This August the death of the beloved Princess of Wales, Diana, happened, in a violent crash after a crazy race with photographic hounds. It was an event so unexpected that the whole world almost stood still for a week. A spontaneous, eerie supernatural effect began as the planet absorbed the news. Then Mother Teresa died on the funeral day, less than a week later. People reported that they “loved” Diana and grieved her death, even more than the death of their own relatives. Our own politicians spoke of deep unexplainable grief hitting them. This was not natural, it was a spiritual delusion of very intense and disturbing magnitude. It hit most of the world’s population. I saw Asians on SBS grieving Diana, in the same way as the Brits were! We have never seen anything quite like this before! It is a part of the Latter Day scenario. Now the young princes are left, like two “Jesus Christs”, the sons of a worshipped and adored goddess figure! The world has not seen the end of this “new religion” which has emerged in such an astounding way. What was it about this young woman that struck such a mighty chord on the hearts of ordinary people everywhere on the planet?

Diana, Princess of Wales, was indeed a religious icon, a goddess-like figure who made the needy heart yearn for her to be larger than life. Diana represents the God people don’t know, yet want so much that their hearts are breaking wanting Him. If you haven’t got God, you can “invent” one, with the glorifications which make an earthly human appear grander than they are - palaces, fantastically expensive clothes, the worship of huge crowds, functions with heads of State, appearances all over the world - isn’t that like the Pope? Remove the Pope’s robes and mitre-hat, take away the massive, adoring crowds, and all you have is a very old, frail man.

Diana’s death showed that she was mortal, a mere human being after all. The devastation of the sudden discovery of this fact -over-night the goddess has fallen, dead - had left an awful black hole in the lives of the godless! Yet, she LIVES ON! Satan will make her live on, as an object of worship and awe she is larger than life! Diana, to the lost of this world, represented everything that made them feel good. She wasn’t pure as driven snow, her exploits in the area of sexual encounters were broadcast across the world. She thumbed her nose at the privileged and wealthy royals. Diana wouldn’t lie down and play dead when her hypocritical Prince wanted to keep his mistress, Parker-Bowles. She was so beautiful, young, rejected as many of her worshipping fans are. They could identify with her anguish. Diana was not an academic, had no superior airs about her, related to the common man more than the stuffy royals. She was beating the British royals at their own game, she was more popular in life already than the Queen and the Prince.

Part of what made the Princess of Wales so popular and adored was a mixture of “she is one of us, and she is getting ‘them’”, “she is one of us, but she is a goddess”, she is living a life of sexual sin, and is getting away with it, even though she is sinful, she is really a lovely person who touches Aids patients -just like “I” would if “I” was in her place. Diana was an approachable “God”, who didn’t demand repentance or exhibit holiness, she wasn’t remote, one could see her on the television and in the papers all the time. Diana was an icon of the humanists’ goddess, exquisite, glamorous, New Age in every way, kind and gentle - and able to live life to the full with all its “naughty” little pleasures, and her wealth was mind-boggling.

God surely removed this woman, as she would have married a Muslim, become a Muslim, and become a part of the Saudi royal family. She who is the mother of the Prince who is the heir to the throne of Great Britain. Would she have brought the power of the Muslim society-conquering religion right to the top-levels of British rule? Would there have been pressure to teach William and Harry the Islamic religion? Diana stood for every New Age concept of these latter days. She was a champion for interfaith, New Age mediums and astrologers, New Age alternative medical treatments, she wanted unity and “peace” in a New Age world.

(Another thought, will the New World Order utilise the global anger against the “paparazzi” to take away the freedom of the press, in some way suitable to themselves?) The Muslim ingredient in the Diana tragedy cannot be over-emphasised. The rumours are flying about this! We should not forget that Diana was no longer the nineteen year old girl who married her prince charming, she was a sophisticated very powerful woman, her political potential globally was immense.

