ€ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ† ˆƒpˆ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ’€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ…pˆˆŠ˛ˆ€˙„ ˆ‚‡ˆŽˆ€˙ƒđ    h  h ¨\ ˆpˆ ˆŠ ˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆpˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ„‚ˆˆ€˙“đ˙ ˆ”€ˆ ˆ‰ ˆ‚€€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‚ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ‚€€ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆˆ€˙ƒ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆˆ‚ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆŒˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ˆ‚ˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ V‰N1őImages Ś\ ˆpˆ ˆŠ ˆ‰ ˆ‚€€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒđ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆ‹ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ˆ€ˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ V‰ď ˘\ ˆpˆ ˆ ˆŠ ˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ˙ ˆ”€ˆ ˆ‰ ˆ‚€€ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙„ ˆ„pˆˆˆ‚ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ‚ ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ#˙…ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ ˆ€# V‰ď Ś\ ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ‘ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ ˙– ˆ”€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆ˙ƒ ˙ƒ ˆ„pˆˆˆ‚ ˙„ ˙ˆ‚€ˆƒˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ‚ˆ€ˆ"ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř"ˆpˆ"ˆ…‡ˆˆ€#˙đˆ ˆ€# V‰ď ˆ‚‡&ˆ‚p„ˆ‚ˆ€˙‚đ ˙đˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ ˆp&ˆƒ‡ˆƒ€ˆˆ€ ˙” ˆ‚‡ˆ…€řˆˆˆ€ ˙•đ˙˙đ ˆ„‡ˆ„ˆ„ˆˆˆ˙•đ˙˙đ𠈓ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ†€€ ˆ„pˆˆ†ˆ„€řˆˆ˙†đ˙˙đ˙ƒ€řˆ‚€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆŠˆƒˆˆ€˙†đ˙ ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆŒˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙… ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ‚ ˆ€# ˆ‚‡&ˆpˆ‚ˆ‚€řˆ€ ˆ˙‚đ˙ ˆ˙› ˆ€˙› ˆ€˙›đ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙›đđđđ˙ ˆ‹‡ˆ†ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆ…ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙›đđđđ˙˙đ ˆ„‡ˆˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ†€ ˆ“ˆ€ ˆ€ˆ†€€ ˆ„pˆˆŒˆ„€řˆˆ ˆ€ˆˆƒ‡€˙‚ ˆ€ˆ„‡€ř ˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ˙„ˆ€ř ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ„ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆ‚ ˆ€# V‰Images ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€˙ ˆˆ—€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ˙ ˆ‚€řˆŽ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆŽˆ€ˆˆ ˆ‹‡ˆ†ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆ…ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆŽˆ€ˆˆˆ€€€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ ˆ„‡ˆˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ†€ ˆ€ˆ†€€ ˆpˆ„€řˆˆ ˆ€ˆˆ„‡€řˆ‚€€ˆƒpˆ˙‚đ˙ƒ€ř ˆ€ˆ ˆ„pˆˆˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ„ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ ˆ€ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙ ˙„đˆˆˆ‚ ˆ€# V‰Images ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ‚€řˆˆ(˙‚‚ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€ř ˆ ˆˆ—€ˆˆ€€ˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€…ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆˆ€˙Œđđ ˙ƒđˆƒˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚€řˆŽ ˙ƒđˆŠˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆŽˆ€ˆˆ ˙Œđ˙ ˙Šˆ„ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ€ˆ…ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆŽˆ€ˆˆˆ€€€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ˆƒ‡ ˙Œđ ˙ƒˆ‚ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ†€ ˆ“ˆ€ ˙‚đ˙‡ ˆ€ˆˆ„‡€řˆ‚€€ˆƒpˆ ˆ€ˆƒ‡€ ˙‚đ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆƒˆƒˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆˆ„pˆˆ ˙„đ˙ ˆ„ ˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ ˆ ˆ„pˆˆ ˙ƒ ˆ€# V‰Images ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ„pˆˆ€˙ ˆ‘ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ‰€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ˙‹ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆp ˆ…€ˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆpˆ"˙…ˆˆ€ř!ˆpˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ"˙…ˆˆ€ř!ˆpˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ€!˙đˆ ˙‚řˆ€!˙€ˆ€" ˙đˆƒ€ ˆpˆ!ˆ…‡ˆˆ€"˙đˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ!ˆ…‡ˆˆ€"˙đˆ!ˆ‚‡ˆ€!˙€ˆ!˙ˆ€!˙€ˆ€" ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙˜ ˆ‘€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ˙† ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€…€€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‡‡˛Ý’ˆ€*˙đ(ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆ‡pˆŕT:ˆ€˙‘đ˙đ˙ ˆˆƒpˆˆˆ‚€€ˆ‡‡ˆˆŔ#Έ€˙…đ˙đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆ ˆpˆƒr” ˆ€˙…đ˙đ˙ ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒşŐšˆ%˙…ˆˆ€ř$ˆpˆ$ˆ‚‡ˆƒň'_ˆ%˙…ˆˆ€ř$ˆpˆ$ˆ‚‡ˆƒtŞ%ˆ€$˙đˆ#˙‚řˆ€$˙€ˆƒxšˆ€% ˆ(ˆ€+˙đ(ˆ‡‡ćߏˆ(ˆ€+˙đˆ‚€ ˆˆ‡Ţ*ˆ€ř(ˆ*˙ˆ€ ˆˆpˆPwڈ€řˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˙„ ˆƒ€ˆ ˆpˆƒDÄDˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ ˙„ ˆƒ€ˆ€ ˆpˆƒ"˛"ˆ$ˆ…‡ˆˆ€%˙đˆ$ˆ‚‡ˆƒD  ˆ–€ ˆˆƒpˆ˙ ˆƒ ˆ‚‡(ˆ‚‡(ˆƒ‡€ ˆ‚‡ˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆpˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆ™€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€€ˆ‰pˆ€ˆ ˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆp ˆ—€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ‰pˆ€ ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ‡pˆˆ†w&fˆ€˙‚đ˙‚đ˙‚đ˙„ˆ€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ„€ˆ ˆ†ˆˆˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ‡ˆˆ€ ˙„đ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ L\ ˙đ)ˆp)ˆ‚p€ ˙(ˆ‚‡(ˆƒ‡€ ˆ—€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆƒpˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ˙„ ˆƒpˆˆ€ˆˆ„pˆˆ€ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ @\ ˆ•€ˆˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ˙”đ𠈕€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ˙Ÿđ𠈗€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆŠpˆ€ ˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆ‰pˆ˙˙đ ˙„ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆ%ˆpˆ%ˆpˆ%˙đˆ%ˆpˆ€ B\ ˆ•€ˆˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ˙đđđ ˆ•€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆš€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ˙›đđđ ˆ€ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆ…€ˆˆ€€ˆƒpˆˆ„€ˆ ˆ…ˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒpˆ˙‚đ˙ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚  ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆp ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆpˆƒˆˆ…ĘɈˆ˙– ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ†ƒQ݈ˆ€˙ˆ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆŒˆˆˆˆŒ›ˆˆ€˙š ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ”€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆŠ/˘ˆ˙š ˆˆˆ€€ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆ€Rˆ˙„ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆˆ ˆ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€$ˆ€˙„ ˆ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆƒ€bdˆ€˙ƒđ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒ€?ťˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ‚ˆƒy÷ˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ ˙’đ ˙ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˙’ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙ ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‡˙˙ˆˆ€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆˆ‹ťťˆˆ€ř ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ‚‡ ˆ”€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ "ˆ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆˆ€€€ˆ€ˆ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆ†~ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˙ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆˆ ˆ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆ‚ĘɈ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„ ˆ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆƒƒQ݈‚€ř ˆ‚ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒŒ›ˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ‚ˆƒŠ/˘ˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ ˆƒ¨€ř)ˆ‚€ř)ˆ€.˙)ˆ‚‡ˆ… ˆˆ*ˆ*ˆ,˙đ*ˆpˆˆ…˙˙ˆ*ˆ*ˆ,˙đ*ˆpˆ ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˙— ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˙• ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˙— ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆˆŒÜ<ˆˆ€ř ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆƒ‡ ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˙ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ ˆ—€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ ˆˆˆ€€ ˆpˆ‰ˆˆˆˆƒ#2ˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˙„ ˆpˆƒˆ€ˆƒ‡ˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„ ˆ ˆ ˆ‚‡ˆƒˆˆƒŽî€ř ˆ‚ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ‚€ˆƒŒĚĚˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ‚ˆƒ€›ˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ ˆ€˙ ˆ–€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˙ ˙đˆƒˆˆ† ˆˆ ˆ“€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ’€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ ˙ ˙đˆƒˆ€ˆ‡ˆˆ€ř ˆ’€ˆˆˆ€ ˆˆˆ€ˆ ˆ”€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˙‰ ˙ˆˆˆˆˆ€Uˆˆ€ř ˆŽ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ†ˆ€ˆˆƒ‡ ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ”€ ˆ‚‡ ˙ ˙ˆ‰ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆˆˆ€€ ˆ”€ˆˆˆ ˆƒpˆ ˙ ˆ ˆˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆˆˆƒpˆ ˙ ˙‚đ ˙đˆƒˆ€ˆƒ€ ˙‚đ ˙ˆƒˆˆƒ…UUˆ‚€ř ˆ‚ ’\ ˙‘ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ…pˆŹXˆ„€ˆˆˆ ˙’ ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ…pˆ„Iˆ„ˆˆˆ€ ˙ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‡ˆ…"Zˆˆ€řˆˆˆ€ ˙ ˆ†‡ˆÂˆ„ˆˆˆ ˙’ ˆ†pˆˆ„şZˆ„€řˆˆ ˙„ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆŽŻˆƒ€řˆ€ ˙„ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆŠeĘˆ‚ˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆƒˆ‚€ˆ&˙đˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆƒˆˆ€&˙ˆ€%˙‚řˆ€%˙‚řˆ€%˙‚řˆƒ ˆ€& Š\ ˆ,˙đ*ˆp*ˆ„p†hˆ‚ˆ‚€řˆ€ ˆ€,˙)ˆ‚‡)ˆ…‡Œ*∃€ˆˆ‚€řˆŽˆˆˆ ˆ€˙ ˆ‚‡ˆˆˆˆ ˆ˙’đđđđ˙ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆpˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆ$ˆ„€ˆˆˆˆ‰€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆ˙‹đđđ𠈌€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆpˆ‹€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆpˆ„ˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‡ˆ€ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆ‚‡ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ€*˝ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆ„ ˆ„ˆˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€ ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€€ˆ ˆ„‡ˆ€˙‚ ˆ„ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ˆ€& ˆ*ˆ,˙đ*ˆpˆ‚ˆ‚€řˆ€ ˆ‚€ř)ˆ€,˙)ˆ…‡€†ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆŽˆˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆŽ ˙’ ˙ˆˆˆˆ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˙’ ˆˆ‰€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˙ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙‚ ˆ‡ˆ€ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ ˆ†pˆˆ€*˝ˆ„€řˆˆ ˆ„ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˙„ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„ ˆ„ˆˆˆ†‡ˆˆ€ ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„ ˆ„ˆˆˆ‡‡ˆˆ€ ˆ€& ˜\ ˆ*ˆ*ˆ,˙„đ€ ˆ‚€ř)ˆ‚€ř)ˆ€,˙ˆƒ€ˆˆ‚€řˆŽˆˆˆ ˆ‚€řˆŽ ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆŒ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ€ ˆ ˙đ ˙…đˆ€ ˆˆ‰€ˆˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ ˆŒ€ˆ€ˆˆˆˆ ˆ ˙Žđ ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˆ‚‡ ˙đ ˙Œˆˆ™˜ˆˆ€řˆˆˆ‚€ř ˆ…€ˆ€€ˆ€ƒˆ€ ˆƒ‡ ˙đ ˙…ˆ€Ÿˆ„ˆˆˆ ˆ ˙†đˆˆ„ ˆ„ ˆ€ˆƒpˆ ˆ„€ˆ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙…đ˙đ˙ ˆƒ€řˆ‚€ř ˆ„ˆˆˆ„€€ˆ ˆ…‡ˆ€řˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ ˆ€ˆ…‡ˆ€ř ˆ„€ˆˆ€ˆˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙…đ˙đ˙†ˆˆŒˆĚˆ‚ˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆƒ€*˝ˆ‚€ˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&ˆpˆ&˙đˆ‚˜¸ˆˆ€%˙‚řˆ€%˙‚řˆ€%˙‚řˆ€&˙ˆ‚€ ˆ€& ˆ€ˆ‚‡ˆ€ ˆpˆ€ˆ†‡˙ˆ€˙™ ˆ‘ ˆ„‡€řˆš€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…pˆˆ+ˆ€˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‹…ˆ€˙ƒ ˙‚đ ˙„đˆˆ ˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ…€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ˛ˆ!˙…ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚‹&ˆ!˙…ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚…˘ˆ€ ˙đˆ˙‚řˆ€ ˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚Œˆ€! Sˆ$ˆ€'˙đ$ˆ‚‡$ˆ…p‡Ÿˆ$ˆ€˙ ˙ ˆ„‡€řˆš€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…pˆˆ‚fˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆ˙„đ˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆƒˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ€ˆ‚€řˆ‚ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆ„pˆˆˆ…€ ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚"ˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ€!˙đˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚„Dˆ ˆ…‡ˆˆ€!˙đˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚€@ˆ€ ˙€ˆ ˙ˆ€ ˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ‚„Dˆ€! ˙đ˙ ˙đ˙ ˙đ˙ ˙‚đˆ™€ˆˆ€ˆ ˙đ˙ ˙‚đˆ‡€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ ˙ƒ€řˆš€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ…pˆˆ†Tˆ‚€řˆ„€ˆˆˆ„pˆˆˆ„€ˆˆˆ€ˆ„‡ˆ€ ˙„đ˙ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ!˙…ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚ƒˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ!˙…ˆˆ€ř ˆpˆ‚†fˆ€ ˙€ˆ˙‚řˆ€ ˙đˆ˙‚řˆ‚‘ˆ€! ˆ€˙ƒđ ˆƒ‡€˙Ľ ˆƒˆ€ˆ‰pˆˆ˙˙ ˆƒˆ€ˆ€ˆŒpˆˆ˙˙ ˆ„pˆˆ€˙šđ ˆ ˆpˆ˙š ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ˙– ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ€˙ˆ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ…pˆˆ€řˆ–€ ˆ ˆpˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€˙• ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€˙• ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ˙ƒđ ˆˆ€˙‚đ ˙…đˆˆ€řˆ–€ ˙đ ˆ„pˆˆ€˙šđ ˆ ˆpˆ˙š ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ˙– ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ€˙ˆ ˙„đˆˆˆƒ€ ˆ…pˆˆ€řˆ–€ ˆ ˆpˆˆ–ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€˙• ˆ†€ˆˆ€ˆ…ˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ€˙• ˆŽ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆˆ ˆ‚‡ˆ‚€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆˆ˙ƒđ ˆˆ€˙‚đ ˙…đˆˆ€řˆ–€ ˙đ ˆ€ ˆ†pˆˆ„łíˆ€˙„đđ˙„đˆˆˆ€ ˆ€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ‰ÜKˆ€˙‚ ˆ‚€€ ˆ‡‡ˆˆ!ôˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆƒŠšˆ˙…ˆˆ€řˆpˆƒƒö–ˆ€˙đˆ˙‚řˆƒ‚*ˆ€ ç€ř!ˆ%˙…Aˆ!ˆ€$˙†đ„ŸRˆˆƒ€ ˆŽˆ ˙†đˆˆ€ůĂˆ‚€řˆƒˆˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ ˙ ˙†ˆˆ€Žiˆ‚€řˆ‚€ ˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ ˙ƒ ˆ ˙đˆ ˆˆ‚‡ˆ"ˆ†pˆ˙ ˙đˆ‘€ Ŕˆˆ ˙ž ˙ˆŒˆ€ˆˆˆˆ‚ˆ ˙ž ˙ˆ’ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆpˆž€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ€ˆ‚ˆƒˆˆˆ‡ˆ’Kˆˆ€ ˙ ˙ž ˆˆ…‡ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˙ ˆƒ‡€˙• ˆ ˆ„‡€řˆ’ˆ€ˆ ˆˆ†‡ˆ€˙˙ ˙„ˆ€řˆƒ€ ˆ†‡ˆˆŒ-ˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆ˜ˆ ˙đˆ ˆpˆ‚ŠÖˆ€ ˙ˆ€˙‚řˆ‚ƒ“ˆ€ ˆ$ˆ&˙…đ†_ˆˆ‚ ˙ ˆƒ€ ˆƒ‡€˙‚đ˙„đ˙ ˆ„pˆˆ˙‚đ˙„đ˙ ˙ ˙ 3˜ 3› ˙đ˙ ˙đ 3†333‹30303333„30 3ˆ230ó03 ˙˜đ˙˙đđ ˙đ 3303333303ƒ333 3‰210ó33 3š303 ˙‚ 3†3033‹303033 3 3ˆ0ó3333 3ƒ20 ˙‚đ˙˜ 3›3030 3ƒ3033333‚23„0ó33 3„033 333„ 33˙„đ˙ 30- 3    h  h ˆ˙¤đ˙đ˙ ˆˆ… ˆ€˙¤đ ˆ‚‡ˆŒ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ’ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€€ˆˆ‡pˆ0ˆˆ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆˆ€€ˆˆ€ ˆ€˙˘đ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚p˙đ ˆ„ˆˆ€ˆƒˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ‚pˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ€ˆ€ˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆˆ‰‡ˆ‚6ˆˆ€ř ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚p˙đ ˆ„ ˆ‚pˆĄ€ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ† ˆƒˆ€ˆƒ‡€˙…đ ˆ„ˆ€€ˆ†ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ’€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ€ˆˆpˆ ˆ†‡ˆˆ€ ˆˆŽˆˆˆ ˙ ˆ‚€řˆŽ€ˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆˆ€ˆˆ€ˆ ˆ‚€řˆŽ€ˆ€ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ‹ˆˆ€ˆ€€ˆˆ ˙ ˆ’ˆ€ˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚pˆŠ€ ˆˆ€ˆˆˆ€ˆ€†ˆ€€ˆ€ ˆ‚pˆ„€ˆ€€ˆ“ˆ€ ˆ–ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˆƒˆ€ˆ„‡€řˆ„ ˆƒpˆ˙… ˆ†‡ˆˆ‚lˆ‚€ř ˆƒ€ ˙„đˆˆˆˆ€ ˆˆŽˆˆˆ 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ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3Ş2˙˙đ˙đ˙˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3Ş2˙đđ˙đđ˙˙đ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3…2˙˙$˙đ˙đ˙đ˙˙đ˙J˙?