The death of Mother Teresa adds another unearthly event to the scenario - on the day of the funeral of Princess Diana, another woman who has been the darling of the New Age, Mother Teresa, also dies. The so-called “light” of the world has been snuffed out, in the death of these women. It is a false light, but how many of the billions on the earth know this? It only needs the Pope to drop dead, and the planet will be in severe shock, and as vulnerable as it has ever been in history. Could the already breaking hearts of earth’s population be the trigger for the emergence of the Antichrist? The people of earth would welcome him with open arms and tears of joy, should he come to give spiritual direction for a distressed and shocked planet, and to fill the “void” they feel at this stage. Yet, the vast majority reject the True Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who said,

Glory and honour to the Lamb of God, who died for the sin of the world.

The flowers thrown at the cars after Diana’s Westminster Abbey memorial were in honour of a goddess figure, not the Lord Jesus Christ. This was in response to that deceptive service at the Abbey. The goddess worship alone was enough to bring the wrath of the Almighty on London! People indeed are standing at the cross-roads of something immense. Choose Christ and His Sacrifice, or choose the beautiful face of evil, the One World Church under people like Carey and the Pope, and the Goddess worship of the New Age. Carey and his co-workers gave out a message that said, “Choose the goddess and love and tolerance.” He was saying, the world is united in love today, UNITE in tolerance and embrace everybody. ONE WORLD - this is the spirit of Diana.

Now, there is an island shrine to the Goddess Diana, endorsed and venerated almost by the Archbishop of Canterbury - who sent her off to her last resting place as though she was a spiritual example to the world. People can now visit the Diana shrine for a few weeks of every year (the Earl of Spencer is going to allow this, with the blessing no doubt of the Archbishop of Canterbury.) The very atmosphere of this world is so evil, so seductive that it cannot be long before the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is Raptured.

Our Queensland newspaper, “The Courier Mail” reported, Saturday 6th Sept., that Diana is a GODDESS!
I quote: (p.6 of special section “The Last Goodbye”).

The sad part of this terrible tragedy is that this woman, Diana Princess of Wales, could have had forgiveness and mercy from God Almighty, she could have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and she could now be in the arms of the Precious Lord in heaven. Instead, she has entered into a Christ-less eternity. Her riches and exploits, her beauty and glamorous clothes, her super-wealthy boyfriends and the adoration of millions mean absolutely nothing now. Yet, God loved her so much that He gave His only Begotten Son to die for her sin (John 3:16). How could she escape when she neglected so great a salvation, as that freely offered by Jesus Christ? Did I love Diana Princess of Wales? Yes I did! She was a sad, lonely, confused young woman who had no light at all spiritually, and I prayed for her soul when she was alive. Diana had a soft heart for the under-dog, sadly soft hearts for the under-dog won’t buy ones’ way to heaven. Maybe she cried out to the Lord Jesus Christ at the end, who can tell?

Every day just as beautiful young people as Diana die on our roads. The human tragedy of illness, accident, poverty and lonely hopelessness is pitiful. Praise our wonderful Saviour, He cares and knows about every one, there is not a sparrow that falls that Jesus Christ does not see and care about. One day there will no death, no tears, no sin, no sorrow and mourning. In that day we shall know as we are know, and we will not look through a glass darkly trying to understand the complexities of life - until then, we can safely trust our loving Heavenly Father.

How about you, are you saved? Life is so short.


Many have been the conspiracy theories and the astonishing comments about the Princess of Wales’ death, and her strange life. Despatch has included a few of the bare bones of these messages for our readers. The more extreme we have kept to ourselves, as the sinister side of the Diana saga is quite stunning - we cannot know at this stage what is truth.

“Princess Diana: crushed between the east and the West." by Sherman H. Skolnick.

Diana and her intended Arab husband were set to shift billions of dollars from the West, to banks in Germany and Austria. The princess was crushed between the East and the West: between the Pope and the failing, degenerate British monarchy, the House of Windsor.”


Wendy Howard...editor of Despatch


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