‚3ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3…2˙˙$˙đ˙…đ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3‚2˙,˙?‚3ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3‚2˙+˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3‚2˙‚ ˙ ˙˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/32˙˙đ˙đ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/32˙˙đ˙˙˙˙˙Š˙˙˙đ˙˙˙—đ˙˙đ˙˙đ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3ś2˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3†2˙˙đ ˙˙‰đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙•đ˙˙˙˙˙đđ˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙ƒ˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙ ó3‚2ó3‚ ?3/3†2˙ ˙ƒ˙˙ń‚ń ƒ˙ń‚ń˙ƒń˙˙Œń˙ń˙˙˙S3†2 ?1@3†2 ?1@˙… ?1I„ ?1Iƒ ?3K3‚ ?˙K˙ 3L30'4 3‡0 3… 33? 3 3‡3033 3… 33? 3‘03333333‚23ƒ 3†30303… 33? 3033333333‚23ƒ 3†3033… 33? 3030 3…303 3…303 3†3033… 33? 3033‚23ƒ 3†30303… 33? 3„033 33‚23ƒ 3‡0 3… 33? 3‚ 33‚23ƒ 32"X3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3‚2ó3ƒ 3˙ó3‚2ó3‚2ó3/˙Š0˙˙ 3#3ó3‚2ó3‚2ó3/˙0˙„033/˙0˙„033/˙0˙03‚23?3ƒ2"#3‚22 3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2ó3/˙0˙„033/˙0˙„033/˙0˙032 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3/˙03/˙03/˙0"3‚2ó3ƒ 3" 3" 3" "3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3 3ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 3  3"ó3‚2ó3‚2óW3‚2ó3ƒ 30 3„2˙đ ˙?˙ƒňó3‚2ó3ƒ 3L3‚2ó3ƒ 3L3‚2ó3ƒ 3„ 3„3330333‚2ó3ƒ 3ˆ3330303ƒ333‚2ó3ƒ 3303003 33030033033033}3‚2ó3ƒ 33Œ0330330 330333030030330300330330330333330v3‚2ó3ƒ 3303 3 303“3 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ 303”03003003003003003 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ 303030030033030030 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ 303“0300300 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ 3˜0 ńńń˙ńń9„óó0 3—033 3‚23‚2ó3ƒ ńńńń9ƒóó3ƒ2ó3? 3„033 33‚23‚2ó3ƒ ńŒń˙˙ń9ƒóó3ƒ2ó3? 3„033 33‚23‚2ó3ƒ 3ƒ0 ™‚ އ ŞŠ Š „Š Š ’Š ŞŠ ŞŠ ˙˙đ˙đđ˙ ˙˙đ˙đđ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙C˙đ ˙˙Œđ˙˙đ˙˙đ ń’ńń˙˙ńń…ńń2@ ń’ńń˙ńńń‡ńńń0 ń‘ńńńń˙˙ń†˙˙˙1„@ ˙đ˙˙’ ˙đ˙˙’ ˙đ˙’đ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đ 3‰ 3Š3003003 3„˙đ 3‰3003030 3…˙˙˙ó3‚0?D3„1đ 3‰303 3Š 3‰303 3ƒ33…˙˙˙‚óó3‚?D3„1đ 3ƒ33…˙˙˙‰óó30 3„ 3˙‰óó3333?D3„1đ 3 33333003003„˙˙˙ó˙‚?D3„1đ 3303003303003„˙˙˙ó3‚0?D3„1đ 33030030303003„˙˙˙ó3?D3„1đ 3‡3033…003003„˙˙˙đ 3303303 3ƒ303„˙˙˙‚óó3‚?D3„1đ 3ƒ33„˙˙˙‰óó30 3…    h  h  0 D4FDO/D‚0OD4BDô D0>˙ D0>˙C3‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ô3‚ô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0ODƒ0˙đ˙—đđ˙đ˙đ D0˙ D„0˙˙ó30˙0˙OD‚0O/D‚0ODƒ0˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙‚ôôDƒCô D…0˙˙óO˙†ô3˙˙0˙„ODD@D‚0O/D‚0ODƒ0˙đ˙–đđ˙đđ˙ D…0˙˙óC3†43˙˙0˙‰ODD D„0˙˙óD…3˙˙0˙‰OD@ D„0˙˙óD‡$3˙˙ D„0˙˙ó˙…3˙˙0˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD†0˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙"˙‚ôôDƒCô D0˙4DC˙0˙OD‚0O/D‚0ODˆ0˙đ D0˙ó3?˙đ0˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0>˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ô˙ƒóô D0>˙O˙‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ôD‚ô D0>˙D‚@O/D‚0OD0A D0F DG3?/D‚0ODKD‚0ODKD‚0ODKD‚0O"D… D„@DD D@0D„@DDsD‚0ODƒ@D@ D„@DD D@0Dƒ@D@tD‚0OD‚ DH˙/D‚0OD09˙ŠôôDC3˙DCô D4FDO/D‚0OD09˙ŠôôD33?ôCô D0>˙ D0 ˙đ D0 ˙3 D0 ˙?T‚S D0 ˙‚óőE‚@0˙ D0 ˙‚óôT•00˙˙đ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đ˙OD…ôDD0O/D‚0OD09˙ô˙ƒóô D0 ˙?E‚0˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đ˙‰ODDC˙DD0O/D‚0OD09˙ôD‚ô D0 ˙?˙ƒó0˙đ˙˙đ ô D0 ˙3‚50˙ D0 ˙‚óóS„0˙˙đ˙ ô D0 ˙‹óő55?˙˙0˙˙đ˙ ˙đ˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙óóSSó33?˙˙đ˙đ˙ ˙đ˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙„?˙˙?˙„ D0 ˙ƒó33.˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙O˙‚0O/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙D‚@O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙đ ô D0 ˙3 D0 ˙?T‚S ô D0 ˙‚óőE@0˙˙đ D0 ˙‚óôT‘00˙˙đ˙đ˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙?EŒ0˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đ˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙?˙ó0˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙3‘50˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙‚óôT0˙˙đ˙˙˙ ô D0 ˙ŽóőEEO˙˙0˙˙đ˙˙&˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙óôTTó33?˙˙đ˙đ'˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙„?˙˙?˙ƒđ D0 ˙ƒó330˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙đ ô D0 ˙3 ˙đ#˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙?T‚S ˙đ#˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙‚óőE@0˙˙đ˙˙˙ D0˙‚óôTŠ00˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đ‚˙đ!˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙?E0˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đđ˙đ!˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙?˙ó0˙˙đ˙˙đ ô D0˙3Š50˙˙đ D0˙‚óôTŽ0˙˙đ˙˙˙ ô D0˙ŽóőEEO˙˙0˙˙đ˙˙˙đ$˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙ŽóôTTó33?˙˙đ˙˙˙đ$˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0 ˙„?˙˙?˙„đ˙˙˙đ$˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0 ˙ƒó332˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôO/D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙đ ô D0˙3 D0˙?T‚S ô D0˙‚óőE…@0˙˙đ˙‚đ D0˙‚óôT…00˙˙đ˙‚˙›˙˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙˙˙˙ O/D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙?E…0˙˙đ˙‚˙ƒ˙˙˜đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ D0˙?˙†ó0˙˙đ˙‚đ ô D0˙3‡50˙˙đ D0˙‚óôTŚ0˙˙đ˙˙đ ô D0˙ŽóőEEO˙˙0˙˙đ˙˙˙‡˙˙˙˙đ ˙ƒ˙đ˙‚đ˙ôODO$30D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙ŽóôTTó33?˙˙đ˙˙˙‡˙˙˙đ ˙ƒ˙đ˙‚đ˙ ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙„?˙˙?˙ƒđ ˙ƒ D0˙ƒó334˙ ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙ ODO D ô D0>˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙đ ô D0˙3„ D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙?T…S ô D0˙‚óőE@0˙˙đ˙ D0˙‚óôTŽ00˙˙đđ˙đđ˙˙&˙ ODOD“@@D@D@@D@DD@@ D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙?EŒ0˙˙đđ˙đ˙đ˙(˙ôODOD”@@DD D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙?˙ó0˙˙đ˙ ô D0˙3Ž50˙˙đ˙˙đđ˙˙&˙ôODOD„@DD@ D@ D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙‚óôTŒ0˙˙đ˙ D@ D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙ˆóőEEO˙˙02˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙ˆóôTTó33?2˙ ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0˙„?˙˙?˙đ/˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0˙ƒó336˙ ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ ô D0>˙ôODO$D0D‚0OD0:˙O‚Dô D0>˙ ODO$˙đD‚0OD09˙đ D0>˙ D0˙đ D0˙3 D0˙?T‚S D…0˙˙óőEŠ@0˙˙đ˙˙˙,˙OD‚0O/D‚0OD09˙ƒôôD˙„ôCô D…0˙˙óôT…00˙˙đ˙,˙ƒODO˙ƒD0O/D‚0OD09˙ƒôôC3„DCô D„0˙˙?E…0˙˙đ˙đ-˙‚OD3„4D0O/D‚0OD09˙ŠôôD334DCô D„0˙˙?˙†ó0˙˙đ˙đ-˙‰ODC33DD0O/D‚0OD09˙ŠôôDC3DDCô Dƒ0˙˙3…50˙˙đ˙-˙‰ODD34DD0OD@% D…0˙˙óôTˆ0˙˙đ˙-˙„ODDCD‚0ODO$30D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D‘0˙˙óőEEO˙˙0˙˙đ˙˙đ.˙OD‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D‘0˙˙óôTTó33?˙˙đ˙˙đ.˙OD‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0˙„?˙˙?˙ƒ˙đ.˙OD‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙‚ôôDƒCô D0˙ƒó338˙OD‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ô˙ƒóô D0>˙O˙‚0ODO$D0D‚0OD09˙ôD‚ô D0>˙D‚@ODO$D0D‚0OD0A D0F DG3?DO D‘@DDDDDD D0D‚0OD DO D@DDDDDDD D0D‚0OD DO D@D@ D@D‹ D@D@ D@D D0D‚0OD DO D„@DD D D0D‚0ODC˙ôVDO D‚ D D0D‚0OD4BDôVDO$D0D‚0OD0A˙‚ôôVDO$D0D‚0OD0A˙‚ôôVDO$D0D‚0OD‚0ń5˙‚ôôVDO$D0D‚0OD‚0ń5˙‚ôôVDO$D0D‚0OD0ńń˙ńńđ5˙‚ôô D˜@DD@DD@@@DD@D D@D–@@@DD@@D@DD@DDDD@D@D@@DD@D@DDDD’D@D@@D@@DDD1D‚0OD‚0ńˆńđ5˙‚ôô D@DŒ@D D@DŒD@DDDD@DDƒ@DD‡ D’@ DŽ@DD@D@DD@D@@D@DDˆDD@D D@D‰DD@D@@D@D‰DD@DDD@D„@DD@D D‡@DDDD@ D1D‚0OD0ń5˙‚ôô D@D•DD@DDD@D@DD@@DDD@Dˆ@DD@D@D D‡@DDD@ DD@% 5˙‚ôô Dš@ 5˙‚ôôVD‚@ó#3 5˙‚ôôVD‚@ô"D‚C D‚C D‚C D‚C ƒ   ‰ ż ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› RSi‡`RfR ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ˆ…ˆ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› P(bŽR``RR ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›   ›Œů˙żż› @ ›Œů˙żż› E ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› VZIggtvttgtg*Cg-vt*VV ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› R‰cci`SRSRR ›Œů˙żż› …% ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ˆ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› SEÔŮR b( `CqzX *qz^z$midSgiiggMSR`(`SXvSi*KCU* VVz\} ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ŔÔ˙‚ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ‚ŒˆˆŒ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› Iˆ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż›  ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› Ź¨¤Œ˙†„§Œ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ˆ…€ˆˆ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› %ĽŞŞĽŠŒŞˆŞ SSRRib ƒ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ŠŽĽ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› @iifi“`dRRcR ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ČŃÔŃ°°NKNIK€Şł°ŃŞqĽŒ€€Ž ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› G‚""G‡(`mmccm@„ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› G‡"" ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› G"G”G)%V ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› G)ƒh)n G@ Gƒc))c‚Gc˙‚ ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ›Œů˙żż› ż ż ż˜›ż˙żż›ż˙˙›ż›ż˙˙›ż›˙˙›ż˙›ż‚›˙żŒ›˙ż›˙żż›˙›˙˙ż‚› ż ż‚› ż ż 9†˙˙99˙˙9Ÿ˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙u9„˙ůżż 9˜˙˙99˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9‚˙˙9Š˙˙99˙˙99˙˙ 9‚˙˙9˙˙99˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9‰˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9‚˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙u9‚˙ů ż†› 9˜˙˙99˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9‚˙˙9Š˙˙99˙˙99˙˙9˙9‚˙˙9‚˙˙9˙‡9˙˙99˙˙9ƒ˙˙9˙„99˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙u9‚˙ů ż†› 9‚˙˙9‚˙˙9›˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙9˙˙99˙˙9˙˙99˙˙u9‚˙ů ż†› ůƒ› ů…› ůž› ˙ƒ˙ ˙„đ˙˙ ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙ƒđ ˆ‚…ˆ‚…&˙ ˆ¨…ó33?đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đ…˙đđ˙đ<˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆúˆ‘ˆ€ˆˆ€€ˆ€€ˆ€ˆ€ ˆ‚…ˆ‚…&˙ ˆ‚…ˆ‚…&˙ ˙đC˙‚Żˆ ˆ‡…˙˙đ ˙˙„đ˙˙ ˙đC˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆúˆƒˆ€ˆˆ‚…ˆ‚…&˙ ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˙˜ ˙•˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙˙˙˙‚úřˆ'ˆ$˙đˆ‚…&˙ ˙…˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙…˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙•˙đđ˙đđđ˙˙˙đ ˙˜˙đ˙ ˙ƒ˙ ˙„đ˙˙ ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙‚ ˙ƒđ ˆ ˆ„ƒ?˙35˙đ2˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆ‚¨ ˆ€ˆˆˆˆˆˆˆ ˆPˆ‚…&˙„ ˆ†…?3?đ˙ƒđ ˆ‚ ˆ ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˙đ˙đ'˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆ‚¨#ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˙‚đđ.˙Żˆ‚PŻ ˆ‚¨#ˆPˆ‚…&˙ ˆ„€ ˆ‚… ˆœ…đ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙đđ˙đđ˙đX˙Ż ˆ‚€ú ˆ‰€ˆˆ€€ˆ ˆ‚… ˆ‹€ˆ€ ˆ‚… ˆ‚…3—0˙𠈂… ˆœ…ó330˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙đđ˙đđ˙đX˙Ż ˆ‚€ú ˆ€ˆˆ€ ˙a˙Ż ˆ‚€ú ˆƒ€ˆ€ˆ‚… ˙„˙˙đ^˙Ż ˆ‚€ú"ˆ‚… ˙˜đ˙˙đđ˙ ˙ƒđ˙˙đ’˙đ˙˙đ˙đđđ˙đđ˙đ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙ƒđ˙˙đ˙‚đ˙‡˙đ˙đđ˙‚úřˆSˆ‚…&˙ ˙ƒđ˙˙đ’ ˙ƒđ ˙˜đ˙˙đđ˙ ˙đ˙đ˙„đ˙˙‚úřˆ‚PĽU‚PĽnUJĽU‚PŻˆ‚…&˙ ˙…đ ˙đ˙Œ_ô„„@řÝ˙đ ˙‚đŻˆ‚…&˙ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙ƒđ!˙’_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đđ˙‚đ˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙˙˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙˙“_ô„„@řÝ˙˙ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…˙“ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ƒđ ˙#˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙+˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙˙Żˆ‚…˙” ˙„đ˙˙đ˙˙Œ_ô„„@řÝ˙˙ ˙˙Ž_ô„„@řÝ˙đ˙˙đ ˙đ˙Œ_ô„„@řÝ˙đ ˙Żˆ‚…˙•˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙˙˙˙˙ ˙ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…˙”˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙ ˙ ˙đ˙‚đđ˙đ˙_˙‚ř˙‚đđ˙đ˙_˙‚ř˙ ˙‚˙˙_˙‚ř˙‚đđ˙đ˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙Żˆ‚…&˙ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙ ˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙đ˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙ ˙_ř ˙đ˙_ô„„@řÝ˙đ˙˙đ˙đ˙˙Œ_ô„„@řÝ˙đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙ ˙đ˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙˙˙đ$˙_ôw@Ý˙˙đ˙ ˙ ˙Żˆ‚…˙–˙˙đ ˙ ˙Żˆ‚…˙˙„˙˙˙„đ˙˙˙‚đ˙ ˙‚˙˙Żˆ‚…˙ƒ Ń/˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙„đ Ń0˙_˙‡đ Ń˙˙ó!3?!˙ ˙˜ ˙•˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙˙˙˙‚úřˆ‚P_˙…ř_˙˙/˙_˙‚ř_2˙_˙‚ř_2˙_˙†ř_˙˙ó?˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙…˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙‚úřˆPU˙đ˙U3˙U3˙U˙?˙Żˆ‚…&˙ ˙…˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đ˙˙˙đ˙‚úřˆP ˙•˙đđ˙đđđ˙˙˙đ ˙˜˙đ˙ ˙ƒ˙ ˙„đ˙˙ ˙‚úřˆ1ˆ‚ƒ8 ˆ‚…˙—˙˙đ˙đ ˙‚ ˙ƒđ UˆU…5UUS8ˆ ށ˙ UP ˆ‚…&˙ ˆ……ó33̌•_˙˙ ˆ……ó33̍ÉV_˙đ˙đ˙đđ˙đI˙Żˆ‚PŻˆ„ú€ţţ ˙đ˙ƒ˙˙‚úřˆˆ ˆ‚…3<̍ÉV_˙đ˙đ˙đđ˙đI˙„Żˆˆ€ˆ‚PŻˆ…ú€ďďď„ŕˆ…ˆƒ¨ţ…ˆˆPˆ// ˆ……33ź̃•f_˙‡đ˙đđ˙đI˙‰Żˆˆ ށPˆ U‚Z˙ ށP ˆ‚…˙ ˙đˆ ˙݁Ń˙‚đ˙đ%˙—ň˙˙˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙đđ˙đ˙˙ ˙݁Ń˙‚đ˙$˙ň˙ƒ ˙3˙ő‚ ˙݁Ń˙ˆđ˙˙˙˙đ?˙ĎUƒ@ ˙đ˙đ(˙‚OD ˙‚đđ/˙OD‚0k˙OD‚0k˙OD‚04˙đ6˙OD‚04˙đ6˙O˙ˆ0˙ ˙đ˙đ+˙O‰˙˙đ˙ ˙‚đđ2˙ôk˙Ok˙ôk˙Ok˙ô‹˙đ˙˙đ˙đ ˙ƒđ˙đJ˙ôŠ˙đ ˙ň"ƒ ˙ň˙ƒ ˙ň˙ƒ D D@ D†CDD@ôD†D@D@ D‡CDD@ô@ D‡D D†CDD@ôD‡D D‚C D‡@@DD Dƒ@C D†CDD@ôD‡@DD D‚C D‡CDD@ô@ D†@D@ Dƒ@C Dƒ@D@D†CDD@ôDƒ D„DDD‡CDD@ô@ Dƒ D„DDD†CDD@ôDƒD@D‚C 34Dƒ0 U‚3Dƒ0 D•@DDD@DD@@D D…@DDD„@DD@†D@DDD’@D@@D@@D@D DŒ@DDDDDD@D‚DŽ@DD@D@@D@@DD@D‰ Dˆ@DDD@D@† D@GDƒ0 D@GDƒ0 DJDƒ0 D@Dƒ0 Dˆ%U@ D%UƒT4 D„@DDD—@DD@DD@ DBU‚P3 D„@DDD—@DD@DD@D@DDD@DD@DD¤@DD@D@D@ DBU‚@3 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ŕ0˙Aŕ ŕ”.ŕ˙Aŕ ŕ‚” ŕ‚” ”ƒ ŕƒ” ŕƒ” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ”ƒ ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕ…” ŕƒ” ŕƒ” ŕ‚” ŕ”- ŕ/”˙Yŕ˙Hŕ‚” ŕ‡ ŕ ŕ‡ ŕ ŕ†” ŕ†” ŕ†” ŕ†” 9 ?úđ ށú+ށ ™?ŻŞ™ ށú+Ş‚Š™@úŠ™ށŻ*ރ úŞ‚Š AúŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚ŻށAŻށށŻ*ރ úŞ‚Š?Ż‚ŞúŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚Żށ@úŻށށŻ*ރ úŞ„úŞŠ Aú‡ŞŞúŞŞŠ ށú+Ş‚ŻŞ„ŻŞŞAŻƒŞŞŻށށŻ*ރ úŞŞŠúŞŠ?Ż‰ŞúŞŠ˙ŞŞŠ ށú+Ş‚ŻŞ„ŸŞŞ@úˆŻŞŞŸúŞŞށŻ*ރ úŞŞ™úŞŠ Aú‡ŞŠŸúŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŞŠŸŞŞAŻ‡ŞŞ™˙ŞŞށŻ*ރ úŞŠ™úŞŠ?Ż‰ŞúŞŠ™˙ŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŞ™ŸŞŞ@úˆŻŞŞ™ŸúސށŻ*ރ úŞ™™úŞŠ Aú‡ŞŠ™šŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŠ™ŸŞŞAŻ‡ŞŞ™™ŞŞށŻ*ރ úŞŠ™úŞŠ?Ż‰ŞúŞŠ™ŞŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŞ™ŸŞŞ@úˆŻŞŞ™šŞŞށŻ*ރ úŞŞ™úŞŠ Aú‡ŞŠšŞŞŠ ށú+މŻŞŞŠŸŞŞAŻƒŞŞ™ށށŻ*ރ úŞŞŠŞŞŠ?Ż„ŞúŞŠŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚ŻŞ„šŞŞ@ú„ŻŞŞšށށŻ*ރ úŞ‚Š AúŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚ŻށAŻށށŻ*ރ úŞ‚Š?Ż‚ŞúŞ‚Š ށú+Ş‚Żށ@úŻށށŻ*ރ ˙‚ů @ú˙‚ů ށú+Ş‚Ż˙AŻ˙ށŻ*ރ ށ?Żށ ށú+ށށ @úށ ށŻ*ރ ú+ށP˙ ú+ށP˙Š™‚Ż*ރ Šđ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙˙˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙˙˙‚úúރŠ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚Żށ  ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻށŻ ™ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ŞŞ ŞŞŠđ˙ ŞŞŠ ú+ށP˙„ŻŞŞ Ş‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ŞŞ ŞŞŠđ˙˙đ˙ŠúúŞ  ú+ށP˙‰ŻŞŞ ŞŞŻށŻŞ˙ Ş‚Š ރ Šđ˙˙˙ƒ˙đ ˙đ˙ŠúúŞ ŞŠ ú+ށP˙‰ŻŞ  Ş‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙‚ŻŞ ސŻŞ˘ŻŞŞŻŞŞŻŞŻ˙ŞŞúŞŻ˙ŞŞŻ˙úŞŞ˙úŞúŞúŻŞŻŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻŞ˘ŻŞŞŸŞúŸŞ™šúŠúŞ™šúŞ™™ŻŞŠ™ŻŠúŠúŸŞŸŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻŞ˘ŻŞŞŸŠúŸŠúŠúŠŻŠúŠŞŞŸŞšúŸŞŸŠŻŠŻŸŞŸŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻޘŻŞŞŸŠŻŸŠúŠúŸŸŠ˙˙úŞŸŞŠúŸŞŸ„ŞŸŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ŻŞ‚ŻރŻŞŞŸ›ŠúŠúššů™™úŞŸŞŠúŸŞŸŸššŸŸúŸŠ ރ ú+ށP˙Ż˙‚ŻŞ˘ŻŞŞŸššŸŠŻůŠúŠůŻůŞŞŸŞŠúš˙šŸŠúŸ™ŻšŠ ރ ú+ށP˙Ş‚ ŻŞ˘ŻŞŞ™úŠŸŞ™šŠŞŠŞ™šŞŞŸŞŠúŠ™ŞšŠŞšš™ŞŠ ރ ú+ށP˙ ރ ރ ú+ށPŻŞ‚ŻއŻŞŞšŞŞš Ş‚™™ Ş‚Š ރ ރ ú+Ş‚ ރ ™D˙Ż‚Şú+Ş‚ß ™DŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށC‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ށDŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށ;‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻ ˙ ރ ށ<ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚ ޘ™™‘™‘™™™‘™‘,‚ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ Š˙˙˙’đđđ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đ)˙Ż‚Şú+Ş‚ß ޘ‘‘‘‘‘-ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚ ށ”‘‘‘‘,‚ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ށ”‘™™™™™‘‘-ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚ ޏ™†‘‘,‚ŻŞ‚Żށ  ރ ރ‘“™‘™‘™‘‘™™™‘‘,ŻŞ‚ŻށŻ ™ ރ ú+Ş‚ ރ‘‘0‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ Š˙đ˙˙Žđ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙˙đ˙đ)˙Ż‚Şú+Ş‚ß Ş…‘‘‘1ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ Ş„™@‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ß ށDŻŞ‚ŻށŻށŻ˙‚úúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށC‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ™‚ŠúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ß ށDŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ•úŞŞúŞ˙úŞŻŞŞ˙úŞŞŻ˙úŠ˙˙Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށC‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ—ŠúŻŠúŠ™ŻŞŸŞŠ™ŻŞŞ™™ŻŠ™šúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ß ށDŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ—ŠúŸŠúŸŞŸŞšúŸŞšŞŠúŞŸŠúŠúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ ށC‚ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ—ŠúšůúŸŞŸŠůúŸ˙˙ŞŠúŞŸŠúŠúŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚ß ˙đDŻŞ‚ŻށŻށŠů“úŸŞŸŠŠŻ™™ŸŞŠúŞŸŠúŠúŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށPŻ˙‚ŻށŻŞ–ŠůŠŠúš˙šŸŞŸš˙šŞŠúŞŸŠ˙ůŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙Ş‚ ŻށŻŞ–ŠŸŞ™úŠ™ŞšŞšŠ™ŞŞŠúŞŸŠ™šŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙ ŻށŻŞ…ŠšŞ™ú Ş„ŠúŞŸŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚đ Ş„ŠúŞŸŞ‚Š ރ ™C˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ™D˙ ŻށŻŞ„ŠŞŞŠ Ş„ŠŞŞšŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úŞ! ށ ˙:˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށů™Ş‚˙ށ ރ úށúށŞ‚˙ށ ރ Šđ˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙˙đđ˙˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙˙đđ˙‚úúރŠ úށúށŞ‚˙ޏ  ŞŞŞ˙˙đ˙˙‚˙8˙ ŻށŻ ˙ ރ úށúށŞ™˙Ş Ş  ŞŞŞ˙˙đ˙˙˙˙8˙úŻ*ރ úށú Ş˙ށކ˙Ş  úށúށŠ™šށގ˙Ş  úށúށúŞ—ŻŞŞúŞ˙úŻŞúŻŞ˙úŞŻŞŞ˙úŞŞŞ„˙Ş  šŞŞ˙˙đ˙đ ˙‚đđ ˙˙đ˙‚úúރŠ úށúށŠŞ—ŸŞŠúŠ™ŻŸŠúŸŠ™ŻŞŸŞŠ™ŻŞŞŞ„˙Ş  Šđ˙đ˙„đ˙˙đ ˙…đđ˙˙˙˙đ˙‚úúރŠ úށúށšŞ—ŸŞŠúŸŞšŸŠúŸŸŞŸŞšúŸŞšŞŞŞ‘˙Ş  ŞŞšŞ˙˙đ˙;˙ Ż*ރ úށúޝŠŞŞŻúŞŸŞŠúŸ˙˙ŸŠúŸŸŞŸŠůúŸ˙˙ŞŞŞ‘˙Ş  úށúޝšúŞ™ŞŞŸ˙ůŞ™™ŸŸŠúŸŸŞŸŠŠŻ™™ŸŞŞލ˙Ş  ĄŞĄސD˙ Ż*ރ úށúŞ‚ŠŻŞ—™™šúš˙šŸůŻšš˙šŸŞŸš˙šŞŞލ˙Ş  úށúŞ‚šúŞ“ŸŞŠúŠ™Ş™š™ŞŠ™ŞšŞšŠ™ށލ˙Ş  ŞŞŞ‘ސD˙ Ż*ރ úށúށŠŞ„ŸŞŠúށŞ„˙Ş ކĄšŞD˙úŻ*ރ úށú ރŸ˙ůށŞ‚˙ ށD˙ Ż*ރ úށú ރ™™šށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻ*ރ úށúށށ ˙đD˙ Ż*ރ úށúށށP˙úŻ*ރ úށúށށP˙ Ż*ރ úށúށށP˙úŻ*ރ úށúށŞ‚đ ™C˙‚úúރŠ úŞ ˙đŞ‚˙ ™D˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙đ<˙ Ż*ރ Ş‚ŠC˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙đ<˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ޘ˙đ ú+Ş‚˙ ޘ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙đ˙đđ-˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙”đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙˙đ˙đđ-˙ Ż*ރ ސŠđ˙đ˙˙˙˙5˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙”đ ސŠđ˙đ˙˙˙˙5˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ޏ˙đ ސŠ˙˙ ú+Ş‚˙ ރ˙˙“ úŞ! ރ˙˙1˙ Ż*ރ Ŕ ŞŞŠ˙đ˙˙˙5˙‚úúރŠ úށů™Ş‚˙ Ş…˙˙˙1˙úŻ*ރ úށúށŞ‚˙ Ş„˙đ úށúށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻށ  ރ úށúށŞ‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻ ™ ރ ŞŞŠC˙‚úúރŠ úށúށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށúށ  ށD˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށúށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށúŞŠ ŞŞ Ş ށŞ‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ úށúŞŠ ŞŞ  Ş  Ş ށ ށށ ˙đD˙úŻށŻ ށ  ށ Ş‚Š ރ úށúމ  Ş  Ş ށ  ށށP˙ ŻށŻށ Ş‚Š ރ úށúޏ Ş  Ş  Ş ŞŞ ށށP˙úŻށŻ ŞŠ Ş Ş  Ş‚Š ރ úށúމ Ş  Ş  Ş ށ  ށށP˙ ŻށŻ ކ Ş Ş Ş ‚Ş Ş‚Š ރ úށúމ  ŞŞ ށŞ‚đ Ş Ş ŞŞ Ş Ş‚Š ރ ™C˙‚úúރŠ úށúŞ‚  Ş„ ŞŞ ށ  ށŞ‚˙ ™D˙ ŻށŻ ކ Ş Ş ‚Ş Ş‚Š ރ úށú ށ Ş„ ŞŞ ށŞ‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻ Ş Ş ‚Ş Ş‚Š ރ úށú ށ Ş„ ŞŞ ށŞ‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻ ŞŠ Ş Ş  Ş‚Š ރ úށúށރ˙Ş Ş ށ Ş‚Š ރ Ş‚Š ˙˙đ$˙‚úúރŠ úށúށރ˙Ş Ş ށ Ş‚Š ރ úށúށރ˙Ş Ş ށ Ş‚Š ރ ގŠ˙˙˙˙đ“đ˙đ˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ!˙‚úúރŠ úށúށކ˙Ş ރ ގŠđ úށúށއ˙Ş ރ ގŠđ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙“đ úŞ ˙đŞ™˙Ş ރ ú+Ş™˙Şđ ރ ú+Şž˙Şđ ރ ú+ސ˙Şđ˙ ˙đ˙ƒ˙đ˙đ˙…˙˙˙đ ˙úŻށŻ ˙ ރ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙‰đ˙đđސ˙˙ ˙đ˙ƒ˙đ˙đ˙đ˙đ˙đ ˙ Ż*ރ ŞŠ˙đ ˙˙.˙‚úúރŠ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙Šđ˙đđސ˙ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙„đđސD˙ Ż*ރ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙ƒđސD˙úŻ*ރ ú+Ş„˙Ş˙ƒđސD˙ Ż*ރ ŞŠC˙‚úúރŠ ú+ރ˙Ş ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻ ™ ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށ ˙đD˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙úŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙ ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ށP˙úŻށŻ Ş ރ ú+Ş‚đ ރ ™C˙‚úރŠ ú+Ş‚˙ ™D˙úŻށŻ ގ ŞŞ Ş Ş ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ ŻށŻ ގ ŞŞ  Ş  Ş Ş Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙úŻށŻ Ş… ŞŞ  ކ Ş ŞŞ Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށ˙†đ   Ş Ş‚Š ރ ú+ލ˙ާťňöSŒúސ ˙„đ˙˙đ7˙úŻށŻ ގ  Ş Ş‚Š ރ ú+ŞŽ˙ާż!foSĚĘŞ˙˙˙˙ Ş Ş ރ ú+Ş™˙ާťňőCŒúސ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ‰˙đ˙˙˙đđ˙đ†˙đđ˙˙đ˙‚˙ˆ˙đ˙˙˙ ށ Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş™˙ާż"oSŒĘސ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ˙…˙˙đ˙đ†˙đđ˙˙đ˙‚˙†˙˙đ˙˙Š™‚ŻށŻ Ş„ ŞŞ ށ Ş‚Š ރ ú+Ş™˙ާťňőCŒúސ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ‰ ރ ú+Ş™˙ާż!foSĚĘŞ˙˙˙đ˙đđ˙đđ˙đ‰˙đ˙˙˙˙đ˙đˆ˙đđ˙˙đ ރ ú+ŞĄ˙ާťňőCŒúސ˙˙˙˙ ރ ú+ސ˙ާż"oSŒĘސ˙˙ ˙đ˙˙đ˙„đ˙˙˙˙‚đ˙ŻŞ‚ŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ú+ސ˙ާťňőCŒúސ˙˙ ˙đ˙ƒ˙đ˙đ˙„đ˙˙˙˙‚đ˙‚ŻŞ ސŻށŻŞ‚Š ރ ŞŠ ú+Ş‘˙ާż!foSĚĘŞ˙ ރ ú+ލ˙ާťňőCŒúސD˙‰ŻŞŞ ŞŞŻށŻ ˙ ރ ŞŞŠ ú+ލ˙ާż"oSŒĘސD˙„ŻŞŞ Ş‚Ż*ރ ú+ލ˙ާťňőCĚúސD˙ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ŻŞ‚Ż*ރ ú+Ş‚˙ ށD˙ŻŞ‚Żށ  ރ ú+ށ ˙đD˙Ż˙‚Żށ  ރ ú+ށP˙Ş‚ ŻŞ‚ ů™‚ ރ ú+ށX ރ ރ ރ ރ ރ  Ş Ş ރ Ş ˆŞ  Ş Ş Ş‚ ރ ŞŞ  Ş Ş Ş Ş‚ ރ ŞŞ  Ş Ş Ş Ş‚ ރ ZŞ‚ ú ލ ŞŞ  Ş  Ş Ş Ş‚ ރ ŞŞ Ş Ş ރ  Ş ŞŞ  Ş   Ş    ]ŞĽ ŞŞ  ŞŞ  Ş   Ş    8Ş‚ ú Ş„ ŞŞ Ş‚ ރ Ş    Ş Ş Ş  ^ވ ŞŞ Ş Ş ™Ş Ş ŞŞ Ş    Ş Ş Ş  9Ş‚ ú Ş„ Ş  Ş‚ ރ Ş  Ş „Ş  Ş Ş‘ Ş Ş  Ş Ş Ş Ş ^ވ ŞŞ Ş Ş ™Ş Ş ŞŞ Ş Ş  Ş Ş Ş Ş 9Ş‚ ú Ş„   Ş‚ ރ Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş  Ş Ş Ş  _ވ ŞŞ Ş Ş ˜Ş   ŞŞ Ş Ş  Ş Ş Ş  :Ş‚ úŞ‚ ރ Ş  Ş ŞŞ …ŞŞ  Ş •Ş ŞŞ Ş Ş  Ş Ş  ^ވ ŞŞ Ş Ş ™Ş ŞŞ ŞŞ Ş Ş  Ş Ş  9Ş‚ úŞ‚ ރ   Ş    Ş ŞŞ Ş    ]ŞĽ ŞŞ  Ş    8Ş‚ úŞ‚ ރ Ş‚  gށ Ş‚ ށ Ş‚  BŞ‚ úŞ‚ ރ ށ Ş„ ŞŞ ށ Ş‚  gށ Ş‚ ށ Ş‚  Bށ ˙‚đ ރ Ş‚  Ş„ ŞŞ ށ mރ  ށ Iށ  ރ … … Ş  Š ŞŠ ŞŠŞŞ  ŞŠ Ş  Š ŞŠއŠ … „ 3… 33? 3 3‘0333333 3 3ó 3†033030‚30 3‚23„ 303333333 3 3ó 3‹0330330030 3‚23„ 3030 303‹ 3030 303 3 3ó 3„033303‚23„ 3„033 3 3 3ó 3„033303‚23„ 3 3 3ó 3„033303‚23„ 3„˙33˙333 33033„033I3‚23„ 33033„033I3‚23„ 3 30ƒ333&3‚0033I3‚23„ 3„" 3„˙33˙3˜33 30 3‚3030t3‚23„ 3„" 3„˙33˙3” 3‚23„ 3 30 333„ 303‚3„333‚23„ 3„" 3‰ ó333333‚23ƒ 3‚23‚ "‚ [" "ƒ/˙ňw" " [" " "‚" " '"…"" " J" "ƒ!"`" "ƒ/˙ň" " e"„ "" Y" " " ƒ"""t" "ƒ!"`" "ƒ/˙ň"`" " " " " "… "ƒ!"`" "ˆ!đ˙ ˙đ˙ ˙„˙˙˙‚˙˙/"" "Q"" "Q"" "…""ƒ "" " ""ˆ "" ""C"" "… """ƒ "" " ""ˆ "" ""C"" """ƒ" ""D"" """" "‡ """"" " "„ "" "‚ "" ˙/"/$""" ˙/"/$""" ˙/"/" ˙/"/$""" """ ˙/"/$""" ˙/"/$""" ˙/"/$""" "…""ƒ "" " ","„" "."" "… """ƒ "" " ","„" 8"" """ƒ" !" " "."" "†" "" ""ƒ" " "‚ "" ""‚!373 "‚!373 "‚!373 "…"" "" " "ƒ "Y"" "…"" "" " "ƒ "Y"" " "" "‚ " " " "" " " 8"" "" " " "" "‚" ""ƒ """ " " "" ""T" ""T" ""=" "ƒ " "‚ "† "" "" " " """ I"" " "‚ "† "" "" " " """ I"" " " ""‚""" ""‚" " 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3†3033‚3 3 3‚ ?33‡033033… 33ó 3330300300330330 3„23? 3‹303333 3 3‚ ?33†033003… 33ó 33Œ 3†303 33‹0000300300 3„23? 3 33Œ 3Š3030 3 3‚ ?33†033003… 33ó 330 3„23? 3ƒ3033 3‚ ?33‡033033… 33ó 3ƒ30 30 3„23? 3ƒ3033 3‚ ?33† 3ƒ0 3ƒ3033 3‚ ?3#3… 33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3#3… 33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3#3… 33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3#3… 33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3#˙…đ33ó#3„23?$3 3‚ ?3% 3‰ 3Š3003003 3„ ˙đ 3‰3003030 3… ˙˙˙ó3‚0?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3‰303 3Š 3‰303 3ƒ33… ˙˙˙‚óó3‚ ?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3ƒ33… ˙˙˙‰óó30 3„ 3 ˙‰óó3333 ?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/"3 ˙‰óó30 3 33333003003„ ˙˙˙ó˙‚ ?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3303003303003„ ˙˙˙ó3‚0?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 33030030303003„ ˙˙˙ó3?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3‡3033…003003„ ˙˙˙đ 3303303 3ƒ303„ ˙˙˙‚óó3‚ ?D3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3ƒ33„ ˙˙˙‰óó30 3… 3„˙33˙3Š 3„" 3„˙33˙3Ž0 3„" 3„˙33˙3Š3030 3„" 3•0303 3•0300300300303303303”03003003003033030?3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3Œ03003003003 3•0303 3•0303300300303303303–030330030030330333=3‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3•0 33 33…030 33…033033†033 3„˙33˙3”0 3…?ó3?ó3˜0 3‚2˙óó330330030 3‚2˙óó33033003030033 3‚2˙Œóó330333033 ˙?33„3333‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3†2˙˙óó3ƒ33„033030 3 ˙?3ˆ03033033†2˙˙óó33„3333‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3†2 3„" 3„˙33˙3Š03303 3†2˙˙óó3Œ303300303ƒ033‚2ó3‚ ?3/ 3 ˙?3‰30300303‚2˙„óó330ƒ33ƒ0030‚3 3† ˙đ˙?3’3030 3† ˙ 3† ˙ 3„" 30y3‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?33‚ ?730Z3‚ ?730Z3‚ ?/3ľ0 ˙y3ľ2 ?1˙˙ń˙˙˙ń˙˙˙˙ńń˙˙˙ńń˙ń˙˙˙ń˙˙˙X3ś2 ?1˙˙ń˙ńń˙˙ńńńń˙˙ńńń˙ń˙ńń˙˙ńńW30302 ?1˙˙ń˙ńń˙˙ń˙—˙˙ńńń˙ń˙ń˙˙ńYť33 ˙]33 ˙]30302 ?1˙˙…˙ń ˙[3†2 ?13†2 ?1˙… ?1„ ?1ƒ ?33‚ ?˙˙ 330ú 3„˙33˙3”0 3…?ó3?ó3˜0 3‚1˙óó330330030 3‚1˙óó33033003030033 3‚1˙Œóó330333033˙?33„3333„1đ 3„ 3„˙33˙3Š03303 3†1˙˙óó3Œ303300303ƒ033„1đ 3˙?3’3030 3˙?3ƒ303Œ003030033„1đ 3˙?3’3030 3„ 30s3‚ 3„˙33˙3Š 3„ 3„˙33˙3Ž0 3„ 3„˙33˙3Š3030 3„ 3•0303 3•0300300300303303303”03003003003033030?3„1đ 3Œ03003003003 3•0303 3•0303300300303303303–030330030030330333=3„1đ 3•0 33 33…030 33…033033†033 D D@ D†CDD@ôD†D@D@ D‡CDD@ô@ D‡D D†CDD@ôD‡D D‚C D‡@@DD Dƒ@C D†CDD@ôD‡@DD D‚C D‡CDD@ô@ D†@D@ Dƒ@C Dƒ@D@D†CDD@ôDƒ D„DDD‡CDD@ô@ Dƒ D„DDD†CDD@ôDƒD@D‚C 34PDC U‚3PDC D•@DDD@DD@@D D…@DDD„@DD@†D@DDD’@D@@D@@D@D DŒ@DDDDDD@D‚DŽ@DD@D@@D@@DD@D‰ Dˆ@DDD@D@† D@DC D@DC DDC Dˆ%U@ D%UƒT4 D„@DDD‚@D‚@DŽ@D@DDD@@DD@DD@DD@DD@DD@DD@DD@D@D@DDC DBU‚P3 D„@DDD‚@D‚@D@¨D@ DBU‚@3 D•@DDDD@D@ D¨@DD@D@D@DDDD@DD@D@D D™@DDDDD@DDDD@DDD@D …ńń˙†ń˙ń˙#ŠôD3DD3D0C …ńń˙…˙˙ńń˙#ôDƒ0C   h  h  0 0 ’ 3„33303 3033„333„2 3…333„2 303003?$3 3„2 303003?$3 3„2 303003?$3 3„2 3Š3030 3 3„2 3†3033‚3 3 3„2 3‹303333 3 3„2 3†303 3 3Š3030 3 3„2 3ƒ3033 3„2 3ƒ3033 3„2 3ƒ3033 3„2 ˙„˙)˙‚óó3ƒ2ó03„2 3‘0333333 3 3„2 303333333 3 3„2 3030 303‹ 3030 303 3 3„2 3„033 3 3 3„2 3 3 3„2 3‚2 3‚2 3‚2 3… 33? 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˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙ˆňň!đ˙˙D3˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙„ňň!˙˙‹ó3DDňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/˙‚ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙„ňň!˙đ˙Š3DDňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙„ňň!˙đ˙Šó˙Dňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/ ˙ƒ˙đ•˙đđ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!đ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙đ˙đ˙˙˙˙˙đ˙đ˙đđ ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙đ˙đ˙đ˙˙đ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙đ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/ ˙›˙đ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!˙đ ˙†ňň!˙đ ˙‡ňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙†/"!đ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡ňň!˙ ˙‡ňň"˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡ňň!˙ ˙‡ňň"˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡ňň!˙ ˙‡ňň"˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙‡ňň!đ˙đ ˙ˆňň"˙˙ ˙‡/"˙˙ ˙‡/"!đ˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙‡ňň!˙ ˙‡ňň"˙đ ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ ˙„ňň! ˙„ňň"˙ƒ/"˙„/"! ˙ƒňň/'˙ " c"/'˙ " c"/'˙ 3… 33? 3 3‘0333333 3 3ó 3†033030‚30 3‚232 303333333 3 3ó 3‹0330330030 3‚232 3030 303‹ 3030 303 3 3ó 3„033303‚232 3„033 3 3 3ó 3„033303‚232 3 3 3ó 3„033303‚232 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙‚óó#32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙„óó2 ˙„óó3 ˙ƒ?3 ˙„?32 ˙‚óó32 ˙‡óó2˙ ˙‡óó3 ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‚óó32 ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ ˙‡óó2đ˙đ ˙ˆóó3 ˙˙ ˙‡?3 ˙˙ ˙‡?32đ˙đ 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